Blue Bayou Fantasmic! Review

Updated March 6, 2020

I reviewed the Blue Bayou Fantasmic! Dining Package on August 6, 2017. I enjoyed it a couple of years ago, prior to the show going on hiatus while Star Wars Land developed.

It felt very similar to that experience. The menu felt the same, the viewing area is the best (again) and cushions were part of the package. Yay!

With a Fantasmic! dining package, you will pay for your meal and with it, you’ll receive a “FASTPASS” that saves you a spot in a great location to watch Fantasmic! later that evening.

I dined at 8:30pm, so I was slated for the 10:30pm Fantasmic! If I had hustled through dinner, I could have walked out to see the Fireworks at 9:30pm. But, I wanted to take my time.

Take a look at all of your options for Fantasmic! within this post.

Let’s take a look at all the details.

Basic Info

***Tax and gratuity are not included.

Adults (age 10 and over) – $72 for dinner; $62 for lunch

Kids (age 3-9) – $29 for lunch or dinner

Infants (up to age 2) – FREE (children age 2 and under do not have to pay for the meal and do not have to have a FASTPASS to enter the viewing area; a meal will not be provided to your child; he or she can eat off your plate)

Dining times for Blue Bayou start each day at 4:00pm. When you book – online or on the phone directly with Disney – you will learn which show your dining time is assigned to. The FASTPASS that you receive that allows you into your viewing location will state this show time, too. You may not attend a show other than the one your FASTPASS assigns you to.

Dining packages are always popular at Disneyland and with the return of Fantasmic!, these are in high demand. Do not hesitate to book your package now. If you change your mind on using it, cancel within 24 hours of your dining time so that your credit card on file is not charged the $10 per person cancellation penalty. These packages do not require pre-payment. All you have to do now is make the reservation. The app does not allow you to make these reservations. You must use the Disneyland site or call Disney directly at (714) 781-DINE (3463) between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time) to book.

Annual Pass discounts apply to all dining packages, but the discount won’t apply to the upgraded portion of your bill. For example, if you booked the Upgraded Blue Bayou package, you will receive your discount on the $65 per person portion, but not the $25 upgrade per person.

Dining packages can be booked 60 days out from the day you plan to dine at Disneyland.

Book this package online here.


Here are the menus (adult and child) for Blue Bayou. These options are different from the regular menus offered. With a regular Blue Bayou reservation, you can order as you wish from the normal menu. Dining Packages include prix fix menus.




Blue Bayou opened in 1967 and has always been old school fabulous. Decades ago, guests were rarely seen in anything other than suits and dresses at this location. It was and is THE premiere dining at Disneyland.

The restaurant is housed inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and you will see the boats float by as you dine. If you’re interested in a water-side table (there are only about 15 tables located right next to the water), go by the reservation podium located at the front of the restaurant about 30 minutes prior to your reservation time and ask if you could please sit water-side. Your wait may be a little longer than expected, but many guests think this is an essential part of dining at Blue Bayou.

Here is the dining room:

And, a peek at one of the boats floating by:


I chose the Louisiana Spiced Shrimp to start:

And, then the Surf & Turf as my entree:

And, the Sorcerer Mickey for dessert:

I also had a Mint Julep, which is a drink option with the regular dining package. It was a bit sweet for me. A proper Bourbon would balance that out. No booze at Disneyland! Don’t even ask.

Where the Viewing Location is and When to Arrive

After paying your bill, you’ll receive a “FASTPASS” that looks like this:

You’re directed to arrive near the Haunted Mansion, but the entrance is actually closer to Harbour Galley.

I didn’t see a clear sign that read “Blue Bayou”, but here is where I went in:

This the best viewing spot for Fantasmic! You will sit on the ground with a dead center view of Tom Sawyer Island, where the show is based. You will have an iron railing in front of you, but it won’t affect your view or experience.

Check out this video for the view:

Visit my review on River Belle Terrace for photos from essentially the same spot since these two sections are right next to each other. (I couldn’t take photos during the show I saw from the Blue Bayou section because I was videoing. I’m assuming there’s some techy voodoo I could do to take some still shots from my video, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. I can barely work my VCR.)

The crowd:

Depending on when you dine, you will have a Return Ticket or “FASTPASS” for one of two shows – typically scheduled for 9:00pm or 10:30pm.

