Special Dining Events with Reserved Viewing for Shows

Updated March 6, 2020

Dining in Disneyland and dining in California Adventure can be fun on so many levels.

But, did you know there are even more opportunities for you to indulge? Let’s look at a few options that include a special meal and then reserved viewing at two very popular shows.

Before we get started, let me make an important note: Disneyland and California Adventure shows are outdoors. While it’s rare for World of Color and Disneyland parades to be cancelled all together, fireworks are cancelled quite frequently due to high winds. Because of this, I recommend committing your Disneyland parade reservation to early on in your visit.

Although the fireworks are not technically part of the package, coordinating your strategy in the reserved viewing area for the fireworks is certainly a bonus and part of what I think makes these options a great value. If the fireworks are cancelled the night of your reservation, that’s unfortunate. But, you can try again on another night during your visit and you already have the parade crossed off your list.

OK, to the special dining event options:

FA_desktop_WOC3_800photo credit

World of Color Dining Package (California Adventure)

****Reservations can be made online or by calling (714) 781-SHOW (7469).

The World of Color Dining Package includes three locations at California Adventure for your actual meal. You will choose one:

  • Wine Country Trattoria – This location boasts a Napa Valley or Tuscan feel to it with matching culinary options and wine selections offered at an additional price. Pricing includes $49 for adults and $25 for children ages 3 to 9 (for lunch). Dinner pricing includes $49 for adults and $25for children ages 3 to 9.
  • Carthay Circle Restaurant – Seafood, meat and vegetarian options are most popular here, as is the ambiance of old Hollywood glamour. Pricing includes $56 for adults and $25 for children ages 3 to 9 (for lunch). Dinner pricing includes $74 for adults and $25 for children ages 3 to 9.

***I have done all three of these dining experiences. Check out the photos and notes below on each.

 Details of the dining package include:

  • Reserved World of Color viewing areas (still standing room only).
  • After payment of your meal, your server will give you your Dining Package Seating Voucher and will direct you where you’ll sit and when to arrive.
  • Phone reservations for dining packages may be made 60 days in advance 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time). Please call (714) 781-DINE (3463).
  • If weather prevents the World of Color show, no refunds are given.
  • Check out this page for more details such as cancellation policies and more.

Timing for World of Color Shows

*When two World of Color shows are scheduled for the evening, use these parameters to select the early or later show:

  • For Wine Country Trattoria, lunch is always assigned to the earlier show. For dinner, be sure to schedule between 4:00pm and 6:30pm for the earlier show. Anything after will be assigned to the later show.
  • For Carthay Circle, you can choose which show if you dine during lunch. For dinner, be sure to schedule between 4:00pm and 6:30pm for the earlier show. Anything after will be assigned to the later show. Also, note: The Carthay Circle dining experience should be allotted at least 1.5 hours to fully appreciate the experience.

***There may be some variation on this, so call Disney Dining to confirm or if you have any questions.

Here are some photos from my Carthay Circle Dining experience:

The menu:

(These change seasonally and sometimes without notice, so this image is here just to give you an idea of what to expect.)



***This menu can change seasonally.

We sat outside on the patio – per special request – and it was lovely. If you want patio seating, make this clear in your online reservation. Then, swing by the restaurant during the day sometime so that they know to seat you there, too.

11928744_810162202414758_8679085927966629148_nThere are lovely options inside, too. The restaurant is first class. Seriously. The bathrooms are nicer than my house.

11880669_810162155748096_51369637729938694_nWe both started with the Spanish Roasted Tomato Broth accented with Chorizo.

11947456_810162242414754_758350632400950322_nI had the Grilled Angus New York. It was heavenly.

11870812_810162262414752_7399900025841188469_nMy date had the Thick Cut Pork Chop. He loved it.

11947605_810162285748083_5023559784810560836_n We each chose a different dessert so we could sample them both.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Bar:

(We pronounced it Mouse Bar. Just to be annoying.)

11866442_810162295748082_2305111356905753271_n Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee Tart.

11940699_810162322414746_6603925308797797411_nThe meal was divine. And, then the real fun started. From the balcony, you can sometimes watch the Disneyland fireworks show. Carthay Circle Restaurant plays the music that accompanies the shows.

Again, in order to make this arrangement, I suggest looking at the entertainment schedule and confirming that your timing will work. Our dinner reservation was at 8:00pm. A dining experience here lasts around 1.5 hours, so we were just about finished when the 9:30pm fireworks began. All the diners on the patio stood up to watch the show. It was awesome.

Then, we hustled over to get in place for the 10:15pm World of Color show.

Throughout the year, the number of shows each night, as well as the timing, will change.So, be sure to call in or be super confident about the entertainment schedule if you’re planning on merging your dining with the fireworks.

11143665_810162395748072_4501056822472851603_n11222246_810162462414732_5613516439983258876_n Show time!

11902452_810162682414710_1362820773476854062_nWe were escorted down this path. Felt a little like the red carpet since we were headed to such a premier viewing area.

11924954_810162715748040_3542135163630332967_nExcellent view.


Enter here to find your reserved viewing spot for Wine Country Trattoria.

12743670_895641280533516_3017961995935667177_nWe chose right by the water. This is a ‘wet’ zone, but we barely felt the mist. And, we got front row!

Here are some photos from my Wine Country Trattoria Dining experience:

First, menus.



Kids (Lunch and Dinner):

The dining area is outdoors. It’s lovely.

12705554_890592691038375_1828912341053882966_n12289619_853826118048366_3559128605509545605_nBread for the table and salad to start.

12342331_853826134715031_3778211509611652947_nI believe this was a Tuscan Vegetable Soup.

12342391_853826144715030_1845488718869566639_nI had the potato gnocchi. It was divine.

12341405_853832168047761_3149721143343578124_nMy friend had the Tuscan salad with sauteed shrimp.

12321284_853826171381694_9198373232157633344_nAnd, another friend had the braised beef ravioli. I loved every one of these dishes.

12316474_853826224715022_420955696152277722_nThis is the ticket you will receive after your meal.

****I didn’t note the viewing area or entry because it’s the exact same as can be seen above for Ariel’s Grotto. They share a reserved viewing area for World of Color. Scroll up to see those photos.

World of Color Dessert Party (California Adventure)

The WOC Dessert Party is unlike any of the dining packages because it provides actual seating. It costs $79 per person, adult or child, and Annual Passholder discounts do not apply. This is also the only dining experience that must be pre-paid in full. This is also technically a “shared seating” event, however, most tables are set up in 2s or 4s, so I doubt sharing will be much of an issue.

An hour prior to showtime, find the sign in the photo, below, across from Ariel’s Undersea Adventure on Paradise Pier.

13124428_934565263307784_6900406563728543293_nThe line will form quickly. And, although there is seating for everyone who bought a ticket, I would get there early enough to request a bar table, rather than a regular height table. The line looks like this:

13051775_934565296641114_1229661591289696122_nSince you don’t have printed tickets like you receive at a dining event, the cast member will confirm your reservation before allowing you in. Have the printed confirmation or email readily available on your phone and your ID out, too. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a paper bracelet to allow you into the seating area. This will also allow you to exit and re-enter if you need to use the restroom. (The closest restroom is toward Grizzly River Rapids, to the right.)

The tables to choose from can be seen in the photo, below. I recommend the bar level, but kids may do better at the standard size since those tables include regular metal chairs instead of director’s barstools.

You’ll see the show fine from either option.

13102888_934565319974445_4640528259284506552_nHere is your view and here is where I was sold on this package. Sitting after a long day was lovely, too.

13096311_934565326641111_3467763091962333909_nEach table is brought a bread basket to share and then everyone gets his or her own dessert plate. And, it’s plentiful!

13335261_10153801268367872_1770266531_n13329849_10153801268322872_1338034882_nYou’ll receive up to 2 drinks – with a few choices with and without alcohol. These drinks need to be enjoyed or at least ordered prior to showtime. Once the show starts, the cast members are sparse so that they’re not blocking the view. They seemed very flexible, too, on what you ordered. I ordered 2 glasses of champagne and then got hot chocolate, too.

And, here is the show. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. It’s pricey, but a nice indulgence.

13318926_10153801268542872_177420958_nTake a look at the map for updated viewing sections for World of Color:

Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Packages (Disneyland)

****This parade is no longer running. 🙁 Will remove from this post ASAP.

The Main Street Electrical Dining Packages include two entirely different experiences. Both have advantages and two very different price tags. Check them out.

Go here to book for Blue Bayou.

Go here to book for Aladdin’s Oasis.

You may not reserve these on the Disneyland app, as you can with most dining reservations. You must go online or call in. When looking for this reservation online, don’t look under “A” for Aladdin’s Oasis or “B” for Blue Bayou. Scroll down to “M” for Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package.

I’ve enjoyed both options and recommend both of them. Blue Bayou is a ‘fancy’ dinner and the parade viewing on Main Street is great. Aladdin’s Oasis is way more laid back and the parade viewing near it’s a small world is good, too, and a perfect fit for families.

If the park is hosting two parades during your visit, the schedule typically includes matching lunch reservations (at either location) to the earlier parade and dinner reservations (at either location) to the later parade.

When making reservations online, you will click on the time you prefer from what is available. After clicking on that time, the next screen will read, “Main Street Electrical Parade – 1st Show” or “Main Street Electrical Parade – 2nd Show”. Do not confirm this time if it doesn’t coordinate with the show you want to see. Change your time if you prefer the other. That second screen, noting which show you will attend, looks like this:

If you call in to make your reservation, ask the cast member to confirm which show you will see before you commit.

