Everything You Need to Know About PhotoPass+ Packages at Disneyland Resort

Updated March 6, 2020
***If you have MaxPass purchased for your visit, all PhotoPass perks are included in your day. Prints are not included in MaxPass. But, all digital images from around the park, attractions, character meals, etc are. The information below provided for PhotoPass is applicable to your MaxPass purchase because it includes PhotoPass.
Not all that long ago, you likely spent $69 at least two weeks from your arrival date, which got you every PhotoPass image in the parks plus the print outs from every meal. Erase all of that from your memory and pretend it never happened.
Disneyland offers four PhotoPass+ products now and they all offer different products:
Disney PhotoPass+ One Week for $78 
Disney PhotoPass Collection for $99
Disney PhotoPass Collection + Disc for $119
Lots of people planning Disneyland trips have questions about these packages. Let’s take a look at what this is all about so you can choose the best option for your visit.

What is PhotoPass+?

Simply put, PhotoPass+ is Disneyland’s photography system. It was designed for Disney parks so that everyone in your group could be captured in photos. Rather than having that one person who holds the camera or mobile device missing from your entire trip history, he or she can now be seen! It’s a Disney miracle.

Throughout the park, you’ll find PhotoPass+ photographers in iconic locations, with characters and more. Having a photographer take your photo is free. After your photo or photos are taken, the photographer will give you a PhotoPass+ card that looks like this:

s-l300Hold onto this card. If you choose not to use your mobile device for PhotoPass+ (we’ll cover that option soon), do your best to keep this card handy so that you can give it to the next photographer….and then the next….and the next…….so that all of your images are in one place. You could essentially get a new card with every new photo taken, but you’ll be putting yourself at risk for losing the cards and then also, it will be a pain to scan or enter them all in once you link the card(s) to your PhotoPass+ account.

What About MaxPass?

MaxPass is now offered to guests for $15 per day, per person. This option allows a guest to select FASTPASSES on the Disneyland app and it also gives the guest full PhotoPass privileges for the day of purchase. This includes photos from around the park, attraction photos and those taken at character meals. Prints are not included.

If you are purchasing MaxPass only for the PhotoPass privileges, everyone in your party may join you in the photos. Or, you can add photos to your account that you are not in. You can ask the stranger next to you to stand in for a photo if you wish. Disney does not designate which photos qualify for your MaxPass/PhotoPass purchase.

If you have an Annual Passport that includes MaxPass/PhotoPass privileges, you do not need to enter the park in order to use PhotoPass outside of the park, such as at a character meal.

For more on Maxpass, visit this link.

Where Do I Start?

First, you must have an account to use or buy a PhotoPass product at Disneyland. It’s simple and free.

Register here:


Second, download the free Disneyland app if you don’t already have it. I encourage you to use this for dozens of reasons during your visit, above and beyond the PhotoPass+ option. It’s a fantastic tool for character locating, attraction wait times, the entertainment schedule, dining reservations and cancellations, etc. There is no need any longer for 3rd party apps. The free Disneyland version is most accurate and easiest to use. (You don’t have to use the app to manage your PhotoPass purchase. You can handle it all online if you wish.)

Download that here:


Now, read through the rest of this post to find how it all works. Choose one of the four options, as detailed below, and proceed on with your purchase as recommended.

What Are My Three Options to Choose From?

Click on this image for a comparison of the three options. (One Day is no longer available. Buy MaxPass for $15 instead and get all the same perks.)

Disney PhotoPass+ One Week – $78

Basic info for this package:
When to buy: Before visit if doing a character meal
Where to buy: Online
When to activate: First chance at either park or at a character meal
How to activate: On the app
Does it include attraction photos: Yes
Does it include magic shots: Yes
Does it include the digital images from all of my character meals: Yes
How many sets of prints from my character meals does it include: None
Does it include the 350 count professional images of DLR disc: No
Does it include my personal images on a disc: No
Will I be able to download my personal images to keep: Yes
If I don’t purchase at the park, how long can I decide to buy: 45 days
Notes for this package:

This package is good for 7 consecutive days. You will have 45 days from your first day in the parks to download your images.

Purchase this option from the Disneyland website before your visit if you wish. In order to purchase the One Week option online, you will have to log into or create a profile on the Disneyland website, as I mentioned above. When you purchase the One Week option, your Disney profile will hold this purchase in your account. It knows you bought it. You can’t see proof of it on your account, which is really confusing, but it’s there. You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase, although you won’t be able to activate the purchase until you enter the park. Keep that confirmation email in a safe place just in case you have to reference it. But, you won’t. Your account has it.

Once you enter the park (or go to a character meal) and take your first photo with a PhotoPass+ photographer, scan that card into your mobile device and then you’ll be set up for your visit. Your mobile device will load the package onto your app after that first photo is scanned. I told you it was there!

(I know this is weird. But, it’s how the One Week option works.)

