The Big List for Disneyland Trips

Updated March 6, 2020

I could write for days on what to bring and what not to bring and how each of those things might fit into your plan differently than mine. But, instead of trying to dissect every single family’s Disneyland trip agendas, I’ve compiled a list of anything and everything you might need for your visit.

Do not, by any means, think that every thing on this list is needed for your trip. Go through and check off what works for you. Leave the rest.

Follow me to the mega-list!

Before we get started, you can find (the PDF version of) TheBigListforDisneylandTrips without all the photos if you’d rather not wade through my nonsense of making things look pretty.


Park Touring Bag

I’ve written a concise post on the absolute essentials for your park touring bag. This will give you some other things to consider.

wallet/license/id/cash/credit cards/insurance cards

meal confirmation information/park maps/guide books

camera/cell phone/chargers

water proof case for water rides (or a quality ziploc bag)

landyard/pins for trading


water bottle/snacks

autograph book/sharpie or large pen for autographs

small towel – to wipe down wet seats if it rains

blanket for parades

first aid kit

purse pod


sunscreen/lip balm

sanitizer/wet wipes


ziploc bags

extra change of clothes if needed for young children

glow sticks/necklaces/light up items for night time

pennies/quarters/container for pressed coin machines

kid ID tags

games/bubbles/other items to keep kids busy in line



I’ve suggested lots of options for park touring when it comes to clothing in a previous post. Check that out and then take a look at this list.








shoes/socks/sandals/flip flops

costumes for children



sunglasses/cord for glasses

swim suits/coverups





hair products – blow dryer/flat iron/curling iron/brush/comb/accessories/rubber bands/clips/serum/gel/mousse/hairspray/tangle-free spray for kids


glasses/contacts/contact solution

sunscreen/lip balm

face wash/moisturizer/body lotion/baby powder

makeup/makeup remover/cotton balls/qtips/tweezers

nail polish/nail polish remover/nail clippers/nail files

feminine products/birth control

foot spray/foot powder/chafing sticks

razors/shaving cream


medicine – vitamins/prescriptions/pain relief/pain relief for kids/allergy relief/allergy relief for kids/antacids/motion sickness meds/eye drops


Baby Items

portable high chair/pack-n-play/bumbo

potty training supplies

bottles/baby food

sippy cups


diapers/swim diapers/baby wipes


strollers/car seats/boosters

baby monitor


car window shades

kid ID tags

outlet covers


Roap Trip/Airplane Ride Supplies

maps/GPS device if you’re not using your phone

insurance card/registration information

flashlight/emergency gear

games/stuff to keep kids busy/dollar store items to open as needed

wet wipes/trash bags


bottled water/snacks


DVD player/movies/ipads


Food & Groceries

bottled water

snacks – granola bars, fruit, energy bars, etc (Check this post for my favorite snacks in the park and suggestions for what to bring in.)


microwave popcorn

bread/peanut butter/jelly

dish soap/sponge if you plan to eat and clean in your hotel room

paper plates/plastic utensils/plastic cups

ziploc bags/plastic bags/trash bags

plastic containers to bring snacks into the park (baggies will leave your chips/crackers crushed into pieces)

collapsible cooler/freezer blocks

cork screw (trust me)

****Many of these items are not exactly something you’d put in a suitcase and travel with. Check this post for where you can shop around the off-site hotels of Disneyland.

****If you are flying in and need transportation from the airport to the hotel, consider Lansky Enterprises for this service because they offer a free 20 minute grocery stop en route from the airport to the hotel.


Everything Else

chargers and all that techy stuff that techy people know about

cameras/memory cards/chargers/camera accessories

cell phone/chargers/portable chargers

power strip

noise machine



jambox and cassette tapes

small scissors (for cutting of tags, opening acrylic packaging without ending up in the ER, etc)

beach bag & gear if you plan to visit the beach

clothes pins – to hang wet clothes and to pull together hotel curtains for maximum darkness

pop up laundry hamper/laundry soap/stain stick

night light if young children require it


****So, that’s a long list. What did I forget? Leave me a comment or find this post on my Facebook page to discuss.

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  1. Hello – can you bring in a small folding chair for long waits in the line ups/fireworks? One that would fit in a backpack? I have trouble standing that long. Thanks so much!

  2. I am so grateful for your posts! I feel like I know you personally, and I like you! I’ll let you know how our trip to Disneyland with most of our children and grandchildren goes in a month! It will be so much better from all your help.
    I will trust you about the corkscrew……but what have you used one for?

  3. This list is incredible! I’d like to suggest putting it into a neat little PDF so that it can be printed for easier packing. 🙂

    Great site!

  4. I only have one suggestions. Don’t pack the cologne/perfume. The park is seriously crowded and with everyone wearing their favorite scents, those of us who are super sensitive find it really hard to deal if the lines are inundated with so many different smells. I’d have to pack my inhalers each time I visit, and I work there. LOL

    Just a thought.