Star Wars at Disneyland – Everything You Need to Know

Updated March 6, 2020

****For everything Galaxy’s Edge related, visit this post.

If you know where to look, you can find a rather large Star Wars presence at Disneyland and it’s impressive. I’m only mildly knowledgeable when it comes to Star Wars and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything. This part of Disneyland can be found in Tomorrowland.

This area is crowded and you’ll want to know what you’re going to encounter prior to visiting. After walking down Main Street and taking the right into Tomorrowland, you will immediately notice the congestion. It’s crowded! But, it’s super, super cool.

Formerly known as Innoventions, the big building in this area has been completely transformed and it’s my favorite part of the Star Wars hype taking over the parks. The first floor includes the Star Wars Launch Bay. (The second floor is closed currently.)

Let’s look at what Disneyland has to offer inside the actual Launch Bay and also throughout Tomorrowland.


Star Tours – Redesigned with a glimpse of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Planet, the former Star Tours has been transformed. Kids will love it. Must be 40″ or taller to ride.



Character meet-n-greets with Rey/Chewbacca and Kylo Ren/Darth Vader (he’s back!) are here. These guys can be seen from 10am-8pm each day.

Rey and Chewy’s line:

Average wait times are about 20 minutes.


A couple of photos from the meet-n-greet:



Kylo Ren and Darth Vader’s line (they share a space to meet guests):

Average wait times are about 30 minutes.


A photo from the meet-n-greet:


Finding Boba Fett used to be more difficult. Now, he’s on the character list and can be found on the app. (He hates me.)

Also in the Launch Bay

There is a Star Wars themed souvenir shop, too, on this level.


Also included is the cantina. It’s a cool photo op.

12308516_851239828306995_7443968871353347637_nIn between the two character meet-n-greets, you’ll find interactive games only available at Disneyland. There are also super cool pieces on display from many of the movies:


Upon entering The Launch Bay, take an immediate right to watch a short film that will catch you up to speed on the movie franchise. I love this part. Don’t miss it.



Disney Visa Cardholder Meet-n-Greet

There is also a Disney Visa Cardholder meet-n-greet with Darth Vader/Kylo Ren. It’s open from 4:30-8pm each day and is available to Disney Visa Credit Cardholders (not Debit). You must have your driver’s license with you to confirm identity.

The line up starts here:

12274398_851239858306992_6434788131116107666_n (1)

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple


The Jedi Training Academy has theming to match Season of the Force. Children age 4-12 are invited to participate.

Unfortunately, this experience has ended for now. I’ll update this post once it is available again.

Trials of the Temple now includes a sign up registration that begins during Extra Magic Hour. Cast members will fill 1/2 of the day’s available spots during Extra Magic Hour (also called Magic Morning) and will leave half for those arriving at regular park opening.

It is imperative that you go immediately here at park entry to ensure your child gets a spot. Most often, the entire sign up registration is full within an hour of park opening. Once it’s full, there will be no option for your child to participate.

***If possible, try for a morning without early entry privileges if you are not staying at a DLR Hotel. Magic Mornings happen on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (typically) at Disneyland.

The sign up location is in Tomorrowland, on the outskirts of the Star Wars Launch Bay, closer to Autopia.

See photos for reference:



When it’s your turn, your child will be asked his or her name and age from the first cast member.


Then, you’ll proceed to the second cast member, where you may choose a time to participate. You may choose from the options that are still available. If you arrive early enough, you can really plan your day well. Otherwise, you’ll have to take what is left. Upon choosing, you’ll be given a piece of paper confirming your time. Keep that. You will need it when you return at your time.


We chose 11:30am for our performance time. We were told to be there by 11:05am. When you return, go up these stairs and hang out until the cast members start to collect the kids and put robes on them.


Your kids will wait here until everyone is ready.

Here is where I would have done things differently: Once kids were settled and felt comfortable in their robes, I would have taken the opportunity to get a good place for seating at the actual performance area. You’ll just be standing around at this point.

Also, a photo will be taken of your child in his or her robe and you’ll get a photo card to grab that image at a later time. This image will be included in your PhotoPass package if you purchase. If you have MaxPass, your image will be included.


Once the kids are all robed, cast members will tell you to go find a seat. Had I been there earlier, I would have gotten front row and settled at the center of the seating area so that I could see my kids come down the ramp and into the Jedi Training Academy arena.

Instead, I was seated with this view:


You’re better off as close to that blue railing so that you can see both angles….them walking in and then on stage, too.

Kids will become part of the show and eventually battle Darth Vader or the Seventh Sister.