Most often, when there are two parades, if you book a meal before 6:10pm at Blue Bayou, you will receive access to the viewing area for the first parade. Anything later will be for the second parade. If you book before 4pm for Aladdin’s Oasis, you have access to the first parade. Reservations for after 4pm have access to the second parade.

I prefer Aladdin’s Oasis for the viewing area, and I also love that the first parade starts at this spot, just next to it’s a small world. So, at parade time, you will see it immediately. If you’re at the Blue Bayou viewing area, you’ll wait 20ish minutes for the parade to reach that part of the park. Again, this is better or kids who don’t want to wait.

Blue Bayou

This is a premier dining experience with table service and a cost to match. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out the photos for what you can expect from the meal. Annual Pass discounts do apply.

Adults – $65

Kids – $25

Book this package here.

Check out my latest experience, in March 2017, in full detail here.

Arrive one hour prior to parade time to secure your spot in the viewing area. You can arrive later, but you’ll have less chance at getting front row.

The menu:

You will dine at Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square at whatever time your reservation is set for. Then, you will arrive at the viewing location – in a totally separate area of the park – prior to the parade. Here is the location of the viewing area:

And, here is what the restaurant looks like:

Here is Blue Bayou inside:

Let’s take a look at what dishes are included.

10632581_873347819429529_6514214909475020938_nSurf and Turf:


(An ode to the MSEP snail. It’s a cherry chocolate mousse.)

The snail, deconstructed.

And, from the parade experience:

You’ll receive this ticket at the end of your meal after paying the bill. Keep it in a safe place because you will need it to enter the viewing area at parade time.

You’ll also receive this light up lanyard. The lights blink and have three settings.

About an hour prior to showtime, arrive near the Main Street Train Station to claim your spot. The ticket you receive will suggest only 30 minutes, but people will be lined up before that.

1936363_923494787748165_2350623469175303221_n12985374_923494807748163_8545651824435230598_nIt stretches from just beyond the sides of each of those sets of trash cans, up to the curb and then back toward the flag pole.

12931258_923494841081493_4732462146512946335_nHere is the view from the back.

12932574_923494831081494_6962248570626553772_n12961529_923494854414825_4761984145499707775_nIf you attend the first parade and want to watch fireworks after, move up Main Street as soon as you see the final float – the American flag – go by. Do your best to get as close to the castle as possible so that you can enjoy the projections that coordinate with the show. If you don’t care about the projections on the castle, stay put right there around the flag pole. You can see fireworks from there and then will have an easy escape from the park if you’re ready to go after the show.

Aladdin’s Oasis Grab and Go

This more budget-friendly option is ideal for families and especially those with young children. Both your dining location and parade spot leave lots of room for kids to run around and you won’t stress about how their behavior is affecting those around you. Annual Pass discounts do apply.

Adults are $29.99.

Kids are $18.99.

Book this package here.

Review details from my most recent experience with this dining package, in February 2017, here.

Arrive 1-1.5 hours prior to parade time to secure your spot in this reserved viewing area.

With Disneyland’s latest attempt at crowd control for the parades, this dining package has become less attractive to me. Time will tell if it’s more in need as summer crowds arrive. Beginning early March 2017, cast members started deterring guests from setting up hours before the parade. I’ve elaborated more on those “New Rules” in my post on parade set up. With this in mind, the dining package options seem less attractive since most guests are arriving around the same time as you would for a dining package reserved viewing area. When guests were saving spots 5 hours in advance, the dining packages were a lovely option because you don’t have to arrive until around an hour prior.

Aladdin’s Oasis prices continue to increase. And, they’ve removed the spots in this section that allowed guests to sit front row. There are still good viewing areas and I still like this dining experience. But with parade viewing more reasonable, this dining package isn’t all that it used to be.

The menu:

You may take your food to go or you may stay and dine at the Aladdin’s Oasis location. It’s just to the left of the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. I recommend dining here. You will dine here at whatever time you choose and then enjoy the parade in front of it’s a small world. In that area, there are rarely crowded restrooms nearby, snack carts, and room for kids to run around. This is a much better option for families or for those who don’t like the chaos and crowds of Main Street, where the Blue Bayou location is.

Here is the location for the Aladdin’s Oasis package:

Here is what the restaurant looks like:

The seating area is gorgeous, has its own companion bathroom and is rarely busy at all.

12509185_878379238926387_2362329535470095972_n12510303_878379618926349_2409435956911335931_nIf you choose to leave with your food, it’s packed to go with utensils, napkins, salad dressing, and butter for your bread. Drink of your choice is also included.

12507675_878379388926372_6472620291738835246_nAnd, if you choose to stay, you can just open up your meal and dine on site. I had the vegetable lasagna and it was really good. Cold, crisp salad and warm lasagna.

12509565_878379552259689_7013229355822352429_nHere is what the mac-n-cheese kids’ meal looks like:

12801613_901711356593175_4512258759176401672_nWhen you pay for your meal, you’ll be given your tickets for the parade viewing spot that evening. Don’t lose these. You will turn them in at parade time, just like a FASTPASS.

Here are some photos of the viewing area for Aladdin’s Oasis:

From the two spots above, you’ll have a great view, as this area is set above the crowd in front of you.

My favorite spot in right behind the Guest Relations/VIP section. Set up behind that iron railing. It looks like this:

We claimed out spot with our Matador blanket (worth every penny) and had great viewing. One adult may sit here to claim your spot until parade time. My husband took our kids to enjoy rides while I sat for an hour. Each person will need a ticket to join whomever is holding the family’s spot, so be sure each person has one upon returning. Have everyone arrive back 10 minutes prior to parade time.

Here is what the parade looks like.

(You’re facing it’s a small world, which has a wall up in front of it in this photo, as they are taking down it’s a small world Holiday at this time.)

And, here is your view of the fireworks, although they are not technically part of the Aladdin’s Oasis package. You can see the projections on it’s a small world and then how the fireworks are set just to the left. I saw the return-debut of Remember….Dreams Come True fireworks on 2.3.2017 and watched it from the same section for parade viewing. So, stay put if you have fireworks after the parade on your schedule.

Frozen Carthay Circle Lunch 

****Reservations can be made online or by calling (714) 781-SHOW (7469).

The Frozen Carthay Circle Lunch is lovely. There is typically only one show time available for this package per day.

The Lunch is $89 per adult and would be $59 for kids. That included lunch and preferred seating at Frozen Live at the Hyperion.

I enjoyed the experience a few days after it became available. Check out my Facebook post for lots more details, including information on the free Carthay Circle Restaurant Tour that is available every day at 10:30am.

Take a look at the Carthay Circle Lunch. (Details may change, but this is what you can expect from the experience, overall.)


The adult meal was lovely. We started with bread and butter:

13438838_973730092724634_1151255558688279294_nAct One – “Stone Trolls” = Norwegian Meatballs, Baby Portobello Mushrooms and a Lingonberry Jam.

13567528_973730122724631_4485802603687835556_nAct Two – Summer Yellow Tomato “Sopa De Ajo” and Carthay Circle Citrus Salad.

13612107_973730106057966_1640155965576758417_nMain Act – My sister had the Herb Crusted Petite Filet of Angus Beef with Blue Cheese Risotto, Spinach and Wild Mushrooms.

13592448_973730139391296_4695901171642308726_nI had the Roasted Breast of Chicken with Heirloom Tomatoes and Avacado with Poblano-Lime Vinaigrette.

13557728_973730172724626_3636092194424828731_nDessert is the same for everyone. It included two cream puffs, chocolate, white chocolate and more. It was really decadent

13612330_973730189391291_3678982652808604653_nYou’ll receive a wrist band and lanyard with collectible pin before entering the actual Frozen Live show that looks like this:

13567342_973730456057931_8801535041405676740_nFor the preferred seating option, I recommend sitting dead center in the first row of the tiered section. Front row is lots of fun, too, but you’ll see more in the tiered section because projections are shown onto the curtains that flank the stage and characters walk up and down the aisle, too.

Here is my sister walking to the place we sat:

13612330_973730579391252_1302459767373339146_nEnjoy the show!

Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge

This new experience arrived at Disneyland on May 26, 2017. I was there the next day to try it out and share my experience with you.

Find out what you can expect, a concern I have for this option, photos and more in this post.


There are so many options for Fantasmic! Check them out here:

Blue Bayou

River Belle Terrace

Hungry Bear On-The-Go

Some Tips

  • If you’re considering a meal at any of these restaurants, I highly recommend tying in the show with your experience. If you’re already going to spend the money on one of these pricier meals, add the show to get the most out of your money. The experience is worth it.
  • Both locations for parades at Disneyland have advantages. With Blue Bayou, the food is more upscale and the dining experience is fancier. The viewing area is good for the parade, but many people don’t love that you’re set so far back on Main Street to see the fireworks. I prefer Aladdin’s Oasis for families with young children because it’s far less busy, the kids have room to run around prior to the show, bathrooms are easily accessible and it’s all around more family friendly.
  • The three options for World of Color are all very different, too. Ariel’s was my least favorite, as I didn’t enjoy the food there as much as the other two. Wine Country Trattoria is great for families with young children since you dine outdoors and parents often feel better about a little one being loud in this setting. Carthay Circle is the best, and children are welcome, but some prefer not to bring kids since it’s a “fancy” experience. There will be children wherever you dine. Choose what you are most interested in and the kids will be just fine.
  • The World of Color Dessert Party is the only option at either park with actual seating. If this is important to you, go for it. It’s pricey, but is a lovely way to enjoy the show.
  • Even with reserved viewing, you’ll want to arrive early to get the best of the reserved viewing. All of these indulgences are popular. I recommend arriving early.
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  1. Hi! Thank you for all the great information! For the Frozen lunch package at Carthay Circle, what showing of Frozen are you given tickets to?

