Snacks at Disneyland – My Top 5 Favorites and Suggestions on What to Bring In

Updated March 21, 2018

I’ve written a lot about food at Disneyland, including what is available at California Adventure and what is available at Disneyland. I’ve also covered your dining options at the 3 Disneyland hotels, as well as Character Meals.

Today, I’m talking snacks. Fun fact: I could skip Disney meals all together and live on snacks alone.

Let’s review.

The Top 5

1. Popcorn 

Cast members have told me that Disneyland has a blended oil they use with three different types that give it the unique, yummy, salty, buttery flavor that is distinct to Disneyland. Any other popcorn in any other venue needs butter in my opinion. Disneyland’s version does not. It is perfection. You can find the popcorn at several carts around the parks.


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2. Dole Whip 

The Dole Whip provides the perfect blend of sweetness and chill to a warm day at the parks. Grab one on your way into the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room or just enjoy it on a park bench while people watching. My sister prefers the Dole Whip Floats. I’m old school and go for the tried and true Dole Whip. You can’t go wrong with either.

You can grab one quicker than the average tourist by going into the Tiki Room attraction lobby and lining up there. Check out my photo for reference:

Tiki-Juice-Bar copy

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3. Mickey Pretzel 

I’m a pretzel fan just about anywhere because carbs are my weakness. But, the Mickey pretzel seems extra delicious during a long day at the park. You’re going to walk about 10 miles during a single day at Disneyland, so indulge in the pretzel. (And, add mustard if you’re like me.) You can find these pretzels at several carts around the parks.


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4. Mickey Beignets

I’m a Louisiana girl at heart, so beignets are a favorite of mine, no matter where they come from. And, while Cafe du Monde in New Orleans reigns supreme, Disneyland does a pretty impressive version of their own and they’re shaped like Mickey. Try the regular variety year round, the pumpkin flavored during Halloween Time and absolutely do not miss the gingerbread beignets during Christmas. Mickey Beignets can most easily be found at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.


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5. Corn Dog

For the love of all things holy at Disneyland, don’t leave without trying a corn dog. I was raised in Texas and was told that the Texas State Fair had the best corn dogs on earth and there is no doubt that they’re good. But, the Disneyland corn dog is better.

There are three places to grab one and the busiest and most popular place is found on Main Street, at the end, in The Little Red Wagon Cart. I recommend avoiding that line and instead going to the Stage Door Cafe, located right next to The Golden Horseshoe in Fronteirland. The Corn Dog Castle also serves them and it’s located in California Adventure in Paradise Pier.

**Small tip: The Red Wagon and the Corn Dog Castle both offer apples or chips with the corn dogs. The Stage Door Cafe offers fries with their corn dogs. And, the Stage Door has fountain drinks. And, off-the-menu mozzarella sticks! Just say no to the Little Red Wagon.


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Honorable mentions

  • Dill, Spicy or Garlic Pickles (Fruit Markets)
  • Mickey shaped Ice Cream (Food carts)
  • Matterhorn Macaroon (Jolly Holiday Bakery, Disneyland)
  • Churro (Food carts)
  • Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich (Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country, Disneyland)
  • Gigantic Cinnamon Rolls (Food carts and Jolly Holiday Bakery, Disneyland)
  • Dill Pickle Flavored Popcorn (Cozy Cone Motel, California Adventure)

Notice I didn’t mention the fried pickles at the Carnation Cafe (divine) or the pomme frites at Cafe Orleans (to die for). My list consists of walk-around snacks. This post is dedicated to food that is easy to grab en route from one place to another.


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Suggestions on What to Bring In

Here is what I often bring into the park:

  • fruit (bananas, apples, clementines, plums – no cutting required)
  • fruit snacks
  • granola bars
  • nuts
  • Pringles (the can prevents the chips from breaking)
  • movie theatre box style candy
  • crackers
  • small tubs of cotton candy
  • seasonal related treats (Halloween popcorn balls, candy canes, etc)
  • small cooler bag that fits in your backpack with chilled bottled water (makes your bag heavier, but saves money at the parks if you don’t care to stand in the counter service lines for free iced water)


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What NOT to Bring In

I suggest you do not bring these items in:

  • chips or cookies in a bag (they’ll crumble in your backpack)
  • chocolate anything on a warm day (it will melt!)
  • fruit cups or pudding or other snacks that require utensils
  • anything too heavy that you won’t want to carry around all day

Note: If you’re bringing in a stroller, that changes everything, of course. When I had toddlers, I wouldn’t have hesitated bringing in fruit cups or similar items because that kept my little ones occupied for a bit. So, make your own judgments regarding what to bring in based on the ages in your group.


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Where to Shop for Snacks Near Disneyland

If you flew in and didn’t pack snacks, check out these local retailers:

Target: On Harbor Blvd, 1/2 mile from the parks.

Dollar Tree: A few miles away.

Walgreens: About a 1/2 mile from the parks.

Vons: A local grocer with fresh produce. Priced a bit higher than Target and other retailers, but they have a great selection. They also have a grocery delivery service and your first delivery is often free.

For other information on what is located around Disneyland, check out my post for off-site hotel information.

If you make a reservation with Lansky Enterprises for transportation, they offer one stop between the airport and your hotel, so this would be the perfect opportunity for grocery shopping.

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  1. When I went to Disney world in may Walmart delivered to my Disney resort and I’m going to have them do the same when I go to Disneyland in February order online and have it delivered to you why waste time shopping your on vacation. I saved so much money breakfast sandwiches, water, oj,pb&jand hot pockets no waiting in line
    Over $600 in savings and we had a blast

  2. Did you know that you do not need to carry bottles of water. The water fountains at Disneyland are filtered water. Also, you can go up to any place they serve drinks and ask for a cup of water. They gave me one with ice every time I asked. FOR FREE!

  3. Is the chocolate covered PB sandwich you mention in the candy shop in CC? Last two times I haven’t seen it!! In fact they seem to have dramatically reduced the offerings in all four candy counter locations. Thinking of staging a family tantrum as we’re all distraught over the loss.

  4. I CAN NOT go into a Disney Park without getting my personal favorite – a chocolate covered banana!
    They are rarely mentioned, but they are cool and yummy! And sold at most ice cream carts.

  5. Hello! I have heard that the food carts only take cash. Do you know if I can purchase Disney Dollars ahead of time, that could be used there? I would like to buy some of those to give to my kiddos to spend at carts like that.
    Thank you!

    • I would bring cash. The carts that won’t take credit cards won’t take Disney gift cards, either. I’d purchase gift cards for other shopping, but give kids cash for the carts.