Fantasmic! at Disneyland – Everything You Need to Know

Updated March 6, 2020

Check this link to see if Fantasmic! is playing during your visit.

Fantasmic! is a gem! Definitely consider it for your visit.

As with any big show at Disneyland, good planning will ensure you have a good experience.

I’ve compiled this information from what Disney has released to us, what other dining packages typically include and specifically what I know from the dining experiences offered with Fanstasmic! before it went under refurbishment.

Follow me!

Basic Info

Fantasmic! is a very popular show that debuted in 1992 as an attempt to pull crowds over into the space that borders the Rivers of America. The show includes both water and pyrotechnics and can be scary for little ones. There are plenty of children at the show. But, if you have kids who scare easily, I recommend watching videos on YouTube prior to visiting. The basic synopsis involves good vs evil. Spoiler alert: Good always wins.

The show has been reimagined for its return in July with new scenes and an altered story line. It will still consist of a combination of part of the show on Tom Sawyer Island and the rest on water craft, including The Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twain Riverboat and small rafts.

It typically lasts around 25 minutes. Guests will fill the viewing area that surrounds the Rivers of America to watch the show. This space will be sectioned off into essentially three major parts – Dining Packages, FASTPASS holders, and Standby. You may not set up a blanket in front of the island and hang out all day to save your spot. A few hours prior to the show, the sections will start being defined and strollers, blankets, guests, etc, will be asked to relocate.

Showtimes for each day vary. Visit the Disneyland site to see what timing is available for the days you will be at the parks. Adjust the calendar at this link for your visit. Most days will include two shows. Those are at 9:00pm and 10:30pm.

As with other Disney shows, the earlier times are always more crowded.

I like both shows for different reasons. The earlier one may be more crowded, but it’s so convenient to watch Fantasmic! and then not have to move to watch the fireworks (typically at 9:30pm each evening). Love that. However, if you must see fireworks on Main and/or with a castle view, you can grab a spot there fairly close to show time (for fireworks at 9:30pm) and then walk over to see the 10:30pm Fantasmic! with less of a crowd. After fireworks, there is a mass exodus. Cast members work hard to direct people through each land and out of the park and by 10:30pm there is a noticeable difference in the quantity of people there.

Let’s now take a closer look at the three options for Fantasmic! viewing.

Booking a Dining Package 

As with other big shows at the park, Fantasmic! offers dining packages that give you a premiere spot for viewing the show. In most cases, you will dine at the restaurant hosting the dining package and then show up later to watch the show with everyone else stationed around the Rivers of America. There is one exception – we’ll cover that in a second.

Dining packages are always popular at Disneyland and with the return of Fantasmic!, these are in high demand. Do not hesitate to book your package now. If you change your mind on using it, cancel within 24 hours of your dining time so that your credit card on file is not charged the $10 per person cancellation penalty. These packages do not requirement pre-payment. All you have to do now is make the reservation. The app does not allow you to make these reservations. You must use the Disneyland site or call Disney directly at (714) 781-DINE (3463) between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time) to book.

Annual Pass and Disney Visa discounts apply to all dining packages, but the two cannot be used together.

Annual Pass and Disney Visa discounts apply to all dining packages, but the discount won’t apply to the upgraded portion of your bill. For example, if you booked the Upgraded River Belle Terrace package at 8pm, you will receive your discount on the $45 per person portion, but not the $15 upgrade per person.

Dining packages can be booked 60 days out from the day you plan to dine at Disneyland.

Disneyland is super accommodating with food allergies. If you have specific needs, share those when you book online in the section provided. If you call in to book, let the cast member helping you know your needs. Then, when you check in at your dining time, reiterate those details again.

Each dining package includes favorites from the restaurant’s menu and sometimes a few dishes not available during regular dining. Exceptions/substitutions/changes, etc….from the Fantasmic! menu to the normal one are not allowed. You may only choose from the Fantasmic! menu.

The basic game plan includes enjoying your meal and then once you pay your bill, you will receive a “FASTPASS” (or return voucher) that will allow you entrance into the viewing section that coordinates with where you dined. Your FASTPASS should be a simple paper FASTPASS. Sometimes, they’re referred to as Return Tickets or Return Vouchers. But, they look just like the paper FASTPASS Reminders. As far as we know now, they will be paper instead of digital, like the new Digital FASTPASS system.

