A Guide to Los Angeles for the Disneyland Fan

Updated June 11, 2020

We’ve explored what San Diego has to offer and we’ve talked about the 5 best beaches in Orange County within 30 minutes of Disneyland. Now, let’s take a look at what Los Angeles has in store for us.

Celebrities, high end shopping, famous beaches, a very popular pier, the Hollywood sign and more can be found in L.A. It’s a lot like what you’re picturing in your head, surprisingly.


Get Started

Visitor’s Guide – Order your free guide to California Travel. Or call 1-877-CALIFORNIA to request one.

Another Visitor’s Guide – This one is specifically for West Hollywood.

Sigalert App – Download this app to help with L.A traffic. It’s actually as bad as you’ve heard – maybe worse.


Travel Options

From Disneyland to LAX, you’ll travel 28 miles. By car, you’re looking at a 35 minute drive (without traffic). I typically plan for twice the expected drive time for all Los Angeles adventures.

The Metro Rail (or Light Rail) offers trains and buses which coordinate to get you where you need to go, including to and from Los Angeles from Anaheim. The Metro Mobile Trip Planner will get you started and is easy to use.

Amtrak has options, too, but is usually pricier than other trains.

Above all else, I recommend asking Lansky for a free quote to take you to to Los Angeles or elsewhere in the area. They provide nice, high end cars with boosters/car seats and have the best service. Find them at this link.

*** Traffic tip: Los Angeles traffic is terrible. Besides avoiding the city all together, your best plan is to travel super early or late. Heaviest traffic will occur during these times: 7-9:00am and 2:30-7pm. (Yes, I’m serious.)


Where to Stay

Disneyland is close enough to L.A. not to worry about an overnight stay, but if you want to hang out for a few days, here are some options:

Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City –  A block from Universal Studios Hollywood, and minutes from Hollywood itself. The pool is lovely and double rooms run around $200.

Omni Los Angeles – This hotel is in the heart of downtown L.A. and was recently updated.

Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel – If your budget is limitless, stay at the Beverly Hills Plaza. But, be on your best behavior!

los-angeles-county_only_pic copy

Which Beaches to Visit

Torrance Beach – This beach is in Torrance, CA where the South Bay meets Palos Verdes. Parking is easy and only costs a small fee. You’ll be close to the beach where you park, so hauling your gear to the sand won’t bring you to tears. There’s a snack shack on site, the bathrooms are clean and it’s rarely crowded.

Venice & Muscle Beach – The Venice Boardwalk and Muscle Beach are home to perhaps California’s finest cliches and it’s a site to see. Walk the promenade, skate, play some basketball or just people watch. I recommend people watching.

Santa Monica Pier – Like many L.A. beaches, the Santa Monica Pier feels very touristy. You can find Pacific Park there, which is an amusement park on the pier, plus games and lots of good people watching, too. The original Muscle Beach is just south of the Pier and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is a fun stop. ***Check Groupon before visiting the pier because they often have great savings for the amusement park.

Manhattan Beach – This is a super popular beach for many reasons, most of all because of the nice restaurants, bars and shops nearby. Here’s the downfall – parking is far away and you have to walk down a huge hill to get to the sand. If you choose this destination, use the drop off system. Drop off an adult with whatever gear he can carry and then park and join him. Then, have an adult later retrieve the car when you’re ready to go so that the long walk up the hill with gear is avoided.

Mother’s Beach (Marina Del Ray) – No waves here since it’s in the bay, so little ones will enjoy the experience of the water without the scary waves. Picnic tables and a playground are nearby. From the beach, you can watch the gorgeous boats float by and dream of owning one eventually.

Long Beach – The Long Beach area has lots to do, including touring The Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific and lots of bike riding opportunities. Visit the following links to see more of what we have experienced in this area:

Queen Mary and the Maya Hotel

Aquarium of the Pacific

Whale Watching Tour with Harbor Breeze Cruises

The Hyatt Regency and Shoreline Village

***Need beach gear? Rent it before you go.


What to Do When You’re Not at the Beach

Universal Studios – The mouse won’t mind if you betray him for one day, but you can’t tell anyone if you like it better than Disneyland. Here is a nice guide for the park.

Natural History Museum – This museum is unlike many natural history museums in that it’s interactive and fun for small children. Eat lunch in the beautiful outdoor garden and enjoy the cafeteria food – it’s good! You can also pack a lunch if you wish. Look for transitioning exhibits with the seasons and a life-size puppet show starring a baby Triceratops. While at the museum, visit the California Science Center for free. Check out the coliseum where the Olympics were held and where USC plays, too. Consider taking the Light Rail here because there’s a stop right across the street from the museum.

Long Beach Aquarium – This aquarium stocks lots of interesting sea life and includes a ‘touch tank’ that kids love. It’s all very beautifully done with a price tag to match. If you’re on a strict budget, visit the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium instead. Nearby, you’ll find the Coastal Park, which includes tide pools (my favorite) and more.

The Skirball Center – This stop includes a HUGE Noah’s Ark Exhibit that kids LOVE.  All of the animals are made out of recycled parts.  Authentic in terms of size, exhibit is quite impressive.  You’ll find a musical concert each day that takes place outside.  And, there is an archeological dig for kids where they can use actual tools to find “fossils” and other treasures.

