The Logistics of Disneyland

Updated June 23, 2019

***For updated info on the new Security Checkpoints at Downtown Disney effective 12/15/2016, check out this page for details.

So, we know lots about the magic of Disneyland and how we can add to the fantastic job Disney already does.

Today, let’s talk about some lesser “magical” parts of the park that can be quite helpful with your Disneyland experience, which in turn, gives you more opportunity for the magic.

Location & Walking Options

First, take a quick look at how Disneyland is laid out. Lots of WDW friends won’t understand the simplicity of our parks. So, hold on tight, WDW vets.

Nearly everything at Disneyland is walkable. Our two parks face each other, with Downtown Disney to the west and the off-site hotels to the east, for the most part. Disneyland Resort Hotels are west just past Downtown Disney.

That yellow line to the right of the map is Harbor Blvd, where you will find most of the off-site good-neighbor and independent hotels that serve Disneyland. There are many advantages to staying off site, including close retail and shopping, dining and more. If you are staying on Harbor Blvd, or one of the side streets that are very close to Harbor, you should be able to walk to the park from your hotel.

And, to the far left side of the map, you’ll find the three Disneyland Resort Hotels. They’re all fabulous.


For transportation to and from the airport, please review my Getting to Disneyland post, which includes my favorite service, Lansky. They will get you to your hotel in a nice car, with great service and a grocery store stop en route.

Once you get to the Disneyland Resort Area, most people walk to and from most locations, however, you have other options, too:

*Monorail: Take the monorail to Tomorrowland from Downtown Disney to avoid the main gate entry. On crowded days, this is a great option to get into the park quickly and avoid that enormous crowd waiting to go into the park.
*ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation): This service will work with most offsite hotels and goes up and down Harbor and more.
*Taxis & Uber: Take a look at this map for the main taxi pick up for off-site hotels. I recommend Uber over traditional taxis, but both will pick you up at the “Taxi Pick Up” area. You may also catch a taxi or Uber from the Downtown Disney drop off location, located in between Rainforest Cafe and the ESPN Zone. I have had better luck, though, with Uber drivers knowing how to locate the “Taxi Pick Up” on Harbor.
If you use Uber for the first time, please give them my number and I’ll get a free ride! (Then, you can give yours to someone for the same reason.) My Uber number is caseys1267ue.

Taxis at Disneyland_edited-1


I write extensively about stroller rentals – both on-site and off – with the advantages to both in my Stroller Post. I also go through how to pack your bags to keep valuables safe and how to stay organized. Review that before visiting.

And, while we’re on the subject of strollers, I recommend you review my post on How to Take Your Baby to Disneyland. There is an abundance of information regarding where the Baby Care Centers are, what they can do for you, where to nap, and more.

New stroller restrictions went into effect summer of 2019. Your stroller must fit into the following measurements:


Disneyland has lockers located just outside both parks and a beautiful picnic area to eat in if you want to avoid the cost of dining inside the park. Take a look at the map to find it:

picnic copy

Package Check In

Disneyland provides a free package check in for all guests – not just those staying at the Disneyland Hotels. You can buy merchandise from within the park and then have the park store it for you until you leave.

It’s awesome and should be used for a variety of reasons on your trip:

1. You don’t have to carry merchandise bought in the park around all day.
2. No risk of anything being stolen.
3. It’s super convenient and easy to use.

There are three at Disneyland that offer this service:

*Star Trader in Tomorrowland

*Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland

*Port Royal

One in California Adventure:

*Elias and Company on Buena Vista Street

And, one in the esplanade between the two parks:

*At the Stroller Shop, to the right of Disneyland.

The fine print: You may only check in non-food items bought at Disneyland Resort. Items must have tags on and your receipt for those items must accompany them. “One of a kind” items may not be checked (like an artist’s portrait). Many shops in Downtown Disney sell items that may be checked, but only those bought at “Disney” run stores qualify. For example: If you buy a pair of shorts at Curl Surf, you can’t check those. The stores must be owned by Disney.

Look for signs like this:


Present your receipt for the items in the bag and fill out this “package check” form. They’ll take some basic information that includes your phone number should you have one too many churros, leave in a sugar coma and forgot you bought 36 Tsum Tsums that day.

(Don’t judge me.)

You’ll walk away with a carbon copy of the form you filled out and your receipt.

Return at the end of the day (or when you are ready to leave) to retrieve your merchandise.


A few notes:

*You must retrieve your merchandise from the location you dropped it off.

*This service is available to all park guests and can be used by DLR Hotel guests, too. DLR Hotel package delivery is excellent, also, but the merchandise sometimes does not get delivered until the next day after you request the delivery. Use the option above for guaranteed same-day pick up.


