Fuel Rod Chargers at Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Updated October 6, 2020

Fuel Rod chargers arrived at Disney World in the summer of 2016. Shortly after, they started popping up at Disneyland.

The concept of these chargers is simple and smart. I’ve enjoyed my experience with them so far. There are certainly longer lasting chargers available, but when you’re in the park and without a charger, these work nicely.

Take a look at what there is to know about this new option for battery charging.

Basic Info

Visit the Fuel Rod website for lots of info. On the home page, you’ll find exactly what comes with your purchase:

  • A ready to use FuelRod to power your devices.
  • Adapters for both Android and Apple devices that are yours to keep, at no additional charge.
  • The ability to be refueled (recharged) in any standard wall outlet.
  • The ability to be swapped (traded) for a fully fueled unit for $3 at any FuelRod SwapBox.

So, you buy the charger and then can swap it as needed at any Fuel Rod SwapBox, in or outside of the parks.

We have iPhones and a Samsung Galaxy in our family, and this set works to charge them all.

Here is what you receive:

When you’re not near a Fuel Rod machine to swap your charger, you can charge it anywhere, just as you would any other charger. You just need a USB adapter.

How to Purchase (and what it costs)

The Fuel Rod costs $20 + $5 shipping online for domestic delivery.

At the Disneyland Resort, you’ll pay a flat $30.

Fuel Rod chargers work anywhere. If you purchase online, you can swap that charger at Disneyland. If you purchase at Disneyland, you can swap that charger at LAX.

It takes about 2 minutes to purchase it in the parks.

Currently, Fuel Rods can only be shipped to U.S. addresses.

Purchasing at the parks looks like this:

Voila! The battery charger is ready to use.

How to Swap 

When your battery stops charging, swap it for a new one, completely charged and ready to use.

When you swap, you will swap the actual charger only. Keep the accessories. The machine will accept and distribute the charger. If you misplace an adapter or cord, replace it on your own.

Here’s how:

Magic, friends. Magic.

No more desperately looking for outlets.

Where to Find the Fuel Rod Machines at Disneyland

Fuel Rod machines are arriving everywhere. Airports, malls, etc……and now Disneyland! They’re about the size of an ATM. After learning that they arrived at Disneyland, I started looking for them elsewhere. In just the few days after I noticed them at DLR, I found one at two shopping centers that I visited near where I live.

Find out if there are locations near you on the Fuel Rod website. They seem to be adding machines often, so look back later on if today didn’t show results.

Save this image to your phone for quick reference on finding the machines:


In Disneyland, find them here:

Main Street Lockers – Walk into the locker building and they’re on your left. There are two machines at this location.

Starcade in Tomorrowland – To the left of Star Trader, on the way to the exit of Space Mountain, you’ll find a little cut out in the building on the right. The Fuel Rod machine is there.

it’s a small world gift shop in Fantasyland – After you exit the ride, it’s to your left if you go through the gift shop.


Frontierland Entrance – Enter through the main entrance of Frontierland and make a quick right into the Westward Ho! Trading Company store. The machine is located in the back.

Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country – Go into the shop’s entrance near The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, take a quick left and the machine is right there.

In California Adventure, find them here:

Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street – To the left of the lockers, you’ll see the entrance to the camera shop. Go in and the machine is to your left. (When special event tables are set up here, the machine will be located in the next room, which is a gift shop.)

In Cars Land – Go to Ramone’s, which is almost all the way down the main road toward RSR. Enter through the door on the main road and it’s to your left.

Gone Hollywood in Hollywood Land – Enter the shop and take a right. It’s on your right.

Knick’s Knacks in Pixar Pier – Across from Lamplight Lounge, you’ll find a cute new shop called Knick’s Knacks filled with souvenirs. A Fuel Rod machine is inside, near the entrance.

Outside of parks, find them here:

Grand Californian Hotel – From Downtown Disney, follow the path to the right and into the hotel. It’s to the right a bit as you walk in the door.

Disneyland Hotel – In the Fantasy Tower, find the Fuel Rod machine to the left of the business center.

Paradise Pier Hotel – In the lobby, you’ll find this machine past the elevator tower, down a bit and on your right.



