Getting to Disneyland – Airports, Ground Transportation, Trains, Uber, Hotels and More

Updated September 16, 2020

Traveling to your destination can be stressful and overwhelming. Today, I’m covering the basics of how to get to Disneyland. There’s a lot to consider with airports, rental cars, shuttles, hotels and more.

Since you likely already know when you want to visit Disneyland, take this next step in researching your travel options.


Here are the six closest airports to Disneyland. Each has its own pros and cons and I’ve included notes on each.

John Wayne Airport (SNA) – 13.7 miles/17 minutes to Disneyland; This is your most convenient option because it’s close to Disneyland and the airport is easy to navigate.

Long Beach Airport (LGB) – 12.9 miles/38 minutes to Disneyland; Technically, this is the closest option, but it will take you longer to get there due to traffic.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – 33.2 miles/40 minutes; Consider high traffic times of 7-9am and 2:30-7pm for your drive estimation. This airport is huge with lots of flight options coming and going.

Ontario International Airport (ONT) – 33.4 miles/45 minutes; This airport is similar in size and ease to LGB.

Bob Hope Airport (BUR) – 40.2 miles/51 minutes; This option typically has short security lines and is easy to navigate.

San Diego International (SAN) – 95.5 miles/1 hour, 30 minutes; This is the furthest option, but the drive up the coast is beautiful. Consider SAN if you want to include a side trip to discover all San Diego has to offer.


Flying Tips

  • Arrive early. If your family is not used to flying or if you don’t fly that often, be sure to get there early to avoid delays. Once you’re through security and settled at your gate, take young children on a walk through the airport. Hopefully that will burn some energy so that they can sleep on your flight.
  • Take your car seat or booster with you on the plane. Flying can be scary due to sensory overload. Air pressure, noises, smells and more can make a child uneasy. The familiarity of your child’s car seat will help him relax.
  • Keep your children busy. Have a new craft or toy for them to discover and pack snacks that you know they like. (Flights so rarely now include snacks, so bring your own and make sure your child will eat them. This is not the time for being a stickler about healthy food. You’re in survival mode.) Check my Keeping Kids Busy Pinterest board for more ideas.


Transportation from the Airport to Disneyland

From John Wayne Airport: 

On-site rental cars are available if you prefer to drive yourself. All ground transportation pick-up locations are situated in the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) within easy walking distance from the baggage claim area. The GTC is located on the Arrival (Lower) Level in the center of the East Parking Structure and can be reached from the Thomas F. Riley Terminal by crossing the airport roadway at the traffic light near the John Wayne Statue.

  • Lansky Enterprises (limousine service) offers a Disneyland package, too, and it’s excellent. You’ll be transported in a Lincoln Town Car, Chevy Suburban, or Honda Odyssey and taken from the airport to your hotel with one complimentary stop at a grocery store en route, if you wish. Car and booster seats are included!
    • Upon exiting baggage claim, take Airport Way to the Airport-Arrival Terminal in Santa Ana.
    • Take Bus Route 76 West to the MacArthur-Harbor Blvd. stop.
    • Walk to Harbor Blvd. and turn left. Continue until you reach the Harbor-MacArthur Blvd. stop.
    • Board Bus Route 43 North and exit at Harbor-East Shuttle Area in Anaheim. The Disneyland Resort is approximately a 2 minute walk from this stop.

From Long Beach Airport:

The Disneyland Resort Express is not available at Long Beach Airport.

Lansky Enterprises (limousine service) offers a Disneyland package and it’s excellent. You’ll be transported in a Lincoln Town Car, Chevy Suburban, or Honda Odyssey and taken from the airport to your hotel with one complimentary stop at a grocery store en route, if you wish. Car and booster seats are included!

Shuttles, taxis, rental cars and limousines are available. Here’s how to find them:

  • Upon exiting baggage claim, cross Donald Douglas Drive to the Ground Transportation island next to the covered parking structure. It’s best to arrange your transportation prior to arriving at the airport.
  • Limousines may charge a flat rate that is sometimes close to the rate charged by a taxi service.
  • Taxicabs are available for direct transportation service to the Disneyland Resort. After exiting baggage claim, cross Donald Douglas Drive to the Ground Transportation island next to the covered parking structure. There are many cabs available to take you to your destination. The company charges a flat rate for a one-way trip to the Resort.

