Step 3: Make a Daily Plan

There’s so much to do!  Where do you start?

Essentially, your day should be designed with this focus:

  • Park opening until early afternoon – attractions
  • Break at your hotel (or see shows in the parks to relax)
  • Early evening until close – entertainment, characters, more attractions

Use my strategies in this post to conquer attractions to start your day in each park in the most efficient manner possible. I test my strategies once a month to ensure they are up to date throughout the year.

After enjoying attractions during the first part of the day when lines are lower, focus on the following for the rest of your day:



This simple focus will allow you minimal time in line for attractions and then a leisurely afternoon/evening while the rest of the park guests are waiting forever to ride Space Mountain. I can’t stress enough about how important your morning plan is. Be sure to check my strategy post for how to make your day enjoyable.