Disney PhotoPass Collection – $99 + tax

Basic info for this package:
When to buy: Before visit if doing any character meals
Where to buy: Photo shop at either park, any of the 4 participating character meals or at attraction photo booths in either park
When to activate: After your trip; On your way out of the park or from home. When you activate, the system will download up to 45 days of images prior to the date of activation
How to activate: Online
Does it include attraction photos: Yes
Does it include magic shots: Yes
Does it include the digital images from all of my character meals: Yes
How many sets of prints from my character meals does it include: One
Does it include the 350 count professional images of DLR disc: Yes
Does it include my personal images on a disc: No
Will I be able to download my personal images to keep: Yes
If I don’t purchase at the park, how long can I decide to buy: None – have to purchase in the park

Notes for this package:

This package includes digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos in your account at time of redemption. This means that you receive ALL of the images in your PhotoPass account for up to 45 days. You will receive a product code redeemable at the Disneyland website/PhotoPass for unlimited digital downloads of all PhotoPass photos that are viewable in your account at the time you redeem the code.

*Why would you buy this package? – If you’re already planning on purchasing the One Week option and you have a character meal scheduled, this option is a good value. For only $21 more, you’ll receive the voucher for the dining print package (a $32.95 value) and the resort gallery disc, which will give you hundreds of photos from around DLR. No need to take your own photos around the park. Take home a professional’s instead. If you are at the parks for more than 7 days, this package is an excellent value.

*When should you buy this package? When you should you activate it? – Purchase the package upon arrival to the Disneyland Resort, either on your first park day or prior to your character meal so that you can collect your prints when you dine. (If you’re dining before your first park day.) Do not activate it until your trip is complete. When you activate it, the system will gather all images from the 45 days prior and add them to your account. So, activating the first day won’t work. At the time of purchase, you will receive the voucher for your character meal prints and the resort gallery disc. Scan all of your images into the app or online during your visit or after. Then, once you activate (with the code given to you at the time of purchase), the system gathers all your images. Until you activate, your images will appear with watermarks online and on your app.

The $99 Collection can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, any dining location with PhotoPass Photographers and all attraction locations with on-ride PhotoPass photo capture.

****Beginning January 1, 2017, guests with a valid military ID who purchase a 3 or 4 day park ticket may purchase this collection for only $49.50. Such an awesome value. Purchase anywhere the $99 Collection can be purchased. Check the Disneyland website for more details.

Basic info for this package:
When to buy: Before visit if doing any character meals
Where to buy: Photo shop at either park
When to activate: On your way out of the park on your last day
How to activate: In person at either photo shop – Disneyland or DCA
Does it include attraction photos: Yes
Does it include magic shots: Yes
Does it include the digital images from all of my character meals: Yes
How many sets of prints from my character meals does it include: One
Does it include the 350 count professional images of DLR disc: Yes
Does it include my personal images on a disc:Yes
Will I be able to download my personal images to keep: Yes
If I don’t purchase at the park, how long can I decide to buy: None – have to purchase in the park

Notes for this package:

This package works exactly like the $99 Collection and includes all of the details listed above. In addition, you will receive your own disc with your own images burned onto it for you to take home and download/share, etc.

The $119 Collection can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center. Do this at the Main Street Photo Supply in Disneyland or the Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.

Unlike the $99 Collection, you should not activate the $119 purchase until you are walking out of the park, as your disc (and digital account) will include all images prior to that very moment of activation for up to 45 days in the park. You must be in person to activate this Collection so that the cast member can physically hand you the disc with your images burned onto it.

I want the One Week Option. How Can I Buy It Online?

Visit this link to purchase.

I want the $99 or $119 Collection. How Can I Buy It Online?

You can’t.

The $99 Collection must be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, any dining location with PhotoPass Photographers and all attraction locations with on-ride PhotoPass photo capture.

The $119 Collection can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center. Do this at the Main Street Photo Supply in Disneyland or the Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.

How Do I Link Photos to My PhotoPass Account?

Start with the card or cards you collected. To link your photos from your card to your account, enter the 16-digit PhotoPass ID found on your PhotoPass card in the Disneyland mobile app or at Disneyland website/PhotoPass. After you enter the numbers, your images will appear in a matter of moments or hours. Rarely hours. But, be patient. There are a lot of people at Disneyland.

If you have pre-purchased a PhotoPass package, your images will appear without a watermark. If you have not purchased a PhotoPass package, your images will appear with a watermark. No worries either way……you’ll still see the photos.

What About Attraction Photos?

You can link attraction photos to your account by entering the 8-character Photo ID found at the attraction photo preview wall after you exit the ride.

Don’t try to do this after you stumble off of the Incredicoaster. Snap a photo of the image with your mobile device and fix your hair. If you’re like me, you look like a hot mess after that coaster.

Enter the Photo ID at a later time. (I usually collect mine for the day and then enter all at once.)

Regardless of which purchase you make, you will own your images to print and share as you wish.

What Do the Prints from My Character Meal Look Like? 

