LEGOLAND – A Complete Guide

So, you’re straying from your Disney trip (it’s OK!) to head south for a bit to beautiful San Diego. About 70 miles away sits LEGOLAND, which is a unique park with lots to offer to young children. I recommend it for kids up to age 12, as many of the rides may seem ‘babyish’ to those any older.

The trip from DLR to LEGOLAND can be painless if you drive early to avoid traffic and take advantage of the carpool lanes. Once you drive through Camp Pendleton, you’ll travel to Oceanside and into Carlsbad, where LEGOLAND is. Camp Pendleton is a Marine base and is a beautiful route that will add interest to your trip. You’ll stay on I-5 and won’t stop at the actual base.

Here’s my brief summary of the park: It’s a special place filled with unique creations and is fun to enjoy once or twice. There are things at LL that you won’t see it DLR and there is a charm there unlike any other place.

While planning, use their interactive park map to see the attractions up close.


Let’s get started with the basics:

  • Tickets – Many options to consider, depending on the time you’re allowing for your visit. You can really enjoy all LEGOLAND has to offer in a single day. If you decide to visit all three parts of LEGOLAND (main park, water park and aquarium) go for two days. Dedicate one to the main park and the other to the aquarium and water park.
  • Hours – Most days include hours from 10am-5pm. During off season, some mid-week days are closed. Hours are not always consistent for all three parks. Be sure to check before you go.
  • Hotel – LEGOLAND Hotel is a whimsically designed property that children will love. Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure themed rooms are available. Hotel guests enjoy a 30 minute head-start to their day with early entrance into the park. Nightly entertainment is available on-site, too. Note: If you’re happy with your DLR area hotel, you can skip the LEGOLAND hotel. Drive down for the day and return to Anaheim in the evening.
  • Parking – $15/day


The 3 Parts of LEGOLAND:

  • LEGOLAND – The main park, the first idea and what you shouldn’t miss. Rides, shows, splash pads, and MiniLand are here. The park includes around 60 shows, attractions, rides and exhibits.
  • SEALIFE Aquarium – This is a creatively designed aquarium intending to pull childred into the world of sea life with inviting ways to learn.
  • LEGOLAND Water Park – Geared for kids ages 2-12. The LEGOLAND Water Park is creative and fun with large foam LEGOS floating through the lazy river, a huge water play structure made to look like it was built with LEGOS and more. The LEGOLAND Chima Water Park opened Summer 2014 and is included in the admission cost of the LEGOLAND Water Park.

Dining at LEGOLAND:

  • Options are very limited in comparison to Disneyland, so know what to expect.
  • Fun Town Market is the best for a variety of options, hot and cold, with healthy selections.
  • Granny’s Apple Fries are the “churro” of this park and are delicious!
  • Because the options are limited, I recommend eating breakfast prior to entering, enjoying a lunch on-site and then leaving at close (5pm) to dine offsite. Later in this post, I give you two options for nearby dining in and around Carlsbad.


Don’t miss these attractions at LEGOLAND:

  • Fairy Tale Brook – A slow boat cruise through an ode to classic fairy tales. Good for all ages. My absolute favorite!
  • Coast Cruise – A slow boat cruise that sails through the main part of the park and allows you to see some LEGO structures less visible from other parts of the park.
  • Sky Cruiser – A unique ‘sky coaster’ that provides great views of the parks.
  • Driving School – Who could resist driving a life-size LEGO car? Two age options, so nearly everyone can enjoy this attraction. Don’t forget to get your license upon leaving! (cute, free souvenir!)
  • Hideaways – My children are big fans of this part. A huge play structure lets kids get lost and explore. Settle in by the exit and take a deep breath.
  • MiniLand – The premier attraction at the park and good for all ages. It includes LEGO creations taller than you of many large cities and Star Wars, too!