From LAX:

  • On-site rental cars are available.
  • Lansky Enterprises (limousine service) offers a Disneyland package, too, and it’s excellent. You’ll be transported in a Lincoln Town Car, Chevy Suburban, or Honda Odyssey and taken from the airport to your hotel with one complimentary stop at a grocery store en route, if you wish. Car and booster seats are included!
  • The Los Angeles Metro will take you from LAX to Disneyland via rail lines and buses. Here’s how:
    • After exiting the baggage claim area, wait under the LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections sign on the Lower/Arrival Level islands in front of each terminal.
    • Ride the bus/shuttle marked “G” to the Aviation Station and proceed to the west end of the platform.
    • Board the Metro Rail Green Line headed east toward Norwalk.
    • Once you arrive at the Norwalk Station, board the Metro Express Line 460 bus headed to the Disneyland Resort.

From Ontario Airport:

Shuttles, taxis, and limousines can be found right outside of baggage claim along the island curbs.

Airport shuttles transport both on-airport and off-airport rental car customers between the passenger terminals and the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (ConRAC), where the on-airport rental car counters are located. Off-airport rental car companies provide transportation to customers between the ConRAC and their business location. The ConRAC is located on the corner of Haven Avenue and Airport Drive.

Omnitrans and Metrolink can get you from the airport to Disneyland. There are a couple of ways to do it. Here are your options:

Option 1:

  • Take Bus Route 61 southwest to the Downtown Pomona Metrolink Station located on 1st St. and S. Garey Ave.
  • Transfer to the Metrolink Riverside Line headed west to Union Station in Los Angeles, then transfer to the Metrolink Orange County Line headed south to Anaheim.
  • Once you arrive at Anaheim Station, you may transfer to the Anaheim Resort Transit Route 15 bus, which will take you directly to the Disneyland Resort or you can transfer to the OCTA Bus Route 50 and exit at the Katella-Harbor Blvd. stop. From there, it’s a short walk along Harbor Blvd. (approximately 3 blocks) to the Disneyland Resort.

Option 2:

  • You may also take Omnitrans Bus Route 61 headed north to the Fontana Metrolink Station on Orange Way.
  • Transfer to the San Bernardino Line headed west to Union Station in Los Angeles, where you will then transfer to the Orange County Line headed south to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Station.
  • Once you arrive at Anaheim Station, you may transfer to the Anaheim Resort Transit Route 15 bus, which will take you directly to the Disneyland Resort or you can transfer to the OCTA Bus Route 50 and exit at the Katella-Harbor Blvd. stop. From there, it’s a short walk along Harbor Blvd. (approximately 3 blocks) to the Disneyland Resort.

From Bob Hope Airport:

Shuttles, taxi and limousines can be found on the island in front of Terminal A and Terminal B. On-site car rentals are available.

Lansky Enterprises (limousine service) offers a Disneyland package, too, and it’s excellent. You’ll be transported in a Lincoln Town Car, Chevy Suburban, or Honda Odyssey and taken from the airport to your hotel with one complimentary stop at a grocery store en route, if you wish. Car and booster seats are included!

Amtrak and the Metrolink and get you to Disneyland. Here’s how:

To access the train station, board a LOT D shuttle bus and tell the driver that you would like to be dropped off at the train station across the street. Only LOT D shuttle buses will take passengers to the train station. Train station shuttles are a complimentary service of Burbank-Bob Hope Airport and run frequently on a daily basis. If the shuttles are not in service, any bus that is operating will provide service to the train station.

Once at the train station, you can take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner that directly connects the airport to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Station. There are several departure times each day. Metrolink’s Ventura County Line also links the airport with Los Angeles Union Station, with a number of daily departures.

  • Once you reach Union Station, transfer to the Orange County Metrolink or Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner that will take you directly to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Station.
  • When you arrive at Anaheim Station, you may transfer to the Anaheim Resort Transit Route 15 bus, which will take you directly to the Disneyland Resort, or you can transfer to the OCTA Bus Route 50 and exit at the Katella-Harbor Blvd. stop with a short walk along Harbor Blvd. (approximately 3 blocks) to the Disneyland Resort.

