Paint the Night Dining Package – Sonoma Terrace Reception

Updated March 6, 2020

*This parade is currently on hiatus.

Paint the Night Parade returned to the Disneyland Resort on April 13, 2018 with Pixar Fest.

With it came three new dining packages. Yay! The Sonoma Terrace Reception allows guests to enjoy tasty snacks while watching the parade – in a lovely seat.

On April 16, 2018, I reviewed this dining package. Scroll through this post for everything you need to know about this option to see if it’s a fit for you and your visit.

Basic Info

  • Pricing for adults and kids is $79 each. Same price if you’re age 3 or older.
  • This package requires full payment at the time of booking. If you wish to cancel, do so more than 72 hours (3 days) before your date to receive a full refund.
  • Infants (up to age 2) are FREE. Children age 2 and under do not have to pay for the meal and do not have to have a voucher to enter the viewing area. A meal will not be provided to your child, but he or she can eat off your plate. Children age 2 and under will not have their own seat, so be prepared to hold a child of this age in your lap. Strollers are allowed in this section on a case-by-case basis. Meaning, if you arrive with a sleeping baby, you might be able to take the stroller in, as long as it’s not a hazard to other guests in the event the area is evacuated.
  • When making a reservation with children age 2 and under, include them in your party count so that Disney can make seating accommodations for everyone in your group. If you have 5 people in your party and 1 person in your group is a child age 2 or under, you will only have to pay for 4 people. But, by letting Disney know there are 5 of you, you’ll be seated at a table for 5.
  • This dining package begins seating guests 30 or 45 minutes prior to parade time. This package is available for both parade times if there are two running that day. If you choose the 8:00pm dining time, your parade starts at 8:45pm. If you choose the 10:15pm dining time, your parade starts at 10:45pm.
  • Dining packages are always popular at Disneyland and with the return of Paint the Night, these are initially in high demand. Do not hesitate to book your package now. The app does not allow you to make these reservations. You must use the Disneyland site or call Disney directly at (714) 781-DINE (3463) between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time) to book.
  • Annual Pass discounts do not apply to this dining package.
  • Dining packages can be booked 60 days out from the day you plan to dine.
  • Disney makes every effort to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. If you call in to make your reservation, let the cast member know your requests. If you book online, enter your requests in the space provided.
  • Book this package online here.


Each guest receives his or her own charcuterie plate, 2 drinks (beer, wine or soda/water, etc), and a box of truffles to take home. The table receives bread upon sitting down, too.

The charcuterie plate has a little something to please everyone. I loved the manchego cheese and olives. Truth be told, I could live on manchengo alone.

Here is all the adult tray includes:

Here are your choices for beer and wine:


The seating area is right along the parade route and everyone has a good view. Choose to sit in the front row at a regular table or in the second row at a bar level table.

Here is where you check in:

Here is where you will dine and watch the parade all at once:


Let’s take a look at all the yuminess.

The table receives a bread basket to start. We had two given to us with three guests at our table.

Here is the bread basket:

This is the adult charcuterie tray:

Here is the kid tray:

And, the truffles given to you closer to the end of the parade:

When to Arrive to Watch the Parade

I truly think there isn’t a bad seat in this viewing section. We arrived later than we had wanted (around 8:20pm for the 8:45pm parade) and were seated at a bar table. Great view.

Don’t panic to line up an hour early for this dining package unless you just have to have front row. Even with that goal, I think you’d be fine arriving 30 minutes prior.

Since you prepaid for this dining package, you don’t have a return ticket or lanyard or anything else to present upon entry. Check in, confirm your party, and enjoy the show.

The Viewing Section

Located to the left of Wine Country Trattoria Restaurant, this area is lovely.