The Character Meal Print Voucher from either of the Collections will be exchanged for prints from your dining experience. The prints will be given to you at the end of your meal. Prints include one pose and 4 qty 4″x6″ and 1 qty 6″x8″. They come in a cute folder from the restaurant and look like this:

12821577_904467642984213_8176554634309176539_nNote: Occasionally, the print quantities/sizes vary at character meals, but this is the basic idea. They’re quality photos printed and brought to your table while you dine in case you want to purchase.

What About Dining Print Vouchers and Discs?

Here is what the Dining Print Voucher (included in the Collections) looks like. You will receive this upon purchasing either Collection in the park. Each Collection includes one voucher for character meal prints. If you have more than one meal scheduled, you may purchase the prints from the subsequent meals at the time you dine. They’re $32.95 a set. The voucher can be redeemed at the following character dining locations:

Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel

Donald’s Seaside Breakfast at the PCH Grill at Paradise Pier Hotel

Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn in Disneyland.

Learn more about all of your character meal options before visiting. And, note that the 5th character meal option, the Critter Breakfast at Storytellers Cafe at the Grand Californian Hotel, does not include the PhotoPass+ option of any kind.

13932944_994388473992129_838442232957224301_nHere is what the Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc (included in the Collections) looks like. It includes 350 professional images from around the resort.


What About Character Meal Images?

Character meal images are included in all PhotoPass options – MaxPass, One Week, the $99 Collection, the $119 Collection. The images from these events work a bit differently because the image won’t be scanned into your device or card. You will be given a code (similar to one that you use on attraction photos) to enter into the system to retrieve your image(s).

That code looks like this, below. Once you show confirmation of purchase for any of the PhotoPass+ options (including MaxPass), a piece of paper with a unique code on it – like this – will be given to you. That code is attached to the image(s) you took at your character meal.

Follow the simple instructions on the card to enter the code into your app to retrieve your images.

Note: If you are dining prior to entering the park, where you would purchase MaxPass, make a note of the location, time of dining, and any other small details you can recall. After you enter the park and activate MaxPass, you may stop by one of the photo shops on site to retrieve the image(s) from your early dining experience. The PhotoPass photographers at the character meals will not release your code until confirmation of MaxPass is shown, thus the second stop to grab those images. If you prefer to wait until you get home, you may call PhotoPass at 407-560-4300 to retrieve those images.

If you have a Signature Annual Pass or a Signature Plus Annual Pass, you will also receive these character meal images. Click on “Profile” in your Disneyland app and your pass is listed, allowing you to confirm your Signature Pass. (More on this in a section below for Signature Annual Passholders.)



Where Can I Edit My Photos? I Want To Add Stickers and Boarders.

Editing images is easy to do on the free Disneyland app and online. Crop, change filters, add stickers and borders! Check out this post for lots of details and a walk through of how the editing system works.

If you purchase the One Week option upon arrival and have the actual images loading on your mobile device, you may edit them at any time.

If you purchase one of the Collections, you will need to wait on editing because during your visit, you will only see watermarked images in your app or online. You will not be able to access the actual images until you activate the purchase, which should be the last thing you do before leaving so that your Collection includes every image possible from your trip. After you activate your Collection and the images load on your app, you will be able to edit them.

Regardless of whether you purchase MaxPass, One Week or a Collection, you will not see edited images saved to your app or online gallery. When you finish editing an image, your mobile device will prompt you to save it. Do that. Otherwise, it vanishes. Edited images will not save to a Disney product.

If you are not using the app, you may visit either of the Photo Shops in the parks to have a cast member add boarders and stickers to your images. You will have to purchase the print(s) for such images, as the edited versions won’t be available for download in your packages. Print prices can be found later in this post.

I have a Signature Plus or Premier Annual Pass. What are my PhotoPass Benefits?

All your Disney PhotoPass photos and attraction photos are now included in your Disney Signature Plus or Disney Premier Annual Passport benefits.

(Disney Signature annual passes used to offer PhotoPass and all guests who keep this pass current will continue with the PhotoPass privileges. However, new Signature annual passes will not include PhotoPass.)

You’ll need to do two things to access your images on your mobile device and then also retrieve photos at the park easily:

  1. Be sure you have the Disneyland app downloaded on your mobile device.
  2. Be sure to have your Annual Pass linked to your Disneyland app.

When you have that in place, you can use your PhotoPass option easily throughout the day. It works just like the PhotoPass options available to purchase. Check out some photos of what you can do.

Go into the app and find PhotoPass from the main menu. Click on the PhotoPass option:

Find your most recent batch of photos and scroll down for those from previous visits. View those photos, share them, edit and more.

From this screen, you can click on “Find Photographers” to see exactly where photographers are currently. Click on “Link Photos or Purchases” to scan a PhotoPass card to your app.

Center that camera over the code and it grabs it quickly. From this screen, Click on “Where do I find the ID code?” under “Enter an ID” to see the menu below.

Click on “Enter an ID” to enter the code for an attraction photo since there is no option to scan it. If your PhotoPass card won’t scan, you can enter it here, too. Enter PhotoPass+ purchases here, as well.