  2. Thanks for this post. Do you know if they still have the option for Aladdin’s Oasis? I could t find them on the list of dining options for a reservation.

  3. On your review for the World of Color dining packages, Wine Country Trattoria doesn’t have details about the seating. It does say to refer to the Ariel’s Grotto section, but that is gone now, obviously. I’m curious about the quality of the standing area for Wine Country Trattoria vs Fast passes. Thanks! I LOVE your site, it has been so, so helpful!

  4. Hi Casey, my 17yo daughter and I are heading over from Australia to be at DL for Thanksgiving. I’ve read about a Thanksgiving feast at DLH Grand Ballroom. Do you have any info regarding this event and how the best way to get it is. Can’t wait to get there…and your blog pages have been an awesome guide for us. Thanks in advance Leesa & Piper??

  5. We have the WOC Dessert Party booked for May 25th. WOC is scheduled for 10 pm and our reservation is for 9:15 pm. Should we show up an hour early for WOC at 9 pm or for the Dessert Party at 8:15 pm?

  6. Hi Casey!
    Tried to do a dining package at Blue Bayou for the Fantasmic show April 11 and it is completely sold out, but I can get one at Hungry Bear (figured I’d at least save some $ and still get to be in viewing area). I was really hoping to incorporate BB into our visit somehow, so would lunch that day instead be a good idea? How does that affect your “riding plan.” Just continue down the list wherever you left off?
    Already have reservations/dining package booked the next night at Carthay Circle for World of Color!

  7. Hi,

    I have a question reguarding the nightly shows during Pixar fest. I’m very confused… I was under the impression that Fantasmic wasn’t running and that the Together Forever Fireworks show was happening instead, but then I was booking my dining packages with the preferred viewing areas, and I found & was able to book a dining package for Fantasmic in June? Please advise… and if both programs will be running on the same night, then will my dining package preferred viewing spot allow me to watch the fireworks? Thank you!

  8. We tried the World of Color Dessert Party this December and had a great time. It was a splurge for us, but it was definitely the way to see World of Color without any hassle. While we enjoyed it a lot, I wouldn’t really need to do it again. Maybe next time we’ll try one of the dining packages for Fantasmic.

  9. Is the MSEP being replaced by something else? I can’t imagine Dland without it. Taking my kids for the first time in september am heartbroken. ?

  10. you have that world of color dessert party is the only option in the two parks that has seating. doesn’t the blue bayou dinner package for fantastmic provide seating? i thought i read somewhere you get a seat cushion or something with it?

  11. Super helpful post! My family and I are going to be in Disneyland in the first week in January and we know that it’s going to be packed, so we were looking into the Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Packages. However, how can we make a reservation 60 days in advance if the park’s schedule for January hasn’t been released? Should we reserve and then cancel if there’s no parade that day/time? Thanks!

  12. Hi Casey, thank you so much for the posts. They have really prepared me for my upcoming trip with my girlfriend. We plan on going to both parks for one day and we want to use 2 dining packages, but we also want to see 3 shows, Fantasmic!, Frozen, and World of Color. Which of the 2 shows would you recommend that we use dining packages for?

  13. Patio request:
    I made an online reservation but there was no option to request the patio. I could only select a time, date and the number in the party. I guess we will have to request the patio upon arrival?

    • Hey, Troy. Make sure your timing works if you’re trying for the fireworks/WOC duo. It’s not entirely easy to do, but it’s worth a try. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation and request the patio. If the cast members say it’s full, let them know what you’re trying to do and ask if a later dining time would work if they didn’t have anything right at your reservation time. Hopefully they’ll work with you. Not many people know to do this, so there isn’t a huge demand for the patio. But, each time I have tried, I had to really work to make it happen. Good luck!

  14. Hi! I have been up many nights all night trying to take in all your useful info! Thank you for all you do! A question for you as I am prepping our 1st family trip 11/8-11/10. Our last day 11/10 is said to be the first day actually set for Holiday, so I have a lot jammed into that evening. Any thoughts on how we can pull off the Christmas Fantasy Parade, it’s a small world ride at night, World of Color Season of Light (thinking of doing the dessert here but it’s $$$, but also seems worth it since we’ll have two kids who WILL want to sit) & the Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks show? Thank you so much for any help you can provide!!!

  15. So is there a way that you can get into the reserved area for the fireworks? Like if I get a dinning package will I possibly be able to sit there or is it just like not possible to sit there?

  16. Hi! My mom and i will visit for the first time ever and i would like to have your recommendation of where to eat. We’ll go at halloween time, could you help me out? I want this to be something memorable for her 🙂

  17. Hi Casey, I just made my reservation for the Frozen Lunch Package in a couple of weeks. There were only 3 times to choose from in the drop down list: 11:30, 12:00 and 12:30. What time frame would you recommend? I originally selected 12:30 but got to thinking that may put us at a disadvantage. Assuming all lunch times will be seeing the same show, would we be getting in line too late and possibly not get the best pick of seats? Thank you for any advice you can offer!

    • Hi, Monica.

      Good question. This meal and experience keeps changing, so I would call the dining line at 714.781.DINE to ask for more details. Regardless of what time you dine, you should be given first choice of seating. The cast member you speak to should be able to advise if there is one that might be better than another. I don’t want to give you the wrong advice and have you miss out. Better call to be sure. Enjoy it! We had such a good time.

  18. Is the blue bayou viewing area for paint the night accesible for someone in an electric wheelchair? Also, can you stay in that same spot to view the fireworks?

    • Hi, there.

      Yes, the Blue Bayou area is definitely accessible to guests in wheelchairs. You could stay in the same spot for fireworks, but I recommend moving down Main Street as close as you can to the castle for a better view. Music will accompany where you are, regardless of how close you get. Enjoy!

  19. Hello! I could use some advice. My family is taking our first trip to Disneyland. We will be arriving in the afternoon on August 20th. It will be our only chance to see the electrical parade. I see the Aladdins Oasis dining package doesn’t have that great of a review but do you think it will be worth it to book it to get a spot on the last day of the parade? I am not sure what to expect. is there usually much larger crowds on the last nights on shows? I am just afraid people will camp out for hours before and we won’t be able to see it but also don’t won’t to spend $100 for the Aladdins Oasis package if we don’t have to. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi, Ash.

      The last day will be super popular. I recommend Aladdin’s to ensure your spot. To be safe, arrive 1.5 hours prior if you can to get in line to claim your front row spots. Enjoy!

  20. Do you think the Aladdin’s Oasis parade package is worth it? I was ready to book then read all comments about parade viewing area not being that great. Also, at what age to they require a voucher for reserved area for the parade? We will have a 1 year old with us Do we need a voucher for her? Thanks for all your insight!

    • I don’t think it’s as good as it once was. I used to dine there once a month or so and now don’t do it. They removed front row viewing and raised the price. Blue Bayou is awesome, but you can’t get the great view of fireworks there like you can from the Aladdin’s section.

      This post shares info on how to see the parade and fireworks without a dining package:


      Kids age 3 and up need vouchers or tickets for any/all attractions.

      • Thank your for replying. I originally tried reservations for the Blue Bayou but it says no reservations available. We are going Aug 2 so I must be too late trying to get a reservation.

  21. I recently contacted a Disney chat specialist and they told me there is no outdoor seating at Carthay Circle? Why is this?

    • The restaurant doesn’t have a patio. There is a balcony off one of the dining rooms, but that is the only outdoor option. It’s very much “fine dining” and I guess patios are more casual.

  22. Hi Casey! We will be visiting June 13 – 20 and I was trying to book the Frozen Dining Experience during our stay. On line, every date after June 11 is greyed out (except June 26, strangely). I called to ask Disney Dining about this and they said it’s because Carthay Circle has “something going on.” I’ve noticed even through July, the dates are all grey. Not sure what’s going on, but she did say it is not affecting the Frozen show, just the dining package.
    P.S. My mom tests were good! She still has some treatment she has to get through, but the test results were clear!

    • So much good news here. Thanks for letting me know!

      Haven’t heard anything about Carthay, but what you’re learning could mean a possible refurbishment. Keep in mind another plan for seeing the show. It’s much easier than it was before. Later shows are better. You’ll be just fine, with or without the package, but keep checking back to see what happens for reservations. Often, cast members simply don’t know what is happening, so they don’t know how to inform guests of what is ahead.

      Check back with me if you think I can be of more help. Happy to do whatever I can for you!

  23. We did the Aladdins Oasis MSEP package last hubby and they did let us sit right on the street close to it’s a small world. ?

  24. I have looked & looked & I am still very confused about the cancellation policy for the WOC Dessert party. I know it has to be paid in full upon reservation. Is it fully cancel-able (before the 24 hour deadline)??? On the website it says “This is a pre-paid event—full payment is due upon booking and cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.” But then, it ALSO says “Dessert party packages will not be refunded unless the show is canceled by Park “. What does that ‘refunded’ statement MEAN? Does it mean you can cancel but you won’t get a refund? Can you shed any light on this one?
    I’m waiting on some test results for my mom before I fully commit to this vacation, but I don’t want all of the reservations to be gone. Thanks!!