If you are seeing the 9:00pm show, arrive by 8:00pm to claim your spot. A few minutes after the show ends, Fireworks will begin (if they’re scheduled and weather doesn’t deter them). Stay right where you are for Fireworks. Don’t try to make it over to the castle. It’s too hectic and you won’t make it in time. Stand up after Fantasmic! ends (you’ll be directed to on the loud speaker) and watch Fireworks from where you watched Fantasmic! (More details below.)

If you are seeing the 10:30pm show, watch Fireworks (if they’re scheduled and weather doesn’t deter them) from wherever you wish and then head over to the viewing section as soon as they end. The later show sometimes allows all three dining package option guests to sit in the same section, which is the center. So, you will want to grab a spot as soon as Fireworks end. Every night is different. There’s no guarantee that all three dining package option guests will sit together. If enough packages were sold, then the sections will remain separate. Otherwise, they combine them to allow guests with FASTPASSES to fill in more space. You can watch them from the viewing area that you will sit in to watch Fantasmic! It’s open to everyone. Then, when the ropes go up to start reserving space for the dining packages, you can be right there ready to claim your spot.

Everything moves quickly here. 9:00pm Fantasmic!, 9:30pm Fireworks, 10:30pm Fantasmic! Cast members are great at keeping people moving. Know ahead of time where to go and you’ll have great views for all shows.


If fireworks are scheduled for the evening you watch Fantasmic! (with or without a dining package), and you’re slated for the first Fantasmic!, stay right where you are for the show.

Click on this link to see if fireworks are scheduled for your visit.

You’ll be advised to stand (by the magical voice on the Disneyland loud speaker), but it’s a great place to watch fireworks, as you can see them shooting off in all the locations. Projections that accompany the show are visible on a water screen (like World of Color), in front of Tom Sawyer Island.

So, as you can see from this photo, fireworks are going off to the right and then the projections are in front of you. These are the same projections you will find on the castle and the it’s a small world facade.

(Fireworks are not part of the dining package and are never guaranteed.)

What You’ll Receive at the Blue Bayou Dining Event

Each paying guest (age 3 and older) will receive a parade cushion to sit on during the show. It’s all yours to take home after.

These are about 14″x14″1″ and made of foam. sells one design for $13.89. They’re also on the Shop Disney Parks app sometimes for $7.04.

Yours is included in the cost of your package. Only Blue Bayou guests receive these.

They look like this:


  • My meal was excellent, as was the service and ambiance. Blue Bayou rarely disappoints. It’s an expensive ticket, but I have yet to have a bad experience at this restaurant. It seems like a well oiled machine – perhaps because it’s been serving guests for many decades.
  • Don’t shy away from Blue Bayou if you have young children. Families dine here all the time. There is no dress code. Everyone arrives in park clothes. While this is a “fancy” restaurant, it’s available to everyone and I encourage you to experience it at least once in your Disneyland visits.
  • Disneyland is super accommodating with food allergies. If you have specific needs, share those when you book online in the section provided. If you call in to book, let the cast member helping you know your needs. Then, when you check in at your dining time, reiterate those details again.
  • If you are concerned about your kids being loud or disruptive, River Belle Terrace or Hungry Bear On the Go might be better options for you. River Belle has dining space outside and Hungry Bear has outside seating with the option to take your food and go.
  • The earlier Fantasmic! Blue Bayou section is easier to find a spot in compared to what I experienced with River Belle Terrace. However, I would still arrive an hour prior to showtime just to be safe. This is a pricey event. Make sure you get a good view.
  • Only Blue Bayou and River Belle Terrace dining package sections should be allowed to sit on the ground during the show. The other sections require guests to stand, which fits more people into the space.
  • Within each dining package section, guests in wheelchairs or ECVs are stationed near the back of the section so that they’re not blocking other guests’ views since they’ll be sitting on the ground. Feel free to enjoy any of the dining packages and know you can sit with everyone in your party within in the dining package sections noted on the map above.
  • I have sat front row, right by the iron railing for this show several times and never had an issue with getting wet. However, several readers have told me that they got SOAKED. If the wind is blowing in the direction of the crowd, be prepared to get a little or a lot wet. Set up in the middle of the section if this is a concern.
  • You can find my review on River Belle Terrace’s Fantasmic! package at this link. It’s less expensive, more casual, but doesn’t include a parade cushion.
  • You can find my review on Hungry Bear On-The-Go at this link. It’s the least expensive option and has food you can grab and take with you if you wish.
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  1. Hi Casey, I know this article is a bit old now, but the website doesn’t mention cushions and states that it’s standing only… has it all changed?