When I went to enter my first attraction code, I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to enter it into that rectangle space under “Enter the ID number”. Like, about 20 minutes. I was almost in tears. (Technology will make me cry before anything else in the world.)

Like a grown up, I handed my phone off to a friend declaring my app was broken. He promptly entered the code exactly where it says “Enter the ID number” instead of the rectangle space below and the image arrived. I felt smart.

When you have your photo taken with a character, offer your mobile device with the QR code pulled up to scan. If you don’t want to constantly be pulling this page up, take a screen capture of this code and in decent lighting, it will work, too. That screen looks like this:

Finally, if you are trying to retrieve digital images at a character meal and need to share proof of your Signature Annual Pass or Signature Plus Annual Pass (most passes don’t note the AP name), click on “Profile” under your name from this screen, which is the first to pop up when you enter the app and click on your selected character at the bottom.

Where Do I Find PhotoPass Photographers?

In addition to Town Square, Main Street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, with characters, and at select character meals, you can find PhotoPass+ photographers on the move around the park. Look for them in each of the following locations:

At Disneyland Park:

  • New Orleans Square
  • Mark Twain Riverboat
  • Fantasyland
  • Mickey’s Toontown
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds

At Disney California Adventure Park:

  • Buena Vista Street
  • Hollywood Land
  • Cars Land
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

You can use the free Disneyland app to locate photographers. Click on PhotoPass at the menu along the top of the screen:

13936685_10154394448452726_446593348_nScroll down through this post from Disney for a map showing where to find photographers in both parks.

Here is what a PhotoPass+ photographer looks like. They always have the light khaki vest on:

cpspot_zach_photopassimage credit

What about runDisney Races?

PhotoPass+ photographers will be capturing your runDisney race photos on the track. Those photos are included as part of an active Disney PhotoPass+ One Day or Disney PhotoPass+ One Week purchase.  runDisney will provide instructions on linking up to 5 race bib numbers to your PhotoPass account. The One Day package will suffice for the race and will cover you for it and a park visit that day. If you’re staying longer than one day, the One Week version will be more cost effective.

DPPruiy8687871image credit

What Else Should I Know?

  • If you are interested in, but unsure of the PhotoPass+ One Week product, don’t pre-purchase. Collect images via the free PhotoPass card throughout your visit. Then, once you’re finished and home, review all of your images online. You will have 45 days to do this. They will be organized per day, so you’ll be able to choose which days are worth purchasing and which are not. Some days might include only one or two photos worth keeping. Skip that purchase, buy the images individually, or consider the week purchase if enough justify the cost.
  • Multiple PhotoPass cards can be added to the PhotoPass purchases, so scan several at a time whether you’re purchasing in the park or from home. (This means that if your party splits up, anyone can grab PhotoPass cards throughout the park to add to your purchase.)
  • Because the park’s WiFi is still improving, your mobile device will eat data throughout the day if you choose to pre-purchase PhotoPass+ and use the QR code for images. If you’re worried about this, don’t use your mobile device and instead use the free PhotoPass card provided by the photographers in the park. Upon returning to your hotel room or even back home, load the cards to your mobile device or online.
  • Reviewing your day’s photos from your hotel room each night of your trip will allow you to see if any did not load to your account. (This happens randomly….it’s not a perfect system…..images get lost sometimes.) If this happens, you may visit the photo shops on site to see if they can find an image that you’re looking for. (By narrowing down date/time/location, etc.) If they cannot, at least you’ll be able to recreate the image since you’re still onsite. If you wait until you get home to review all of your images, you’ll miss that chance.
  • If you get home and realize an image is missing, call the PhotoPass team to see if they can locate. They always surprise me with how well they do this. Know the date/time/location of when the image was taken and they’ll do their best to find it. The phone number to call is 407-560-4300.
  • Most special events like the Halloween Party will include PhotoPass photographers. Those event tickets typically include PhotoPass privileges.
  • Magic Shots are included in your PhotoPass+ product and should appear in your images once you purchase. A magic shot is created when a PhotoPass+ cast member drops in an image after the photograph has been taken. You will pose in the parks pretending to see a Disney character (for example, Tinker Bell in someone’s hand) and then once the image is downloaded to your purchase, the image will be complete with the Disney character. Magic shots are taken in select areas of the park. Ask your photographer if he or she can do one for you.
  • Confused as to why one set of options is PhotoPass and one is PhotoPass+? I asked cast members and was told essentially that PhotoPass Collections are not “+” since you’re not actively using the app to run the packages. The One Week option is “+” because it is designed to be activated and managed on the app.
  • If you decide to upgrade the One Week package to one of the PhotoPass Collections, you may still receive the printed photos from one character meal (since each Collection includes a voucher for prints from one character meal). Those will be printed at the photo shop in the park.
  • If you have any issues with PhotoPass+, let Disney know by calling 407-560-4300.

 icon175x175General Photo Tips

  • Remove bags or backpacks if it’s convenient for your photos.
  • Take your sunglasses off.
  • Back your stroller up from the photo if kids are able to stand or be held.
  • Be creative with your line up and don’t always stand in the same place. Mix it up or ask the photographer to place you.
  • Have fun! Be happy or goofy……you’re at Disneyland…….no need to do the school picture, perfect posture pose. Or be disgruntled like my 10 year old in all of our photos. Totally up to you. Characters at Disneyland will show you all sorts of ways to pose if you ask them for tips. In fact, they each have a signature pose. Check out my characters post for more ideas.
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  1. If I go to a character meal on arrive day (no park ticket) is my only option for photos is to buy the 1 week package?