With any of the three dining package options, I recommend arriving an hour prior to showtime. The FASTPASS that you receive after paying your bill will advise showing up 30 minutes prior. And, lines will likely not be allowed to form until that time. But, with the popularity of this show, you don’t want to miss out on what you paid for – good viewing. Show up to the viewing area an hour early and just hang out. Wait for the line to form and jump in it as soon as cast members allow.

For the later show, be prepared to find all three dining option guests mixed into the same viewing area. This feels a little frustrating since they section off the earlier show and allow those who paid for Blue Bayou to have the center view. I attended the later show when I reviewed the Blue Bayou package and when I arrived, everyone was sitting together. I asked a cast member and he confirmed that the later show mixes everyone. With this in mind, if you want a great view at a low cost, consider the Hungry Bear package for the late show.

The three dining package options include:

Blue Bayou Dining Package

For a detailed review from my experience, visit this link.

To book this package, visit this link.

The free Disneyland app does not allow guests to book dining packages.


***Tax and gratuity are not included.

Adults (age 10 and over) – $62 (lunch); $72 (dinner)

Kids (age 3-9) – $29 (lunch); $29 (dinner)

Infants (up to age 2) – FREE (children age 2 and under do not have to pay for the meal and do not have to have a FASTPASS to enter the viewing area; a meal will not be provided to your child; he or she can eat off your plate)

When you book – online or on the phone directly with Disney – you will learn which show your dining time is assigned to. The FASTPASS that you receive that allows you into your viewing location will state this show time, too. You may not attend a show other than the one your FASTPASS assigns you to.

The Blue Bayou package includes a cute cushion to sit on (and take home) during the show. It’s made of foam and is about 18″x18″.


You may select one starter, one entree, one dessert, and one non-alcoholic beverage.

***The menu here is for adults. I’ll share the child’s menu as soon as it’s available.


  • New Orleans Gumbo
  • Blue Bayou House Salad
  • Louisiana Spiced Shrimp


  • Blue Bayou Bouillabaisse with sustainable fish fillet, mussels, clams, shrimp and spiced sausage
  • Pan-seared Bone-in Pork Loin
  • Citrus-marinated Chicken Breast
  • Surf & Turf, featuring a petite lobster tail and broiled filet mignon
  • Portobello Mushroom and Louisiana Popcorn Rice
  • Blue Bayou Bone-in Rib-eye
  • Pan-seared Salmon
  • Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb


  • Sorcerer Mickey “Fantasmic!” Dessert, with milk chocolate mousse, bananas foster sauce, milk chocolate pound cake and a chocolate glaze
  • Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlèe with fresh berries
  • 8-Layer Chocolate Hazelnut Cake


Blue Bayou is located in New Orleans Square, to the right of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction exit. It is the premiere dining package and usually the most sought after.

Blue Bayou has indoor seating only, but you’ll feel like you’re outdoors in some ways because of the restaurant’s design. This dining option is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and is old school Disney fabulous. You’ll see the boats of the attraction float by during your meal. If you’re interested in a water-side table (there are only about 15 tables located right next to the water), go by the reservation podium located at the front of the restaurant about 30 minutes prior to your reservation time and ask if you could please sit water-side. Your wait may be a little longer than expected, but many guests think this is an essential part of dining at Blue Bayou.

Viewing for Blue Bayou is typically dead-center, front row. There will be an iron railing in front of you, but this has never bothered me. You will be able to sit on the ground in this section, unlike guests with FASTPASSES or in standby sections.

River Belle Terrace Dining Package

For a detailed review from my experience, visit this link.

To book this page, visit this link. The free Disneyland app does not allow guests to book dining packages.


***Tax and gratuity are not included.

Adults (age 10 and over) – $45

Kids (age 3-9) – $25

Infants (up to age 2) – FREE (children age 2 and under do not have to pay for the meal and do not have to have a FASTPASS to enter the viewing area; a meal will not be provided to your child; he or she can eat off your plate)

Reservations for River Belle Terrace start each day at 4:00pm. When you book – online or on the phone directly with Disney – you will learn which show your dining time is assigned to. The FASTPASS that you receive that allows you into your viewing location will state this show time, too. You may not attend a show other than the one your FASTPASS assigns you to.

A new upgrade to River Belle’s dining package is available for the first time for $25 per person, adult or child. To upgrade your experience, you must call (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463 between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM Pacific Time daily. In order to upgrade, you must dine at 8:00pm. With that dining time and a confirmed upgrade, you can enjoy dinner and then stay at your seat to watch the first performance of Fantasmic! – which begins at 9:00pm – from the outside patio (where you’ll be seated). With this upgrade, you will enjoy a charging station at your table, a lanyard, and continued drink service through the show.