    • I have been told that you won’t get your money back if you cancel. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t have personal experience. But, I wouldn’t count on a refund if you have to cancel. Hope your mom is ok.

      • Thanks. I still think it’s very confusing. They should just put “non-refundable” and take out the cancellation info!

    • I’ve purchased the WOC Dessert Party tickets just last week. The cast member who made the reservation for me said that we could cancel up to 24 hours prior. I looked on “My Reservations” on the Disneyland site and it has a link that would enable me to cancel the WOC party if I needed to. Hope that helps and hope your Mom is doing well!

  25. Hi! We are doing the Blue Bayou/Electrical parade combo on Wednesday 5/17. I was hoping to follow your plan to catch the fireworks afterwards, but I don’t see it scheduled that day. Do you think there’s any hope that Disney will add it to their schedule? Or do we just miss out?

    Also, just wondering your opinion on stroller etiquette at parades. Do most people park their strollers right up at the curb? Or take their kids out to actually sit on the curb and park the stroller somewhere else behind them? I like the idea of using it to “save a space” but also don’t want to be that jerk that every else glares at 🙂 We will have two strollers with us in our group (5 adults, 2 children).

    • Hi, Jen.

      You’re so sweet to ask about stroller etiquette. Wish every guest were as considerate as you! Don’t worry about using them, though. Everyone does. Even front row. Totally fine to grab your space with your stroller.

      Looks like fireworks are still weekends only while you’re there. I confirmed with the schedule. So sorry.

      • Bummer. Thanks for checking! I keep hoping it will change since I noticed it’s a “grad night” too (which I was totally paranoid about but feel better after your post on grad nights!), but no such luck. And thank you for the stroller info!

  26. Hi Casey!

    Thank you for such a thorough review, complete with helpful photos! We’re heading to Disneyland in a couple of months and we’ll be enjoying the Blue Bayou package to see the MSEP. My question is: after we dine and head over to the Main Street/Train Station area, do we actually check in with a cast member before claiming a spot? Or can we just find a spot in the designated area and then they come around to check tickets? If we need to check in with a cast member, are they already there at the entrance to the designated area or do we have to go somewhere (i.e. Town Hall) to check in? Thank you!

  27. I don’t see the option to do a Blue Bayou package for lunch. Is it dinner only? It also doesn’t say 1st show or 2nd show for the Blue Bayou ones like the Aladdin bookings do. Is it second show only for Blue Bayou? Thanks.

  28. I can’t decide between Carthay and Wine Trattoria. We have a special diet restriction so we likely won’t be eating all 3 courses. Do you still pay the same? We will have a 2 year old with us. Does Carthay dining really take that much longer than Wine Trattoria? Is the reserved view for Carthay way better?

    • You have to pay the same, regardless of if you can enjoy all the courses. 🙁

      Carthay does take about 1.5 hours. They really have wonderful service and it’s a great experience, but might not be enjoyable with a 2 year old. Carthay’s viewing is better because it’s in the center and because it doesn’t share with another dining package. But, you can have a great time with the Trattoria option, too. I’ve enjoyed both.

  29. This post is EXACTLY what I was looking for!
    This will be my first visit and really want it to be perfect so here goes. Thanks in advance!

    Here’s the purchase plan(I’m getting the hopper ticket btw):
    – Aladdin’s Oasis at 12:00pm and get the reserved viewing for the 1st show of the Electric Parade (8:30pm)
    – Ariel’s Grotto at 6:40pm and get the reserved viewing for the 2nd show of World of Color (10:15pm)

    Conclusion: 1) Pick up lunch at Aladdin’s Oasis(12:00pm) —> 2) Hop to DCA ad Enjoy dinner at Ariel’s Grotto(6:40pm) —> 3) Hop to DL and see the Electrical Parade(8:30pm) —> 4) See the fireworks(9:25pm) —> 5) Hop to DCA and see the World of Color(10:15pm)

    Do you think this is doable?
    And are you sure on the “For Ariel’s Grotto, your dining reservation must be made between 5:30 and 6:30pm for the earlier show. Anything after will be assigned to the later show.”? Because for the Electrical Parade they do mention on the website whether it’s the 1st show or the 2nd depending on the reservation time, but not for the World of Color… and the casts are not answering my international call… 🙁

    You’re awesome. Thanks!

    • Hi, Kim.

      Your plan looks good. I would dine at the Aladdin’s Oasis dining area rather than taking my food out. It’s quiet and cool and much easier just to eat there.

      For MSEP, your reservation will have you assigned to the first parade. For WOC, your reservation should have you assigned to the second WOC. Confirm when you dine and let them know your line up of events and they’ll accommodate you. Just in case. But, I’m confident you are set up perfectly.

      After you dine at Ariel’s, go immediately to get set up at it’s a small world for the MSEP. Going earlier will get you a better spot. Don’t rush or ruin dinner, but be mindful of your timing.

      Enjoy it all!

      • Thanks for your advice! (I mean, REALLY.)
        Mind if I bother you with one more question?
        I’m aware that if I don’t feel like going with the dining package for WOC, getting a free fastpass is another way.
        If I want to see the 2nd show (10:15pm) on Thursday next week, what time do fastpasses usually run out? Again, it’s my first time there and my priority is set on getting the fastpass for the Spring Racer ride as soon as the park opens. I’m wondering if I can line up for the Spring Racer, get the fastpass, and then go straight to the WOC fastpass line and still get the 10:15 WOC fastpass.

        Thanks for everything!

        • Hi, Kim!

          This varies each day. You’ll be too early with what you suggested, actually. If you want the second WOC, you will need to check throughout the day to see what is being distributed.

          I actually recommend NOT going to RSR immediately. The best way to avoid Disney madness is to go where the crowd isn’t. The entire park will go to ride RSR or pull FASTPASSES at park opening and you will end up waiting 20+ minutes for a FASTPASS, which negates the entire idea of them.

          This plan shows you how to take better advantage of that first hour:


          (Skip the Frozen stuff if you’re not interested.)

          RSR will not run out by the time you get there with this plan.

          If you follow that plan, move getting FASTPASSES for WOC to after you ride RSR. You can have a cast member call from across the park at any of the guest relation umbrellas to see what time is being distributed. Or, just send someone in your group over with all the passes.

          For either show, without a dining package, follow these tips:

          With a blue FASTPASS, arrive an hour early and set up on the bridge. Get as close as you can to the front.

          With a yellow FASTPASS, arrive an hour early and set up as close to the water as possible. You might get a little wet if you’re front row and there is wind.

          Let me know what else I can do for you.

  30. Hey Casey, do you know anything about the Main Street Electrical Parade Dessert Party?
    Leaving the park the other day I saw a reserved area on the curb with the platter of desserts there, but no CM to ask about it. I haven’t seen it on the website, however they tend to hide the dessert options, as well.
    Thanks in advance!

  31. Just made a reservation for 3/22 at AO. But wondering about fireworks. I don’t see any scheduled that night. Do they not do fireworks every night?

  32. If I make a reservation for the Frozen dining package at Carthay Circle, what time is the show? Also, do you need to make your reservation before the show or can it be anytime that day? Thanks!

      • Thanks for the info. I called and they told me it is the 3:30 Frozen show. Lunch reservation must be made 11:30-2:00. We’re not going until June, but she said this information should not change before then.

  33. Hi!
    I have reservations for MSEP Blue Bayou 8:50 pm Saturday… assuming parade starts at 10:30, would you suggest we are pushing it with the time? Any advice?

  34. Thanks so much for the Blue Bayou MSEP dining information! We have this booked for next month… I’m a complete geek and am SUPER excited for the lanyard too!

  35. We had 6 o’clock reservations at AO on Friday. After waiting 30 minutes in line we were told that since our reservation was after 5 we would be with the late parade at 10:30 not the 8:30 parade like I expected. Since we have a 7 month old and 3yo we cancelled and ended up eating Mickey bars for dinner because it was so packed by that point. Would suggest highlighting this in your post. I know it says to double check, but having dinner reservations at 6 I wouldn’t think would qualify for a 10:30 parade. I honestly don’t remember it saying that when we booked.

    • Hi, Athena. Thank you for sharing this with us. When you select a time for your meal, the next screen notes “1st Show” or “2nd Show” in the title before you confirm. I can see how you might miss this, however. I’ll add a note in my post about it so that other guests don’t encounter the same. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know your experience.

  36. Thank you so much, Casey for all the useful information. I’m glad I found your blog! I have questions if you don’t mind. We’re planning to go to DCA on Monday, April 24 and DLR on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Do you think we need to make reservation through these restaurants for a spot, or because it’s low season, should I just plan on getting there early and get a spot myself? The restaurants are quite pricey for family of five, so I don’t know if it’s worth it to do during low season. Thanks in advance.

  37. We used Aladdin’s On-The-Go for the Main Street Electrical Parade on 2/16/17, and the entry point was further up the bricks towards (northeast) where the parade started next to the VIP seating. The reserved area was only the second level behind the fencing. For the area shown in the photo above you posted, the reserved area did not go below the stairs (granted it was full of strollers at 5:30 for 8pm show). With a 4 year old that could not see over the fencing, we were better off just sitting on the bricks next to the companion dog relief area (of course on my Matador blanket), just south of the walkway behind this area, so basically we wasted money for reserved seating (but the kids enjoyed their meals). They were also letting people sit in the queue line for a small world on the other side of the parade path behind the white fencing.