  2. Hello, I am planning on visiting Disney next month for 5 day’s and I want to purchase the Max pass on a few day’s merely for the photo pass options. My question is how long do I have to download the pictures from the day that I purchased the Maxpass for? Can I purchase the maxpass for and then download the photos after I get home or us it just available to download on the day I purchased the maxpass?

  3. Hi Casey, Quick question. What happens if our pictures disappear from the preview wall before we get to it? We’ve missed all our ride pictures because of this.

    • Make a quick note of the time you exited the ride if this happens and then visit a PhotoPass booth at the end of the attraction to find it with a cast member. If there isn’t a booth at the end of your attraction, go to one of the PhotoPass shops (on Buena Vista Street in DCA or on Main in Disneyland) and cast members will help you locate.

  4. Hi, thanks for all the information. We are heading out in a few days to spend a week in Disneyland. We bought 4 day hopper passes and a 1 day Halloween party pass. I was going to buy 1 maxpass for me each day just to get the photo pass option for our family of 4, but the Halloween party tickets come with maxpass. How do I hook the 2 separate tickets to my account? Will they interfere with each other? On the Halloween day we will all use maxpass, on the other 4 days we will all use the traditional fast pass for riding attractions.
    Also we are going Monday and Wednesday thru Friday regular tickets and Tuesday to Halloween party that’s why I am worrying the tickets will interfere with each other on the app.
    Hope that makes sense. So excited this is our first trip!

  5. Hi Casey!

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before, but I have been scrolling through the comments and can’t find the answer. We are going to DL next month for 4 days but was thinking about only buying the MaxPass for two days (1 for DL and 1 for CA), I didn’t know there was a Photopass perk to having the MaxPass until I read your blogs (THANK YOU!!) So I was wondering, would I need to purchase the 1 week photo pass in order to get my images for all 4 days we are there? Or would I still be able to use the MaxPass for pictures on the days we don’t purchase it? I’m looking for the most cost effective way that also makes sense.

    Hope I explained that well enough to make sense.

    Thanks so much for any tips you have!!!

  6. My husband and I are taking our two boys (5 and 3) to Disneyland and California Adventure in June. In an effort to spend wisely, would it be beneficial to get the 1 week photopass over the daily Maxpass ($40 a day). I don’t know if we will be getting on the adult rides and I think we could rely on the Fastpass system over the Maxpass for the children’s rides. What are your thoughts? By the way, the information you provide is so helpful for newbies like us.

  7. I’m trying to link attraction photos and the first character is a letter. I thought they told me to substitute a 0 for the letter, but it is not pulling anything up? Any insight? Thanks so much for this post!

      • I am trying to enter Radiator Springs and Guardians. The app is not giving me an option to add a letter. Maybe I should try on my computer.

        • Hey, again. It should give you the option to include a letter. If you want to, send me an email with your codes and I’ll download them for you and email them back. I think the letter for RSR is R. I’ll find out the letter for Guardians tomorrow.

  8. Hi Casey,
    I have been searching and searching about photopass information and your post has been the most helpful. My hubby, 2 kids, myself and gramma are all heading to Disneyland in may. We are doing goofy’s kitchen the day we arrive and then have a 5 day park hopper pass. We do plan on having a day off in the middle. so that is 7 days total if you include our dinner and day off. I originally was planing on just doing the max pass one day and trying to get all of our pics in then but realize that wouldnt include the character dinner. I am now thinking of the one week photopass. My biggest question that I cannot find any answers to is how the photopass works with the bibiddi bobiddi boutique as we have a princess and knight experience scheduled. Do you have any information on this?? If you do that would be a huge help!

    Thanks so much

  9. Hi Casey,
    Just a quick question – Im attending the park in April – right over the start of Pixar Fest – SOOOOO excited …..anyway, im wanting to purchase the Collection with the professional park photos – my question is, will these be updated with the new parades/fireworks etc that will be happening over this time??

  10. Hi Casey, when buying the $10 a day maxpass, is there still a way to purchase the professional Disneyland photo collection disk separately?

  11. Hi Casey,
    We will be having a character dining the day before we enter the parks. To include these pictures, will I need to buy the 7 day pass? I was thinking about just doing max pass for the photopass, but I wasn’t sure how it would work if I didn’t enter the parks that day.