The final line up:


Once your Jedi finishes, he or she will return the light saber and receive this button. They LOVE this:


Depending on when the park opens, these times could change. Be sure to check your day’s Entertainment Schedule to confirm.


I highly recommend being organized and registering your kids. It’s one of the best FREE experiences in the parks. My little ones really enjoy it!

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi


Stop in to watch this 10 minute short film that ties together past and present Star Wars and gives you a glimpse of what is to come. This is shown in the Tomorrowland Theatre from 8am to 9pm each day.

Star Wars Themed Food

The Galactic Grill has Star Wars themed food. The menu changes throughout the year, so check this link for what is currently available.

You can also find other snacks like popcorn with Star Wars containers throughout Tomorrowland. These popcorn containers vary in design and availability, depending on when you visit.



Walking Through Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is filled with so many fun things right now and just walking through the area is an experience.

Be on the look out for Storm Troopers. They don’t stop often, but occasionally, you might get lucky enough to see a scene like this:


There are souvenirs beyond those in Star Trader (although this shop really does have the best selection of Star Wars gear in the park) and they’re all pretty awesome.



This is a popular part of Disneyland right now. Take a look at the strategy in this post to know how to start your day, conquering the most iconic rides in the park by lunch, including Star Tours and Space Mountain:

How to Start Your Day at Disneyland

Note: If you’re considering wearing a costume of any sort, be sure to review Disneyland’s specific guidelines for Season of the Force.

The Void

The Void in Downtown Disney is an awesome additional-cost experience that Star Wars fans will love. I share all about it here.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

“Star Wars Land” (don’t call it that) will open at Disneyland on May 31, 2019 to likely not much fanfare at all. Two of the most passionate fan bases in the world – Disney and Star Wars – coming together to check out this new 14 acre land loaded with cutting edge technology and experiences?

Probably won’t be that big of a deal. I’ll let you know, either way. ?

Visit my link here for everything you need to know.

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  1. Muchas gracias Casey! Vamos a visitar Disneyland el 28 de agosto y quería saber: ¿cual debería ser el mejor horario para mi “Grupo de Abordaje”…? y de acuerdo a eso ¿como organizo el resto de mi dia en Disneyland? Somo un grupo de 4 adultos, desde ya, muchas gracias por tomarte tu tiempo en conestarme!

  2. Hi Casey! Thanks for all you do 🙂 Do you have an idea yet when more info about Galaxy’s Edge will be available? We have a July trip planned, and while we’re expecting nothing short of mass chaos (ok, not really, but you know) I’m looking forward to your tips and suggestions on how to make our trip as smooth and hassle free as possible!

  3. I followed the link and have searched Disneyland’s website but can’t tell, is Jedi Training still happening? I am taking my son March 11-14, 2019.

  4. Hi Casey! thank you for all the info! would you say that 11:30 am was a good time to sign them up or you wished you had chosen a later tine during the afternoon break ( like 12.40 or later)

  5. Question – i have a 4 year old son who wants to do Jedi Training. I am just scared that he will get super shy or not want to go by himself. Do they allow one parent to stay in the vicinity for kids that are scared?

    • Sure. They want your child to enjoy the experience. Let cast members know your concerns upon arrival.

      Also – my daughter did this twice, as you can see in the photos – but never went on stage because she was scared. No pressure.

  6. Thank you for the great information! We are going to DLR March 15-17 and have many Star Wars fans in our group. We plan to sign up for Jedi training 1st thing and have the other parent grab fastpasses to Fantsamic. After signing up should we ride star tours and save the “touring” of the bay for later in the day? I don’t want to waste vital park hours when we could be riding to see this area if it takes significant time.

  7. Get Casey, are the dark side characters still Darth Vader and seventh sister? My son would lose his Star Wars loving mind if got to battle Darth maul. He saw a video of Darth maul instead of seventh sister and got super excited. Also is there any way to request which tier/ villain to battle?

  8. Casey – great post!!! Is there a way to make sure your kids fights Darth Vader on stage? I think in WDW – there is a certain line they stand in to ensure they go up on stage to fight Darth Vader? Thank you!

    • Hi, Ally.

      Unfortunately, no. 🙁 I have done this with my kids a few times recently and it’s always varied. You could ask a cast member at the actual event……just prior to showtime if they can make that happen, but there are no guarantees. Kids will fight Darth and/or whomever else is there to battle.


  9. We’re headed to Disney this month the 28-30. We were planning on doing our magic morning Tuesday. And then back into the parks Wednesday. We’ve got three little ones that want to sign up, would you suggest heading straight to register on Tuesday with our magic morning? Or waiting until Wednesday and going when the park opens? We don’t want to miss out, but wasn’t sure if we should use up our magic morning to register! Thank you!! We used your site when we went two years ago and it made our trip so amazing! My Dad was impressed with how much we saw and did with how bus the parks were, all your tips and tricks!