From San Diego Airport:

Shuttles, taxi and limousines can be found at the transportation plazas across from Terminals 1 and 2, and curbside at the Commuter Terminal. Car rental reservation boards are located near the baggage claim areas of Terminals 1 and 2. Use the courtesy phones provided to request shuttle transport to the car rental company of your choice.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, Amtrak, The Coaster, OCTA, and the Metrolink can get to you to Disneyland, too. Here’s how:

San Diego’s MTS connects passengers from the airport to multiple public transportation options at Santa Fe Depot.

  • From the airport, take San Diego Transit’s Route 992 bus to the Santa Fe Depot then take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner for a 2-hour trip to Anaheim.

From Terminal #1, walk approximately one block southeast on Airport Terminal Rd. Walk straight to N. Harbor Drive Ramp, then a short distance south until you arrive at the Airport Station.

  • From Terminal #2, walk approximately one block south on Airport Terminal Rd. Turn right onto N. Harbor Drive Ramp and walk one block west until you arrive at the Airport Station.
  • Take the MTS bus route 992 (Airport/Downtown) and exit on Broadway at Kettner and walk north to Santa Fe Depot. Trains run every 10 minutes between 5:00 a.m. and 12:50 a.m., daily.
  • From the Santa Fe Depot train station in downtown San Diego, take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner or the North County Transit District’s Coaster to the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Station.
  • Once you arrive at Anaheim Station, transfer to the Anaheim Resort Transit Route 15, which will take you directly to the Disneyland Resort. You may also transfer to the OCTA Bus Route 50 and exit at the Katella-Harbor Blvd. stop with a short walk along Harbor Blvd. (approximately 3 blocks) to the Disneyland Resort.

Taking the Train to Disneyland

I often take the train from Oceanside, CA to Anaheim. It’s super easy to do and cost-effective.

I recommend the Metrolink over Amtrak to save money, however, sometimes Amtrak has more options for arrival and departure. If you’re coming from San Diego, you’ll need to take the Amtrak Surfliner.

A General Overview:

*The Coaster is a train system that runs through San Diego County. You can take this from the most southern train station in the U.S. (Santa Fe Depot) up to Oceanside, CA and back. This train does not run all the way to Disneyland. You must depart at the Oceanside Transit Center and board the Metrolink or the Amtrak to continue on to Disneyland. From the Santa Fe Depot, it takes approximately an hour to get to Oceanside. It costs $5.50 to ride the Coaster from Santa Fe Depot in San Diego to the Oceanside Transit Center.

*The Metrolink is a train system that runs from Oceanside, CA to Riverside County or Los Angeles County and back. This is the most commonly used option for Disneyland. It takes approximately an hour to travel from Oceanside to Anaheim via the Metrolink. It costs $12.75 to ride the Metrolink from Oceanside to Anaheim.

*The Sprinter is part of The Metrolink system, but instead of running along the coast, it takes you inland via the Oceanside Train Station. It will travel 22 miles inland to Escondido and back. The Sprinter arrives in 30 minute intervals at each train stop and costs only $2 to ride east or west.

*Amtrak runs through all three counties and more, but is more expensive. They have Business Class and options for food and drinks on the train. Consider Amtrak for a longer route than the hour it takes from Oceanside to Anaheim. Perks include larger and reclining seats, footrests, outlets at each seat for your mobile device, and free WIFI. You can also take the Amtrak all the way from the Santa Fe Depot to Anaheim and not have to switch trains in Oceanside. It costs $28 to ride from Santa Fe Depot to the ARTIC train station in Anaheim.

How to Travel to Anaheim:

Hop on the Amtrak from the closest station to you to the Anaheim ARTIC station.

You’ll have views like this along the way. Enjoy them as soon as you board because as you venture further into Orange County, you’ll start driving inland and the ocean will be out of sight.


If you want to save some money, take the Metrolink. You can do this from Oceanside, any stop in Orange County or Los Angeles County. If you’re starting out in San Diego, take the Amtrak straight there.

