I’m Casey.

This is me:

I’m the one in the stripes.

I run this website designed to help guests plan the best Disneyland and Walt Disney World trips possible.

I get lots of questions. Many of them look like this:

When did you start this site? My site launched in March of 2014.

How often do you go to Disneyland? At least once a week, sometimes more.

What about Walt Disney World? Four times a year.

Where should I start? Here for Disneyland and here for Walt Disney World.

Does anything on your site cost me money? Not a thing! I’m glad you’re here. Look around and let me know how I can help. It’s all free of charge.

Is this your real job? How do you get paid? It’s my real, full time job. I get paid with ad revenue and commission. I partner with businesses I know and trust that can help with your trip planning.

How can I support this website? Booking your trip through Get Away Today and buying from companies I partner with is the best way you can support my site. Thank you!

Does Disney pay you? No. I’m in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

Do you have to pay to get in the park? Every visit! I pay for everything I do at Disney parks.

Are you from California? No. I was raised in Plano, Texas and then went to Louisiana State University. After marrying, my husband and I moved from Texas to Colorado to Kansas and finally here to San Diego.

I’ve seen lots of Disney blogs. What makes this one different? Visiting the parks weekly helps me provide always up to date information. I’m able to review new dining experiences, shows, and attractions as soon as they’re available, allowing you to see first hand what all of your options are. I have three kids – ages 12, 13, and 19 – and have taken them to Disneyland since they were as young as 5 months old, complete with double stroller. I have seen and done it all. I’m here to help you do better than me.

Are you on social media? I am. Find me here:




Do your strategies really work? Absolutely. I test them monthly at Disneyland parks and quarterly at WDW to ensure you have the best plans available for your visit. Find Disneyland’s here and Walt Disney World’s here.

What’s your address? Disneyland Daily, PO Box 5318, Oceanside, CA 92052.

What’s your email? Casey@DisneylandDaily.com

Do you have a newsletter? I do. Sign up below for email updates. Disneyland is ever changing. You don’t want to miss a thing!