How to Thank a Cast Member

Updated October 1, 2020

Magic happens every day at Disneyland. I don’t understand how it happens, but I’m so thrilled that it does. I hear stories of pretzels bought for crying children, simple stickers handed out to transform a frown to a smile, families being chosen for special events and more.

Disney never fails to surprise me with its commitment to excellence. That’s a big part of why I do what I do – because I believe in this company, its purpose and its Cast Members.

Today, I’d like to talk about how to thank those Cast Members who went out of their way to make your day special. Follow me to learn how.

My Experiences

First, I’d love to share with you just a handful of magic my family has encountered over the years we’ve been visiting. I’m jotting down the first things that come to mind. The list is much longer than this.

  • At our first family visit in 2002, Carter was invited to meet the conductors and ride “tender” – up close to the conductors.
  • During the same visit, 2 year old Carter stood in near tears at Mickey Mouse walked off, as it was his time for a break. He saw Carter, called him over and spent some one-on-one time with him, above and beyond what someone would encounter during a regular meet-n-greet experience.
  • While learning to pin trade, Carter could not decide between two pins that a Cast Member was wearing, so the CM gave him both for his single trade.
  • Carter was chosen to be part of an impromptu band performance in Town Square with the band members and Donald Duck (who mocked him the entire time, playfully).
  • Sally, Jack Skellington’s friend, went out of her way to ‘compare scars’ with my sister, Caroline, who received 18 stitches at our WDW visit last year. She took Caroline’s phone and insisted on taking selfies of the two of them together.
  • Cinderella took Lainey’s hand and walked her to the castle, chatting along the way about all things princessy.
  • I was chosen to “pilot” the Mark Twain Riverboat. (And, everyone knows I should never be given such power.)


Thanking Cast Members

When I think to thank a CM, it’s always after they go out of their way to do something for me. Just recently, I was inquiring about an ornament for a reader and could only find one on the shelf for display. The CM not only searched the store for more, but also went to the stock room to check and then searched the computer as well. Finally, she got out her book to look over old inventory to try to predict what we could be in store for this holiday season, discussing pricing and such along the way.

I talk to a lot of CMs during the day, so I know there will always be a good possibility that I will forget his or her name when it comes time to leave a thank you (details coming next on that). So, I’ve started the routine of taking photos of their name badge so that I can recall the name at the end of the day, when I’m usually finally able to leave the thank you. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a photo, make a note in your phone – jot down his or her name and where you encountered the CM.


How to Leave an Official Thank You at the Parks

If you are in Disneyland, visit City Hall, which can be found in Town Square, to the left as you’re walking into the park, just after you pass under the tunnels.

If you are in California Adventure, visit The Chamber of Commerce, which is also to the left, as you walk into the park, just past Oswald’s Store.

You will stand in line for a moment typically and then will then have the chance to inform the Cast Member on duty of what your experience was. The cast member will enter the information you provide into the computer. All you have to do is share your experience. 10982481_722011797896466_4577521318635152787_n

The cast member will ask you to provide the following info:

  • The Cast Member’s name you are thanking.
  • What time of the day this occurred. (If you can recall)
  • Where you were when it occurred. (Park, land, general area, etc)
  • What happened.

You don’t leave your name or contact information. It’s a simple thank you and that’s it.

****Note: In the exact same fashion, you have the opportunity to leave a “concern” as Disneyland calls it, or a complaint. Disneyland goes above and beyond to hire quality people, but if you have a bad experience, you are welcome to alert the park with that issue, too.


How to Leave an Official Thank You on Twitter

No time to stand in line? No worries. Use Twitter and hashtag your compliment #CastCompliment. Disneyland Today then may share your post! More on that at this link.

Why It Matters

The thank you that you provide will go directly to the Cast Member’s manager. The Cast Members are then recognized in small and big ways for their accomplishments.

These also go in their permanent Disney file, which can lead to transfers or promotions. If the department that the Cast Member works in is having a giveaway or a reward of some sort of special recognition, this will put them in a better position to receive that prize.

The small time it takes for us to make this stop and show our gratitude can go a long way for these CMs.

As a society, we are often very quick to make a call or send an email if someone has upset us. I encourage you to take action – with the same urgency – to thank a Cast Member at Disneyland or California Adventure. The staff at these parks works so hard to ensure we all have the best visit ever and I absolutely believe they deserve more recognition than they receive.

And, if you leave the park without the time or ability to thank a Cast Member, please call Guest Experience Services at 714.781.4669.

They can help you in the same manner as if you had walked into City Hall or The Chamber of Commerce.

Cast Members work incredibly hard, friends. Let’s give them some recognition!

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  1. I want to thank Morgan, who works at Bippity Boppity Boutique. From the moment she met my granddaughter Harper, the magic began. The pride that Morgan takes with every detail in becoming a princess was amazing. By the time the last sprinkling of glitter was added, Harper truly felt like a princess. I can’t thank Morgan enough for the wonder work that she does and look forward to seeing her again.