Where to Find Fuel Rod Machines at Disney World

Here is a list of where to find the machines at Disney World in Orlando:

Disney Springs

  • Welcome Center
  • Sundries
  • Marketplace Photo

Magic Kingdom

  • Tomorrowland Light and Power Company
  • Pecos Bills Cafe in Frontierland
  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Curtain Call Collectibles on Main Street
  • Cosmic Rays Cafe

Hollywood Studios

  • Celebrity 5 and 10
  • Pizza Rizzo
  • Rock Around the Shop


  • Disney Traders
  • International Gateway
  • Camera Center
  • Events Pavilion

Animal Kingdom

  • Island Mercantile

ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • Clubhouse Shop
  • Sports Grill
  • Fieldhouse L1

Disney World Resorts

  • Grand Floridian Resort – Business Center
  • Coronado Springs Resort – El Paso Salon R.R.; El Paso Salon 2; Pepper Market
  • All Star Movies Resort – Movie Arcade Entrance; Food Court
  • BoardWalk Inn Resort – Lobby
  • Port Orleans Resort Riverside – Lobby
  • Port Orleans Resort French Quarter – Lobby
  • Art of Animation Resort – Arcade
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge – Lobby
  • Polynesian Resort – Gift Shop
  • Contemporary Resort – Lobby
  • Pop Century Resort – Lobby
  • Wilderness Lodge Resort – Lobby

Water Parks

  • Blizzard Beach
  • Typhoon Lagoon – Singapore Sal’s

Save Money – Buy Your Fuel Rod Ahead of Time

Many airports, malls and transportation centers now have Fuel Rod machines. Purchase yours in one of these locations prior to arriving at Disneyland and save $10. This machine, below, is in a shopping district near my house is San Diego.

Locate machines near you and buy before you get to the park.

Then, swap as needed. All Fuel Rods are universal and work together.

Continue Free Fuel Rod Swaps

Soon, Fuel Rod swaps will include a fee at most locations.

Go here for the scoop on this.

To avoid this charge, start at this link.

Other Notes

  • All Fuel Rods work at all Fuel Rod machines, regardless of where you purchase it. So, one you buy at Disneyland will work at Walt Disney World. In airports, zoos, etc, too!
  • My initial concern with this product is that the machines might run out of the rods. Haven’t seen that happen yet. I was also concerned I might come across a defective fuel rod. Haven’t had that issue, either. If you have issues, you can contact the company easily at 1.844.FuelRod (844.383.5763) or on the main page of their website. Their customer service is excellent.
  • When you’re not near a Fuel Rod machine to swap for a new one, simply charge the rod as you would any other device. You just need a USB adapter.
  • As new machines are added to Disneyland and Disney World, I’ll update this post. If you know of any that are there that I haven’t noted here, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.
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  1. Hi Casey,

    Do you happen to know if you buy a Fuel Rod from the kiosk at DL rather than purchase ahead of time, does it come with the cables? I tried searching through their website but was not able to find out.

  2. On 6/1/19 after we left SWGE, we found a Fuel Rod location in Critter Country that may be a 2nd spot in that land – it’s next to the bathrooms on the lower level of Hungry Bear Restaurant.

  3. I was at SeaWorld San Diego, California, and my phone was dying while I was waiting on a call from my husband. I knew if he couldn’t reach me and my daughter he would panic. We were ready to leave the park to go back to our room and charge the phone when we stumbled across the ‘Fuelrod’ kiosk. Granted money was tight for us and I was VERY skeptical but I thought better than disappointing my kid so I spent the $30 and I must say it was the best investment I have made in phone gear. I used it all weekend, if I used my fuelrod, I would just swap it out and get a fresh battery and away we went. I have also been using it in my car or in my purse or where ever I need it when I need it then plug it in when I am through. I LOVE IT!

  4. I’m wondering do u hv to keep fuel rod charger on phone the whole time? Or is there a way to tell when it’s finished?
    Also only one full charge per rod or a few since I hv 3 teenagers..????

    • I carry a few with me for each trip because I have three kids. You can also charge them at home to re-use again and again when you’re not in the parks.

      There isn’t a way to tell when it’s finished. But, they provide a good charge per use. Then, just swap out as you walk through the park.

  5. Very helpful post! We’re chilling at Wine Country Trattoria and my husband needed to charge up to take another business conference call. I really appreciated that you showed that these come with adaptors and a written list of locations. I was able to pop over to Ramone’s and get one quickly.

