Radisson Blu Anaheim

Updated March 5, 2021

Radisson Blu is here!

This new resort is so lovely.

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

In addition to the photos I share in this post, be sure to check out this link for video from our stay.

Basic Info

This hotel debuted in November of 2020. I stayed shortly after opening and had a fantastic experience.

This is the first Radisson Blu on the west coast. It’s a higher end experience than what you’re likely accustomed to with Radisson properties. They have a huge focus on service and it shows.

This hotel is about a mile from the Disneyland main entrance on Harbor Blvd. (More on how to get to the parks from this resort, below.)

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How to Get to Disneyland

As mentioned before, you’ll walk about a mile to get to the parks from Radisson Blu. I asked a few of the employees if they have walked and several have. For families, though, it might be a bit too much.

I recommend taking the ART Shuttle instead. And the great news? The shuttle picks you up right in front of the hotel!

No need to walk far or wait at a stop with guests from multiple properties.

More about ART here.

If you want to Uber/Lyft, note your destination point as “Disneyland 15min Parking/Guest Drop Off” in the app. This will take you close to the entrance on Harbor Blvd.



More has been added since I visited.

Chandeliers now hang beautifully in the main lobby, giving this property a sophisticated, upscale feel.

But, it has some whimsical features, too, which tie it into the Disneyland culture beautifully.

The artwork on site is so interesting and Disneyland-focused.

If you get a chance, check out this “View Finder” in the lobby. There are two hidden Disney characters to locate…..Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. We found them both!

Don’t miss a photo with these guys:

Hotel Room

Rooms are bright and cheerful with plenty of space.

This room sleeps 6!

I sat in this chair forever, enjoying the views of the Disneyland Resort.

You can see so much….the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!


The bathroom is spacious and well appointed.

Two Pools

There are two pools at Radisson Blu.

One is located on the main floor. It’s large with a huge spa, fountain play area, and ample chairs for relaxing water-side.

Here’s the main floor pool:

Love these chairs.

The second pool is on the roof! Find it next to SkyBar.

Here’s the rooftop pool:

SkyBar Rooftop Lounge

SkyBar is located on the roof and it boasts the title of “highest rooftop lounge in Anaheim”. The views are amazing.

Even better? The food and drinks! And, I was super impressed with the service.

Be sure to make a reservation before arriving. You may do so at this link.

Here are some photos of the outdoor area:

Check out what we dined on while we were there:

Here’s a peek at the indoor area of SkyBar:

Dining on the Main Floor

Downstairs, you’ll find Firelake Grillhouse and Cocktail Bar.

It wasn’t open when we visited, but I’ll return to try it ASAP.

For quick bites, find the Grab and Go Marketplace in the lobby.


  • Radisson Blu hosted us for this visit, but everything I have shared here represents my true impressions from our experience.
  • I sincerely think this resort is terrific. The service, amenities, and so much more make this an excellent value. It feels similar in many ways to the JW Marriott, but it costs less than half what you’ll pay there. (No disrespect. I love the JW, too.)
  • The resort is still adding some decor to the lobby and other areas. It will only get better as finishing touches arrive.
  • Questions? Leave me a comment. If I don’t have the information you’re looking for, I’ll find out who does.
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