    Also, I thought I would mention this for anyone with “lost” photos. Last trip I was unaware that you can add your photos from the rides. When I got home is when I figured this out, so I called the lost photo department. I had a couple of numbers I could give them (we took pictures of the pictures on the screens with our phones) For a couple of pics I didn’t have the number. I told them the general time of day and what we were wearing (they may have looked through our other photos to see), and within a couple of days, they found all the photos from Space mountain and Radiator springs for us! I was so excited that I didn’t miss out on my kids first time on these rides because I was a newbie!
    Thanks for all your help!

    • It’s most cost effective to just purchase the prints at the character meal if you are dining on a non-park day. You’ll receive the digital images with your prints. Costs around $35. Then, buy MaxPass on park days. Enjoy!

  12. This is an awesome post!!!! Just a few questions. First on the magic pics are these areas marked magic pic or is this something you just have to ask any photographer for? For the Character dining I will be alone with my son. Will there be photographers around to take pics of the two of us and can those be added to the $10 max pass? I know they usually try to get you to purchase a pic at those dining experiences. Thx

    • Ask cast members about magic pics.

      Character meal images are included in your purchase. No need to purchase the images. There is a section in thus post about how to acquire those images. Enjoy!

  13. I just tried to get our photos 30 days after our trip. I did not purchase the photo pass in the park since I thought we can pay for it later for the same price. Which is not true. Disney does not allow you to pay for the daily fee of $10.00 for the photos. They make you pay $12.99 per picture or $78.00 for the whole week. I had to pay that amount to get my 2 days worth of photos.
    I am really disappointed because on the blogs and sites I read we can purchase them after for the same price but it was not the case.

  14. Our first night we have a character dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen and will want to get the pictures from that dinner – but we won’t have entered a park yet to get MaxPass so won’t have a PhotoPass yet. So how do we get the Goofy’s Kitchen photos included in our MaxPass/Photopass? We also have two other character meals scheduled later that week – when you get MaxPass do you get printed pictures from character meals or are they just available to print yourself? (Hope that’s clear!)
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  15. Your website has been so helpful for planning our kids’ first trip to Disney, thank you for all of the great information! I am trying to decide which Photopass option is better…doing the Maxpass option or buying the Photopass one week package. When I read about them it talks about photos being available for purchase, but I thought if you buy the Photopass you get to download the photos and then print them. It seems like the Max Pass would be great for our 4 day visit, but do you then have to buy pictures separately too? Thank you!

    • Hi, Dena.

      Where do you see that photos are available for purchase? With any of the PhotoPass options, all images are included in your download. No additional purchase it required. There are a few add-ons that you can do…..like buying prints of those images at a character meal, but otherwise, all images are included ‘free’ to download. Hope that helps!

  16. Hi Casey!

    I’m having a hard time deciding between the one week option and the $99 Collection. We will be staying at DL Hotel & in park for 3 days, but have character Dining reserved on both outsides of those 3 days, (i.e.: breakfast, park day 1, park day 2, park day 3 and breakfast). What do you recommend?

    And how does this tie into Max Pass if we plan to buy Max Pass for all of us but my 3 year old for all 3 park days?

    Thank you for all your help!

  17. Hi Casey

    I’m heading over with my son at the end Nov/early December and spending 10 days at DLR. I therefore assume the photopass collection is my best option for capturing Mummy/son memories. But I’m trying to work out how best to acquire it though as we won’t arrive in town until early afternoon (coming from San Diego which is the first leg of our holiday) and I plan to do a character breakfast the next morning – our first full day.

    I have to redeem a travel voucher (Aussies with the 10 day pass) at the ticketing booth so was thinking I do that on the afternoon we arrive so we are good to go first thing next day. Do I need to buy the photopass collection also that afternoon? Do I have to enter a park to do that or can we do it in Downtown Disney?

    Of course there is also the Maxpass factor that just does my head in. Am I better to forget the photopass collection and just buy maxpass for the both of us for the duration?

    I also have a travel voucher for the character breakfast that has to be redeemed, presumably at the gate, to then get a different voucher to present at breakfast. Not sure if you will know if I can do that on arrival afternoon too?

    Sorry, that was all a bit wordy but hopefully I made sense 🙂


  18. Hey! Thanks for all the info! I usually ignore these photo pass things at different attraction parks, but this one sounds like it might be a go.

    I just was wondering, is there typically line ups for these photographers or are you able to just get photo’s as quick as you would taking them yourself?

    I just don’t want to buy it in advance and regret it because we are always waiting for a photog and not the attractions themselves!


  19. I am thinking about buying the MaxPass for one person in our family just to get the Photo
    Pass for $10. Our kids are too little for most of the FastPass rides, and I am pregnant, so the FP aspect is pretty useless to us, but it seems like a ridiculous deal for the photos. I assume that is only an option beforehand, unlike the regular PhotoPass purchase that you can buy after the fact. Am I missing anything in deciding on this?

  20. OK, I know this is possible on the Disneyland App, but why is it not possible to edit and add borders and stickers on the Disneyland PhotoPass website?? Am I missing something?!? My wife added so many cool effects with borders and stickers when we used the Memory Maker on the Disney World site. Why do they have such differences between the two parks??

