Announcing Your Disneyland Trip

Updated November 3, 2017

Every Disneyland trip, big or small, deserves a special announcement.  I’ve detailed several ways to make this part of your planning memorable, most of which are inexpensive and easy to do.

  • Have balloons waiting for your children upon waking from a nap or in the morning.  Balloons are an easy way to make a big impact and they already kind of feel like a party!


  • Play a game, plan a scavenger hunt or create a puzzle.  Let your kids discover the announcement while they’re already at play!


  • Make a Mickey shaped meal.  Cook pancakes, cut sandwiches into a Mickey (with a cookie cutter), or perhaps prepare a favorite from the park itself.  Monte Cristo, please!   Start discussing details about the park at dinner and then announce that you’ve planned a trip.


  • Create a gift basket with gear from the parks.  Include Mickey ears, a free trip planning DVD, character gear and more.  Give it to your kids and include a note that shows the dates you’ll be at the parks.


  • Create a countdown chain coordinating with your favorite characters. Add paper pieces for each day until your trip and let children take one off each day. This will help with the popular question of, “How many days until we go?!”


  • Traveling by plane?  Need to buy new luggage?  Consider giving your kids the bags themselves with a note inside announcing your trip!  Side note: I’m a big fan of Trunki luggage.  It’s affordable and encourages kids to carry their own bags.  They can ride on their bags, too!


Regardless of how you tell your children you’re going to Disneyland, keep realistic expectations about their reactions.  Not every child will jump up and down screaming and some just may break down and cry because of the rush of emotions. Like this sweet girl in this video.  I totally get it, Lily!  Disneyland makes me cry, too. Finally, if you’re flying, ask a flight attendant to make a short announcement welcoming your kids to their very special trip to Disneyland.  Kids will feel special to hear their names over the loud speaker!

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