    • Thanks for the update, J.D. I link up to a post here on Facebook that shows I found the same on my latest Aladdin’s Oasis meal. 🙁 I’ve been trying to keep up with if they’re moving the section or not, so I’m glad you shared your experience. Each day I’ve been since then was cancelled due to rain! I’ll update this post with more info. I’m disappointed with the viewing area changes, but still think it’s a better option than waiting 3-4 hours, as you said, to watch the parade. Hope you love the blanket as much as me!

  38. Looking at the pictures for Aladdin’s On-The-Go for the Main Street Electrical Parade. I see people with strollers. Are you allowed to bring strollers into the reserved areas then? WE have 2 year old twins and older kids as well, so would be great if they allowed strollers.

  39. Thanks so much for being so informative!!! It’s my first time here, but definitely not my last. I found the answer to every question I had about the MSEP dining packages. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  40. Hi! We are going to be there Thurs -Sun and I reserved at Ariell’s Grotto and another’s day for Alladin’a Oasis. My kids are 1 & 3, on the reservation it asked for how many adults, I put 3 since the 1 year old won’t really eat or take up a seat. Will I have a problem getting set up in the reserved seating area if I don’t have a voucher for the the 1 year old?

  41. Hi Casey, avid reader and follower and had a quick question. Considering doing Wine Country WOC and/or Aladdin’s parade dining for my next trip but my children will be 10, 11, and 15. My younger two are both so picky and very light eaters… Can I get away with claiming them as “children” still and ordering from the kid’s menu?

  42. Hello! This might be a ridiculous question- but do you get to see the princesses at Ariel’s Grotto if doing the dining option for the World of Color, or do you only see the characters for the breakfast and lunch options? Than you in advance!

      • Yes it does. Thank you for responding- I was actually able to find my answer on another page of yours. Thank you for all the great info you have compiled, we are very excited and less overwhelmed with all your tips!

  43. Hi Casey! First of all, thank you so much for this website! As a WDW alum (and avid reader of Shannon’s companion site) I can’t send enough thanks your way for your planning websites! I am currently planning a May 2017 trip with 7 adults and 4 kids. When do they release the show times? Will they be released before I have to make my reservations? I want to make sure that I reserve the right dining time to align with the earlier show times as we have two 3-year-olds traveling with us. Or, do you have a best guess for what time the shows/fireworks will be? Thanks again!

    • Hi, Sammie.

      Welcome! Love WDW Prep!

      OK, so Disneyland is SO different from WDW. Check out this post for lots of basic info, including a section on WDW alum:


      Regarding showtimes, Disneyland cuts it close to our slated 60 days out timing to make reservations. Often, we are closer to 50. (I know. It’s maddening.) Have an idea for what you want to reserve and look online at 60 days out to see if you can book. If you cannot book online, call the dining line to see if they are able to make reservations over the phone. Sometimes, the dining line can accomplish much more than what the website can. The phone number is (714) 781-DINE (3463). Call between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time).

      The Main Street Electrical Parade will be happening daily in May. Weekdays include one parade at 7:00pm or 8:00pm. Weekends have two parades and look to be at 8:30pm and 10:30pm. This is what I see so far, so be sure to check as we get closer to your timing. Remember…..Dreams Come True Fireworks should be on when you’re there, too. That show typically falls between the two parades on the weekends, around 9:30pm. (I’m using what I’ve seen so far to advise, as both of these shows are new to Disneyland.) World of Color will likely have one show, around 9:30pm.

      Hope so much this helps! Feel free to contact me again if you have further questions.

  44. Great blog with a ton of info! One question, maybe I missed it… With the Aladdin oasis package, I thought I had read elsewhere that there was seating for the parade or is it just the standing area like in your picture?

  45. Do you now if I have a 440 reservation for Blue Bayou on a night where Paint the Night is at 630- will I get a pass for the 630 parade or the later one?

  46. This is a great update! Excited to visit next week. Do you happen to have a current copy of the Carthay WoC lunch menu?

  47. Awesome news Casey, booked the dinner for the Friday 16th – without your updates i would have missed it – you have been a great travel resource.

  48. Is Aladdin’s PTN On-the-Go option something you can reserve in advance, or walk-up only? And if it’s walk-up only, how limited is the availability?

  49. We have a regular dining reservation at Blue Bayou on a parade night. I just called to ask if I could have it changed over to a PTN dining package reservation, and after a brief old the CM told me they are just adding a no into the reservation to note that it will be for the PTN package. Can that be right? How can they control how many folks are booked for it if they are only making notes? (The poor CM was rather frustrated, saying “They just threw this on is today and there is nothing available for us to book.”)

    • I wouldn’t trust that. I would make a new reservation. There was no warning about this coming. I know they’re working hard to get it right. Try to make another. If not, keep this one and make notes of who you spoke to and when to reference if they give you a hard time the day of your meal.

  50. Do they still have the dining packages at Disneyland? I’m not seeing aladdins oasis or anything at Blue Bayou on the website.

  51. My family and I would just like to thank you so much for all your insight! I used your site for all my Disneyland planning for our trip last month. We made a reservation for the 10 of us at Aladdin’s Oasis and my goodness was it absolutely worth it. We made reservations for 1:00pm and we were over an hour late! But it was not a problem and they were happy to accommodate our group and take our orders and get us in. Aladdin and Genie were right near the entrance and the kids took pictures as we went into the outside seating area to get our table. It was a very warm summer day but we had large table in the shade away from the crowds and it was indeed an oasis. The food came quickly and we all enjoyed our meals. There are few options but even our pickiest little eater finished his Mac and cheese with roll. It was nice to eat something besides all the delicious junk food we continued to eat the rest of the day after the oasis! Genie and Aladdin were in and out of the restaurant and were so fun to interact with while we ate with the family. So around 7:00pm we made our way to It’s a Small World. We rode the ride and while half the group went into ToonTown, we went to the reserved Paint the Night parade area. They let us in at 7:50pm and we claimed our spots right at the front near the bricks and waited for the rest of our group. The parade was amazing! The area was spacious, no crowding. It was worth it, 100%! We stayed in the same area for the Disneyland Forever fireworks show which is hands down the best fireworks display we have seen! So beautiful! Thank you so much for all the details and info, we couldn’t have done DL without you!!

  52. We are looking at booking the World of Colour Dinner package for Monday at end of September for the five of us (2 adults and 3 kids). I see that the show starts at 8.15pm. Even with our preferred voucher for dining what time should we get to get good spots? Trying to decide what time to eat at Tratorria – the latest time seems to be 6pm. Would 6pm give us enough time to eat and get there for a good spot or should we eat earlier?

    • You should arrive about an hour prior to showtime for WOC. 6pm sounds fine, but you can dine at anytime. You’ll receive FASTPASSES for your viewing area, when you pay your bill, so you can return whenever you wish.

      • Thanks Casey! Were keen to go back for a swim at hotel before coming back for the evening which is why was going to make it dinner. So if we have a booking at 6pm is the service fairly quick that we will be out of there in one hour so we can start walking towards WOC to be there by 7.15pm. Otherwise perhaps we should eat at 5.30pm if not enough time to eat. Just curious that if we got a FP instead (as we have early magic hours staying at a Disney resort and could therefore get one easily) would it be one hour prior as well to get a good spot. Not sure if we are gaining much by paying for the dinner then?

  53. Hi Casey! Your website is amazing! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

    We are planning to eat “lunch” at Aladdin’s Oasis and get tickets to the earlier parade. Do you know what time frame is considered “lunch.” I’d like to pick up food around 2pm but don’t want to end up with tickets to the later parades. My kiddos will be long gone by then!

  54. Hi Casey!

    First – long time reader, first time commenter. You have been a lifesaver & a super fun read since my first trip to Disneyland last Dec, so thank you! ^_^

    We’re going to be visiting again this month, and I am really interested in the Frozen dining package + pre-show. However, I’m a little confused by how to time it.

    Is it possible to get the lunch / pre-show package for the 1:35 show, and if so, when would we need to be at the pre-show?


    • Hi, there. Thank you for your kind words!

      Each day, the Frozen Pre-Show differs a bit. I highly recommend calling to set up your time because the cast member can then walk you through your options on timing and how the meal will work with the show you want. Call (714) 781-DINE (3463) between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily (Pacific Time).

  55. I will be in the parks 9/2-9/4 participating in the DL Half. This is our first visit to DLR. Seeing PTN was very high on list and even more so now that it is closing on the 5th. I fear the crowds are going to be even higher during this weekend due to the announcements of closures.
    I booked the Aladdin’s Oasis dinner package for PTN on 9/2. It is for the 2nd showing of PTN (10:45). It is just DH and I. I would prefer to see Disneyland Forever from Main Street as opposed to Small World area. Do you think it is possible to be somewhere on Main Street for the fireworks at 9:30 and then make it to AO reserved area for the 10:45 PTN? If so, where should we try to be standing for fireworks? If not, would you cancel the dinner package and try to get the best spot possible on Main Street after the fireworks for PTN or keep the dinner package and watch the fireworks from an area closer to the AO PTN area?


    • Hi, Melissa.

      You can absolutely see the fireworks at 9:30pm and then enjoy the AO section for PTN at 10:45pm. I would stand somewhere mid-way through Main Street – perhaps near Candy Palace – to watch Disneyland Forever. That gives you a great view of the projections and then a peek at the castle, too. As the show is nearing the end, start inching your way over to the right side of Main so that you can jump on the sidewalk to get out of that area quickly and en route to it’s a small world to get the best spot possible for PTN. Enjoy them both!

      • Thank you so much Casey! I have learned so much from your site and I am looking forward to my first visit to DLR! Your pictures are great and you definitely inspired my planned park attire. Keep up the great work!!