    Please help me figure out anything I might be doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance!!

  21. Awesome job on reporting the photo options. The Disney website should refer people to this page for answers! FYI your “Pricing for printed photos” stills shows the old price of $69 for the one week option.

  22. Hi Casey! Thanks a ton for this helpful info. There’s just one part I think I need clarification on. Under the $99 collection description, you include:

    “This package includes digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos in your account at time of redemption. This means that you receive ALL of the images in your PhotoPass account for up to 45 days.”

    Isn’t that the case for all four Photopass options? Or what am I misreading/overlooking??

    Thanks again!

    • Hi, Angie. It’s confusing. I’m so sorry.

      For the $99 and $119 Collections, when you “activate”, the system collects images from that day and the 44 prior to it making it a total of 45 days. That’s why you activate at the end of your trip. These collections are appealing to Australians who often have a 10 day pass and need more than week’s time frame. Guests also like that they include character meal prints.

      For the One Day and One Week options, you can purchase up to 45 days after your visit. Meaning, you have 45 days to make up your mind if you want to buy or not. Go home, think about it, and then purchase.

      If you buy the One Day, the system will collect the images for your one day. If you buy the One Week, the system will collect the images for six consecutive days after the first day that you had a photo taken of you, for a total of 7 days. Either way, you have 45 days to decide on the One Day or One Week purchases. With the $99 Collection, you can essentially gather images for a month and a half.

      Let’s say you visit the parks July 1-4. With the One Day or One Week, you have 45 days from the end of your trip to buy either of those packages. So, on August 14, you can still buy from your visit. But, the One Day will only give you images from one day of your 4 day visit. The One Week will cover all four days.

      However, if you were to buy the $99 Collection or the $119 Collection (must purchase in the park), you could essentially gather images from July 1 – August 14, for a total of 45 days.

      One Day = 45 days to think about purchasing
      One Week = 45 days to think about purchasing
      $99 Collection = 45 days worth of images
      $119 Collection = 45 days worth of images

      Does that make any sense?

      • I think so? 🙂 Sorry this is so difficult for me to wrap my head around! Thanks so much for your reply nonetheless! So if we’re going to be in the parks for 4 days and aren’t going to do a character meal, it sounds like the One Week option suits our needs.

      • Now that Maxpass includes photopass the disc that came with the photopass collection which includes the professional photos of all over the park can that still be purchased seperatley or can it only be purchased with the photopass collection?

  23. Hi, we are Aussies heading over for our annual 3 week Disney adventure. The old Photopass+ system worked great as it was unlimited photos for the 14 days we had in both parks.

    We now have 10 day Parkhoppers and these can be utilised over a 14 day period. So, how does the one week Photopass system work please?


    • Hi, Lyn.

      You will need to purchase the $99 Collection or the $119 Collection, as they both include up to 45 days of images. The other two collections will be too small for your visit.

      Check out both of those options and let me know if you have any questions. I share details on when to purchase, how to, where to, and most importantly – when to activate.

      Happy to help you!

  24. Thank you! We were at Disneyland last year with the kids. I bought the weekly pass, but didn’t realize it included character meals and magic shots 🙁 🙁 So sad that we missed out on those photos. My husband and I are going again in September for our 10 year wedding anniversary, so we will definitely take advantage of all the extras you’ve pointed out.

  25. I got a voucher for one photo pass print with my vacation package but am planning to get the one week option. Can I use the voucher for a character meal print?

  26. Good morning!
    Thank you so much for this amazing post. It is so helpful! Your whole site has been a lifesaver through this entire planning process!
    We are going to Disneyland next week and I wanted to buy the Photopass + One Week option in advance, so I could have it all set up beforehand. We’re doing a character meal at Goofy’s Kitchen the day before we start in the parks. I tried to buy and there is nothing under additional products on the website. 🙁 I tried the app and that looks like the only option to buy is the one day pass. Am I doing something horribly wrong or did they eliminate/change the options? I guess if it doesn’t get cleared up, I can buy it directly at Goofy’s Kitchen?
    Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciate it!

  27. Hi,
    How do I download my photos to my home computer once I am home? We had the 1 week photopass and my 45 days is almost up, so I need to save them. I don’t have the same app on my computer though.

    • Hi, Della. You should be able to log into the Disneyland website and download from there. Definitely do so before the 45 day mark. If you can’t figure out how to do it, call the phone number in this post and they will guide you through it.

  28. Our trip is in a few weeks. We have a character meal scheduled for our arrival day, then 3 days in the parks. We’re going to get the one week photopass. So we should buy the pass ahead of time and activate it before our character meal, right? Then when in the parks they can scan our QR code (instead of magic band like WDW) and we just need to take pictures of the ride photo codes and enter them later. Am I understanding it all correctly?