    • Hi, Kim.

      So glad you had a good visit last time!

      You don’t have to use your Magic Morning to register. But, on Wednesday, be absolutely sure to arrive an hour prior to official park opening. Then, at the 30 minute mark, when you should be let in, go directly to register. You should be just fine.

      Have the best time!

  10. Hello Casey, Great Post and the questions from really help understand fully how to plan your day.. We are going in July 2017, so if I got this right, we are going to use our Magic Hour on Saturday fo DL,

    We should go and ride Space Mountain 1st, then 1 of us go and grab FP for Star Tours and the other parent go and sign up for Jedi Training with child that’s interested.. Does Summertime change alot of your Tour Plans for DL? Also I read your post about the monorail and not to rely on it to get you right into Tomorrowland from Downtown Disney.. Does that still hold true for summer hours? Thanks again..

    • Hi, Dyron.

      Yes, Magic Morning can be used on Saturday. Great idea!

      Your plan is good. Summertime still won’t guarantee the monorail’s run times. They’re unpredictable. I always recommend planning without it.

      Jedi Training is such a great experience. Hope everyone loves it!

  11. Hi Casey,
    First I want to say how awesome you arr for taking the time to share all of this with us. THANK YOU! Second Im wondering if there is a step by step guide to do as much as we can on disneyland, for me to screenshot. The same way that u wrote one for DCA. This year, Im going to dianey just mu hubby and I, no kids and i want to do as much as we can if spare time to enjoy the city later. One day we plan to do Cali Adventure and the next day Disneyland. What do u recommend?

  12. Thank you for all this great info! We visiting Mar 1-3 (Wed-Fri), and we will have one Magic Morning. If we want to sign our 5 year old up for Jedi Training, would you recommend we use our Magic Morning on Thursday, or go on Wednesday at official park open to sign up?

    • Hi, Katy.

      I wouldn’t use your Magic Morning on it. The sign up system is great on any way, Magic Morning or not. Just be sure to go straight there on your non-MM day and get in line. That way, you can still take advantage of the MM. If you want to use your MM, you can still go straight there and then head out to do everything else.

  13. I have to admit, meeting Thor was one of the highlights of our trip a few years ago. He was so personable (and easy on the eyes!), and the set up was cool. I’m sad they didn’t continue his meet and greet somewhere. That being said, I was smitten with Chewie…

  14. First timer for DLR (veteran WDW family)….very confused on touring situations especially with so many closures this spring. We arrive 5/29, depart 6/1. We all would like to ride Hyperpace and StarTours, but the boys are too big for Jedi Training…really enjoyed it years ago at WDW though. My question is should we go straight to Hyerspace (ride standby), grab Star Tours FP and then go to ???? while waiting for our return? I know there are tons of things to see in the newer Tomorrowland area, but I hate to waste morning time on things we can walk around later. If we should head somewhere else, where?? Too late for Peter Pan. Any help appreciated. Love your site…SO HELPFUL to this DLR newbie . Thank you!

  15. I get lost in a maze of articles and am confused. So if I read this correctly b/c Star Wars area so new you would start here instead of peter pan? Is peter pan easier to do at close> I have rode it 100 times at WDW and missed it last time at DL so definitely wanted to do it! My husband and teen daughter are definite star wars fans so on extra magic hour in the morning, proceed to Star Wars Land first correct?

  16. Hello, We are going the first Monday of February. If we get there early during rope drop and go straight to the jedi training, how long do you think the line takes? Does it go pretty quickly once you are in line? I have a four year old boy who would love to do this. But I don’t want the line to take up our entire morning.

    • It really depends on the crowds, but you’re going in the off season, so the park should be light. Be there an hour prior to opening and you’ll likely be let in 30 minutes prior to official park opening. Line up for Rope Drop at Tomorrowland when they let you in early. Go straight there and it should take maybe 10 minutes start to finish.

  17. Hi! Is Hyperspace Mountain still super popular? Trying to plan our EMH for Nov 21. Does your advice to do Hyperspace Mountain and get a FastPass for Star Tours before heading over to Peter Pan still hold for November? Or could we do Peter Pan and then head over the Hyperspace Mountain during our EMH?

    • I would still start with Hyperspace Mountain. It’s just as popular as when it began, especially since it changed to Ghost Galaxy for Halloween. It’s just back to Hyperspace now. Consider Jedi Training registration, too, if you have kids that age. It’s awesome.