  56. I can’t thank you enough for this review and the info. First, I had no idea they were doing the dessert party at CA. Second, it was really helpful to see where the viewing areas are for the parade before committing.

    This info is invaluable! Thanks again!!

  57. Casey, can’t thank you enough for the wealth of information you’ve provided! Our family is so excited for our first DLR/Southern California Adventure in 2.5 wks. After reading your post I am torn between Plaza Inn Fried Chicken & Aladdin on the Go for dinner before parade and fireworks. What would you do? We only have 1 day at each park and are WDW vets. Which is more unique to DL?

    • I’m a huge fan of both, but Aladdin’s Oasis incorporates both the meal and the parade viewing, so I totally vote for that. The experience is awesome. Arrive an hour prior to when they tell you to so that you can get in line to get first place. Enjoy it!

  58. Hi 🙂

    I was just wondering, do you have any insight into whether World of Colour Celebrate! will revert back to the original (and in my opinion better) version after the 5th September?

  59. Hello there, thanks for the great review. We have the Blue Bayou package for 7:30, so thinking of seeing the fireworks first and then the parade. Question for you – does the second parade go the opposite way(starting at the train station) ? Also with a 7:30 reservation, would that give us enough time to eat and catch the fireworks? How early would we need to be on Main Street for fireworks? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Vessy.

      Yes, the second parade starts at the front of the park, just outside Town Square, near Mad Hatter. With the Blue Bayou package, you’ll be set up near the train station. It’s fun!

      Fireworks typically start at 9:30pm (check the schedule to confirm for your date), so you’ll have enough time to eat and then grab a spot on Main Street. It will be crowded, but you can walk from Blue Bayou and then work your way onto Main to find a spot. You’ll be fine with your timing if you intend to watch mid-way down Main. For up-close castle views, people set up HOURS before, but I don’t recommend doing so.

  60. Thanks so much for this info on the Frozen Pre-Show Package! We are traveling to Disneyland Sunday August 28 – Wednesday August 31 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in the park). We want to see the Frozen show, and my biggest priority is to keep waiting in line time down as much as possible for my 4-year old. The Pre-Show seems like a good option for that reason. However, I am trying to save money, so I was wondering if this plan would work: make an afternoon reservation for a Tuesday Pre-Show. On Monday, scope out the FastPass lines and see how long they are. If the lines are relatively short, cancel the Pre-Show (within 24 hours), and then on Tuesday morning grab a FastPass. If the lines are long, keep the Pre-Show. Does that make sense? Do you think this is a good plan? I would love your advice!

  61. Wonderful advice. I have booked a Disneyland resort package for 12/31/16-1/1/2017 for my 30th Birthday. Forsure I am booking the Blu Bayou for my birthday dinner. Will this work even on New Year’s Eve?

  62. If I choose lunch at Carthay Circle, do I get the same World of Color tickets as if I chose dinner? Also, how much time in advance of show start time do we have to head to the Preferred area if we choose the Carthay Circle dining and have those tickets? I have some very impatient kids and waiting for an hour before show start is too long.

    • Hi, John. All WOC tickets are the same, meaning you all have access to the same spot. If there are two WOC shows, lunch will get you in the earlier show. Dinner will get you in the later one. The viewing area is excellent and I’ve had good luck with arriving just before showtime and getting a good spot. I recommend arriving earlier to ensure you get the place you want, but this is one option where you don’t absolutely have to.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I love how informative you are with this site! One last question if you don’t mind. As far as Aladdin’s Oasis goes, is that a sit down dining place where you have to make reservations to get Paint the Night tickets? Looking at the DL dining page, Aladdin’s Oasis is not listed like all the other restaurants. The closest thing I can find is “Paint the Night packages” and “Paint the Night on the go”. So do I have to make reservations like any other DL restaurant? Or is it more like a normal food stand where I can just walk up and order and automatically get tickets? Thanks in advance for your insight!

        • Aladdin’s Oasis is a grab and go option for the Paint the Night packages. You may dine there at the location or take the food with you, as it is wrapped up to go. Lots of photos of it in this post. I recommend having reservations, but you can often walk up and get them the day of.

  63. The Blue Bayou prices don’t seem to have changed from the Fantasmic package to the Paint the Night package but the Fantasmic package included a souvenir cushion. I’m assuming since you have to stand for Paint the Night that they aren’t including a cushion. Is that correct? I’m debating our upcoming trip options as we’re trying to splurge only one night so that means choosing between Blue Bayou and Carthay Circle.

  64. Hi! I am considering doing the blue bayou package for PTN on a Tuesday in August. I have 4 little kids. 2 will be in a double jogging stroller. How realistic is it for the 6 of us to quickly move up & get a good spot on Main Street where you can see the fireworks, nemo, tinker bell, projections & everything else after PTN? Does the street get jam packed right away where we won’t be able to move up very far? I am considering Aladdin too but really really want to eat at BB & see the fireworks from Main Street as I have heard that is the best spot! Thanks!!

    • It will be rather difficult to maneuver from the BB section up toward Main Street, but it’s not impossible. Jump into the parade route and follow after the Sorcerer Mickey float until the parade ends. Then, pass the Showcase Store on your right and move into Main as quickly as possible. You can do it!

  65. Hi Casey – thanks so much for all the wonderful info on your site. My family are visiting from 25th July with 3 day park hopper passes. We’re from Australia – our first time overseas and disneyland is dream for us! And wow – I never realised the need to plan for the visit in such detail in advance – so a great resource. A quick question about the preferred viewing for shows – how do you know which colour area you are allocated to? I’ve read through several times and may have missed that sorry – but can you please explain which dining packages go with which viewing areas. Also if you pull a fastpass for world of colour – where exactly do you go to watch this – is it the same preferred viewing areas? Thank you!

    • There’s a map about mid-way through this post noting where the locations are. Ariel’s Grotto and Wine Country share the same section and Carthay Circle has its own. Carthay is the best and is in the middle of everything. Carthay is in the green, just in front of the yellow circle. Wine Country and Ariel’s is closer to the water and technically to the show, however the area is tiered, so Carthay puts you above the others, making it easier to see. Blue, yellow and red make up the space that a FASTPASS will hold for you. I know there is a lot to cover. Please let me know what other questions you have. Happy to help!

  66. Hi! Thank you so much for this post (and so many of your others!). We are planning a quick DL/CA trip in a couple of weeks to celebrate our boys’ bdays. I’ve booked and re-booked so many meals trying to figure out what we want to do. We only have 1 day at DL. Top of our list is Star Wars for our 9 year old (we must get Jedi Training without Magic Morning – eek!) and meeting Mickey for the 2 year old. We realize how imperative the early morning is in the park, so I’m wondering if you think Minnie’s Breakfast at the Plaza is worth sacrificing valuable park time for? If we meet Mickey there, it would be worth it (then we could take toontown off of our list). We’ve done Goofy’s Kitchen the past two visits on our departing morning and thought we’d do it again until I read this post … I’ve changed our reservation to PCH. So, is Minnie’s worth it? Or should we just stick with 1 character breakfast at PCH and utilize that valuable morning park time?

  67. Hi, Casey!
    I’ve read this post probably a dozen times, trying to decide which options we want for our July trip, but I can’t make up my mind! I even had DH read it, and he couldn’t decide either. I wanted to ask you which packages you recommend for each event. We went in October of last year, and did Ariel’s Grotto, so we want to try something different this time – is Carthay Circle worth the cost over WCT? How about Blue Bayou over Aladdin’s (I know they are totally different experiences…)? It’s just DH and myself – we saw WOC when we were there in Oct, but didn’t catch the parade and the fireworks like the good Disney fanatics we are, haha. Just curious about your opinion on how they compare. Thanks in advance!

    • I love Blue Bayou and Aladdin’s Oasis. I actually prefer OA because of the viewing area. But you have to be ok with no castle view. Go with Carthay Circle. Lovely meal and great view!!!!

      • Thanks so much, Casey! I think we are going to go with Carthay Circle and Aladdin’s – we are totally okay with no castle view – especially with the projections showing on Small World.

  68. We just did the Aladdin’s Oasis Paint the Night last Wednesday. Thank you so much for the advice. We never would have known this was available. It was great. Food was good and eating in the restaurant was a very nice and peaceful way to relax. Saw Aladdin, Genie, and Jasmine walk through. Good spot at IASW for parade and fireworks. Got to parade location about 40 minutes early and front row spots were taken by the time we were admitted, but stood in the second elevated area and leaned against the gate that had a small ledge that small children could stand on to see parade. Plenty of room. I would definitely recommend this for lunch and viewing.

  69. Hi Casey,

    We are heading there on the 30th November but am I reading that the Fantasmic show is no longer on? We were looking at the BB dinner package but now not sure? My kiddies are 6 and 8 and its our first trip.
    Thanks kindly

    • Hi, Bonnie! Fantasmic! is on hiatus during the rerouting of the Rivers of America and train tracks for Star Wars Land. Blue Bayou is a ton of fun. Aladdin’s Oasis, too. You can’t go wrong with either!

  70. Wow!! This is fantastic. This is exactly the information I was looking for but couldn’t find anywhere. I almost booked a reservation at Ariel’s Grotto thinking we would get to see the show during our meal…so glad I found your post first!

  71. Great information. Just wanted to say thank you! I usually feel like I’m pretty “up”on everything but had not heard anything about the World of Color Dessert Package. We used to do the Fantasmic! balcony seating as a splurge when it was offered but this would be a double or triple splurge – but still thinking about it for a special occasion. It will be interesting to see what they offer when Fantasmic! returns.