You may select one starter, one entree, one dessert and one non-alcoholic beverage.

***The menu here is for adults. I’ll share the child’s menu as soon as it’s available.


  • Corn Chowder
  • House Salad


  • Pork Spare Ribs
  • BBQ Tofu
  • Oven-roasted Sausage Link Combo
  • Sustainable Catch of the Day
  • Oven-roasted Half BBQ Chicken
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Beef Brisket Sandwich


  • Maleficent Dragon “Fantasmic!” Dessert, with a milk chocolate crunchy base, spiced dark chocolate-blackberry ganache center, caramel mousse and orange-vanilla sauce
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Butterscotch Pudding


River Belle Terrace is located in Frontierland, across from the Rivers of America. It is typically considered 2nd in line to Blue Bayou as far as food goes, but I’m a huge fan of this place. It reopened with a new menu in February of 2016 after Big Thunder BBQ closed down for Star Wars Land. While it isn’t a total mimic of what Big Thunder offered, the menu transitioned to include more grown up, modern BBQ selections and I’ve really enjoyed them.

River Belle has both indoor and outdoor seating. I’ve dined in each and they’re both lovely. There is far more outdoor seating compared to indoor, so be prepared for a possibly longer wait if you want to dine indoors.

River Belle’s viewing section is next to Blue Bayou, so it’s not dead center, but it’s still really good. It will go up to the railing, so front row is possible, just like Blue Bayou. You will be able to sit on the ground in this section, unlike guests with FASTPASSES and those in standby.

Hungry Bear Grab-n-Go Dining Package

For a detailed review of this dining package, visit this link.

To book this package, visit this link. The free Disneyland app does not allow guests to book dining packages.


Adults (age 10 and over) – $29.99

Kids (age 3-9) – $19.99

Infants (up to age 2) – FREE (children age 2 and under do not have to pay for the meal and do not have to have a FASTPASS to enter the viewing area; a meal will not be provided to your child; he or she can eat off your plate)

Reservations for Hungry Bear Restaurant start each day at 3:00pm. When you book – online or on the phone directly with Disney – you will learn which show your dining time is assigned to. The FASTPASS that you receive that allows you into your viewing location will state this show time, too. You may not attend a show other than the one your FASTPASS assigns you to. (From what I can tell, all Hungry Bear dining package guests are assigned to the first show each evening.)


Adults may select one entree and one natural soda (Blue Sky Soda) or bottled water. Children may select one entree and a juice box, bottled water or milk.

***The menu here is for adults. I’ll share the child’s menu as soon as it’s available.

  • Cedar Salt Roasted Salmon, with kale and garbanzo bean salad, cranberry-apricot grains and wild rice medleyBBQ Chicken, with kale and garbanzo bean salad, cranberry-apricot grains and wild rice medley
  • Blackberry BBQ Pork Ribblettes, with kale and garbanzo bean salad, cranberry-apricot grains and wild rice medley
  • Mushroom and Leek Frittata, with kale and garbanzo bean salad, cranberry-apricot grains and wild rice medley


Hungry Bear is a casual restaurant located in Critter Country, just across from where you grab FASTPASSES for Splash Mountain and to the right of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Unlike Blue Bayou and River Belle Terrace dining packages, you do not have to dine on location. You may simply pick up your food and take it elsewhere to enjoy or you may use one of the tables at the restaurant. All seating is outdoors, in a covered patio overlooking the Rivers of America.

Upon arrival, you will pay your bill and receive your meals packaged up to go (or stay). The restaurant provides everything you need – boxed meals, cutlery, napkins, etc. At this time, you will also receive your FASTPASSES granting entry into the Hungry Bear viewing section for Fantasmic!

The viewing section for Hungry Bear is next to Blue Bayou, which is dead center. If enough guests buy this package, you may have to stand for the show. (Blue Bayou and River Belle Terrace dining package guests are guaranteed the option to sit on the ground.) I have yet to see this section full enough to enforce the standing rule. So, for the price you pay, you’re getting an excellent view.


Similar to World of Color at California Adventure, FASTPASSES should be available for Fantasmic! These FASTPASSES should be paper ones and will be “disconnected”, meaning you can hold this Fantasmic! FASTPASS and any others in the park. They should not be attached to the new Digital FASTPASS system.

To use a FASTPASS for Fantasmic! viewing, you will pull this FASTPASS during your morning routine and hold onto it until showtime. These FASTPASSES – and all others – are included in your park admission. If you are not familiar with the FASTPASS system, be sure to read up on it before visiting. This post covers everything you need to know.