Disneyland lockers are available in several locations and in several sizes. I recommend using these if you have princess dresses or heavy coats or valuables you don’t want left in your stroller while you enjoy attractions.

Fuel Rod Chargers are available near both parks’ locker locations.

Here are the locations for lockers:

  • Disneyland Park on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Disney California Adventure Park on Buena Vista Street.
  • In the Esplanade between the parks, accessible from the Downtown Disney District, lockers are located outside the Main Entrances to both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Here’s a map showing the locations:


Here’s how they work:

*Don’t leave stuff overnight.


*You have three size options and as you’ll see on the order screen, the park estimates what will fit in each.

11125289_10153190334337726_73993310_n copy

11139924_10153190334342726_442112360_n copy

 Here is 8 year old Jack next to a medium size. We fit 2 bags easily in it.


 Here is the same locker empty.


To order, follow the prompts on the screen. It’s quite easy and will guide you through everything and then assign you a locker. You will create a code that unlocks and locks it throughout the day. The code works all day and there is no limit to opening and closing your locker.

You can pay with credit card or cash.






If you’re staying off-site and need to drive into the park area each day, my favorite place to park is Mickey’s Parking Garage.

From it, you get to ride the tram in, which feels like old school Disneyland to me. En route, take a look in the grassy areas for the famed Disneyland cats who often sunbathe during the day there.

Here are your other options:

*Toy Story Parking Area (#1 on the map) – way south on Harbor Blvd – you’ll ride a Disney bus to the park

*Pumbaa Parking Area (#3 on the map) – on Disney Way and is closer to the park – you’ll ride a Disney bus to the park

Parking lots and the garage should open 1.5 hours prior to official park opening.

Here’s the scoop on the newest parking structure, which opened summer of 2019.

With each of your parking options, strollers must be broken down on the buses you take from the remote parking areas. Your stroller may remain in tact if you ride the tram from the Mickey and Friends Parking Garage, but children may not sit in the strollers at any time.

A map of the parking options:

Capturen copy

Here is pricing:

  • $25.00 for cars and motorcycles—Purchase theme park parking online.
  • $30.00 for oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers
  • $35.00 for buses and tractors with extended trailers

Other Stuff

  • First AidFirst Aid locations can be found in both parks and they’ll administer simple treatments like bandaids and such. A parent must accompany a child for treatment. Once, I sent my 13 year old with my 6 year old to grab a bandaid and they called for permission first.
  • ATMs – There are several ATMs located within the parks and surrounding areas. Review your options should you need to locate one on site. They’re Chase machines, so if you’re annoyed by banking fees (like me), withdraw cash prior to arrival.
  • ECV & Wheelchair rentals – Both options can be rented on-site. Check pricing and rules (no reservations allowed) prior to visiting. Read lots more on disabilities at Disneyland before you visit.
  • On-site Kennel – The on-site kennel opens 30 minutes prior to park opening and closes 30 minutes after. Find more details before you arrive.
  • Lost & Found – There is one location for Lost and Found, just outside the entrance to Disneyland.
  • Picnic Areas – There is a lovely picnic area just outside of Disneyland to accommodate your meal if you decided to pack one. It’s discouraged to eat food brought into the park at tables reserved for restaurant guests.
  • Bike Racks – Find a bike rack near the Downtown Disney entrance between the ESPN Zone and Rainforest Cafe. Also, find one at the other end of the park, near the shuttles just off Harbor Blvd, closest to the Cast Member shuttles.

I think that covers the basics, friends! Check out my post for first timer’s for even more details about Disneyland Resort.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. We are staying in a hotel near the Toy Story Parking Lot. Can we ride the buses to the parks from there even if we don’t park there? Do we have to pay to ride the buses? Thank you for your awesome site!

  2. Really enjoying your site as we plan a trip to Disney in early October. We are travelling with 14 people from 70 with a lot of considerations – mobility challenges, strollers, toddlers being toddlers, etc. We have 5 days so not worried as much about doing everything in one day, but I would like to minimize lines!
    On our first day in the park we have breakfast with Goofy booked for 11:40. I was thinking we’d do Fantasyland, Toontown (would like to get the littles on the Go Coaster before the bigger littles try some more serious rides!), then Tomorrowland before getting on the Monorail and heading to the Disneyland Hotel.
    Question is – is that a reasonable plan? Or should we skip Tomorrowland for that day and hit some of Frontierland and Adventureland on our way out of the park for lunch? How long does it take to walk to the breakfast vs. take the Monorail?
    Any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi, Alli.

      Your trip sounds like fun!

      I recommend using one of my strategies to get started at Disneyland prior to your meal at Goofy’s Kitchen. I share your options for Disneyland park here:

      Wrap up around 11:00am to get everyone headed in the direction of the Monorail. You might have to wait a bit to board, so factor that in. Once you arrive at the station in Downtown Disney, it will take about 10 minutes to walk to the restaurant.

