Springhill Suites Marriott Maingate with Get Away Today

Updated March 6, 2020

The hotel tour continues!

We recently stayed at the SpringHill Suites Marriott Maingate Hotel. This hotel is not located on Harbor like so many off site hotels. It’s on West Ball Road, closer to the Mickey and Friends Parking Garage.

This is an all-suite hotel and my kids liked it more than I expected. They LOVED the sectioned off room and large bathroom.

Take a look.

Get Away Today

I recommend you use Get Away Today for so many reasons. For instance, if you book this hotel with them, you’ll receive free parking, which is a savings of $15 per night. Get Away Today has exclusive deals with many of the off site hotels at Disneyland, allowing its clients access to savings other agencies won’t have.

This post shares more about Get Away Today and why I think you should book your Disneyland vacation with them.

Get Away Today

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Here is the direct link to book this hotel:

Springhill Suites Marriott Maingate

Hotel Details

The suites are spacious here and each has a walk in closet. The bathrooms are large, too. It was nice to have one space for lounging and then one for sleeping. This is a new hotel, so everything was clean and up to date. The pool was a hit with my kids. We loved the free breakfast, too.

As mentioned before, this hotel is not on Harbor and is instead on the other side of the resort. It’s a decent walk to the park, but you can hop on the tram at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure if you wish. The tram is open to anyone, regardless of whether you parked your car in the garage or not.

On your way out of the hotel, you’ll go left, left, left to get there. Take a left on West Ball Road, then a left on Walnut Drive, and finally a left on Magic Way. Then, you’re on Disney property, between the Mickey and Friends Structure and Downtown Disney. If you don’t want to take the tram, walk directly to Downtown.

If you don’t want to walk at all, use the ART shuttle for $5 per person, per day. It picks you up just outside the hotel.

What I Liked

The following were my favorite perks at this hotel:

  • Suites for everyone!
  • Walk in closets
  • Everything felt clean and updated
  • Free breakfast

What My Kids Liked

My 9 and 11 year olds reviewed this hotel with me.

They liked:

  • Space away from each other (sibling love…..so nice)
  • Big closets (we don’t have walk ins at home)
  • Big TV and “living room” instead of watching TV from their beds
  • Pool all to themselves


I took several photos from our stay.  Let’s see!

The lobby was nice.

Trying to figure out how to recreate these lights. Love them.

The large room is sectioned off by a desk with 2 Queen beds on one side and then a sitting/dining/lounging area on the other.

That sofa actually unfolds into a double bed, so if you wanted even more space to stretch out, someone could sleep in this area. My son slept on the sofa as is – not folded out – and was totally comfortable.

As you walk in, you’ll find a kitchen-type area with a refrigerator, microwave and plenty of storage.

Walk in closet. My kids will never be the same after seeing this. So fancy.

The bathrooms were huge and nicely decorated.

Free breakfast is included and they have waffles. These are my kids’ favorites. All they get at home are Eggos. And, not even that! Imposter, store brand waffles.

No walk in closets and generic waffles. I’m surprised they even stay.

The pool was nice with new furniture and a relaxing hot tub.

When you check in, you’ll receive this map detailing your walking options to the tram or directly to Downtown Disney.

Book this hotel for the large rooms, spacious bathrooms, free breakfast and more.

Use this link to secure your suite.

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    • Hi, Sadu.

      The tram drops you off in Downtown Disney near World of Disney. You could enter the park via the monorail after getting dropped off from the tram. Exit the tram and take a right……walk about 1/3 a mile to the monorail.

  1. Hi Casey,
    We’re considering this hotel or the Wyndham based on your reviews, they both sound lovely. Wondering which hotel has more ample parking as we will be driving a full size pickup truck.

  2. Do you know if this was before disneyland closed off a walkway to the trams that used to be open? Was the 20ish minutes to the turnstyles or to the trams?

  3. I booked this with hotel with my DLR package through Get Away Today just a few weeks ago. I’m so happy to see this review. Can’t wait until January!