What to do After Your Disney Trip

Updated March 6, 2020

Once you return home, unpack, do laundry, collect mail, retrieve pets…..and every other obligatory duty that follows a vacation, there is still work to do.

And, while you’re exhausted and likely not feeling like launching into another project, I encourage you to find the strength and energy to do a few things to commemorate your trip.

We put so much into our trips. And, memories will fade. Try a few of these projects. You’ll be glad you did.

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Create a Photo Book

Sites like Shutterfly, Mixbook,  Picaboo and more can help you create one-of-a-kind books detailing your trip. I’ve made many of these over the years and treasure them. I totally recommend you doing the same. We Will Always Have Paris has some good tips on how to create a memorable book. Capturing Magic does, too. And, don’t forget Feed the Birdies! She loves vintage Disney designs.

Tip: During your trip, take a few minutes each night to write down a few details from your day that you’ll want to include in your book. Then, once you’re home and ready to put things together, you’ll be able to remember the little things you might not recall otherwise. Everything often runs together in your head 2 weeks after returning home.


Print Out Photos & Frame Them

Here’s the thing about digital images: They don’t do a lot for us unless we print them out. Mpix is my absolute favorite printer. Their pricing is awesome (around $2 for an 8×10), the quality is excellent and they print/ship super fast.

I recently printed out photos from our Disney World/Key West trip and received the photos within days with regular shipping costs. They also have unique ideas for what to do with your photos, including accordion frames, gallery wraps and metal prints.

Utilize the Benefits of your Photo Pass+ Purchase

I’m a big fan of Photo Pass+ and totally encourage you to have it during your Disneyland visit. Once you’re home, download your photos.


Start Scrapbooking – In Any Form

There are a million scrapbooking resources on Pinterest and I’ve included many of them on my Pinterest board, “Crafty Disney ideas”.

Amazon has several Disney scrapbook kits available. Project Life has fabulous options. Or, you can go to Michaels and other craft stores to put together your own.

I’m a blogger by trade, so I plan on printing out my blog to document my travel adventures. Each night, no matter how exhausted I am, I blog from my phone or computer when we’re on vacation. It’s not always fun to do and I’m usually too tired to think straight while I’m doing it, but I’m always so grateful I did. If you’re a blogger, I encourage you to do the same. If you’re absolutely exhausted and have no option but to sleep, wait 5 minutes until you take some notes about your day, as I mentioned above. 5 minutes to write some details down will provide so many stories in the years to come.


Create a Travel Box 

When my family began traveling eons ago, and I’d scrapbook and document every word spoken and move taken, I was always left with larger items that I couldn’t fit in a book. Souvenir shirts, shells from the beach, small Disney figures and more…..what do you do with these guys?

I started creating “Travel Boxes”, which held all of these trinkets that didn’t otherwise have a home. (I still have water from the ocean in Hawaii, bottled up and kept inside our “Hawaii 2004” box.) You can find these boxes at Michaels, Target, Walmart and the like. They usually have a small place card in the front of the box that you can label with the location and date of your trip.


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Other Tips

  • Did you receive a button or two during your visit? Turn those buttons into refrigerator magnets. An easy tutorial is available with detailed instructions.
  • Fall in love with the food at Disneyland and want to create those delicacies at home? Make your own Disney Recipe Box and then add Disney recipes to it. Magical Recipes, Recipes of Disney, and Lila Luna, all have good stuff! There’s more, too, on my Food and Drinks at Disneyland Pinterest Board. Check this post for old recipes from Big Thunder Ranch BBQ and any others I find in the parks.
  • If you decide on creating a travel box, as mentioned above, consider adding your children’s souvenir shirts to it at a later time, after they finish wearing them. Over the years, I’ve included my kids’ shirts or Crocs of any other small item that they wore during the trip so that I could look back later on to see just how little they were at the time of our vacation. It’s hard to recall exactly what age 4 looks like size wise. A souvenir shirt shows an age well.
  • Did you save your maps or other paper items from the trip? Turn them into coasters with this easy tutorial.


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Start Brainstorming for your Next Adventure

Suffering from PDD (Post Disney Depression)? Start all over again! I’m always planning our next adventure……Disney or unrelated……there’s always a trip being planned in my head. Life is too short to sit still, friends. Get out there and explore.

And, if you’re starting all over again with Disneyland, let me know how I can help!

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  1. Thanks for creating this wonderful site. I have a question about Disneyland PhotoPass Plus package.

    I believe it mention that you can order the photo CD containing all of your photos at a later date. Is the photo CD included in the PhotoPass+ package or is it a separate purchase? Thanks in advance for your reply.