Pearls in the Park 2020

Updated May 5, 2020

***This event is being rescheduled for Fall 2020. Pumpkins in the Park will take place on September 18, 2020 at the Brisa Courtyard in the Grand Californian Hotel. A new post with details will be shared soon with a link to purchase tickets and book hotels.

It’s that time again!

Pearls in the Park is scheduled for 2020 and it’s going to be amazing!

Follow me for everything you need to know about this event.

What is Pearls in the Park?

Pearls in the Park is a party that I throw with Get Away Today for Disney enthusiasts and readers of my site, It started in 2016 and has continued since with annual parties in the Spring and sometimes a Fall or Holiday option during the second half of the year.

Spring parties are big events, hosted on property at a Disneyland Resort location.

The purpose of these parties is to get people together for food, drinks, Disney and more. We have guests attend from all around the United States, Canada and Australia.

When and Where is the Party?

The Spring 2020 party will be held in the Brisa Courtyard at the Grand Californian Hotel.

The party will be held on May 1, 2020 from 5:00-8:00pm.

What Can I Expect at the Party?

You can expect food catered by Disney, a cash bar, professional photography, music, photo ops, a parting gift and many fabulous prizes to giveaway. The video, above, shares photos from our 2018 event. Take a look!

This event is run by Disney, so it’s top notch service. The ambiance at the Brisa Courtyard is lovely, as it’s the center stage at the Grand Californian Hotel with the monorail running above the party spot. It’s a beautiful location.

Worried about rain? Don’t fret. We have a back up location indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

This year’s event with have a slight Marvel theme since we are looking forward to Avengers Campus opening at California Adventure in 2020.

A private Happy Hour at Catal in Downtown Disney on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 kicks off party week. This event is soooo much fun, so don’t miss it if possible.

How Can I Buy a Party Ticket and Book a Hotel Room?

Tickets are $140 per person (adult or child age 3 and up). As always, Disney decides the age range for such events and there isn’t an option for child specific tickets. But, each child will be eligible to win giveaways and will leave with a goody bag just like adults.

Purchase your party ticket at this link:

Pearls in the Park 2020

Notes on using the link – Please change the date to May 1, 2020. The link won’t work otherwise.


Call 877.564.6428 to buy your ticket(s). Any client relations specialist can help you. They are available between 9:00am – 5:00am MST.

Once your ticket is purchased, you will be sent an email about 24 hours later with the option to book a hotel room, if desired, at the heavily discounted rates of:

The Disneyland Hotel – $274/night (plus tax and fees)

The Grand Californian Hotel – $314/night (plus tax and fees)

These rates are available for the following dates:

April 29, 2020

April 30, 2020

May 1, 2020 (party night)

May 2, 2020

May 3, 2020

***Disney actually allows you to book hotel rooms from April 23, 2020 until May 9, 2020 at these rates in case you want to extend your stay. Limited quantities are available for these dates.

What is Needed to Secure My Trip?

All party tickets must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

If you wish to book a hotel room, your first night’s stay is required at the time of booking. Then, you may pay the balance at the time of check in.

These charges will be separated. Get Away Today will collect the money for the party ticket(s). Disney will collect the money for the hotel room(s).

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • The Spring 2020 Pearls in the Park party is open to adults and children. Most people wear cocktail attire (dresses, pants, ties, etc), but there is no dress code. Wear what makes you comfortable!
  • While we won’t have a huge amount of entertainment specifically for children, we will have a table with kid-focused activities. My kids will be there, too. They are age 12, 14, and 19.
  • If you’re interested in a kid-free evening, Disneyland Resort Hotels can recommend a babysitting service to you.
  • The cost of parking is not included in the party ticket.
  • The cost of the party ticket does not include entrance to Disneyland or California Adventure. Along with information on discounted hotel rates, party ticket holders will be emailed information on discounted park tickets from Disney.
  • As we get closer to the party date, arrangements will be made for a meet-up in the parks so that we can take a group photo in front of the castle on a park day most PITP guests can attend. Also, plan on a character meal meet up, too. Maybe more!
  • Once you purchase a party ticket, find the closed group called “Pearls in the Park” on Facebook and request to join. I’ll approve you asap.
  • Please use the hashtag #PearlsInThePark2020 when posting photos on social media, so we can all share in the fun!
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  1. Casey! I just bought tickets, will be booking onsite hotel room, requested to join the Pearls and the Park FB group and looking for airfare! YAY! This will be my first time and I can’t wait to finally meet you 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if party ticket(s) are still available? And if I buy my ticket, in order to see hotel availability and the hotel is now sold out, can they refund my party ticket? Trying to wrap my head around all the details. I just learned about this event and would love to join in! 😉

  3. Hi, Casey! Pearls in the Park sounds like a fun event and my daughter and I are considering attending. Question for you. With the event being May 3rd, a Friday, we are thinking of going to the parks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as they would likely be quieter days. (Leaving on Saturday) However, if you are planning anything else for PITP attendees on Saturday or Sunday, we would reconsider our days there. Any feedback you can share at this point?