    • I was wondering this same thing. Also, since this review is a little old now, the picture of the menus still have the old price so im wondering if the menu items have changed as well? Thank you Casey! We all appreciate your hard work!

      • It’s on my list to check pricing and update menus. I’m sorry for the delay! Hopefully this can give you at least an idea of what you can expect price wise and menu wise until I can update. ASAP!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful information! When you do the lunch package do they give you the cushion when you are finished with your lunch or later? Thanks!

  3. When do they provide you with the cushion for use during Fantasmic? Is it during your dinner time or do you get it when you turn in your fastpass? Not sure I want to carry that around if I decide to do an early dinner!

  4. Hello,
    thank you for the review. With price not in mind what has the best seats for the early show? BB or RBT? and where exactly is the entrance for BB I heard it’s hard to find and I don’t want to waste time looking for the entrance.

    I just cancelled my 6:00pm reservation for RBT for the early show for a 4:50 reservation at BB for the early show instead. Fantasmic is at 9. I heard that some people start lining up at 7:30.. is that too early to start pinning up? I’m going December 2 2018.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly review! We had the dessert dining years ago, and I’m sad to see it’s no longer an option at DL. Have you heard any indication of it returning at a later date?

  6. Is there an option to choose between 1st and 2nd show, when booking? Im trying to do this now, and website is only giving me 2nd show…. Tried multiple dates, and same results.

    • The later dining times sync with the second show. I would call the dining line to see how they can accommodate you. You’ll be on hold for a while, but you could have better luck there than online. 714.781.DINE

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your review! I have dined at the Blue Bayou many a times (SoCal resident my whole life), however i never knew that you could get a dining package with Fantasmic! SO glad to have stumbled on to your blog post!

    Thank you 🙂 $69 for the service and quality of food plus the Fantasmic seating is really a good deal 🙂

  8. Hi Casey! We’re excited for another trip to Disneyland … this time at Christmas time. As always, your site and tips and FB posts are SO helpful. Thank you! I’m wondering if you have any insider information about Fantasmic in November. I’ve been stalking the Disney website because we thought about doing a dining package but it hasn’t been updated for about a week (only shows options through November 3). When I called the cast member told me that she only gets updates each morning and wasn’t sure when the showings for further into November would be released. Have you heard anything? Thanks!! 🙂

    • Running into same problem for a 2-23-19 showing. I called and was told “Entertainment has not released showtimes yet”. I booked BB on app just to secure a time. Can I convert that to a fantasmic dining later when showtimes are released or am I just spinning my wheels. Merry Christmas (I’m exactly 60 days out on Christmas morning!)

  9. So… If I reserve seats for the 10:30 fantasmic with blue bayou, people who did not will also be placed where we are? I’m starting to 2nd guess my choice. I don’t find it fair that I pay $70/person and they don’t and we all get the same spots. I was willing to pay the extra after a very bad experience with Aladdin’s dining but if that’s the case i may cancel 🙁

    • Hi, Kellie. Each night is different. If the park sells enough packages to fill all three sections, then they’ll stay as is – in three different sections. If the crowds are lower and not enough packages were sold, they’ll combine the sections into one so that there isn’t a huge amount of empty space that could be used for other guests with FASTPASSES. It’s impossible to tell now what your night would look like. I’ve sat in this section both ways……and it was just fine. But, I understand your concerns, of course.

  10. I made dinner reservations with the 2nd show (10:30pm) for our October trip. Now I’m not sure that was the best choice based on your review. So the other 2 restaurant guests can also choose to sit in the BB section at that time? Will it be more crowded? When I called for our reservation I was told by the CM that lunch reservations get the first seating & dinner reservations get the 2nd seating. Thanks for this great detailed review.