  72. Hi Casey, thank you for all very helpful information. I wrote my questions on your other blog, but probably this one is more appropriate place for my questions:
    We are arriving 5/2, going to Disneyland 5/3 and CA adventure on 5/4. We are celebrating our daughter’s 5th birthday (my husband is turning 40 during the trip). Couple of questions:
    • Any recommendation for food when we arrive on 5/2. We don’t’ have tickets to parks until 5/3, so somewhere nearby would be great (it’s okay if it’s pricey). Maybe dinner with a character. Not sure if there is anything that is available do late in the game.
    • We would like to see the parade and fireworks on 5/3. What do you recommend we do for dinner to insure we get good viewing spots? I read about BB package, but looks like the viewing area might not be ideal. Can you please comment

    Thank you so much!!!

  73. Hi – we are heading to Disneyland from May 8 – 12. We always go during off peak times so generally don’t have an issue with finding a parade spot but like the idea of getting the reserved seats! If we do Aladdin’s oasis and end up in a small world, is it hard to evacuate out of there for the fireworks? Our little girl sometimes wants to leave when the fireworks start. Thanks in advance!!!

    • Hi, Shannon. it’s a small world is far from the entrance. It’s tucked back in the park near Toontown. If you want to skip fireworks, I recommend doing the Blue Bayou option instead, as that reserved viewing area is right by the main entrance. Have you considered ear plugs? You can buy them ahead of time, of course, but if you forget, the baby center has them (most of the time). That may help with the noise if that is your issue. Enjoy!

  74. This has been so helpful. I am trying to decide with the WOC package and if we go at lunch or dinner and which restaurant. We are going in June for our 20th wedding anniversary. I like all the menus but I am thinking to save money to go for lunch but I want to do the WOC late show if they offer one. Is that possible if you have lunch or does having lunch put you at the early show. Also doing PTN parade and reading this wondering about doing Aladins just because it will be summer and I will have a spot do you recommend it or not. Thanks for all the suggestions they are great booking all the dining now just booked breakfast with Minnie and friends on our anniversary so that will be a fun way to start the magic. So excited about this trip been to wdw more times than I can count but first time to Disneyland. Thanks again

    • Lunch WOC typically gives you the passes for the earlier show if there are two. You can call the dining line phone number in this post just to be sure. I LOVE Aladdin’s Oasis. Such an awesome value. Recommend. And happy anniversary!

  75. hi ,,i was wondering if you have tried the World of Color dessert Party ? i know its pretty new …..i have reservations in May ….thx

      • We were just there last week and did the World of Color Dessert Party. Without a doubt it was 100% worth it. A SIT DOWN reserved table, away from the crowds, yes please! You get to enter in through a special line, a host takes you to a reserved table with chairs. MOST of the chairs are high tops (meaning like bar height) so you can see the show over the crowd better. However, my MIL was in a wheelchair so we were taken to a special section with lower tables. We could still see the show just fine. First they brought out a bread basket and then you had a choice of champagne or hot chocolate. Each person could get 2 glasses of champagne. We were a party of 4, 2 of us did not drink but we could have each ordered the 2 glasses of champagne and given to the rest in our party. They did not seem really stingy with this. And of course they give you a whole plate of desserts. I’m not a big dessert person so I barely ate any of mine but they will give you a to go box to take it all home. Sorry for the long comment but I know a lot of people will weigh whether the money is worth it for this so have tried to give as much detail as possible. Now, I only wish they had a seated section like this for the parades. To me, a trip to Disney is so Magical why not do everything you can to make it extra Magical? 🙂

  76. This has been the most helpful post on show dining expierences!! Thanks for posting the menus too! My fiancé can be picky on food, so we’ve always hesitated on booking a show dinner reservation since we can’t find current menus. At least now we have something recent to look at 🙂 How often do you update menu photos from your trips? Or how often do they change? Thanks!!

  77. I reserved the Aladdins to go for my family. Do we pre order our food? and I scheduled it for 12:15 and I’ve seen conflicting things do we pick it up then or on another site I saw you puck it up any time after 12. I’m just confused. Thanks

    • You will order your food when you arrive. And your reservation time is the time you should pick up your food – just like any other reservation. Because there is a seating area, they treat the reservations according to a regular restaurant’s protocol.

  78. Hi Casey,

    I’ve been reading reports that the Blue Bayou PTN viewing area has been moved from Main Street to near the train station – in fact, some reports say FACING the train station. We have BB package booked, but plan to cancel if this is, in fact, still the case next month during our trip. Please let us know if you find any updates on this! Thanks!

      • Thanks for everything you do! If they keep the new BB viewing area, we plan to do Aladdin’s instead, so thanks for your detailed review on that, too!

  79. I also forgot to ask, what are the childrens options for WCT? Do they choose from the adult menu, or is it a separate menu and you just didn’t get one?

  80. Hi there. Thanks so much for the detailed info. You are the only place I have found the menu and pricing for the PTN packages, and the menus for the WOC. We have booked Wine Country Trattoria lunch for WOC, but I am on the fence about which to do for PTN. I mean, do I save 150 bucks, or do I splurge? If you were me, with a 7 month old, and 4 and 5 year old, which do you think would be the better choice? Not worried about the kids being behaved, and they would like the food at BB better I believe, but I want the BEST viewing of the parade without having to wait for it, and as far as the fireworks, I don’t want my kids being trampled since we will be there on Grad night. I’m so confused!! My heart tells me BB but my head says stick to Aladdin’s, because it will be less crowded near IASW. Help!

  81. Hi Casey,

    Thank you for your article, it helps very much!
    Can I ask you a few more questions?

    1) do you Know if the Prices you mentioned still the Same in 2016? And is the Tax included ? For Example Arielles Grotto $48.58 , does it include the Tax?

    2) what does the sentence mean (Arielles Grotto menue) “Check includes Charge for each individual ”

    3) which Package for World of Color would you prefer? We (my parents and I , 19 years old) carthay circle Dinner is too expensive for us. So would eat at Wine Country or Arielles Grotto ? It’s our First and Maybe our Last Trip to disneyland.

    We are from Germany and I would be very thankful if you answer my questions , exspecially with the Tax ? i ask this because the Tax is always included in Germany?

    Thank you in advance


    • Tax should not be included, but the pricing there should be up to date. I do my best to keep them current. Wine Country Trattoria is lovely. I recommend it over Ariel’s. I believe that sentence means that the charge included is for the show and each individual dining will be able to enjoy the show. Hope this helps!

  82. We just booked the blue bayou paint the night package and are excited for the adult meal options. However, we are going with our picky 2 year old. Technically the kids meal of $25 is for kids aged 3-9. Would we have to pay for the$25 meal? He will not be interested in eating anything from that kids meal. Could we order something else for him? (Such as fries or nuggets?) He eats so little and would not be worth spending $25 on. Since he’s so young is there a provision for this considering it’s a prix fix kind of deal?

    • You do not have to order a meal for him. He will be allowed in the restaurant to dine and the viewing area without a pass because he’s 2. You can ask to order off the regular menu if something works for him. Or bring in something you know he will eat.

  83. Casey,
    I would love to know what settings you used for your night time photos on your camera! They are great photos! Great post and helpful suggestions, by the way. I cannot wait for our trip in May 2016! It will be our kids’ first visit (ages 3 and 4) and our 1 year anniversary as a family (we adopted them) and our 12th wedding anniversary! Yes, we are CELEBRATING! :). Thanks. Angie

  84. Hello – Great blog! We are visiting on 4th April and I’m thinking of booking the Aladdin On-The-Go Dining package to try to make life a little easier, but am confused as to how we will be allocated to the PTN shows – it looks like there will be two performances that day (8:45 and 10:45) – is there any way of being sure we get allocated preferred viewing for the first? Our kids are only little and I don’t think they will make the later showing, even with an afternoon nap …

  85. We will be there in early August with 3 children (ages 4, 6, and 2 months). The Aladin option looks good for us. We would do reservations for lunch or an early dinner and then get the pass? Planning to get a fast pass for World of Color since those packages are out of our price zone. We’ve done Disney many times but haven’t been since 2006. Did do WDW in 2010. We also plan to do a character breakfast on the day we head home at one of the hotels.

      • Now that I’ve read more would it be to our benefit to do lunch at Wine Country Tratoria over just getting a fast pass. We will be there in August, very crowded, and I want to make sure it’s not too stressful with a 2 month old, 4 year old, and 6 year old. What is the children’s menu for the lunch? I saw the adult and it looks delicious. Similar to an Italian restaurant we have here in Puyallup near Pacific Lutheran University. Was already planning on doing the Aladdin lunch over in Disneyland on a different day. We will have 4 days total for both parks from July 31 to August 3, with non park hopping tickets although we may upgrade for the last day. Doing a Disney breakfast on the 4th before we leave over at Paradise Pier. We are driving down from Washington, doing the coast on the way down.

      • Odd question. My cousin who will be 18 is a picky eater. Do you think they’d let her pay the adult price but get the kids meal?

  86. Do you think getting a fast pass first thing for WOC would be just as good as the dining package with the resrved seating?

  87. We’ll be on our first DL trip in early August with our two girls ages 3 and 7. Would it make sense to get the Aladdin’s Oasis PTN reservation for 5:30 and take it to the viewing area to eat, or would it be better to just use the reservation for lunch since it’s across the park? We’re a WDW family, so I really have no idea what the park size is like and the actual distance between the two areas! Once we’re in the reserved viewing area, can someone just leave and bring back food?