      If you walk to the restaurant from the park – instead of taking the monorail – I would expect about a 30 minute commitment for your group. It takes a while to get out of the park and then through Downtown Disney with so many distractions.

      I recommend using the Monorail if possible.


  3. Well be staying at an off site hotel and plan on ubering to the park. Which drop off point would you recomend as easiest walk into the park. Taxi stand off harbor or downtown diseny. THanks
    Your site is a treasure trove of extremely useful information, again Thanks

  4. Casey, I am wondering if there is still Uber/taxi drop off at DTD given the current state of construction? And/or if there is any drop off on the west side?

  5. Hi there!
    I’m planning out my morning at Disney and I’m worried that timing is a little tight – we have reservations at the Storytellers Cafe at 7:50, but the parking lot doesn’t open until 7:30. If we get to the lot before it opens (like 7 or 7:15), do you think this will be enough time to park and take the tram in? I’ve been to Disney before, but I can’t remember how long this takes.

    Thanks for your help!

  6. I have a questions. Are there places to store toddler carseats for the day. We have a condo in huntington be each and heard driving uber was faster and cheaper. Be we have a 20 months old. What do you recommend is the best solution if there are no places at disney to store car seats? If not then guess rental car and parking are the best solution? we are going for tuesday and wednesday on thanksgiving week so i am sure the crowds will be huge!

  7. Casey,
    I’m looking at your first and second pictures on this post (which btw is way more helpful than the Disneyland website map!), and we stay at the one of the off-site hotels at Harbor Blvd. I just wanted to clarify… Can we walk to the main entrance that’s facing Harbor? Or do we have to walk all the way to Downtown Disney are (Going south towards Katella and then north towards Disneyland Dr)?

    From that Taxi pickup spot towards Disneyland main entrance, how far of walking would it be?

  8. What about wheelchairs on the trams and buses from the parking garages? Any info on disability parking? Thanks

  9. We are staying in a hotel near the Mickey and Friends Parking lot. Could we walk to the parking lot and then take the train to the park? Thank you so much for all your work on this website! I love all the helpful tips and I’m using as many as I can for our trip in 2 months.

  10. The large lockers – will they fit an infant car seat? The dimensions I’ve seen online seem so, but I’m nervous it may not fit through the opening. We are staying at a hotel about 15mi away so will need to Uber in, needing a car seat for our 10mo old but hoping to let her sit/lay in just the stroller w/o the infant car seat so she can see and nap.

    • Hi, Sharon. The lockers won’t fit an infant car seat – not that I’ve seen. You’ll need to take the infant seat with you. You could certainly try to see if it will fit, but from what I’ve seen, none have. I’m so sorry. 🙁

  11. Hi Casey, do you know if the bike racks are still available at downtown Disney? It’s been over a year since the last update so I wanted to check with you. Also, I read that there are bike racks near the Harbor Blvd entrance. Can you confirm that? Thank you!

  12. Your insight has been super helpful in making our Disney trips more magical! Parking has gone up a $1 from prices above and is $18 now for a regular vehicle. Thanks again, you’ve been a massive help!

  13. Thank you for taking so much time to get all of this information to us. I am pretty familiar with the park, but haven’t gone as often the last few years and you had a lot of great info. Thanks again.

  14. Casey I was told that there are lockers over by Grizzly ride that you can use for 2 hours, these are to hold the stuff you don’t want to get wet, but I don’t see them on the map. Are these still available?

  15. Hi Casey! I’m just wondering if the locker rental includes an unlimited number of opens and closes? At the pool you pay for a single use.

    • Good question, Heather! I’ll be adding this to this post. The opens/closes are unlimited. You’ll be given a code to use to enter the locker and it’s good for the entire day.

  16. I’ve never rode the monorail as an adult. My dad always insisted riding it while we still had valuable time left for rides so I never felt the need! We are staying at Disneyland Hotel in exactly two weeks (!!!) and I’m interested in riding the monorail from DTD to reduce some of the walking. How does it work exactly? Can we still get into the park before rope drop or do we have to walk to the main gate for that? Where does it let you off in tomorrow land? What about strollers in transit? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Strollers can be broken down. No problem there. It takes you into Tomorrowland, so it won’t allow you in prior to that and you’ll miss Rope Drop if you take the monorail at that time. I recommend riding it later in the day because Rope Drop is a lot of fun. Also, ask to ride “in the front”. You might be the only ones there – and it is a fun experience.

  17. If you use the parking garage and you want to leave to go back to your home and then come back later in the day do you have to pay again or is the voucher good for one day and allows for you to come and go?

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