    • Sure, Mary.

      Discussions will begin soon on get togethers outside of the official party on the 3rd. Once you buy your party ticket, you’ll be invited to a Facebook group of attendees so that you can join in the discussions and meet some people, too, prior to the event.

      I’m aiming to have everyone get together on May the 4th so that the Star Wars fans can all ooh and awe over each other’s outfits. We’ll do a character breakfast – most likely at Storyteller’s in the Grand Californian Hotel – more than likely that morning.

      Otherwise, you shouldn’t miss anything and could definitely join us Saturday morning prior to your departure if that works with your schedule.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope you can join us! This is such a fun event.

  4. Casey,
    What a phenomenal site this is that I just discovered. Thanks for all the information.

    We are going to Disneyland in a party of 6 (Myself, my wife, 3 year old son who isnt 40″ yet, a 3 month old, and my mom and dad) from Dec. 6-8. We plan on using rider swap and maxpass. Is this a strategy that would work?

    Arrive at rope drop and use max pass. We want a Space Mountain FP so instead of all of us getting it, we do two of us for Space Mountain and 3 for Star Tours. When its our Space Mt return time, we use rider swap with our 2 FP and everyone gets to go on. Then we head over to Star Tours and use rider swap there in essence doubling up to some extent on our FP. While this is going on we will take our 3 year old on Autopia, Buzz etc. Throughout the day the plan (when not using FP for no child swap rides) to split them up and giving us FP on multiple rides.

    Basically we are never getting everybody a FP for a ride that has child swap and instead splitting it with two rides. Is this doable and any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

    • Hi, Jason.

      Sorry for the delay in my response.

      Yes, your plan should work, as the ‘return pass’ with Rider Switch will work in place of a FASTPASS.

      I recommend using my strategies in this post to know which order to go in at each park:

      And, be sure to review the latest rules on Rider Switch, as they may have changed since you visited last:

      (Essentially, you have to use the return passes within an hour of them being added to your ticket. Previously, you had all day to redeem them.)

      Love how you plan! Let me know if you have additional questions. I know your trip is fast approaching, so I’ll be looking to see if you need anything else.

      Have fun!

      • Thank you so much!

        One other question I have is what your thoughts are on what days we go to each park. We have 3 day-1 park passes. We are going to Disneyland 2 of the days and Cal Adv. 1 day. We are going this week Dec 6-8 on Thurs, Fri, Sat. Our plan has been to do Disneyland Thursday (using Magic Morning Hour), DCA Friday, and Disneyland to finish on Saturday. While we prefer the order of this plan, it seems like it would likely be less busy if we did DCA on Thurs and DL on Friday (We are set on finishing at DL on Sat despite big crowds) avoiding the parks with the early hours. Is the difference in crowds worth doing DCA on Thurs and DL Fri? What we don’t like about that is:
        1.Not having DCA sprinkled in between two disney days.
        2. DCA is only open until 9 on Thurs (10 on Fri)
        3. We would have to use our MM for DL on Saturday when we will probably be a bit more tired.

        With those things in mind, in your opinion, is it worth sacrificing those things to get the lower crowds? Will the crowds be noticeably different?Thanks again!

        • If weather forecast makes any difference:
          Thursday: Hi of 63, mostly cloudy and a few showers
          Friday: Hi of 66, partly sunny
          Saturday: Hi of 71, sunny


  5. Hi Casey! Do you know if the hotel room deposit is refundable at all/up to a certain date? I’m really hoping I can make it to the DLR for this!! Thanks for all of your help, as always!

    • Hi, Sarah. I don’t know. I’m so sorry. I would call Get Away Today first thing Monday morning to check. Tickets are selling fast, so I don’t want you to miss out if you want to attend. Hope to see you there!

      • I had a similar concern about cancellation policy. Following the link sent by GAT after purchasing my ticket (squeee!!), Disney notes this during booking for Grand Californian: “We have a 5 day change and cancel policy at our Resort. If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 5 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Should you cancel within 5 days of arrival, the deposit of one nights rate + tax is not refundable.”

        Hope that’s helpful!