Masks and Face Coverings at Disney Parks and Resorts During Covid-19

Updated December 11, 2020

Disney Parks and Resorts are currently requiring guests age 2 and up to wear a mask/face covering while visiting. A mask is needed while you’re in the park, walking down Main Street, on attractions, wandering your hotel, etc, etc.

Essentially, unless you’re eating or drinking – while stationary – a mask is required on Disney property. No exceptions.

While at the reopening of Walt Disney World in July of 2020, I took a day off and tested several mask and face covering options, which I’ve detailed, below. What better place than Orlando to figure out what works in the heat, right?

Let’s take a look at what I discovered.

Mask & Face Covering Rules

Find mask and face covering information from Disney here.

That link will have the most up to date list of what is allowed and what is not.

Disney is doing a great job of adjusting their rules as needed to keep guests safe. Be sure to review that link prior to visiting.

Disney Approved Masks/Face Coverings


  • Made of: Polyester
  • Cost: varied (2 for $11.99; 4 for $19.99; etc)
  • Purchase: At Disney Parks/Stores or here
  • My Opinion: These are comfortable, nice quality, and super affordable. Known to run small, buy a size up. I wear size large and it fits well.

Get Away Today

  • Made of: 100% cotton
  • Cost: $19.99 each
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: These masks are super comfortable. The adjustable loops help provide a custom fit. These are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low.
  • #Ad


  • Made of: Paper
  • Cost: $29.94 for 50 qty
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: I like the convenience of paper masks, but they’re not without some flaws. Because they don’t fit your face snugly, they don’t seem to be as effective as other options. (You know your mask doesn’t fit well if your glasses fog up with it on.) I also don’t feel great with the waste produced while throwing away a mask a day – per person – if not more. If you choose this option, be sure to pinch the little metal piece in the mask above your nose to make it fit as well as possible.
  • Note: The price for paper masks seems to vary greatly. I found a box of 50 at Target for around $40. I have paid up to $30ish and as low as $11ish on Amazon. For 50 quantity. Definitely check Amazon before buying at Target or the like if you have time to order.

  • Made of: Cotton
  • Cost: start at $12.50 (with free shipping)
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: has an endless supply of masks right now. I’ve linked up to one of my favorite small shops from Etsy – Kathy’s Kreations – who makes quality masks at a good price. I’ve worn several of these (in Orlando and at home in San Diego) and they’re comfortable in the heat. Consider Kathy’s ‘Ear Savers’, detailed below, too.
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Sewn by Jamie

  • Made of: Cotton
  • Cost: $20 each
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: My friend, Jamie, surprised me with two of her masks while visiting WDW. These fit snug to my face, are made with two layers, and ended up being one of my go-to options.
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  • Made of: Cotton
  • Cost: $4.99
  • Purchase: here
  • My opinion: These are three layers (180 thread count cotton) and comfy. They run big, so consider that when ordering.


  • Made of: Cotton
  • Cost: 2/$4
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: I wanted to like these masks from Target because of the low price point, but I did not. They don’t fit well. If this is your only option, purchase a size down, as the large was way too big for me. Also, if you’re purchasing any of these low-priced masks from Target, Walmart or a similar store, be sure they’re made with 2 layers as is required by Disney.

Not Currently Approved for Disney Parks, but Good for Home


  • Made of: Polyester
  • Cost: $9.95
  • Purchase: here
  • My Opinion: I was disappointed when “Gaiter” face coverings were noted as unapproved for the parks. I use mine when exercising at home and find them incredibly convenient. If you need face coverings for outside of Disney parks and this style seems like a good option for you, check out those from Happiest Tees on Earth, linked above.
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Bandana/Headband Combo

  • Made of: Cotton or Linen
  • Cost: $18 for Cotton or $24 for Linen
  • Purchase: At The Rising Co. in Oceanside, CA or here
  • My Opinion: Also not currently approved for Disney parks, these “Open Chin Triangle Bandanas” are multi-purpose. Rais Case sells them and shares several ways to wear each, now and down the road when face coverings won’t be needed. Consider these for outside of the parks. Use this bandana as a face covering, rolled up into a headband, tied around your park bag, etc, etc.
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Ear Savers 

Ear Savers are only $2.50 each and are made to take the strain off your ears when wearing a mask for a long period of time.

Rather than looping the mask’s elastic around your ears, clip it onto these plastic creations, which will provide the same secure fit, but won’t hurt long term. Purchase here.

Mask Bags

Consider a Mask Bag to carry your masks in. Amy’s Small World is selling them.

Purchase here.

Suggestions for Young Children Wearing Masks

  • Have children “practice” wearing masks at home – outside in the heat – prior to your visit. I have always felt that the more kids know what is expected of them, the more comfortable they feel and the better they behave.
  • Consider a pacifier clip or similar piece to secure a kid’s mask. Then, if they take it off or it falls off, you’ll have a better chance at finding it.
  • Take breaks as needed to ensure children are comfortable.


  • Marie, a friend of mine, suggests the following for Disney masks that fit too snug: “I found that washing the masks on cold/delicate and then hand-stretching them a bit before air drying in the sun helped tremendously with finding a good fit.” Thanks, Marie!
  • Acrylic or plastic face shields are allowed in addition to your mask, but not instead of.
  • Most masks can be machine washed and should be laid flat to dry. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for how to care for your masks before washing.
  • I had plenty of masks on my trip, but that’s easy because I was solo. A family will likely require in-room washing or the use of laundry facilities at the resort. I travel with a small bottle of hand-wash laundry detergent in case I don’t have time for laundry. You might consider the same since clean masks will be safest and most comfortable.
  • This post will be updated as mask requirements change.
  • To stay updated with all things Covid-related at Disney Parks, come see me here.
  • For everything you need to know about planning a trip to Disneyland, visit this post. Headed to Walt Disney World? Check out this one.
  • Everything in this post is based on my opinions. Please check with your medical provider for more information on what might work best for you.
  • A few of the items in this post were gifted to me to try out at the parks. I’ve noted each, above, with the #Ad.

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