      • You are awesome! Thank you! I have another question for you. My 2 sons (ages 6 and 9), my husband, and I will have 3 EMH’s: 2 at California Adventure and 1 at DLR in between. We thought we would spend all day our first day at CA, all day our second day at DLR, then park-hop our 3rd day: we’d start in CA to take advantage of our EMH at CA. But once DLR opens, we could send one of us over to quickly grab Fast Passes. Does this seem feasible? Any advice on park-hopping?

  18. Can we only sign up for Jedi training in the morning? We’re headed to the Halloween party tomorrow, but just doing the party. My 5 year old would LOVE it! Thanks so much

  19. When we go to Disney in Nov, my daughter will be 2.5 yo and I’ll be 5.5 months pregnant. Is there anything we can do in Season of the Force? She’s scared of characters right now, too young for the training camp, and it looks like she’s too short for the rides. My husband and I do love Star Wars though and our daughter will wear her Rey costume.

    • There’s a lot to do and see just by walking around. The Launch Bay itself (where Chewy and Kylo Ren can be seen) has video games to play, a short movie about the history of Star Wars, costumes and props from the movies, etc. You could dine at Galactic Grill, which is a counter service restaurant that serves Star Wars themed food. You could really just walk the area and maybe get lucky and run into a Storm Trooper or two. Check out this post, too, for how to bring your baby to Disneyland and how to enjoy it while you’re expecting:

  20. Hi Casey,

    We are planning our first trip to Disneyland with our 3 year old (it is my first as well) and we are going just for Disneyland! I am loving your site on how to make the most out of the trip for a toddler. I am looking at the tour plans and I do not see a place for Star Wars. Where would you incorporate this into our day? We are thinking that we will do 2 days at Disney Land and 1 day at California Adventure.

  21. Jedi training is a priority for our upcoming trip, we are staying at DL Hotel, and will be there for EMH. Just wondering about the monorail into Tomorrowland – will that be open during EMH? If so, would you recommend riding that from Downtown Disney to Tomorrowland in order to minimize walking time to sign up for Jedi training?

  22. Hi! My little girl is 3 and a half, but looks older… do you think they’ll let her register for Jedi training? She would be so disappointed if her big brother gets to participate but she doesn’t! Do they ask for some sort of proof of age or how does it work? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi, Ale.

      Proof of age is not required, but she will be asked a series of questions to ensure she’s ok with being on stage. The park tries to avoid any panic situations by allowing children age 4 and up participate.

  23. Hi Casey! Will the Jedi training sign up still happen in October? Last year my son wasn’t chosen and had an epic meltdown. I’m hoping this new sign up process will smooth the way this year.

  24. Thank you for all of this information! Our #1 at Disneyland is for both boys to do Jedi Training (oldest did it last time and youngest now has to), Star Tours, and I would like a family pic with Chewbacca. If we 1st sign up for Jedi Training during magic morning, do you think we should head to Chewbacca at Launch Bay next? I’ve heard his line gets long and would love to get this done in magic morning if possible. I can’t find his character hours. I’m not too worried about Star Tours line, but we would run over there before Launch Bay if it doesn’t open until regular hours. Thank you!

  25. What’s the typical age range for the Jedi Training? My son is 4 and obsessed with Star Wars, but I don’t know if he would be too young. Thanks for the help!!

  26. Thanks Casey for great info! I am a single mom and trying to plan a trip in a few weeks. It will be just me and my 10 year old son. Kinda difficult to be quick on getting FP. Do you recommend hopper tickets or one park per day. I am planning our trip for 2 days.

  27. Hi Casey, your site is GREAT, I’m trying to soak it all in pretty quickly for our first trip!
    If we are staying at a Disney hotel and go on a morning that we can get in an hour early, do you recommend we sign up for Jedi Training and then go straight to Hyperspace Mountain and pull a FASTPASS or do standby? Or is there a different order?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Christina.

      If you have two adults, I would send one to grab Hyperspace FASTPASSES while the other stands in line (with all kids wanting to participate) to register for Jedi Training. If there is only one adult, go to Jedi registration first and then get FASTPASSES for Hyperspace after.

      The standby line builds quickly. I wouldn’t recommend using it. Always go for FASTPASSES. Enjoy it all!

  28. Hi Casey,
    thanks for all of the work you put into your site! I’ve used so many of your articles to plan our Disney trips and sent articles to friends who were going as well! We’re planning to go to CA Adventure in the next few weeks, but won’t be going to Disneyland. I know Star Trader in Disneyland is the main place to shop for Star Wars paraphernalia, but is there anywhere in Downtown Disney or CA Adventure where I can find Star Wars items as well? Thank you!