Prior to departure, you will need to purchase a ticket for Metrolink or Amtrak.

I recommend doing so via the app available on any of the sites listed above.

The cost, during the week, is $12.75 one way from Oceanside to Anaheim via Metrolink. On weekends, you can buy a one day pass, to ride all day or as needed, for $10 total.

The cost for Amtrak is approximately $20 one way. Why the added expense? Amtrak has outlets at nearly every seat, foot rests, a cafe, etc, etc. Amtrak is meant to long term travel. Metrolink is a commuter train.

If you arrive at the ARTIC and you don’t want to take an Uber, you can actually board one of the shuttle buses for free and it will take you directly to Disneyland.

Find these shuttle buses in the #13, #14 or #15 bays, just outside the front of the ARTIC station, and to the right.

Present your train ticket (Metrolink or Amtrak) for a free ride to the parks. If you used the app to purchase your ticket, just show proof of the ticket to board the shuttle for free.

The shuttle buses drop you off and pick you up in the same area that all buses arrive, just off Harbor Blvd.

In the same manner, when you leave the park to return home via the train, board OCTA bus 14 or 15 for a free ride back to the ARTIC station. Have your train ticket purchased so that you can show the bus driver and not have to pay.

Both Amtrak and Metrolink have easy to use apps that allow you to purchase train tickets at any time. An actual paper train ticket or the ticket purchased on the app will suffice to get you that bus ride for free.

The bus takes about 10 – 15 minutes to and from the train station, however, I recommend allowing much more time to get to the station so that you don’t miss your train, regardless of what route you take – bus, Lyft, etc, etc.

If I don’t take the free shuttle, I typically Uber from the parks to the ARTIC train station to return on the latest Metrolink train out M – F, which is at 10:19pm. I Uber at 9:30pm just to be safe.

If I take the free shuttle, I arrive at the Harbor pick up area by 9:00pm.

How to Use Uber

Uber is an inexpensive, efficient and easy to use system that can take you just about anywhere. Download the app and you’ll be ready to go.

When you get started, for the first time, use my code caseys1267ue to get your first ride free. Then, share your code with someone else in your group and he or she will get a free ride and so will you! This is an easy way to get a free round trip to/from Disneyland. The free trip is for up to $15 and if your cost exceeds that amount, you’ll only be charged the difference.

Take a look:


When you request your vehicle, you’ll be assigned the location from which you requested the vehicle as your pick up location. Then, after you push the button “Request UberX” (or whichever grade of Uber you choose – there are several and all have different features – UberX is the most economical), you will enter your destination.

And, you’ll be assigned a driver, as seen below.

Watch your texts and incoming calls in case the Uber driver has any issues finding you. The Anaheim Canyon station is sometimes tough for Uber drivers to find, so I’m often called when I request to be picked up there. You can also choose to message your driver if you have specifics on the location you’re waiting at that you think would be helpful to him or her.


Once the ride is complete, you will simply exit the vehicle and the credit card that you attach to your account upon set up will be charged $0.00 because you have a free ride or it will be charged the difference if you exceeded $15. There is nothing for you to do here. The account will be charged and there is no option to tip via credit card, app, or in cash. Take a look:


You can see the distance from Anaheim Canyon to Disneyland, the cost of the ride, the time it took, etc. I was charged nothing because I had a free ride. As you share your code with more people, you’ll log those free rides for future use.

Finally, after arriving at your destination, you’ll be asked to rate your driver. That’s it! Easy peasy.



You have three options for hotels near Disneyland:

  1. DLR Resorts – there are three with direct access to the parks or are a monorail ride away
  2. Good Neighbor Hotels – “Disney approved” hotels with ticket purchasing access at the front desk
  3. Independent Hotels – independent hotels with no relationship to Disneyland

Review my Step 2 – Choose Where to Stay in the 6 Step Planning Process for details on 50+ hotels near Disneyland.


Surrounding Southern California Destinations

Here’s one of the biggest differences between Disneyland and Disney World: location. While Disney World is a self-contained ‘world’ of adventure, Disneyland sits among the beauty of Southern California, with an entirely different world of adventure.

