Disneyland Souvenirs That Will Last For Years

If you read my previous post on Why Disneyland Matters Today, you saw how I pointed out Disneyland souvenirs and what they mean to most who buy them. Somehow, taking a piece (or many pieces for some) home from the park makes the visit last just a little bit longer.

There are so many souvenirs to choose from. And, I walk the parks just about every week looking at old and new merchandise. Today, I’ve created a post with some of my simple – yet classic – favorite souvenirs – which also will last you for years to come. I’ve selected these with the intention of you using them almost every day of the year, with the expection of the holiday ornaments.

Take a look:




The best book selection can be found at World of Disney in Downtown Disney. The Magic Shop on Main Street has a few of them and the Emporium on Main will have some from time to time, too, at the register. But, if you want a good selection, go to World of Disney.

I prefer picture books with information on how Disneyland came together and transformed over the years.




My Alex and Ani Bracelet is my new favorite piece of jewelry and I hope to keep adding to it with others similar to it. They’re classic in design, well made and comfortable to wear. I received mine as a surprise from my husband a month or so ago and have not taken it off. I swim in it, bathe, sleep, etc.

Stack these with other Alex and Anis or other bracelets, in general for a cute look. These can be found at World of Disney.



We buy a magnet from each place we go on vacation and also a sticker for our Thule storage compartment that goes on top of our Suburban for long road trips. The magnets are my favorite, however. Here’s a tip: Make sure they’re not glass or ceramic. We’ve bought these over the years and kids have knocked them off the refrigerator and have broken into pieces. 🙁 Buy rubber or plastic.

Disneyland has a plethora of options, including an awesome 4 pack with old school Disney rides in beautiful artwork. They sell for about $14.95 for the set. You can find those at the Emporium on Main or at World of Disney.


Coffee Mugs

I buy my sister and her husband a coffee mug each year during our Christmas as a tradition – one that we may have to end soon since their cabinet is full! But, there are so many cute designs and these will be enjoyed every morning with your coffee or hot chocolate or tea.

You can also use them to collect pins or such on your desk. They should last for years.


Beach Towels or Blankets

Seasonally, Disney will sell beach towels and they nearly always have blankets. Often, you’ll see a blanket on sale for $19.99 with a minimum purchase ($50?) and it’s totally worth the buy. We have several of these and they’re super soft and well made.

Lainey sleeps with two each night. I highly recommend buying one during your visit. You could even buy it to use at the parade and then have it stored with the package check in system (keep the tags on!).


Hoodies or Jackets

I much prefer to bring my own hoodies or jackets into the parks, but there are SO many cute ones to choose from in a need-situation or as a souvenir. I bought this one for my daughter and she adores it. It’s also warm for chilly park nights.

Disneyland hoodies and jackets run about $50+, but I think you’ll get years of wear out of them. They’re typically well made. Stay way from the too trendy ones like Frozen designs and focus more on the classic Disneyland for the longest wear and those tend to be thicker and made with better fabrics.


Christmas Ornaments

Holidays come once a year and you won’t want to forget your vist to Disneyland. Buy an ornament year round from many of the main souvenir shops including The Emporium on Main Street and World of Disney in Downtown Disney.

Got other suggestions? Let me know in comments or come see me on Facebook!

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  1. We always do an ornament. They opened a shop for me in New Orleans square one time on a day it was closed so I could buy an ornament. It’s a tradition wherever we travel. I’ve also gotten frames to put photos in. We also plan to do the silhouette shop with our two boys and soon to be daughter. Going in August this time but plan to utilize our midwinter break from school for future visits. We are both teachers.

  2. I love to collect a lot of Disney things, my husband & I have probably over 100 + watches together, I love to buy Disney jewelry, either from the parks, Etsy, or make it myself.

  3. What a great list! I collect most of these things myself. I use a Disney mug at work every single day! I’ve been thinking about getting an Alex and Ani bracelet (that exact one, actually!) but I typically don’t like bangles that slide around on my wrist a lot. Are those adjustable so you can make them tighter on your wrist?

  4. I love the Disneyland hoodies. I bought one at Disneyland when I was 13 and I still have it now 22 years later. Looking forward to get a new one in just a few weeks for the 60th birthday celebrations.

  5. I ordered the Disney book u show above on amazon few weeks ago. Very nice and won’t have to lug it home. Definately getting the paperback one u recommended as well. Great ideas!

  6. This list is great! My husband and I have no roots, so we travel around a lot. We want souvenirs but mugs break so easily during travel. My favorites are magnets and charms for my bracelet. He likes to get dress socks (cute isn’t it?) and pens. My husband got me a Disneyland blanket for Christmas and it’s my favorite- so cozy!

  7. Great list!! I also normally get a keychain too. I’ve learned, too, to get those that are rubber or plastic. I’ve bought one with tiny jewels before and they fall out here and there. Still love it, but it is missing those jewels.