      • They moved the DCA one in the camera store to a different part of that arcade. I took a quick photo to give you an idea of where. I can email it if you’d like.

        • You’re so sweet! Thank you. I spoke to a cast member about its location and she said it will likely be moved back. So, I made a note in this post about it being where it’s pictured or in the next room. I’ll leave it as is until we see if it moves again. I appreciate your help so much!

  6. I have a question. How well do the cables last? My issues w my extra battery chargers is that the cables eventually wear out. Is that an issue here? Thank you for all this great information!

  7. February 14, 2018
    The kiosk in Frontier Land has been removed. There are now two kiosks on Main Street in the locker area. The kiosk from Frontier Land has most likely been moved to Main Street.

  8. Bought one at OAK airport to use while in Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and never had to use it. Have used it though since I bought it. Am bringing it with me again tomorrow when I go again and may just swap it out at OAK while I’m there and then again in Disneyland since sometimes I forget to charge it fully overnight. LOVE THESE!!!

  9. Hi there! Do you know if they used the same fuel rod at the Disney World parks? I am thinking about purchasing one online. we go there in 2 weeks…but we are in AZ so we go to DL more often. thanks!

  10. I just went to Disneyland yesterday and this was a lifesaver. We used the new MaxPass program where you can get a fastpass using your phone. You must scan your max/fastpass on your phone when you check in for the ride. This meant I was on my phone CONSTANTLY throughout the day. You don’t want your phone (and backup battery) to die before your next fastpass comes available. I ended up swapping out the fuel rod two times throughout the day and never had to worry about a dead phone. I only bought one and our group of 4 people took turns charging.

    • Smart girl! Love that you shared it. And, after your trip, you can continue to use it. Charge it from home and then also look for machines at airports and malls. We have them all over Southern California. Enjoy!

  11. This is awesome information. I didnt even know this existed. Im visiting in August and will be using this. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi, Sarah.

      I do! 2600 mAh. As I said, there are definitely stronger batteries out there. But, the convenience of this one is awesome. And, it can certainly help if you’re in a pickle and your backup charger is out.

  12. The Fuel Rod website does NOT list many of their current locations. It doesn’t even list Disneyland! Noblocations in the LA metro area or LAX are shown, (as of 5/16/17)! They do show locations in San Diego County though.

  13. This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks. I saw references to these recently, and wasn’t sure if the swapping was just for the day of purchase. This is a pretty cool idea. Thanks for your work!

  14. I was wondering if they expire..If we bought it at the park this July when we go, since we live in B.C. Canada, can we keep it and use it again when we come back in May 2018?

  15. Thanks so much for this post! I have been doing a ton of research about Disneyland and you are the only place I have seen this. Your posts are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  16. Hi there!
    I was thinking of purchasing the rod online to save the $5. I would be exchanging them while at Disneyland and CA adventure but was wondering if I could exchange at LAX when we leave.

    • We’re from Canada and what we do is unlock our phones and use a USA carrier. We have been using T-Mobile as they have a pay by day plan that seems reasonable. You can get their SIM cards at Walmart or the T-Mobile stores. Last time I was in the US I tried my Canadian carrier’s new US Roaming package and it was terrible. Cut me off after 100MB of data. No way you can use google maps to navigate on that plan. I’m back to using my T-mobile card now!

  17. How quickly do they charge an iPhone (7+), and how many times will they charge a device before you need to swap? Trying to compare to the portable charger I already own. Also, are they lightweight? TIA!

    • Hard to estimate since each phone is different and we all start at different points when we start charging. Takes about an hour to charge my 6Plus, but I’m constantly on it working in the parks. They weigh about the same as my other chargers.

  18. I was ecstatic when I learned Fuel Rods were coming to Disneyland. I originally purchased 2 during my trip to Walt Disney World this past August and they saved our lives. I recently visited Disneyland the 2nd Week of December and they turned out to be another lifesaver and my initial investment has paid off using them at both properties. While Walt Disney World has 10x as many kiosk as Disneyland I still felt like they were spaced properly and utilized almost everyone on property as some point during my trip. My only wish was I had this article 2 weeks ago when I spent some time trying to find the main street location and was given wrong information. Pictures would have helped saved time. Also California Adventure needs more kiosk especially in the Paradise Pier Section. Other than that this is a good investment and keeps your phone charged all day. I would definitely recommend!