Consider these add-on destinations for your trip:

So, there you go! That should cover the transportation part of planning. Cross this off your list and have fun arranging the details. Enjoy!

Take a look at how Get Away Today can help with your vacation


  1. Hi Casey-
    Just wanted to let you know about the Disneyland Express. I used them in February 2019 and was really impressed so wanted to book again for my upcoming trip, and it appears that they stopped functioning in January 2020. Their website is still active and allows you to put in pick and drop off destination information, but you cannot complete a booking. Small font at the bottom of the page says they stopped operation in Jan 2020. Sad!

    • Hey, Stefanie.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about this. I thought for sure I edited this post when I learned of their closing. But, it was all still there!

      I appreciate you. 🙂

  2. It’s so smart to bring a booster seat or car seat on the plane so that your kid is more relaxed. I have two kids who are pretty young. Making sure they’re comfortable during our travels is going to be important if I don’t want a full meltdown.

  3. Just wondering what you recommend getting to the actual Disneyland resort each day? Uber, hotel shuttle, or ART bus (Anaheim resort transportation)?

  4. Hi,
    Thanks again for this awesome site!
    Our travel agent has organised a shuttle service from LAX to our Anaheim accomodation but we need to provide a booster seat for our 4 year old. We can bring one with us (from Australia), purchase a lightweight travel one (meets safety requirements but not our 1st choice) or we were hoping to purchase one at the airport but have been told this is not possible. Would you have any suggestions?

  5. Great information! Planning a trip to Disneyland! Two adults and our 7yr old granddaughter. From Spokane to SNA. Sounds like Lansky is the way to go?

  6. Hi Casey – The link to the Disneyland Resort Express is broken and it is broken a lot of places on the web. Do you know if it is still around and reliable? We used Lansky last year but my kids got car sick so I was thinking a bigger bus might be better. Thanks for the help!

    • Hi, Allison.

      I just tried the link and it worked, however, this is not the first time I’ve heard of people having issues with the link. This company is not run by Disney – it’s a bus line. Not like the awesome system at WDW.

      Did you have a Suburban with Lansky last time? Maybe that could help? They really are the best option, but car sickness is no fun.

      Try this link directly for the bus line if you want to inquire further:

      Good luck!

      • Thanks so much Casey! We really liked Lansky but I felt horrible that both kids were vomitting in their car on the way back to the airport. We did have the suburban but they put the car seats in the very back so that might have been the issue even with having given them medicene for it. Might give it a go again and hope they sleep. Thanks again. Love your advice

  7. This may be addressed in a different blog post but if so I don’t see it!
    We are planning to have breakfast at Goofy’s kitchen on a Tuesday morning in September before the park opens at 10. Can we take the monorail into the park at opening or do we need to go back to the main gates?

    I am reading ALL your blog posts and getting so excited about our upcoming trip! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Hi, I have several questions, been reading all of your very helpful info. We are staying at Howard Johnson with a 4 year old and 11 year old, is it best to call now and ask for a room we can see fireworks from or wait until check in and what other requests would you recommend room wise there? I see comments about bright light and stairs. If we were to request an Uber from the park back to hotel is it possible they have booster seat or would we end up needing to walk back maybe or is there shuttle, can we bring a stroller back on shuttle? We are going on a Sunday and Monday 20th and 21st if we do the 1 park a day option as it seems more affordable what park do you recommend doing on Sunday? If we buy tickets online are we able to add the max pass to those or do we need to purchase in Disney app to add max pass and do you recommend max pass for all of us 2 adults 11 year old and 4 year old or just the older people?

  9. Hi Casey, how much time would you estimate is needed between parking (let’s say at Mickey and Friends) and actually getting to the front gate? I’m trying to estimate how much time is needed for parking, taking the tram, security, bag check, etc. Thank you!

    • Hi, there.

      I recommend taking an Uber if you don’t have a car. Or, you can hire Lansky, included in this post, to take you. They will provide a free quote from their site.

  10. Hi, do you know if kids are the same price on the train? I also live in Oceanside and am trying to figure out if the train would be a viable option for us or if it will still be most cost effective to drive? Also my kids are little (4 and 2) so I don’t think we can take an Uber because they wouldn’t have their car seats. Thanks for any and all the advice you have!