Find it here on the map:

Here is your view from the second row, seated at a bar table:


  • This is the simplest of all the dining packages since you show up, dine and watch all at the same time.
  • Because of the simplicity of this package, it would be a great fit for families. You don’t have to worry about keeping kids quiet while dining and you don’t have to arrive early to claim a spot and then hold that spot until the parade goes by. You just show up and enjoy the show with food and a drink or two.
  • Most tables have 4 chairs. If you have fewer than 4 people in your party, you may have another guest with you at the table. We had 3 in our party and had the table to ourselves, but this could change, depending on how full the dining package is that night.
  • I enjoyed all of the food. The bread was a little tough, but tasted good. The truffles were delicious.
  • I really like this kind of dining experience because I like sampling a variety of food. Each guests receives plenty – enough, in my opinion, to suffice as a meal.
  • If you don’t finish your charcuterie tray, you can request a box to take it with you.
  • Paint the Night is a super popular parade with a huge fan base. For that reason, the dining packages seem like a good option to secure your viewing location at this time. The parade route at California Adventure is quite long, however, which opens up many, many more options for parade viewing compared to what we had at Disneyland when Paint the Night was over there. As the initial excitement of this parade’s return dies down, dining packages may not be nearly as necessary. For my top three picks on where to watch the parade “for free”, visit this link.
  • The closest restroom is to the right of Wine Country Trattoria.
  • Disneyland is super accommodating with food allergies. If you have specific needs, share those when you book online in the section provided. If you call in to book, let the cast member helping you know your needs. Then, when you check in at your dining time, reiterate those details again.
  • In an ideal world, reservations for dining at Disneyland would open exactly 60 days out, as is the goal. This doesn’t always happen, so don’t panic if you don’t see availability on the 60 day mark. Keep checking back.
  • Paint the Night Parade lasts approximately 20 minutes. The 8:45pm parade begins near Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and ends near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! For lots more on the parade, visit this link. The parade takes about 10 minutes from the starting time to makes its way to the Sonoma Terrace viewing section. The 10:45pm parade starts at the opposite end. Sonoma Terrace is just about dead center, so it will take about 10 minutes to arrive to this spot during the later parade, too.
  • Want to watch fireworks (that start at 9:30pm) at Disneyland after the 8:45pm parade? Exit California Adventure and walk into Disneyland and onto Main Street if you have a park hopper ticket. If you do not, walk out of California Adventure and have a seat in the esplanade between the two parks. This post goes into lots more detail about fireworks.
  • As with any new event at Disneyland, cast members are working hard to ensure your experience is the best it can be. Please be patient with them as they learn how to best manage the viewing sections.
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  1. There will be five of us going to this. 2 adults, 2 kids 10 years and up (so technically adults) and 1 child. When I went to book the package I’m asked to select how many adults and how many kids.

    I think the two kids (classified as technically adults) would actually like the kids plate.

    Can you choose which plate you want: kids or adult when you are seated?

    • Adults are given the adult plate and kids are given the kid plate. You can always ask a cast member upon arrival if he or she can make an exception. But, they typically prepare plates for the guests they’re expecting, according to age. Enjoy!

      • Well came here to ask that myself… any details on that the vegetarian option is? Just remove the meat and more of the others? (Would be fine with me, mmmm cheese)

        Also, do you know how long this will run? My target is being down there mid to late October (during the Halloween event) and am wondering if this is seasonal or if you think it’ll be running then… also, is there a chance people would stand or sit right in front of this location, or is it blocked off or cast members good at keeping people from doing that?

        • The cheese is yummy! They will add more vegetarian items if you let them know your dietary restrictions.

          Not sure if this will continue into October. I’ll share as soon as I know! It’s a great experience.

          This area is blocked off. No chance for anyone to stand or sit in front.

  2. Thanks so much for the great information! We will be going on May 19 and are so excited! Per your suggestions, we plan to exit DCA and try to get to Main Street to watch the 9:30 fireworks after our 8:45 parade/dining package. Since the parade will be moving in that same direction, do you recommend that we follow the parade towards the exit or is there a better route to take? Thank you again!

  3. There’s not a different menu for the kiddos is there? Also if I have two kids and they only order one drink each, can my husband and I have their extra? Lol

    • I was wondering this same thing about drink tickets for kids…. Also, if we are a vegetarian family and I think my kids would eat more of the adult plate, think it’s ok to say four adults, since it’s the same price instead of two adults and two kids? I would think that adults could use all of the drink tickets? Are the drinks served at a bar or at your table with a waiter?