The FASTPASS machines are located across from the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland.

If you’re using MaxPass, simply select this FASTPASS from the app. No need to visit the machines.

Follow one of my plans here to ensure you get the most out of your day at Disneyland. In those plans, I include when to pull your FASTPASS for Fantasmic! Following one of these plans will ensure you see the first available show if there are two that day.

If you wish to see the second show, ask a cast member at the FASTPASS kiosk what time you should return to grab a pass for the later option. They’ll be able to advise.

I recommend arriving an hour prior to showtime so that you can get the best spot available within your section. Your FASTPASS will tell you to arrive 30 minutes early. Be there an hour early just to be safe. A line likely won’t form until closer to the 30 minute mark, but arriving early will allow you to get in that line as soon as cast members allow it.

It’s usually possible for an adult to save space for your group with a small blanket, but the blanket cannot be left unattended. Using this blanket may not guarantee that you will actually be able to sit during the show. Some sections may include standing only, as guests standing allows more people to fit into each section. So, be prepared to stand if necessary.


Standby sections are for guests who did not pull a FASTPASS and who did not purchase a dining package. These sections get smaller and smaller, it seems, over the years. I recommend not relying on this option and instead pulling a FASTPASS in the morning.

If you were not able to secure FASTPASSES for your show, I recommend heading over to the River of Americas a half hour prior to showtime to get a sense of where you should go for standby. Cast members will advise on your best options for that evening. The Rivers of America is a term for the large water way that circles Tom Sawyer Island. Look for cast members directing guests and ask questions if you can’t find a spot.

There are two standby sections that I have had great luck with over the years. If you are using the standby option, consider:

  • The bridge that goes above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction: A rope is set up on the side of the bridge facing the water. The rope keeps guests snug in that area and out of the way of traffic, as guests use this bridge to exit the Frontierland/New Orleans Square area to get to Adventureland. I’m usually able to slide in there to watch the show.
  • There are several little pockets of space behind an iron guard rail in between the Cafe Orleans patio and the French Market. Many guests think this is a walk way area and don’t stop to grab a spot. Rest assured, if you’re in a path for guests, cast members will alert you to keep moving. These are great last minute options to watch the show.

Guests with Disabilities

There is a section between the River Belle Terrace dining section and the FASTPASS section reserved for guests with disabilities. Guests with disabilities should pull a FASTPASS and then arrive at least an hour early to claim a spot. Find a cast member near the FASTPASS entry to the left of Mark Twain. A cast member will escort you to the section for guests with disabilities. There are no chairs provided. This section is typically filled with guests in wheelchairs and ECVs along with their family/friends.

Within each dining package section, guests in wheelchairs or ECVs are stationed near the back of the section so that they’re not blocking other guests’ views since they’ll be sitting on the ground. Feel free to enjoy any of the dining packages and know you can sit with everyone in your party within in the dining package sections noted on the map below.

Viewing Sections

Once the show starts up, I’ll have details on exactly where the viewing sections are located and what you can expect from each. The map, above, shows the general idea, based on what previous years included. This is a VERY ROUGH idea of where each section will be located. I’ll update the map as information becomes available.

If this new show is like the old one, the sections work like this:

  • Blue Bayou – dead center, up to the iron railing; most people sit on the ground
  • River Belle Terrace – to the right of Blue Bayou, up to the iron railing; most people sit on the ground
  • River Belle Terrace “Upgraded” – at the tables on the perimeter of the River Belle patio
  • Hungry Bear – to the left of Blue Bayou and River Belle sections; standing room only
  • FASTPASSES – to the far left or right of Blue Bayou and River Belle sections and behind them; standing room only
  • Standby – the rest of the space sectioned off for Fantasmic! viewing; standing room only


  • There is no current option for guests to sit in a chair at Fantasmic! If this is a deal breaker for you, I recommend booking the River Belle Terrace 8:00pm option with the upgrade so that you can stay in your seat to watch.
  • If you lose your FASTPASS or dining package FASTPASS, it is not replaceable. Put it in a safe place and don’t allow children to hold theirs.
  • If your child won’t eat any of the options on the child’s menu (when the menus are available), you may pay for an adult dining package and allow him or her to order from it. But, children cannot order from it without paying the adult pricing.
  • As with all restaurants at the Disneyland Resort, these dining package options will do their best to accommodate guests with food allergies or special diets. When you book your reservation, make clear notes in the comments section with your needs. If you book by phone, share your needs with the cast member you speak to. Upon arrival, reiterate what your needs are to the cast member you’re checking in with. Your notes will already be attached to your reservation, but I recommend calling attention to them when you arrive.
  • A Disability Section should be available in the Fantasmic! viewing area. I’ll share more details on that as soon as I find them and will also update my post on Disabilities at Disneyland.
  • This show can be surprisingly scary for many children. It’s main theme is “good vs evil” and “good” wins, but the show, as a whole, is shocking at times. I encourage you to watch the video, below, if you are concerned at all that your child could be scared.