    • Hi there. It’s never a guarantee that the viewing sections for the second show all sit in the same space. That is always determined on how crowded the shows are. I’ve been to these meals several times and have always seen that the second show all sits together, but there are nights that it doesn’t happen. Stick with your timing if that’s what works for you. It’s a fantastic experience. Just be sure to follow my recommendations on when to arrive to be sure you get the best spot.

  11. We are coming over winter break after president’s day in February and based on last year’s schedule will only in the park for one fireworks show. Thinking I’ll definitely book a Fantasmic Blue Bayou package, but my question is should I plan on scheduling it on fireworks night (last night of trip) or view the fireworks from another location/Fantasmic on different night? How often is Fantasmic cancelled since the Disneyland website mentions it? How early do people usually start lining up or saving spots in the fastpass locations for Fantasmic and WOC? And if one person saves spots, when should the rest of the party return? Thank you for all your amazing advice; I LOVE your site; it has been super helpful!

  12. Can one person use the cushions to save the seats of the rest of the family? That way they are not bored waiting for over an hour for the show to begin? Thanks!

  13. Just booked the lunch package for our August trip…..can’t wait for this experience! Is there a designated place to leave strollers during the show or do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much for all your amazing Disney insight!

    • Strollers are actually allowed in the viewing area. Most cast members recommend strollers and wheelchairs/scooters, etc set up about half way back in the section so as not to block other viewers, but it’s still a great view. You will LOVE this experience!

  14. This is so informative! I have a question! My daughters are 9 and 11. Can I get away with ordering my 11 year old the child price? It’s definitely enough food for her! But since everything is digital these days, will the fact that her park ticket is an adult priced one mean I will have no option other than to order her the adult menu? I hope that made sense! ?

  15. Good morning, What time should I make a reservation to guarantee me the fast pass for the first show? I have 10 people. Was thinking we would do about 5:30? I must follow your plan.. arriving early for the fast pass and then staying where we are for the fireworks. 🙂

  16. My 10 year old daughter and I plan on doing the BB package in mid May. I realize its a fixed menu. Do you think a 10 year old will enjoy the options served on the fixed menu? I dont mind paying I just want to make sure theres something she’ll eat! Thanks

  17. Casey,
    Very informative, but I have a couple of questions for you. Looking at booking on a Friday nite, in March, about 6 weeks from now for the Blue Bayou Fantasmic package.
    When I look online to reserve at 6:00 pm, it shows only 4:20 & 7:50 available. Is it really that booked up now?
    2nd Question, the current price for package is $69, is the voucher for the seat included or is that an additional amount to be paid? If there is an additional amount, what is the cost of that voucher?

  18. im stressed about the fireworks/viewing for the early show package. i NEED to see the fireworks in front of the castle. do you know if theres a way to request the late show? (granted, there is a late show & fireworks the day we go)

    • Call in to make your dining reservation for the earliest “late time” they have. 714.781.DINE.

      Or, see if the cast member you reserve with can make a note on your account regarding you wanting the later FASTPASS. Most often, the earlier show is much more crowded, so they should welcome this request. If they can accommodate it.

  19. WDW vet here. New to DL, just want to make sure I understand correctly. We can’t make reservations for the dining packages until 60 days prior.. correct? I’m so used to 180 days I feel that I might miss out. I want B.B. Fantasmic and WOC Dessert Party. Also, when will park hours be posted for end of April – early March?

  20. Hello! Loving your blog so much as it is SOOOOOO very helpful in the planning in our 30th birthday girls trip!!! We definitely feel much more at ease reading all your suggestions and reviews!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!! Question, if we were to buy the package and want to order other things from the menu is that allowed? Or since it’s prepaid we can only stick to the prefix?

    Appreciate your help so much!!!
    -Alysha (:

    • Hi, Alysha. Thank you so much for the kindness. I needed it today!

      But, seriously, the menus for the Fantasmic! Dining Packages (and every other one I’ve attended here at the Disneyland Resort) are set as is. They don’t allow substitutions or changes.

      But, it can’t hurt to ask. Right? The parks nail down a menu for such events early so that they can staff and operate to accommodate the expected quantity of guests. Haven’t encountered a waiter who didn’t want to make his guest happy. Be prepared for the set menu, but with a plan to ask. 🙂

  21. Hi, a little question with the dining package, as it secures your spot for Fantasmic would I be right in saying I won’t need to do a FastPass for Fantasmic?

