Staying Healthy at Disneyland

Updated August 24, 2017

Let’s cover some basics in staying healthy during your trip.

I’ve been going to Disneyland for years and since having children, I think I’ve seen it all – including my own kids licking the hand rails while waiting in line. (Let that sink in for a bit.)

Here’s a tip: I don’t recommend allowing your children to lick hand rails in line. And, I’ll go even further than that and leave you with some additional suggestions:


Arrive Prepared & Sanitize Throughout the Day

Most people will arrive at the parks with hand sanitizer. But, I recommend doing better than that. Purchase and bring in sanitizing wipes. You’ll need these for little hands, sippy cups and more.

I also suggest you wipe down stroller handlebars often. Purell makes a kit that will delight any germaphobe and will cover all of your sanitizing needs at the park.

Put an alarm on your phone for every couple of hours and spend a few minutes sanitizing the main points of contact for your group. Consider strollers, backpacks, cups and water bottles, snack containers, theme park tickets, and more. Wipe down anything that is touched often.


Be Well Rested and Take Breaks

My husband and I have been raising children for 14+ years and they’re all freakishly healthy. (I’m almost sure that’s a thing.) Like, they’ve never missed school for actually being sick. Instead, they’ve missed for going to Disneyland dentist appointments and well checks.

I credit this to two simple rules: 1. They eat well. 2. They sleep well.

These rules should be applied to your Disneyland trip, too. Tired kids have vulnerable immune systems. Be sure your children (and you) are rested prior to arriving and then leave mid-day for a nap. I mention this and other suggestions in my Disneyland Rules post. Check that out prior to visiting.


Wash Hands – And, Insist Your Children Do

Those healthy kids I’m raising? They’re masters at avoiding hand washing. Jack, my 8 year old, can make it in and out of a Disneyland bathroom in under 20 seconds. Only to be marched right back in to wash his hands.

There is no excuse for this – ever – at Disneyland. Children touch more surfaces than we can even count during a single hour at the parks. Hand washing is imperative and non-negotiable.

Be stern in your expectations with your kids and don’t substitute hand sanitizer for actual hand washing. Kids need to scrub hands and be taught how to wash under nails thoroughly.


Other Tips

  • I’m a stickler for vaccinations, flu shots and everything else possible in preventive care for children. But, instead of launching into that debate here, I encourage you – if you vaccinate – to check your own history to be sure you’re up to date. As parents, we often forget this and instead only ensure our kids are up to date. You’re just as important.
  • Stay hydrated during your visit. For some reason, a fountain Coke at Disneyland tastes better than anywhere else. I do not know why this is true, but it is. I limit myself to one per day instead of indulging often. I drink water at any other time and ensure my family does, too. Keep plenty of clear fluids on hand or ask for free ice water at any restaurant in the park.
  • Check with your pediatrician prior to your visit for any suggestions he or she may have. Perhaps add in vitamins, as needed. And, be sure to bring them along with you on your trip.
  • Wash all lovies before and after your visit. My daughter’s “lamby” has traveled to 26 states in 7 short years and spent an extra two weeks in New York City with the cleaning crew of our hotel. She’s seen things that most have not. And, we wash her before and after each vacation.
  • Have a new or well stocked first aid kit on hand. Disneyland First Aid is excellent, however, you’ll be better off not walking across the park for small cuts and scrapes. Use antibiotic ointment often and clean injuries well.
  • Contact Disneyland First Aid for any specific needs you have for your visit.
  • Take a deep breath, relax and have fun. Disneyland is one of the cleanest theme parks in the world. You’re in good hands.

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  1. Hi. I see that you recommend a walkstool. We are going in September and thinking of taking one for my mom, however, I’ve read mixed reviews of security not allowing them in. Can you please verify if they are allowed before I purchase one? Thank you