As always, please leave me a comment or email me with any questions or concerns. Happy to help you!

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  1. Hi Casey, my husband, son and I are heading to Disneyland on a 3 day pass and it happens to be our wedding anniversary on Monday 31/8. We are wanting to book a special dinner for this evening (with our son of course) and was wondering what you would recommend. Maybe thought a dining and show package? Love to know your thoughts.

  2. Hi! Excellent page…congratulations! We’ll be in for fantasmic October 29 at 12 pm. Will be a problem to get a fast pass? There’s only one show at 8 pm

  3. Hi
    This map is dated 2017, has anything changed – my visit is October 2019
    Also still not 100% sure how I use my MaxPass to grab a good fastpass for Fantasmic

  4. I was wondering what days Fantasmic is showing the week of Thanksgiving. I want to go the Mon\Tues but my husband wants to go Sun\Mon before Thanksgiving to guarantee we can see Fantasmic!

    Thank you!

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for your enormously helpful blog! My family and I are going to be in Disneyland on Jan 1-3. Sixty days out, I tried to book fantasmic dining package but it wasn’t available on those days. I thought it meant that fantasmic wouldn’t be showing when we are there. However, the updated calendar was just released and it IS showing, but apparently they aren’t doing the dining package that day. Have you heard of this happening? Should I just plan on pulling a FASTPASS?

  6. Hi Casey,
    Thanks for sharing all the tips.
    I saw you mentioned “you will learn which show your dining time is assigned to”. I just booked a Fantasmic Lunch Dining package but it didn’t mentioned which show is assigned to in the confirmation detail or I could choose it at that day?

  7. Hi Casey,

    I love your blog and facebook page! Such a great, informative post. I tried to book my Fantasmic dining package for Blue Bayou for this November 13-15 (any of those dates) and the dining reservations don’t go past November 3rd right now. Is that a bug, or does Fantasmic stop running or doesn’t run during week nights in November? Thank you!

    • Hi, there. Dining reservations are often not ready at 60 days out. Keep checking back to see if they appear. It’s possible Fantasmic! will only run weekends. Still haven’t heard confirmation on this. You can call the dining line at 714.781.DINE to inquire more. Good luck!

      • Spoke to Disneyland Dining. The cast member states inventory has not been released yet until they know closing park hours and this hasn’t happened yet past November 3rd. Once that happens then they will release reservation slots for dining. She thinks (not confirmed) that Fantasmic will run Fri Sat And Sunday up until the weekend before the start of Thanksgiving week then crank back up to once a day for the busy Christmas season.

  8. Hi Casey we are heading to Disneyland today!! After a year of planning and reading your blog inside and out I feel I am ready but have one quick question. We weren’t planning on going today as our first day so I never really looked at fantasmic as much of an option for us but now we are going. We won’t get to the park until about 3 pm after our flight arrives…do you think there will still be fastpasses for fantasmic at that time? thanks so much for all you do!

  9. If you book the upgraded RBT dining package, any idea if they will let you stay for the fireworks as well? I would assume if you can see Fantasmic, you should be able to see the fireworks and projections too, if they allow you to stay. Thanks!

    • I have heard conflicting info on this, but most people say they have been able to stay. If you are not allowed, simply move as close to the water as possible. You’ll have plenty of time and it’s easy to do. Enjoy!

  10. Hi! We are going in late August and have reserved Hungry Bear package for the second show. Can you tell me the best place to enter to get to the center? I see you note above that all three sections are mixed during the second show so I wanted to know if I have to enter by the Harbor Galley or if you can enter in the Blue Bayou seating entrance? Any tips on how to get to the center quickly? Since the first show is going on when I would ideally be lining up (around 9:00-9:30pm) I wasn’t sure if they even let you line up. In the past I had more luck zooming into the spot as the first show is leaving. Not sure if they let all of the first show people leave before letting in the dining guests for the second show.

    • Fireworks will actually happen between the two shows. All dining package guests should enter near Harbour Galley. Watch the fireworks near the entrance and then go in as soon as cast members allow. Just an FYI….the second show being mixed in isn’t a guarantee. But it happens a lot.