    Also just wanted to say out of all the sites I have been hunting on about Disneyland I have found yours to be super informative!!

  22. I’m not able to make reservations until October 2nd, but want to be ready. I have a 22 y/o daughter with autism (high functioning) who has very specific diet requirements. Actually, one of the kids meals is perfect, tho perhaps a bit small, but I’m sure they won’t allow this because she’s 22. Your thoughts?

    • Be diligent about making those arrangements online or in person. Both parts of Disney will help you make sure your meal has everything you need to make it perfect. You’re doing great, Elizabeth! Call in if you’re worried about the online option. 714.781.DINE.

  23. Casey, Thanks for the helpful update on F! I have a couple of questions: I’d like to head over to the first F! after my dinner at the BB–so I am wanting to finish up dinner just before 8 p.m. How long would you suggest I give for a comfortable amount of dining time–it will just be 2 of us. I plan to arrive 30 minutes before my time to ask for a water table so I am trying to figure out what time to book my reservation. Also, park hours won’t be posted when I need to make my reservation–should I assume that the first F! will be at 9? (I will be there in early November). Thank you Casey.

    • Hi, Julie.

      I would reserve 6:00pm. Because you want water side seating, that request can sometimes push you into your reservation time. Go by at 5:30pm, as you suggested, and request water side and then plan on dining around 6:00pm. The meal can take about an hour. But, you’ll have an hour buffer just in case something goes wrong and there’s a delay. Rushing through a pricey dining package isn’t fun. Take your time and soak up Blue Bayou. It’s a really special experience.

      If you have time prior to the 9:00pm show (I would count on that timing), shop through New Orleans Square and then find a bench nearby to sit back and people watch. Finally, arrive by 8:00pm to claim your spot for the show. I hope you have a great time!

  24. Hi Casey, thanks for the review. Is a drink included in the menu or are drinks extra? We have booked our package and we can’t wait.


  25. Hi Casey,
    For the kid’s menu – do you know what they mean by “Chef’s beef specialty”? Is it a steak?
    Thanks so much!

  26. How do you think the view compares from this seating area as opposed to paying the extra and staying in your seat at River Belle?

    • It’s totally different. Blue Bayou is dead center and right in the middle of the action. The River Belle Upgrade option is lovely, but you’re much further back from the show. I’ve heard some people love the River Belle Upgrade and some think the lighting from the table service is distracting.

  27. Thank you for the excellent review, Casey! In your experience, are the restaurants offering these dining packages fairly accommodating when it comes to making small meal changes? My husband and I have the BB package reserved and we have ideas on what we’d like to order, but we’re hoping they will allow us to exchange the side dish that comes with a particular entree for one of the other options (ex: swapping the risotto for the cheddar mash). I read elsewhere that a diner was able to exchange her appetizer for two desserts instead, so if you have any experience with something similar, that would be terrific to know!

  28. I’m super excited for our BB booking now, thanks so much for the review and details! I didn’t realise we could stay there for fireworks so that’s a bonus! Some silly questions…is the spiced prawns hot, as in chilli hot or just spiced flavoured. What do you think my chances of getting my dessert to go would be? I just can’t eat so much in one sitting for medical reasons. Although I’ll probably lose my Mickey dessert to my younger daughter! Thanks again.

  29. I am curious what that asterisk by the surf and turf and the rib eye are for. Also, we will have someone in a wheelchair. How does that work in the sit down area for fantasmic is we do the blue bayou package? Will they make us sit somewhere else because of the wheelchair? Also, we are wanting to dine Christmas Day. Is it still only 60 days out to make reservations for then? I feel like I need to be ready to call the exact day and time I possibly can. Can we request which show? If we dine at say 5 can we request the 9:00 time as it would be easier fir the handicapped person in our party. Any recommendations overall for those in wheelchairs? Thank you ?

    • Hi, Kimm.

      The asterisk is explained at the bottom of the menu.

      Guests in wheelchairs should be accommodated within the viewing area. You can only make reservations 60 days out and Christmas Day is busy, so be sure you’re ready at the 60 day mark. You can’t request your show – the timing is based on when you dine.