Dodgers game – Check the schedule to see if they’re playing while you’re in town. I love an old school baseball night with kids.

Malibu – The beaches here are lovely, but driving through is my favorite thing to do. The Getty Villa is beautiful and admission is free, but parking is $15.

Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive – “Big mistake. Big. Huge!” is what immediately comes to mind when I think of Rodeo Drive. Turns out, it exists beyond that scene in Pretty Woman. Rodeo Drive typically refers to a three block stretch of the street north of Wilshire Boulevard and south of Little Santa Monica Boulevard, which is known for its luxury-goods stores. The larger business district surrounding Rodeo, known as the “Golden Triangle,” which extends from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard, is both a shopping district and a major tourist attraction.

Sunset Strip – The Sunset Strip is the name given to the mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, California. It extends from West Hollywood’s eastern border with Hollywood at Havenhurst Drive, to its western border with Beverly Hills at Sierra Drive. The Strip is probably the best-known portion of Sunset, embracing boutiques, restaurants, rock clubs, and nightclubs that are on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry. It is also known for its trademark array of huge, colorful billboards.

hollywood-sign-mulholland-highway (1)


The Hollywood Sign – The best place to see this sign is from the Griffith Park Observatory. It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic and to see lots of Los Angeles from a great vantage point. It’s closed on Mondays, but you can still visit and walk around and enjoy the views. Other days will include the opportunity to walk in and experience the actual observatory.

Another option is from the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center. Have a meal, go up on the bridge and snap a photo. On a clear day, the Hollywood Sign is visible all across the Los Angeles Basin, including from downtown high rise buildings, and even from Signal Hill, almost 30 miles south. For even more options, check out the Best Views of the Hollywood Sign.

You can also hike to the Hollywood sign if that is more your speed.

TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre) –  Find your favorite celebrities’ hand and foot prints in front of this famous theatre. Called The Forecourt of the Hollywood Stars, most people love this stop. Park at the Hollywood and Highland shopping center nearby for $2 for 4 hours (with validation) or park on the street with metered parking. Avoid tour bus stops – they’ll be plainly marked.

Hollywood Walk of Fame – Started in 1958, this area holds over 2,300 celebrity stars. The Hollywood Walk of Fame runs east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue and North South on Vine street from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard. The biggest cluster of stars is in front of Hollywood & Highland and Grauman’s TCL Chinese Theatre. Find your favorite celebrity and take a photo with the star.

The Hollywood Museum – For the major movie fan. See all sorts of celebrity memorabilia at this museum. Usually takes just a couple of hours to tour. Tickets are reasonably priced at $5 and $12 each.

Hollywood Wax Museum – If learning about the stars isn’t enough, see them recreated in wax. (This place creeps me out, but people love it.)

Universal Studios Hollywood

Here is all about Universal including where to stay, how to tour the park and more.


Some Additional Suggestions

Star Tour – I don’t recommend Star Tours for families with young children unless you have a specific interest in this kind of thing. The buses are often topless and the heat will wear on you.

A good friend of mine recently took her 5 year old daughter and even though she enjoyed seeing “Hannah Montana’s” house (poor misguided soul), the highlight of the tour was when she found an Oreo on the bottom of the bus and ate it. Her mother is currently being treated for hysteria.

If you insist, here are some options:

Restaurants – There are plenty of fine dining choices in Los Angeles and even landmark famous ones, too. But, if you want something unusual, I recommend the following:

  • Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles – Four Los Angeles area locations. Food to die for.
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs – Famous in L.A. and super yummy. At the corner of Melrose Avenue and La Brea Avenue. There’s more than hot dogs, too. Check the menu.
  • Diners, Drive Ins and Dive Picks – I have yet to disagree with the this dude. Check the link for ideas. Beer Belly is amazing. Not mine. The restaurant.
  • The Ivy is a popular place for celebrity sightings. Dying to go here!

Tired yet? I am and I merely wrote about Los Angeles. There’s a lot to do, friends. Have fun!



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  1. Hi Casey,

    Would you have any recommendations for behind the scenes movie studio tours? My 11yr old daughter is a movie lover and very interested in seeing the places where movies are made.


  2. Can we get a decent Hollywood experience with only half a day there?? I would really like to see the Hollywood stars/Chinese theatre and the Hollywood sign.
    Also, would Torrence beach be our best bet for a quick beach excursion for a couple of hours?
    We will have a car.

  3. I love dlrprepschool—you have so many great tips & ideas!

    I’ll be taking the family to Disneyland, California Adventure, & Knott’s Berry Farm next month, and am thinking about swinging by the La Brea Tar Pits on the way home. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi Casey,
    We are going to Disney in December 2015, and wanted to spend a day going into Hollywood – celebrity homes, Hollywood sign & the Wax Museum / Chinese Theater.
    Is there a tour company that you recommend? We would prefer something that picks up in Anaheim, as we aren’t planning to rent a vehicle & don’t want to drive/navigate the busy LA streets.
    We are travelling with 2 parents, 1 grandparent, and 3 kids aged 15, 12 & 10.

    Thanks in advance so much for any information.


    • Starline Tours and Ultimate Hollywood Tours are listed at the bottom of this post and seem to both be good options and at least one of them picks up from Anaheim. I’d start with either of those options to see if they’re a fit for what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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