  2. We want to thank Tammy Nikodym for her kindness on Sunday, October 6th. Tammy gave us her attention and guidance to our questions and then unexpectedly ‘opened the door’ for us in Tommorowland. It was something we never expected, but thoroughly appreciated. Thank goodness Disneyland employs people like Tammy Nikodym.

  3. Maddy from watercraft was great My granddaughter was fearful of the boat and maddy assured her she was going to be ok she left a wonderful empression on us all Thank your Disney we hope to come back soon

  4. When we went to Disney Workd last, we made cards for CM’s. They were note cards we decorated with stickers and messages. My son is autistic and I am disabled and they went out of their way for us. We did report on both characters we thought went way above and beyond. Daisy was amazing at our character breakfast and Doc McStuffins in Animal Kingdom spent about 7 minutes with my guy. Amazing!

  5. Wish I had known about this sooner! Last month my daughter, grandson and I made our semi annual trip to DL. My grandson Cameron (7y/o) was afraid to ride Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly Tower of Terror). We were in line and getting close and Cameron was clinging to his mom. The cast member chatted with him about all kinds of things and gave him 5 very cool stickers (all applied to the front of his shirt!) and even one to take home to dad! Cameron rode the ride and even though he was scared I’m sure next visit it will become one of his favorite rides too (just like his Amma!)

  6. What about CMs from the Disney Store? Just had magic from a chat CM on the DisneyStore website! I would guess the Twitter method would work?

  7. I really want to give a Giant Thank You to Barbara at guest Services! Thank You Barbara for your kind Heart and caring about my situation with my bad back! I was so worried I would not last even a half a day at the park! You made my return to Disneyland a beautiful Disney experience ?
    ??Thank You Barbara??

  8. Casey, is there a way to leave a thank you for a character? I wasn’t aware of this “thank you” system at City Hall when we were there last year but would have loved to thank the person who was Chip at Minnie’s Breakfast when we were there. They put so much extra magic in my day and it was much needed.

    • Hi, Amy.

      Great question. I’ve added it to my list for my next park visit. Will find out for you and update this post. No idea why I’ve never considered such before! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  9. Do you happen to know the best way to leave a compliment for Disneyland Hotel Castmembers? I have sent an email via the website under “contact us” but I want to make sure they are definitely recognized!

  10. Everytime my two girls and I visit Disneyland and DCA, and a CM helps or is just plain nice, I tell them, “Thank You, You get Magic Points!” I really appreciate Cast Members…

  11. Great article!!! It’s the really special cast members who trabsform Disneyland from a theme park into a magical experience. I try to find 1-2 cast members each day who were extraordinary. CM’s who just really love what they do or who exceptionally knowledgeable. When this happens I note their name AND the City, State listed on their name badge into a note on my iPhone. Having the City and State helps ensure that they are more easily found and recognized for their efforts.

    And, for really extraordinary moments, I have a thimble in my pocket that I will give them. It’s a very small and portable token – and ver Disney. I quickly tell them how they have impacted my day or the guest or other CM’s, pass them the thimble, and quickly move on. The easiest and best compliments are the ones where the one receiving doesn’t have to gush, or justify, or chat with the other person. It’s a quick sincere gift.

    CM’s make the magic and we sometimes have the deep pleasure and honor of reciprocating a bit of that pixie dust in their direction.

  12. My daughter just returned from doing the Disney College Program in Orlando. She was a character attendant in Animal kingdom. Two weeks after returning home she got a letter from DAK. In the envelope was the card that a guest had filled out saying what a great job my daughter had done. There was also a personal handwritten note from the director thanking her for her great service. She was so excited to receive this, so I encourage all of you to take the time to do this. It really does matter to the cast members.

  13. I was in the handicapped / disabled area and most always, families take over the area and don’t realize the section is for disabled. And if they do, they don’t care. It is a tricky subject at Disney for no one wants to assume they are not disabled. It is obvious for me as I have a vehicle/wheelchair. However, this one cast member kindly went up to these guests and literally asked them if they knew the area was for disabled with vehicles and once they were approached, most said no, and moved. He was so kind when he asked. I thought the rules at Disneyland were one disabled with a few family members and the others in the party would go to the regular line. In California Adventure, all lines are disabled friendly which I like for I do not use the disabled lines to get on the ride faster. Disney’s new rule for giving a fast pass for disabled is one I actually don’t mind at all. Most times, the regular line is faster! I have seen many get quite upset and yell at the cast members. Sad.. Anyway, to make long story longer, this cast member protected the area, but was also very kind. I did go to city hall and write him a compliment and thanked him… One day Casey, I will meet you there and you can walk around with me and see Disney through the eyes of a disabled person It will make a good story for sure! 🙂