Photographing Disneyland

Updated March 6, 2020

I’m constantly asked how I photograph Disneyland with such few people in my photos. First, I have very limited photography skills, I typically use an Iphone 6+ and I usually just wander the park with no real agenda or plan. So, I suggest doing the same if you have the means – even just taking an hour off from family time can help you gain a different perspective on what the park includes.
Here are some other ideas:

Change Your Perspective

Don’t stand straight up for each photo. Get low to the ground or even stand above steps if you have them nearby (on Main Street or perhaps a park bench). A different angle can give you an entirely new viewpoint of the magic.

Disregard the typical set ups you see most other park guests doing and create your own. Lay on the ground if you have to. Crouch behind iron fences. Just look at things differently.


Lighten Up

Don’t aim for perfection. Let kids be kids and encourage them to be silly. Of course, we want a good photo with Mickey Mouse, but the rest of your visit should be candid and fun, in my opinion. Children laughing hysterically on tea cups, staring adoringly at princesses and marveling at the magic of the castle is what I want to remember from my visits.

Take plenty of photos and then edit them later. Try to live in the day without being too concerned with what you’ve already taken. When you go back to the hotel for a nap or swim, then go through to see what you’ve accomplished. This will help you know what to focus on next.


Get Comfy 10675789_790257401012547_8241895533772230131_n

If you plan to use a DSLR to capture good photography, be sure to use a good strap to keep your neck from getting scratched from the factory issued straps. 



Cover the Basics

In a previous post, I listed some iconic Disneyland photo ops that should be considered for your visit. Take a look at those for some inspiration on what most people want to remember from their trip.


Change Your Color Palette 

Disneyland is full of color. No doubt about that. But, a black-and-white photo can add a classic feel to a photograph that you would’t accomplish in color. Switch to sepia tone or black-and-white or other interesting filters to see how your photo turns out. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

****Absolutely consider PhotoPass+, which is one of the best values in the park. This will cover all the ‘family’ photos and then your own photography can capture all of the other ones that those park photographers simply can’t be present for. I highly recommend having both during your visit. 

Got some more for me? Leave me a comment! I’d love your feedback.

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  1. Hi Casey. You mentioned saving $30 off the cost of Photopass+ if purchased within 2 weeks of your visit. How do you get these savings?
    Thanks for all the tips and info!

  2. Wonderful tips as always, Casey. Just wanted to add a bit about PhotoPass+, you can upload your own photos to add to the CD. I’m still working on editing and uploading the pics we took last week.