    • Thank you, Adrianne! Gone Hollywood off of Hollywood Blvd has a lot of Star Wars gear. Five and Dime on Buena Vista Street does, too. World of Disney in Downtown Disney has plenty, too. You won’t miss much!

  29. What time does Boba Fett usually start meeting and what time does the Stormtroopers usually come out? Also, is there any chance of meeting Darth Vadar?

    • Hi there! Boba Fett and the Storm Troopers come out at varying times, but neither have set schedules. Some days, they are our often and others, rarely. No way to tell, unfortunately. Darth Vader can often be seen at Jedi training, but he’s not currently at a meet-n-greet.

  30. Hello love your blog !!! My husband, two year old girl, grandpa and me are going to the parks July 15 and 16. The plan is to ride first my husband and I while grandpa is with granddaughter and then use sigle rider lines for grandpa but in FP rides I notice that they say “return anytime between 2:30 and 3:30 pm” can be get the FP together and use them in that hour? for example parents riding first and then grandpa during that same hour.
    Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  31. I noticed in your article that they now allow you to sign your kids up for the Jedi training during the Magic Hour. So, would you go straight there for Magic Hour and then do the other activities?

  32. So would you recommend going to Tomorrowland over Fantasyland first thing in a.m.? Is it more advantageous to get a FP to Star Tours over Indiana Jones?

  33. Can we sign up for Jedi training first thing on a Magic Morning? Or do we have to wait until regular park opening hours? I want my kids to be able to do this, so plan to go there very first on our Magic Morning day, but don’t want to waste precious morning time going there if they won’t take names until regular opening time.

    • They won’t allow you to sign up prior to official park opening. But you can line up during magic morning. I include lots of details on where to go and how the sign up works in this post. Definitely pay attention to the line as it is forming, but you can spend your hour doing more productive things. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  34. Hi Casey,
    After riding Hyper Space pilling Star Tours and signing up for Jedi training on a Magic Morning what fast passes would you suggest to pull next. I was going to follow your Disney for the entire family chart but it doesn’t follow this itinerary

    • Hey there. I didn’t include Season of the Force because it’s temporary. You won’t be able to pull any other FASTPASSES because you pulled Star Tours. The only option left is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, which is disconnected. So definitely grab that one!

  35. I’m very new to all of this and I’ve been trying to do my research!

    We get to do the early morning so we’re planning on going straight to Tomorrowland. Is Hyperspace mountain available to ride early? I’m finding it difficult to find info on what open during the magic mornings.

    We can’t sign up for Jedi training until the regular park hours, correct? My plan is to attempt to ride Hyperspace Mt and whatever else we have time to enjoy before hurrying to sign up for Jedi training. Does that sound reasonable?

  36. Love all the info!! We are first-timers coming in March and are SO excited!! Do you know, can you sign up for Jedi training during magic morning? If we are there with the extra hour should we ride Hyperspace Mountain and then go to sign up for Jedi training, or just get that done first no matter what? We will be there with two kids, 5 and 7, should we divide and conquer a bit? One parent wait in line and the other pull fastpasses/visit the launch area? Are characters out during the magic morning?

    • Characters should be out, but Jedi training does not register until official park opening. And all kids have to be present for the registration. I would go straight to Hyperspace Mountain, ride it, try to grab FASTPASSES for Star Tours, but be checking the line for registration. It will start building during magic hour. No need to stand there the entire time. But get there before the end of the hour.

  37. Hi Casey!
    This is one of our top picks for our trip coming up! Question for you; Should we sign the kiddos up for Jedi training first thing, and THEN head to HyperSpace?
    Or sign them up after riding? Would hate to miss the JEdi Training if it fills so quickly! Thanks!

  38. I’m incredibly bummed that we will be going in October and hat Seaon of the Force will be done. Any guesses on what parts will stay and/or what will replace it when October comes around?

  39. Do you know if there are any special passes/surprises like they had during the 50th anniversary? I remember bonus fast passes you could “win” that were good all day on all FP rides. Just curious if the 60th had anything similar.

  40. Yay!! Thanks so much for all the great info 🙂 we will be there next week and I am so excited to see the build up before the movie premier. I will be such the amazing mom armed with all the inside knowledge once my kiddos find out we are going to Disney!

  41. Perfect timing on this one, Casey! My kids are going to be soooo excited this week, and now we know what to expect! Thank you!!!

    • Thanks Casey! Great article. I’d add that for Star Tours during this time, Disney has added a new scene from the upcoming Force Awakens movie. Everyone gets to see it. Lots of fun — I like this new “season.” 🙂