Step 5: Plan Park Touring

There are more ways to tour Disneyland and California Adventure than you can imagine. How do you decide which is best for your family?



I recommend you read the following post sharing how to start your day at each park. After running this site for nearly 5 years and visiting the parks weekly during those years, I’ve learned the most efficient ways to tour.

In this important post, I share more details on these strategies and link up to examples showing how successful they are. Essentially, I have created plans that allow you to conquer most of the iconic rides in each park by early afternoon and never wait more than 20 minutes for any attraction (except Peter pan – I can’t do anything about that). It’s totally possible!

MaxPass will allow you to tour more efficiently than the Classic (Digital) FASTPASS system, but my plans work with either option.

Last step is next: Adding Extra Magic!