    • In Orange County, you’ll see ocean views in San Clemente. Then, you’ll enter Camp Pendleton, a U.S. Marine base, and travel along the coast through it for 15 miles. Ocean view there, too. Then, from Oceanside (after Camp Pendleton) until San Diego, you’ll see ocean views for the majority of the ride. It’s lovely!

  11. Thank you so much for this post! We usually fly into SNA, but are staying at the Grand Californian this time, so I was trying to find a cheaper option. By flying into Bob Hope, we’re saving more than enough to pay for Lansky (which we also give rave reviews to). I wouldn’t have thought about checking airports other than SNA and LAX, so thank you!

  12. hi Casey!!! love your site and FB page…

    do you have any tips on how to get to Disneyland arriving from Tijuana (crossing by CBX)?

    our airplane arrives at 6:30 pm
    we were considering renting a car just to get to Anaheim, because we can´t figure out the trains from San Ysidro..


  13. Do you have a post or info on travel and parking at Disneyland? We are renting a house nearby on Walnut and I was hoping to use ART but I’m now considering driving and parking since we will have a rental car. Which would you recommend? And if we do decide to drive, what do I need to know about parking and the trams? Hours, cost, tipping, etc? (I am an over planner!) Thank you so much!!

  14. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve asked for a quote with Lansky because we are doing Universal one night and then heading to Disney so we have three transportation requirements! The biggest challenge is car seat thing but so happy Lansky provides one!

  15. Hi Casey. We have a 7 day trip coming up in May next year – so excited! We are doing 3 days DLR, 1 day off, 1 day Legoland and then 1.5 days San Diego. Our international flight home is on a Sunday 9pm out of LAX, so we’ll need to be at the airport by 6pm latest. We’ll probably rent a car. How long would it take to drive from San Diego to LAX and how early should we leave do you think? Or is it better to take a different form of transport? Thanks and your site has been soooo useful!!

  16. I see that you state the Disneyland Resort Express is not entirely reliable? Would you please elaborate as to what specifically you mean? Does it run late? Is it just the John Wayne Airport where it is unreliable or is it also unreliable at LAX? Does it skip stops, not show up at all, etc.? I am asking because we are visiting in December, flying into LAX and have opted for the Disneyland Resort Express as we don’t want to have to hassle with a car seat for our small 7 year old. At the same time, I want to know a bus will be there to take us to our hotel (HoJo) and that come time to return home we will again be picked up and returned to the airport. Thanks.

    • I only included that in this post because several of my readers have reported back that the buses were unreliable, late, and not a pleasant experience. The main complaint is that they had to wait a long time for it to arrive. I recommend using Lansky (also listed in this post) for a much better experience. They provide car seats and boosters and stop en route to your hotel at the grocery store. Overall, it’s a better experience.

  17. Hello, thank you so much for the Lansky tip. I plan on using them. I have a few questions though:
    1. Would they stop at Trader Joes?
    2. Are there any car rental agencies that I could rent a van for a day from in the Anaheim area? We are staying at a hotel near the park for 6 nights but I would like a day to go touring around California.

    • Lansky has a list of stores. I think Trader Joes is on there. Confirm when you book, just in case. I’m not familiar with specific van rental options. I’m positive you can find this. Just unsure of where to recommend you go. Start with the budget rental car companies and they’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help you if they cannot. Good luck!

  18. Hi Casey, on the Lansky website it says $200 round trip from LAX to Disneyland. Do you know if that’s per person or per car? There are two adults and a child with us. Thanks! Maria

  19. Thank for the information! We usually fly SNA but I’ve noticed that LAX is much cheaper for us to fly through. My husband is worried about the distance to disneyland and about the size of LAX. Also long beach airport is something I’m looking at. My question is, is it worth paying more to fly through SNA or is it not that big of a deal to save money and fly through LAX or LGB? THANKS! We are booking next month and I’m stressing about what airline to choose 🙂

    • Hey, Rachel. I would look at what the transportation cost is for each location that you’re considering. Add that to the savings for each location to see what makes the most sense. All airports have their own advantages. Lansky is your best bet for transportation to and from. They’ll stop at the grocery store en route to Disneyland. Love that!

