Why You Should Use Get Away Today to Book Your Disney Vacation

Updated August 31, 2020

Let’s talk vacation planning, friends.

While I am here to help with all of the details for your trip – what to do first, where to eat, how to tour the parks, and more…..what I cannot do for you is book your vacation. I’m not an agent. I don’t do any sort of vacation booking.

But, I know who can, who can save you the most money, and who will provide the most perks and best service available today.

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What Sets Get Away Today Apart

With 30 years of history with Disney, Get Away Today has proven their worth time and time again with how they treat their customers.

Even before I partnered with them, I heard from readers about how much they valued this company. I noticed them mentioned often in message boards. Readers wrote in letting me know their experience with them. They certainly grabbed my attention.

So, when it was time for me to choose a partner in Disneyland planning, everything about Get Away Today made sense. I’m honored to be working with them and I hope you will explore what all they can do for you.

10 Reasons to Book with Get Away Today

  • Their services are free and easy. There are no handling or processing fees when you book with Get Away Today. You’ll never pay more when you book with any of their agents or on getawaytoday.com.
  • Their agents visit their most popular destinations at least once a year. Get Away Today is the only company that is sponsored by Visit Anaheim and other partners for a week long (or longer) annual FAM trip where they tour all attractions and most hotel partners. They visit Universal Studios, Disneyland, Knott’s, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld San Diego, just to name a few. Informed travel agents are the best agents. They love giving personalized recommendations based on firsthand experiences.
  • They offer a vacation layaway plan where you can hold your trip from $125 down and make payments up until 15 days before you travel. It is the most flexible way to pay for a Disneyland vacation while locking in the lowest price and best availability.
  • They offer extras and exclusives. If you book directly with a hotel, that’s normally all you get – a hotel room. When you book a package with Get Away Today, you get all sorts of extras. Local area coupons for up to $300 in savings, lanyards, and free vacation themed printables are just some examples. Additionally, they negotiate things like reduced or free parking and/or resort fees, and free breakfast at select hotel partners.
  • They become your advocate. Their agents check-in with you while you’re on vacation to make sure everything is going smoothly. If something does go wrong on your vacation, their agents advocate on your behalf and make it right.
  • They have the best prices. Get Away Today negotiates the lowest prices directly with the hotels and attractions in Southern California. This allows you to get exclusive extras and receive additional savings directly. If by some strange chance you find something lower, Get Away Today will beat the price.
  • You get the best service from our agents. Get Away Today customer service agents are always winning awards, including Best of State five years in a row. The agents are also available seven days a week to help out even – and especially – when you are on vacation.
  • You get special service from their partners. Get Away Today has established long lasting relationships with their connections. In fact, they’ve even had hotel contacts tell them that they always reserve their best rooms for Get Away Today guests.
  • They care about each vacation as if it were their own. Get Away Today owners know how important family vacations are; that’s why they founded Get Away Today in the first place, 27 years ago. The agents take the owners’ passion to heart and their guests notice.
  • They can customize whatever you need. They can do entire packages or just attraction tickets. If you are an Annual Passholder, they can do hotels only. They can build whatever you need for your vacation.

Layaway Plan

Consider using the Layaway Plan to space out payments on your package or tickets with Get Away Today.

It’s interest-free and allows you to put $175 down to secure your tickets (or vacation package) and then make payments when you want and for how much you want up until 5 days prior to travel.

I LOVE that they offer the Layaway Plan for tickets only.

To use this option, choose it at checkout when you book here or call 855.GET.AWAY to speak to someone directly. They’re quick on the phone and won’t try to upsell you at all.

Use code DDaily if you’re booking a package (hotel and tickets) to save an additional $10. That’s 2 churros!

How to Book with Get Away Today

It’s so easy!

Check out their website here.

For tickets, packages, and more.

Also! You can save an extra $10 on any 2-night stay by using promo code: DDaily when booking over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY or at www.getawaytoday.com.

Traveling to Disney World or other locations outside of Southern California? They can help there, too. Visit their site to learn more.

Have any questions? Leave me a comment here or contact Get Away Today directly. I can’t stress enough how awesome their service is. Enjoy!

Take a look at how Get Away Today can help with your vacation


    • Hi, Tiffany!

      Unfortunately not. 🙁

      I recommend saving your gift cards to spend in the park on food and souvenirs, etc. Book with Get Away Today to save the most possible on hotel and tickets.

  1. I just finished booking my honeymoon to Disneyland with the layaway option! Our trip will be in September. I’ve never booked with Get Away Today and I’m just feeling a little bit nervous. We live out of state and on my confirmation email, it said that we would be getting our Disneyland tickets in the mail 5 days before our trip. What happens if something happens and we don’t receive them in the mail??