  11. In late July, Early August, what time do you think I should be at the fastpass machines for fantasmic to be able to get the later (10:30) show?

  12. Hi,

    Is there a way to “select” the show time when you get a fastpass? I want to do 10:30pm but I guess the machine doesn’t let you choose??

  13. Hi there. Thanks for all the helpful info you give. I just found out that the Halloween party falls during the same time as our visit in late Sept. 2018 (monday to friday visit). It looks like the Halloween party usually runs on a Friday which would be our only day to see Fantasmic. Does this mean we are out of luck? Have you heard for sure if the party is in Disneyland or is there a possibility of it moving to CA? I would hate to miss the show.

  14. Last time we saw Fantasmic was about 5 years ago, and all I remember was it being extremely crowded. My daughter and I both have issues with claustrophobia in large crowds. She is 14 now and has watched the new Fantasmic online numerous times. She really wants to see it live, but doesn’t want to feel closed in. Can you recommend a location to see it without feeling the overwhelming crush of the crowds?

    • One of the dining packages is your best bet. Blue Bayou has the most room. It’s the most expensive, but it’s most comfortable. The River Belle Terrace Upgrade option might be good for you, too.

  15. Hello. I truly enjoyed all your tips here on the dining packages. We will be visiting on May 12th and have a party of 6 ( 4 adults and 2 children ) I have tried for 3 days to get thru to the dining line to get some answers about making reservations for the dining package at the Blue Bayou. Is there a better time to call to get thru or what is the best way to make the reservations since it can not be done thru the app?


  16. Hello! Thanks for all your great planning info! We are taking our kids (ages 6 & 8) Feb. 23/24. We would be doing the fastpass option, which sounds like is standing. With adults standing, will my kids be able to see? They are too big for me to pick up.
    Thank you!

      • THANK YOU! I took your advice & my kids were able to sit & see everything! We did Hungry Bear. Some of us substituted from normal menu; everyone got something they liked. We got to our Fantasmic section an hour early & only had one row of people sitting in front of us.
        This was our 2nd trip to Disneyland. I was fortunate enough to find your blog before our 1st trip. Took all your advice & had a wonderful trip. Used your advice again this trip (so glad I studied your MaxPass info-it was awesome! 35 rides & 2 shows in 2 days!) & had a wonderful time again.
        I loved coming to the parks with knowledge on what to expect & how best to go about our days. You are very clear & informative. Because I came so prepared, my family had a great time & my husband now wants to go every year!!! I appreciate your work ?

  17. Hi!
    Do you know if the fast passes are available during magic morning? Or will they not start handing them out until the park officially opens? I couldn’t get a straight answer from the staff.


  18. Hi, Casey–
    Thanks for your informative write-ups and great reviews!
    My sister and I are heading to Disneyland Resort this week, 1/30 – 2/2. I was wondering if there is any updated information on the Fantasmic! dining packages for winter?
    I made reservations for both RBT and BB, so we still need to decide which one we want to keep.
    I am unclear on the ground seating…do both seating areas supply cushions for use? Is the cushion with the BB package still offered as a take-home item? TIA!

  19. Great reviews! Are there reviews this detailed (including map with different starting areas) for the different packages available for World of Color as well? 🙂

  20. Casey,

    Love this overall post! We are here today (saw you in line for Guardians After Dark!) and wanted to mention that the 2nd show did not mingle all dining packages together at all. We are definitely separated. We were separated when we were lined up before the show, and when we sat down. It wasn’t a problem for us, as we didn’t pay the premium for the BB package ( had to switch days at the last minute and cancel our Cafe Orleans package). Just something for people to be aware of if they are expecting to get the BB view for the Hungry Bear price.

      • I spoke with a cast member this morning about reservation options and was told that the mixing doesn’t happen during the second show; he also said that sitting is enforced for the BB and RBT sections ONLY, and that the Hungry Bear section is a standing section and that (in his experience) guests prefer to stand, so even if someone gets there early and tries to sit, they will find themselves surrounded by standing guests soon enough. He advised me not to choose the Hungry Bear option if I wanted to sit, because that section usually stands.

        • Hi, Kelly.

          I’ve attended several of the later shows and they were all mixed. It’s not a guarantee, of course, but that is what I have seen.

          Sitting is definitely a perk of Blue Bayou and RBTerrace only, but I have looked to see Hungry Bear standing enforced and haven’t seen it. But, if the park is crowded enough, I do believe standing will be required, as that allows room for more guests.

