Hi! I’m Casey. 

I run this website designed to help guests plan the best Disneyland trips possible. I get lots of questions here and on my Facebook page.

Many of them look like this:

When did you start this site? – My site launched in March 2014.

How often do you go to Disneyland? – At least once a week, sometimes more.

Is this your real job? How do you get paid? – It’s my real, full time job. I get paid with ad revenue. I partner with businesses I know and trust that can help with your trip planning.

How can I support this website? – Booking your trip through Get Away Today and buying from companies I partner with is the best way you can support my site. Thank you!

Does Disney pay you? – No. I’m in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

Do you have to pay to get in the park? – Every visit! I pay for everything I do at Disneyland.

Are you from California? – No. I was raised in Plano, Texas and then went to Louisiana State University. After marrying, my husband and I moved from Texas to Colorado to Kansas and finally here to San Diego.

I’ve seen lots of Disney blogs. What makes this one different? – Visiting the parks weekly helps me provide always up to date information. I’m able to review new dining experiences, shows, and attractions as soon as they’re available, allowing you to see first hand what all of your options are. I have three kids – ages 10, 11, and 17 – and have taken them to Disneyland since they were as young as 5 months old. I pushed a double stroller through the park for many years. So, I have a wide range of experience with kids of all ages. I’ve seen a few Disney melt downs in my day. Mine are always the most impressive, though.

Do your kids think you’re the coolest mom ever? – Not really. They visit with me about once a month and get to see lots of cool stuff. But, I’m still their lame old mom.

I want to send you something in the mail. Can I have your home address? – Maybe not. But, here is one you can use: Disneyland Daily, PO Box 5318, Oceanside, CA 92052.

I want to send you a tip for helping me with my trip. Do you have PayPal? – I do! My PayPal email is Casey@DisneylandDaily.com.

I want to email you. What is that address? – Casey@DisneylandDaily.com

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I stumbled across your blog and was saved!!! You had so many great tips and tricks to surviving Disneyland many of which we followed including the best site for Disneyland Fireworks, Fastpass guides, what to do when the crowds get too much and the Photopass card which I was so grateful to have gotten. There was even some great info on the surrounding areas which we used too. Besides all the great info on your site, I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised when you answered my email personally and more than once. Without your wonderful site and your guidance I shudder to think what our Disneyland experience would have been like.” – Sally, Sydney Australia
“Thank goodness for Caseyl! Casey is a wealth of knowledge and I loved being able to piggy back on her experiences and suggestions. Thanks to DLR Prep’s assistance, we were able to have a stress-free vacation with nothing short of incredible memories for our family!”

– Krista Potter, San Francisco, California

“As an annual pass holder of five years, I am well seasoned in all things Disneyland. As a result, I look for Disney sites that offer more than the usual itineraries, food choices, and character meet-and-greets.Thankfully, I have found this in DLR Prep School. This site goes beyond the normal because it pin-points the beauty and awe of the elaborate intricacies of Disneyland. I look forward to the insightful commentary by Casey when she writes about the intricate details that make the Disneyland experience a unique one.” – Caroline Clemens, Dallas, Texas
“So the BEST of all the fabulous advise you gave us was: Reserve a spot for the parade WITH A BLANKET one hour prior and picnic on the curb, take a stroller (Savannah quit walking about 2/3 of the way through day 1), and buying treats (cotton candy, cheese popcorn, glow sticks…) at the dollar store!!!!We skipped the Mickey hats this time bc we are headed back for the third day of our hopper tickets later and want to get them for all three kiddos together! It was such a great time. Thank you so much!!!” – Becky Howell, Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Two years ago, my husband and I decided to take our daughter and four of our grandchildren on a three-day visit to Disneyland. The cost would be about $2,000. We really wanted this to be a memorable visit that everyone could enjoy and we also wanted to get the biggest bang for our buck! So…along came Casey Starnes! This girl knows Disneyland! Not only did she have the info on which rides to ride when, but she also had the inside scoop on the best food deals. We all fell in love with the best corn dogs ever, and the Mickey bread with lots of butter was a godsend when we needed something quick. I would highly recommend Casey for those who want to get the most out of Disneyland!” – Diane Benson, Las Cruces, New Mexico