  20. Sorry, we’ve never flown before so when you say take your own car seat or booster do you mean the infant car seats? We have 2 yr old twins and thought we would have to end up renting some when we would rent a would we be able to take along their big front facing car seat on the airplane or check it in with baggage?

    • Most airlines will allow you to check car seats for free. Or, if you are buying them their own seats, I recommend taking the car seats on the plane with you. Kids feel comfortable in the seating they are accustomed to, so it will likely make your flight more peaceful.

  21. Does anyone have an idea on what Uber would cost from LAX to DLR? I think the train route sounds fun, but I would probably just end up very overwhelmed with my 5 year old in tow.

  22. Hi Casey!
    I’ve booked Lansky for our trip from LAX to Disneyland in a few weeks, and they’ve been so great and professional in our communications. A quick question: I’m pretty sure that a gratuity isn’t included in our cost; what do you think is a fair amount to tip our driver?

      • I can’t see it any place on my receipt…maybe they’ve changed their policy? My invoice says that they’ll provide a booster seat and do the grocery stop, but nothing about the gratuity. Their website says “no hidden costs” but it doesn’t say anything about the gratuity being included in those costs. I don’t want to “stiff” the driver, but I don’t want to overpay if it’s already taken care of in the contract…so I’m confused.

  23. We just booked a limo (Well, car service, to be most accurate.) for our upcoming trip. For the five of us, it actually came out less expensive than Disneyland Express and most of the Super Shuttle options. It also has the added advantages of getting us to Disneyland and back to the airport faster than the other options, which gives us more Disney time. Plus, I think our two teenagers and one 12 year old are going to be happy to be picked up in a big black SUV. Win-win!

    If my kids were younger, I probably would have gone with Disneyland Express. I know it’s not the same as the Magical Express at WDW, but it’s close enough. We used the Magical Express when our youngest was about four, and, other than Small World, he thought it was the best ride of the trip. He got so excited whenever he saw the “Mickey Bus” on property. So, for the preschool set, a ride in a bus with Mickey Mouse on the side is a great way to make more magic.

  24. I will be arriving at LAX at 6:00 in the morning and have vouchers for the super shuttle to go to Disneyland Hotel. Wondering how reliable they are? I am debating on switching to the Disney bus or just staying with the shuttle. Thank you

    • Hi, Gigi. I have heard they’re fairly reliable. I think you’ll be ok. Lansky, whom I mention in this post, is another great option. He provides car seats and boosters and stops at the grocery store en route to the hotel. Enjoy!

  25. Casey
    Do you know if car rentals have car/booster seats available? I was thinking of just taking the back off my son’s booster and packing the bottom as almost all boosters are not allowed on airplanes because they are not certified for airline travel. I could also check it but don’t want to risk having it broken. Any ideas would help.
    Love reading your prep school,

  26. Hi Do you have any insights/info on transport around Anaheim that can accomodate passengers with mobility scooters? I have organised transport to and from LAX but I always struggle to get local transport in Anaheim

  27. I’m curious where you have Uber drop you off if you’re only going to the resort for the day, not a hotel. I take the Amtrak to ARTIC from Ventura County. Thanks!

  28. What is the best option for getting to and from the airport with young children (ages 2 & 4) who need carseats if riding in a car? Does Uber ever have a carseat option??

  29. This information is so very helpful. Thank you. Our trip is in 24 days and really, the last part of our trip I’m trying to figure out is how to get from and to the airport. Just myself, my 16 yo daughter and 7 yo son are traveling and I’m trying to figure out what feels like the safest most economical route. I’ve never used uber but it seems the cheapest route. Is it silly that it kind of freaks me out? lol. I’m thinking that’s how we will go as reviews for most of the shuttles including the Disneyland resort express aren’t impressing me. Staying off the resort and it doesn’t even sound like those go to all hotels. So, I guess my question is. It’s our first time. Should I splurge for the lansky thing, just go the cheap super shuttle route or Uber? ugh! Decisions, decisions!

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