Crowd Calendar

Here we go!

Before we browse calendars, please know that the park is truly crowded year round now. “Off season” is really a thing of the past, as Disney implemented tiered pricing to balance out crowds. And, it’s working. Rather than banking on going during a “slow” time, I encourage you to do your research so that you can enjoy your visit, regardless of the crowds.

Start with this post for a basic overview of the parks with many links that will educate you on so many important parts of planning a Disneyland trip. Having some essential tools in place will make your visit a successful one, regardless of the crowds you encounter.

Use this post to know how to start each day at each park, regardless of which days you visit. These strategies will help you get on every attraction in 20 minutes or less. It’s entirely possible! I test my plans once a month and edit them as needed to ensure you have the best strategy to avoid the crowds.

Note: I include three basic colors to give you an idea of what crowds you might see each day.

Red = heavy crowds; Yellow = medium crowds; Green = low crowds.


What do my codes mean?

Here you go:

  • NY – New Years
  • MLK – Martin Luther King Day
  • VAL – Valentine’s Day
  • PRES – President’s Day
  • SPRING – Spring Break (most populated in Socal)
  • EAS – Easter
  • DAPPER – Dapper Day
  • PITP – Pearls in the Park (a party I throw every year at the Disneyland Resort)
  • GRAD – Grad Nites
  • MOM – Mother’s Day
  • MEM – Memorial Day
  • DAD – Father’s Day
  • 4th – 4th of July
  • LBD – Labor Day
  • COL – Columbus Day
  • HAL – Halloween
  • VET – Veteran’s Day
  • THK – Thanksgiving
  • EVE – Christmas Eve
  • CMAS – Christmas Day
  • NYE – New Year’s Eve

How Do I Predict Crowds?

I visit the Disneyland Resort once a week on average – sometimes more. I make notes from each visit regarding crowds and then compile that info when I create my calendars. I also use the Disneyland Blockout Calendar, local school info, and previous years’ info. My experience in the parks is my most effective tool, of course.

Tips on Choosing a Date

  • Weekdays are typically less crowded.  If you have to schedule during the peak months, go during the week.
  • Holidays, California Spring Break (the most frequently scheduled of the SoCal spring breaks), Summer Break, Halloween and Christmas through New Years are most crowded.
  • September and February typically draw the least crowds.  These are my favorite!