          The cast member told you the correct information, as that is what the normal protocol includes. My post shares what I have seen during my experiences. I’ve attended during very busy times and a few that were not as busy. Hope that helps!

  21. Is it like world of color where the fast pass says a color and that’s the location you have to go to or can you go to any fastpass viewing section?

  22. No! So bummed to see no Fantasmic! during the week in October!! I mean, really? We are only doing the parks Monday through Friday including a Tuesday Halloween party. We could possibly add a day and go Sunday so we can see Fantastic!. We will probably never go back to Disneyland. Is it worth it?

    • It’s good. Look it up on YouTube and see if it’s a fit for your family. You already have a lot of good stuff planned. I encourage everyone to do everything, and I love this show. But I wouldn’t rearrange my trip for it.

    • I did re-arrange my trip for this show 🙂 It is one of the reasons I visit Disneyland. Fireworks and Fantasmic! are what makes it magical for me. I missed it a few years ago so definitely was not missing it this trip!

  23. Hi,
    I had the Hungry Bear Dining Package on the 25th of July. My dilemma was I had the Skyline Lounge that night as well.
    To my surprise I was able to get a fast pass for the second Fantasmic show from the Hungry Bear because I picked up my meal after a certain time. I believe you can if you get your meal after 7PM. Can’t remember the exact time you have to wait till for the second show option but when I picked up my meal at 7:15 I was able to get passes for it.

    • Each dining location typically has a different cut off time. And, cast members will almost ALWAYS hand out later show FASTPASSES because fewer people attend the later show.

      I’ll look into the cut off time for each location. Thank you!

  24. Hi Casey, I booked a Hungry Bear package and it gave me the second show time (I guess 10:30?) Do you have any suggestions on how to see the fireworks and make it to Fantasmic in good time?

  25. This may seem like a silly question but I’ve only been to Disneyland once and it was a long time ago so I’m not too familiar with the viewing areas – for the Dining Package viewing areas (the ones where you are able to sit) are there any steps to sit on or is it all just flat ground? My husband has a bad back and knee & I was thinking of getting a dining package because he’d never be able to stand for that long. So he could sit and watch the show – but it would make it a lot easier on his knees if there were some type of steps for him to sit on – instead of trying to sit cross-legged on the ground for a long period of time (to him 45 minutes is a LONG period of time). Not sure if I’m asking this correctly – does this make any sense? I know the Riverbelle Terrace will have an option to sit at a table but it sounds like the viewing areas are a better, more immersive experience so if there’s any way I can make that happen for him, I’d like to. Thanks!!

    • Hi, Robyn.

      Totally makes sense. Unfortunately, the steps are few and far between and not within the dining packages for the most part. If you need a seat, I recommend the River Belle Terrace upgrade. Otherwise, you’re looking at about an hour prior to grab a good spot and then 20 minutes for the show.

  26. Hi Casey..just wondering when you might be posting Fantasmic photos linked to the River Belle Terrace dining options (base dinner with separate riverfront, sit-down show seats and the upgraded package with the patio seating for both dinner and the show)..we have the patio seating booked for late August and would like to view the sightlines from those patio tables..thanks!

  27. Hi Casey, Disney has a lot of kinks to work out for the Fantasmic show. The first night we saw Fantasmic we were in the Fast Pass area. We obtained our Fast Pass at the rope drop time. We started lining up by the Mark Twain area about 7:30 and ended up being in an area very right of the stage. We could barely see Mickey during the performance and had to stand the whole time we were there. The next night we purchased the River Belle dining package. If you want front row, center, you must line up by the Haunted Mansion at 7:15. Now doubt about it, if you come at 8, you will be in the area, just not front row center. We were very disappointed that we got conflicting information from multiple Disney cast members, so double check with multiple cast members. A few notes: The Fast Pass customer who lines up at 6:30 will get just about the same view as the dining package customers. In addition, they will be allowed to sit on the ground only in this best Fast Pass area for early arrivers. Other Fast Pass areas have to stand. The Hungry Bear customer will be only slightly to the left of the River Bell and Blue Bayou customers and they can sit on the ground also. The secret is again to get there early. We could not get a reservation at River Belle from the online or call in res. service, but they took my party of four as a walk-in at 5 pm with a 15 minute wait. So don’t give up without physically checking with the River Belle. When we do it again, we will go to the less expensive Hungry Bear and get in line early. The food at the River Belle at $45 a head is just not worth it…it’s a sandwich joint for the most part. Being front, center made all the difference in seeing the show. Those on the ends of the viewing area will get half the experience. Disney knows that and will profit from it. Our main take-a-way from our experience…the dining package gets you in the area, but if you don’t line up early, you’ve wasted your money for a premium seat.