Additional tips:

  • Consider putting children in swim suits under their clothes so they can take advantage of the splash pads and other water-filled rides.
  • Follow these suggestions for attractions appropriate for all ages and specifically young children.
  • Don’t forget the sunblock. There are less options for indoor activity at LL compared to DLR. You’ll need protection from the sun.
  • Ticket prices change occasionally, but it’s almost always smarter to buy tickets online instead of walking up to the park. You’ll have more options and can save money if you choose to go multiple days.
  • Food and beverages are technically not allowed in the park unless they’re needed for dietary restrictions. Bottled water is allowed. From my experience, bags are never checked.
  • The entrance to the LEGOLAND Water Park is only accessible through LEGOLAND, so you must walk through LEGOLAND to get to the water park. This isn’t a ton of fun if you’re carrying lots of gear, so consider that when packing.
  • Water Park admission and Aquarium admission is only available as an add-on to the LEGOLAND ticket. You may visit only the water park or aquarium, but you’ll pay for a LEGOLAND + Hopper ticket.
  • There are no fast passes or real touring strategies for this park. There is a ‘premium play pass’ option for $150 per person (plus admission!) that moves you to the front of the line for attractions and rides with free dining at certain locations.
  • Parent Swap is available to avoid standing in line twice for rides.


Traveling by train from Disneyland to LEGOLAND:

Consider taking the train from Anaheim to LEGOLAND. The drive along the sea is breathtaking, you’ll avoid traffic and the ride itself is an adventure for kids! Board the Metrolink at the Anaheim Station, about a mile from Disneyland. The one way trip will take a little over an hour due to stops along the way. Get off at the Oceanside Station and take a cab to LEGOLAND, which will cost around $20.

Food and drinks are allowed on the double decker train. Sit on the second level for the best views. Ticket prices vary per age. An adult one-way ticket costs $13. Three children (ages 5 and under) ride free with a paid adult. Children age 6 and older are considered “Youth” and pay the same as an adult fare. Use the price finder to calculate your costs. Amtrak has travel options, too, but those tickets are more expensive.

Visit Carlsbad Pictures 010

While you’re in San Diego County:

  • The Flower Fields – Typically open from March 1 through mid-May, these fields are a sight to see. Ride a tractor through, take pictures and enjoy the views. The Flower Fields are located in Carlsbad, just a few moments from LEGOLAND.
  • Carlsbad Village – Eat dinner here and walk the quaint downtown shops before strolling to the beach prior to sunset. This area is just a few miles from LEGOLAND.
  • Oceanside Harbor – Drive north out of Carlsbad and into Oceanside on your way back to Anaheim. The Oceanside Harbor is filled with dining, shops and ships. Sea lions live there, too! The beach is steps away from the harbor, as well, if you want to add that to your trip, too. Our favorite local place to dine is Harbor Fish and Chips.
  • San Diego Zoo – Drive 45 minutes south of LEGOLAND to enjoy the world famous San Diego Zoo. It’s as amazing as everyone tells you and is worth the trip if you have the time.

Final thoughts: I do love this park for several reasons and I think it’s unique in many ways. Disneyland fans tend to not like the limited park hours when considering the cost of admission. 

If you have young children in your group, I recommend trying it out for a day. I’ve never seen a young child not totally fall in love with it. We were passholders for a year, so I know more than can be contained in a single post. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to email me at Enjoy!

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  1. Hi, Casey,
    We’re taking our son to San Diego in June (his first visit). We’ll also visit LegoLand (first time for all of us). We plan on the zoo and the Midway, a day on Coronado, and then I’m undecided on the remaining day or two. What would you prioritize for a seven-year old? Thank you, as always!

  2. Hi Casey! This is the 2nd year in a row for my son and I using your blog to navigate DLR and SoCal. This year we want to spend less time at Disney and go to Legoland. Do you think 4-days is simply too long at LL and we will start to feel bored? I want to be conservative as we are slackers when it comes to vacay and I dont know how the nap situation will look given LL short days. I also wondered if you had any info on traveling from Carlsbad to San Diego airport. All the best to the Starnes family!

  3. Hi Casey
    Your site is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!
    Does the train from Disneylan drop you right at LEGOLAND? If so can you do a day trip- take the train in the morning and come back in the evening? Do you know how much the train tickets are ?

  4. One of my favorite things about LL is the play area offered at many of the bigger rides. The kids get to play with Legos while the parents wait peacefully in line. DLR could really use this feature! We spent 3 days at Disney over summer and my kids asked at almost every ride where the play area was! We’re pretty local and are heading back to LL in a couple of weeks for the winter festivities.

  5. We love Legoland! One thing we sometimes do is get their one hour pass, which if free. You can be in the park for one hour, as long as you buy something. We go in, ride our favorite couple of rides, and then buy a keychain on our way out. It’s a great way to get a taste of the park, but still have the day left to go to the beach!