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Updated March 6, 2020

I recently reviewed several of the off-site hotels at Disneyland. The Anaheim Wyndham was one of my favorites. The rooms are lovely and their breakfast was certainly a highlight. It didn’t end until 11:00am! For a day reserved for sleeping in, this is awesome.

I work closely with Get Away Today to share the best pricing for Disneyland hotels both on and off-site. They visit each hotel yearly to ensure the property is somewhere they would stay with their own families.

Let’s go over some details on the Wyndham Anaheim.

Get Away Today

I chose to work with Get Away Today for many reasons, their knowledge and customer service being the top of that list. They truly know Disneyland like no other agency I’ve encountered since starting my site 3.5 years ago. They know the hotels well, too, and only partner with those that provide clean, well kept rooms at a good price point.

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Get Away Today

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Here is the direct link to book this hotel:

Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove

Hotel Details

I loved the ambiance at this hotel. The lobby is nice and feels bigger than most off-site hotels. There’s a huge variety of hotels to choose from when visiting Disneyland. I would select this one if you want a more upscale experience. The lobby, pool, breakfast and rooms all come together to make this option feel “fancy”.

This hotel has a shuttle that is super convenient. We used it several times during our stay. Walk out of the main entrance and to the left to find the shuttle stop.

Guests who do not book with Get Away Today pay a $26.34/day hospitality fee, payable at checkout. Guests who do book with Get Away Today, pay only $15/day. (Over a $10/night savings.)

For that price, you have all of the following included in your stay:

  • Unlimited shuttles to and from Disneyland.
  • Self-Parking.
  • Cabanas at the pool.
  • 24 hour fitness center.

Almost no hotel now offers free parking at Disneyland. Many hotels have parking that is priced up to $15/day. Many also charge for shuttle service, too, if only ART is available.

Get Away Today guests also receive free breakfast!!!! Those who don’t book with Get Away Today pay $16/adult and $8/child.

For more details on this hotel, visit this link.

What I Liked

The following were my favorite perks at this hotel:

  • Large heated pool and Jacuzzi
  • Free cabanas at the pool (so nice to have on a big pool day)
  • Free buffet breakfast with service (much nicer than any other off-site hotel I visited)
  • Lobby and overall ambiance
  • Having Target across the street! Literally, cross Harbor and you’re at Target.

What My Kids Liked

My 9 and 11 year old reviewed this hotel with me.

They liked:

  • Fancy cabanas
  • Large heated pool and Jacuzzi
  • Robes in the rooms
  • Huge breakfast


Finally! Let’s take a look around.

Pull up here to check in.

Hi, Jack! There’s the 11 year old hotel critic.

Love the spacious lobby. So many off-site hotels have small lobbies with fewer amenities. This hotel feels different. It’s a great option if you are working in some non-park days.

The rooms are spacious, clean and designed well.

The beds were super comfortable. I love good linens and this hotel has them.

Maybe not everyone’s dream come true, but I nearly burst into tears when I saw that their bath products included a hair band. WHO DOES THIS? I loved it.

There’s a market/cafe for quick purchases that is open from 5:00am to 10:00pm.

The pool is heated and quite big.

Cabanas are available on a first come, first serve basis. But, we didn’t have any trouble grabbing one at 11:30am in the middle of the summer.

My kids were super impressed with this set up and thought I was a pretty fancy for securing a cabana. I didn’t mention it was free. Instead, I basked in the glory of those 5 minutes that they thought I was a cool mom. Then, I did something ridiculous and we all went back to normal.

No idea what he’s doing. Maybe still thinking about how cool he thought I was for a minute.

Love the palapas!

Trinitas Wine Bar is open from 4pm to midnight. Find this in the lobby with a view overlooking the pool.

Here is the shuttle schedule. Grab one of these at the hotel to throw in your park bag for quick reference.

Here is the shuttle stop. And, the 9 year old hotel critic acting like a fool.

Breakfast is hosted in the California Grill and Bar. It starts at 6:00am and stays open until 11:00am. So few hotels have breakfast this late. I totally enjoyed it.

Everything was delicious. I try to stick to heavy carbs only while traveling, but they have plenty of options for guests who make better life choices than me.

Here is the made-to-order omelet station.

Told ya.

Every time I do this, I legit think to myself, “I’m on vacation!” Except, I’m not. This is my job. The hotel setting can be very confusing for me.

Also unlike many other hotels, this breakfast includes table service for drinks and such.

I can’t wait to stay at this hotel again.

Find out more about it and book your own stay at this link.

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  1. Thank you so much for your website and for this hotel recommendation! We got our booking through Get Away Today and stayed here for 6 nights over thanksgiving week. Loved the convenience of a good (and free!) breakfast and the shuttles to and fro from Disneyland. We took all your suggestions and did the Digital FASTPASS – we were two adults and a 7 year old – over three days we did every single ride without a wait – and because of the holiday, several popular ones had 50-70 min wait times otherwise! Thank you for making this the best first trip experience to Disneyland for our child!