    • Hi, Sharon.

      I agree with most of this. I actually love the food at River Belle and think it’s more than a sandwich shop, but I understand how some guests might want a filet or such for the price.

      I think cast members are doing their best and working in as many people as possible within the allotted spaces with the information they’re given. I had some frustrations, too, but I was ready for them. For a first time visitor, however, this might seem like a lot of kinks to work through, as you suggested.

      From what I understand – and I will update my post as I learn more – only River Belle and Blue Bayou should have the option to sit on the ground. Hungry Bear and FASTPASS sections might have to stand, depending on the crowd level. So, I want everyone to keep that in mind. Hungry Bear might include standing, along with any other FASTPASS area.

      Appreciate your input so much, Sharon!

  28. Casey – I hoped to book BB or RBT for Fantasmic on Thursday 9/14 and was surprised that no shows were available online for that date. Eventually a couple of days later I called and found that in September the show will be weekends only. So I tried to book Friday the 15th and found 1) RBT will be closed in September and 2) once you get inside the 60 reservation window the bookings sell out fast. i.e. No BB either. Fortunately we were able to get a Hungry Bear grab-n-go res. Looks like the special viewing meals are a big hit.

  29. Looking forward to your River Belle Terrace Review. We are booked there on Aug 5th for the Fantasmic package. I’m wondering about the kids menu options. I haven’t seen anything posted for it.

  30. I’m worried that the trees surrounding the outdoor seating at RBT will block the view. Have you dined there yet for fantasmic – are the trees a problem? Thanks!

  31. Casey, your green arrow for the RBT dinning section is incorrect. The upgraded section is on the part where the name of the restaurant is, the curved part. The other section you marked was used as a pass through. We ate there last night.

  32. Curious about your section regarding the $25 add on for a cushion and drink. Someone just there said the cushion is included with the $65 meal at Blue Bayou.

    • Checking on this today, Ned. I haven’t seen this “premium” experience online, so I’ll be amending my post if I find that it’s incorrect. A cast member read the info to me from the information she was given on day 1. We were all learning. 🙂

  33. I tried to book River Belle Terrace upgraded dining for our trip on Sept 10 and the CM told me they are currently not taking booking for RBT after the 5th as they’re not sure it’ll be open? So not sure if they’re renovating or what is happening. I was call from Aus so didn’t want to linger on the phone asking questions!

    • Hi, Sam.

      Just checked the calendar and the 10th looks to be available, but Fantasmic! appears to be running weekends only. Grab that reservation asap if you haven’t already!

  34. Thank you for the detailed explanation of the whole system and the map of the viewing locaitons! We had been on the fence about doing a dining package, but realized that we really wanted to eat at Blue Bayou anyways (have never done it before) and to get the prime viewing area on top of a good meal in that atmosphere will be worth a little extra cash.

    • Agree. If you’re going to dine there, you might as well throw in Fantasmic! premium viewing.

      I’ll be reviewing River Belle tonight and Blue Bayou in the next couple of weeks, too. Hungry Bear early August!

  35. I love all that you do! Do you plan on doing the River Belle Terrace Dining Package with the upgrade to stay in your seat? Im just wondering if my 4 year old would have a decent view? Thank you!! I CAN NOT WAIT to see all your pictures!!

  36. I’m super eager to get your input and advice Casey! Can’t wait for your updates. I love you blog, and I already booked my dining package for when I go next month.

  37. I read elsewhere with respect to Fantasmic! prior to the hiatus that guests along the water at the very front of the fastpass area were allowed/asked to sit. Was that the case/is this the case now (once you have a chance to see)? Also, can you purchase a child’s meal from the regular menu for kids under two who eat more than just nibbling off others’ plates?

    • Hi, Katrina.

      Most of the dining package sections (Blue Bayou and River Belle) included guests seating near the water when I was there before the show when on hiatus. I’ll be reporting as soon as the show starts again to let you know what you can expect. Blue Bayou has an optional upgrade which includes a foam seat cushion, so some seating has to be an option (on the ground – no chairs). I’ll take photos as soon as I can and update this post with them.

      You can purchase a meal for a child of any age from either the adult or child’s menu from the dining package options. You cannot purchase from the regular menu if you are attending as a dining package guest.

      Hope you enjoy it! More to come as I review each option.