How to Improve Your IPhone Photos

Updated March 6, 2020

So, I am the least techy person you know. Believe this.

But, I’m at the parks once a week and often get asked how my photos turn out so bright and colorful.

I’ve put together some images from one photo to show you how I adjust (most) of what I take. It’s really very simple. Follow me:

This is for an IPhone6+, but should work for other phones as well.

First, let’s start with your photo setting.

Start like you’re taking a photo.


See that little color wheel? Click on it. I always choose Transfer as my option:


That should be set for all of your photos now. You can change this whenever you want by going back to that color wheel and changing it.

So, here’s the first draft of a photo:


That’s sad. Let’s change the lighting a bit. As you can see in the photos, you slide over that little red bar to brighten things up. The red bar can be seen in the photo above. The menu where you find “lighting” can be found in the photo below. Take a look at the change:



Already better, right? Now, let’s work on color.

Same idea – Just as you chose “light” before, choose “color” this time and slide that little red bar until you get the coloring you want. This doesn’t work on every photo, so don’t get in the habit of coloring each the same. Some will become more saturated and some will simply not look real.


See how that color brightened a little bit? It makes a difference.

Here is the final outcome:


Side by side, here is what they look like:

Photos Compared

A few more tips:

*I have created a post on the Iconic Photo Ops of Disneyland that can show you where to take photos beyond the castle. Review that before visiting.

*I’ve also written a post on photo tips, including changing your perspective and changing your color palette, too, which is also an option when choosing lighting and coloring as mentioned above. (You can change to black & white just like adjusting the lighting and coloring.)

*I take nearly 100 photos each visit at Disneyland. Because I post throughout the day to keep you guys updated, I have to edit those photos during the day. I do this most often while waiting in line for an attraction or to meet a character. Sometimes I escape indoors to get better lighting. Regardless of the trouble, I think editing makes a big difference in my photos.

*Finally – and perhaps the most important part of editing – is using FaceTune. I’m completely hideous in person, but Facetune makes me look a bit more presentable. Smooth out wrinkles, fix a few flaws and change the filter. It’s a dream come true. I rarely post a close up photo of myself without it. I think it’s free. Doesn’t matter. I’d pay a month’s salary for this app.



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  1. Thanks for the great tips. I just got a 6, so am glad you posted this. Otherwise I probably never would have figured out it was capable of this!

    Love the site, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Casey – can you confirm that you need to take the photo first and then edit it as per above? You can’t edit it before you take the shot? I love the photos you put up and look forward to using these tips for our trip next year – have just ordered the new iPhone 6s so hopefully should be good shots!!