    • In my post, I asked about getting a reservation for 5:30…I probably should have said “1 1/2 hours before the parade time” since the start time is probably seasonal.

  88. This is great! Thanks for all your info. I’m going Tuesday or Thursday this week with my son to Disneyland and hope to stay for Paint the Night. Does it always start near Small World if there’s only one show per night? If we do the Aladdin dining option, watch the parade near Small World, do you think we could then walk down toward Main Street and catch the Fireworks/Snow there?

  89. First timer here. I was wondering how long it takes to walk from downtown to main st to view the paint the night parade? We have a 530 reservation at catal on 2/13. Thanks and thanks for all the great info. We are so excited.

  90. Hi Casey!

    So we’ve already booked 2 character meals & Aladdin’s/PTN for our 4 day DL trip 2/1-2/4. Do you think I can get get away with aiming to get a WOC FastPass instead of booking ANOTHER meal? Thanks!!

  91. We will be there the first week of February. Assuming, the crowds will be similar to this past week, do you think the Paint the Night package is necessary to secure a spot for the parade? I’m debating whether or not to just wing it and hope the crowds are light or play it safe and get a reservation for Aladdin’s Oasis.

  92. Do they allow strollers in the Blue Bayou reserved area? Also, is it possible for one person to stake out a spot and have 2 others arrive later, or would it be hard to elbow your way through the crowd?

  93. I should mention its two adults and no kids if that helps? It’s our first time and I really just want to get the most out of our trip and it be magical *.*

  94. Hi!
    I’m going to Disneyland on Jan 11 – 12, 2016 and have found your website extremely helpful! I tried making a WOC dining reservation at Carthay Circle to kill two birds with one stone as suggested and get to watch the firework show followed by WOC there after… but the Firework show starts at 8:40pm on the 11th and World of Color starts at 8:15PM. Any suggestions on how I would be able to catch both? I love the idea of a dining reservation so that I don’t have to spend time hunting down a spot.

    • It’s not always possible…..it has to line up with the schedule Disneyland provides. If it doesn’t work with the timing of your visit, I’m sorry. 🙁 I’ve walked quickly from WOC to the Disneyland fireworks, however. That is possible…..though not easy with a group of people.

  95. Casey,
    We will be visiting Disneyland for the first time at the beginning of August 2016. I heard Fantasmic may close temporarily in January for the construction of Star Wars land? Is this true, and if so do you know when it will start back up?

  96. Hi Casey, Thank you so much for such a great site with a wealth of info! We are visiting for the first time with kids from New Zealand mid Jan 2016. We have 3 boys 6yrs & 4yr old twins. We were planning to visit tues/wed/thurs 19th – 21st Jan but I just checked schedule for shows and notice World of Colour isnt on any of those days. It is on the day before Monday 18th so we could rearrange things and come a day early but I noticed a comment you made above “I don’t even take my 8 and 9 year old to WOC because I find the viewing so frustrating.”
    And was wondering if its worth it then. i can imagine if they cannot see they will all lose interest and get very whiney at that time of the night.
    What do you think?

    • Hi, Dana.

      It can be frustrating if you don’t get the right viewing spot. If you do a dining meal that works with the WOC shows, as mentioned in this post, you’ll have a great viewing area.

      You can also achieve that with a FASTPASS that is free and is distributed near Grizzly River Run. Grab those in the morning. If you can ask a cast member when the blue section is being distributed (usually early) and get on the bridge, you’ll be in good shape.

      It’s likely closing for refurbishment on the days it’s showing that it’s not running because it typically goes down shortly after the holidays.

      Hope this helps!

  97. Hi Casey.
    Is the map that you put up that has been dated back to 11/2011 (for the world of color seating), is it the same as it would be present time? And how do you get the best seating?

  98. Hi Casey. We’re going on December 31 and want to see the Fantasmic Show. We are a party of eleven, including two toddlers and a 7 month pregnant mom. Does the Blue Bayou includes a chair or only the seat cushion to seat on the floor?
    Is the same area for all the restaurants? Last summer we bought the Aladdin Oasis ‘Fantasmic on the go’ and we coudn’t find good places, althought we were there 30 minutes before the show.
    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Hi, Marlyne.

      Blue Bayou is the only option that includes a seat cushion and no chairs are available, actually. None of the other dining options offer a cushion at all or other accommodations. BB is your best option.

  99. Casey,
    I was wondering if you have heard about what the Blue Bayou will be doing once Fantasmic stops. I have never eaten there, and it’s definitely our plan to eat there on our January trip (Jan.14-19). And I know their Special Dining Events gets more bang for your buck! Either way we will be having dinner there!
    Thanks for any info you know!

    • They should be operating as normal, but you bring up a good point. Perhaps they’ll provide another Special Dining Event to coordinate with the fireworks or parade? I’ll let you know if I learn anything! Great question.

  100. Hi Casey,

    My daughter and I did the Carthay WOC package. The food was excellent, however when we got to the reserved area, my daughter couldn’t see much. There were too many people in front of us. I had no problem seeing the show but my daughter was not tall enough. Is there a spot that is elevated for shorter people or do we have to go there super early and hope to get in the rail or rope?

    Btw, the Blue Bayou Fantasmic was excellent! We thought the Carthay WOC would be similar (in terms of great viewing), but unfortunately not for the little ones.


    • Hi, Daniel.

      I totally agree with your comments and find this very frustrating. Fantasmic!/Blue Bayou is so awesome because you can sit. WOC is difficult to see at any space. Typically, World of Color/Carthay Circle includes the tiered section, which allows people to find space on the steps to see over others, but perhaps those spaces were filled? I don’t even take my 8 and 9 year old to WOC because I find the viewing so frustrating. I wish I had a better answer for you! If I find any tricks, I’ll post them within this post.

  101. Two questions…
    1) Is there a published menu for lunch at Carthay Circle? I am looking for vegetarian options.

    2) At the Blue Bayou, are all of the tables inside the ride, or just some?

  102. Do you know what time World of Color show will be held in Dec? We will be at Disney Dec 7-11 and wonder what time to make dinner reservations at Cathay Circle.Can we still see fireworks over in Disneyland while having dinner? Do you know what the park(s) hours are then?

    • I don’t have information on park hours or dining/fireworks. I recommend checking back often to see when hours are released and calling the dining line as soon as you’re eligible to make your reservation (60 days out). They should be able to tell you when you can dine and hopefully how to coordinate with the fireworks at Disneyland as I’ve detailed in this post. Schedule your WOC meal 1.5 hours prior to fireworks at Disneyland, but make sure that also works with the WOC timing so you don’t miss that show.

  103. Hi there, for a family with 2 adults and 2 kids (age 8), which restaurant (in either park) would you recommend? Just can’t decide, is the reserved viewing better for one show over the other? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, Lisa.

      I recommend Blue Bayou for Fantasmic! The experience – both dining and the show – is so much fun and the viewing spot is the best possible between the two parks and two shows. You’ll receive a souvenir seat cushion to sit on, you are front center for Fantasmic! and then you can stay afterwards to watch the fireworks from where you sat for Fantasmic! Plus the restaurant is a Disneyland icon and housed in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, so you get to see the boats go by while you dine. Hope that helps!

  104. What time would you recommend I make dinner reservations for Blue Bayou on the first Saturday in December if I hope to secure a table by the water?

  105. Do they offer any allergy free options for the dining event packages? E.g., we have a dairy allergy – do they offer substitutes for mashed potatoes etc?

  106. Hi Casey,

    This is great information. I’m planning to do the late Carthay Circle dinner on November 13th in order to see the fireworks and then move onto WOC..question though what time should we make the reservation? I noticed the entertainment schedule is not posted yet so don’t know what times WOC & Fireworks will be yet. Also I can begin making dining reservations on Monday for regular dining but it looks like right now the WOC dinner packages are 9-10 days behind..is this accurate? I’m a long time Disneyworld goer but first time in Disneyland so trying to make sure I have everything in line! Thanks

    • Hi, Megan. Hard to tell. Dining at DLR is quite different and sometimes, the 60 days out option is late, as you’ve seen. Your best bet is to keep calling each day until you are allowed to make your reservation. The dining dept will know the calendar and times/entertainment schedule before Disneyland publishes it on their website, so that will be your key – calling them to learn more.

      • At Disneyland, you are allowed to make reservations at 60 days in advance – each day. So instead of being able to book ALL of your reservations in advance immediately at 180 days in advance as with WDW, you must do it a day at a time at 60 days at Disneyland.

        • Exactly. And sometimes, some reservations are not even available 60 days out. DLR is a different experience. We’re super laid back. I know that’s difficult coming from the well oiled machine of WDW, but it’s how we roll.

  107. I’ve been looking everywhere for Wine Country Trattoria’s current WOC menu. Do you happen to have it or know where to find it? Trying to pick a place for dinner with several picky people so I have to have the menus up front.

  108. Fantasmic! will not be shown on Halloween party dates, but World of Color will be shown at 8:15 on both the 28th and 29th. Unfortunately, Fantasmic! will not be shown during any of those days. 🙁

  109. hi, just making sure I have this correct, we will be there Sept 28, 29, 30 I know the Halloween party will take place on the 28 and 29, does that mean there will be no fantasmic or world of color shows those days?

  110. Hey great post! We will be there on a Tuesday late September. How early should we pull a fast pass for World of Color and what is the best color to have if you don’t have a dining reservation? Also how do you check to see if there will be a WOC show during our vacation.