    • Kailey – The “tickets” are emailed to you five days before your trip. They’re electronic vouchers and you’ll take them straight to the gate to get real, physical paper tickets at Disneyland.

    • I have used the Get Away Today, Lay away on both my Disneyland trips. Everything went perfect and smooth. You have no need to be nervous.

  2. If we book 5day 1-park per day passes, how many days do we have to use them? Is it the same as if we purchased direct from Disney (which I believe is within 13days of first use)?

  3. Hi Casey, I wanted to book a 5 multi day pass for my wife and me, but I’m thinking about upgrading the pass to the new Flex Passport when we get to the park. Will it be an issue if I got the ticket through Get Away Today versus getting them directly? If we get the multi day pass, then we can go to the park on Saturday and Sunday before upgrading to the Flex Pass. I’m worried that if it’s a discounted ticket, Disneyland booth will give me a hard time when we go to upgrade.

  4. Hi, i would like to know if the hotels include tickets to both parks in disneyland? I am confused because I went straight disneyland to see the ticket rates and its the same amount you guys have and what you have has a hotel package? Am i correct the package icludes hotel stay and ticket pass?

    • You may purchase both hotel stays and park tickets with Get Away Today, but tickets are not automatically included with hotels. Right now, park tickets are $13 off a piece.

      Call 855.GET.AWAY toll free so they can walk you through your options.

      Hope this helps!

  5. HELP! I’m planning a Disney trip and haven’t been since I was a child, everything has changed. Can someone please help me

  6. I’m still trying to figure out the best (cheapest as long as not super inconvenient) way to get from the airport to our hotel, we didn’t want to rent a car if we could help it. But, I want to hurry up and book my hotel and Disney tickets. Can I book the package now and still buy a shuttle at a discount on getaway today later by itself?

  7. Hi! We are planning our first trip to Disneyland and it sounds like Getaway Today could be great for booking a package….When I’ve planned Disneyworld in the past, the agent could apply Disney discounts when they came out…Can Getaway Today not do that because they already offer a discount to guests?


    • Hi, Ann Marie.

      We don’t get the same discounts that WDW gets typically. The parks are set up in totally different ways. I would call Get Away Today to confirm the possibility, if Disney were to release any. From what I have heard from my readers, their pricing is excellent for Disney property hotels. Their phone number is 855-GET-AWAY. Enjoy!

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply! Your passion for Disneyland is contagious! I will give them a call and be sure to mention you?

  8. Thankyou Casey, your advice has just helped me choose our Disneyland hotel for my children’s first trip to Disneyland next year. I was having trouble deciding between the three hotels, but you’ve helped me decide on the Disneyland Hotel. And the information about Get Away Today is awesome…..I’m hoping they take bookings from Australia! Or is it USA residents only? Do you know??

  9. Hi! I just tried to purchase the “buy 4 get one day free” tickets…and it says no longer available! And being Labor Day they are closed! Do you know how else I can get 5 day park hopper tickets?

  10. Just booked an October trip to Disneyland with them and they were fantastic! We’re so looking forward to it. Their prices are amazing!

  11. Hi Casey! Just booked our 5-night trip during Halloween. I wanted to let you know that the agent said the discount code associated with “Disneyland daily” was $6 off per Disney ticket. So, I received $12 off (2 Park passes) rather than just $10.

  12. Hi! I am booking a 5-night trip and I can’t seem to find where to put the promo code. Is this strictly for 2-night bookings?

  13. Hello! I saw you mentioned above that they will negotiate free or discounted parking t the hotel. Is this something you have to ask them for? Out trip is already booked with them, for July, can I call them and ask for them to do this??

  14. I booked a Disneyland 6 day trip last Thanksgiving through Getaway Today and was probably one of those people that had good things to say about them. I stayed at the SpringHill Suites Marriot and my rate was way, way below the website rate. They were wonderful to me, I wanted to stay someplace where I felt safe and my agent explained all the differences between four properties I was interested in. The Getaway Today agents had just visited all the hotels to inspect them for their clients. Sounds like I work for them, I don’t…lol I live in another state! I got such a good deal i’ve booked another vacation to Disneyland this summer. I choose the Holiday Inn Resort Anaheim and am getting the fourth and eighth night for free. I’m a single mom and probably did research checking out prices on the web for a month before I booked with them, no other prices came close. Thanks for all your help Casey, see you this August, I hope, last year I looked for you on your birthday but couldn’t find you.

  15. Yay!!! Get Away Today is great! It’s awesome that they just let you make payments in whatever amount you want, as often as you’d like.