Fireworks at Disneyland

Updated October 4, 2018

Beginning September 7, 2018, Remember…..Dreams Come True Fireworks Spectacular will run on most weekends, which includes Friday – Sunday. The end date for this show is 11.4.2018. If Disneyland is hosting a Halloween Party during this time, Screams (the Halloween fireworks show) will run instead.

During Holidays at Disneyland, Believe…..In Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular will run nightly. The holiday season runs from November 9, 2018 to January 6, 2018.

For many guests, fireworks are an essential part of the Disneyland experience. I’m happy to help you find the best way to enjoy this show.

Follow me for everything you need to know about fireworks at Disneyland.

Where to Watch the Show from Inside Disneyland

You have four ideal locations to watch the fireworks show. They are:

  • Main Street
  • In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Near it’s a small world
  • Along the Rivers of America

I’ve shared my thoughts on each of these locations here:

Rivers of America

The fireworks show will run nightly at 9:30pm. There are no dining packages that coordinate with this show, however, I share how to incorporate fireworks into your Fantasmic! dining package plans if it’s running on the same night.

Fantasmic! is shown on the Rivers of America. You may watch the Together Forever fireworks from the same viewing locations that you would watch Fantasmic! Music will play and projections will be shown onto water screens to accompany the fireworks show.

Find all about Fantasmic!, dining packages for Fantasmic!, when to set up for fireworks and more at this link.

it’s a small world

If you are not watching the show before or after Fantasmic!, I recommend watching from it’s a small world. This location is less crowded than Main Street and the area in front of the castle. It’s also the most kid-friendly space, as it has room for little ones to run around before or after the show. There are restrooms nearby (to the left of Fantasyland Theatre), snacks to purchase at kiosks along the parade path, and a Fuel Rod machine in the shop that you walk through to exit it’s a small world.

Music will play and projections will be shown onto the it’s a small world facade to accompany the show. Fireworks will shoot off to the left of the left of it’s a small world, behind Toontown. Setting up about an hour prior to the show will be sufficient.

In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

If you insist on a castle view, Disney typically allows guests to set up 3 hours prior to showtime. If you are not ready to commit this amount of time to saving your spot, choose another location to watch. You may use a blanket to reserve your space, but you may not leave the blanket unattended. Music will play and projections will be shown on the castle to accompany the show. A castle view will be coveted as this show begins because, for the first time ever, Buzz Lightyear will fly across the castle.

If I were visiting with kids, I still wouldn’t go through the fuss of competing for a spot in this location. I really wouldn’t without kids, either. Choose it’s a small world or along the Rivers of America instead. Both of those options will incorporate the same projections that you would see shown onto the castle.

Main Street

Main Street might be the easiest option, as you’ll typically be able to walk up and grab a spot to stand about 20-30 minutes before the show begins. Music will play and projections will be shown along the store fronts, so you’ll see a peripheral view with the fireworks shooting off behind the castle.

Watching from Main Street likely won’t allow you to see Buzz Lightyear fly across the castle, but it’s a great location for viewing if you want to make a quick exit when the show ends.

Fireworks Viewing Maps

These graphics share approximate viewing locations. Cast members may alter these locations to accommodate traffic flow for the safety of park guests.

From Inside Disneyland:

From Outside of Disneyland:

Where to Watch the Show From Outside of Disneyland

If you don’t have a park ticket to enter Disneyland or simply don’t want to deal with the crowds, consider these alternate options for watching fireworks:

  • Set up 15 minutes prior to showtime in the esplanade, which is the area between Disneyland and California Adventure. A crowd gathers each night to watch from this area and it’s a fun place to see the show. Music will be played to accompany the show. You won’t be able to see the castle or the projections, but it’s a simple solution to seeing the fireworks.
  • Arrive about an hour before showtime at Paradise Pier Hotel, outside, on the 3rd floor deck. This option is open to everyone, whether you’re staying at this Disneyland Resort Hotel, another, or none at all. Simply enter the lobby and take the elevator to the third floor. Walk down the hall upon exiting the elevator, through the glass doors that take you outside, to the right and then toward the edge of the outside deck. Grab a drink or snack at the Surfside Lounge in the lobby of the hotel to enjoy during the show. Sometimes, the bar just to the left of the fireworks deck is open, too. It closes promptly at showtime, however, on most nights. Visit this link to see what the view looks like from this option. To get to Paradise Pier Hotel, walk away from the parks, through Downtown Disney, past the Rainforest Cafe and the ESPN Zone, outside of the security checkpoint and then take a left. Follow the sidewalk to the circle drive. Cross it, take a left down the sidewalk toward Disneyland Drive and then take a right on Disneyland Drive. The hotel will be on your right. (You may no longer cut through the Grand Californian Hotel to get to Paradise Pier Hotel.) It will take you about 20 minutes to exit Disneyland and walk to Paradise Pier Hotel. If you have little ones, allow at least 30 minutes, as Downtown Disney can be distracting at night with music playing and activity everywhere.

(This image, above, was taken from the Rivers of America viewing location.)

Tips on Fireworks Viewing

  • Plan to see fireworks (this or any other show) at the beginning of your Disneyland visit. Unfortunately, these shows get cancelled more often than you might think due to high winds. Disneyland is immersed in the city of Anaheim, with residential neighborhoods surrounding the park. Disney takes every precaution to keep people safe – inside and outside of the parks. Because of this, the show can be cancelled at any time. Often, the winds you’re feeling at ground level won’t feel like enough to shut it down. But, it happens. With that in mind, plan to see it on the first night you’re there. If it’s cancelled, you’ll have subsequent nights to try again.
  • Pack glow sticks, bubbles, sticker books or anything else that might keep your little ones busy if you choose a viewing spot that requires you to wait a while.
  • If you have more than one adult in your party, trade off taking little ones to a nearby attraction or even just to walk around while waiting. Arrive back within 15 minutes of showtime so everyone can get settled for the show.
  • Projections will be shown onto the Matterhorn, too, so keep an eye on it if it’s within your viewpoint.
  • If you’re walking through Downtown Disney, you may see glimpses of fireworks, but I don’t recommend this area for viewing. The buildings impede most of your view.
  • While dining packages are not provided for fireworks at Disneyland, the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge offers a peek at the show from far above the crowds. Read all about this option at this link.
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  1. Hi Casey, my family and I will be travelling to DL September 2018 and I am worried we won’t get to see any fireworks. We are going Monday – Friday and it looks like the fireworks might only run Saturday and Sunday, do you know if this is true? And if the fireworks do run on Friday, then I guess we would have to purchase a Mickey’s Halloween party ticket to be able to watch them? Thanks

  2. Hi, I’ll be going to Pixarfest in June- I have a question about whether I’d be able to watch the fireworks in the reserved viewing spot from my Paint the Night Dining package after the parade? Or do we need to move? I’m worried cuz by then it’d be pretty close to the start time of the fireworks, & there wouldn’t be any good spots left. Any advice? Thnx

  3. Hi, if there are no dining packages available for the fireworks, do you know how people get reserved seating for the fireworks?

  4. This is ‘Fantas-mic’ advice, thank you. I had no idea projections are also shown on Small World and Rivers of America – I’m for sure going to head for those spots next fireworks show, less crowded and a fun new perspective!