  29. Hi. I hope it this won’t be as confusing as it seems once I get to the park. I appreciate all of your info above. It’s definitely the most clear description I have read on any site. I do have one question still. I really don’t want to use the app and would rather load the images online when I get home. For the attraction photos, do I need to have the number added to my photo pass card at the attraction or can I enter the number online when I return home? Thanks for all the info!

  30. Thank you so much. I have an annual pass but have not activated it yet as we still have 3 weeks before arriving. There are 9 of us so I was trying to figure out how I would get all the photos of my grand kids and adult kids on my pass since it is one of the main reasons I bought it. I think I am good to go now with all your information!! You have made this trip so much less stressful and we have not even arrived.

  31. Wow, this is complicated 🙂

    I think I understand the package options…however, am I able to just buy a print without buying a package?

    I know it may not make sense (cost wise), but is it even an option? Specifically we just want to buy one big family photo (7 of us total) for a gift for one of our family members. Are we able to take a picture or two, and then take the card somewhere in Disney just to buy one print? Or do you have to buy a package?

  32. Hi Casey- looking for a bit of clarification. Forgive me if this had already been asked. We are looking at purchasing the photo pass + one week pass however contemplating buying it after our trip. My only concern is we are doing a character breakfast on Wednesday and it sounds like we need to pre-purchase the pass in order to get those pictures. Is this correct? Or is the same system as the rest of the park where they hand you a card?

    • In order to obtain the code for that character meal image, you have to have your package already paid for. You could buy the prints at your meal, but the only way to get that code is to have it all pre-paid. I know it’s confusing. Sorry.

    • They’re not. You have to purchase the photos offered in the back of the boutique in order to get the digital images like they’re offered for PhotoPass+. The package costs around $35. Super cute!

  33. Thank you so much for your article. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t edit my photos online. Now I know I can edit on my phone. Thanks! 🙂

  34. Heading to Disney with my wife and daughter and am considering the photopass+ for ease of all of us being in the photos… we have our own camera but was wondering what a realistic amount of photos that can be accumulated for a 5 day visit. We are doing a character meal, but can anyone estimate how many photos is reasonable are we talking 20? 50? Or 100’s? Just want to gauge to see if we think it will be worth it to order pass or just ask friendly passerbys to snap a photo…

    • I would recommend the photo pass as well, as the photos turn out a lot better when the professionals take them. Some character meetings aren’t in the best light, but when the pro takes them they look better. We tried taking photos alongside the photographer and they didn’t turn out nearly as well.

  35. I would like to thank you for the informational post. So I want to get this straight we visited Disney parks back in March/ 2017 the pictures on a photo pass are about to expire in 3 days ; we did 2 parks /2 days and I stiIl plan to visit one more day in May. I cannot bring myself to buying it for $169 as I didn’t take advantage of taking that many pictures, the very few pictures I took I had the unfortunate experience of not having a good photographer , we also didn’t get that many character greetings. There’s a few pictures in there that are okay but also are not the best the only reason I would like to buy is because it was my son’s first visit. I like the option of the one-day PhotoPass can I still by that option even though it’s been 40 + days since I visited the park? How does it really work since all photos are already there and are not being activated .?

    • As long as you’re in the 45 day window, you should be able to purchase the $39 day One Day option. You will purchase and activate it immediately by scanning your photopass cards into the app.

  36. Hi Casey, thank you for your excellent website. We are coming to Disneyland in May and want to purchase the $119 package with the disc. We won’t be doing character dining until after we enter the park however I want to start getting the official DL photos from the professional photographers at the very start of our day as we move around the park. However on our very first day I want to head straight to the line for the Jedi Training Academy which therefore means I’ll probably walk straight past the photo shop as we make a beeline for Jedi Training. Can I just collect the photo pass tickets throughout my day and buy the $119 collection on my way out on the first day instead of doubling back to Main Street to buy it ? We are only in the park for three days but I really want the disc of official park images to take back to Australia as a souvenir. Thank you.

      • We are planning the exact same thing in October but doing a character meal the night before, then aiming for jedi registration straight away. We are planning on the 7 day photopass option, however the collection with the disk is interesting… can i use the images on the disk to create collages or print them out as big canvases?? The professional shots are sure to be better than mine and I’d love a big print of the castle for my daughters room. Are there any issues with printing from the disk or is it ‘read only’??

  37. Thank you for this very helpful post! I am trying to decide what would be the best option for my family during our 3-day, Park Hopper trip in May. We are only doing one character meal at Storyteller’s. Am I correct in my assumption that the PhotoPass Collections would offer no added benefit to those we could purchase after-the-trip besides the professional Disneyland images?

    Thanks again for shedding light on this system! Your blog has been immensely helpful!

    • Hi, Lindsay.

      The Collections benefit those guests who want the professional Disneyland images and who want the print outs from a character meal. Storytellers is the only meal not included in the PhotoPass options, so if I were you, I would choose the One Week option.

      Happy to help you! Let me know what other questions come up.

  38. Thanks for this excellent article… the problem is I CAN’T FIND where to find on Disneyland website to buy Disney PhotoPass+ One Week… even your link it’s not working… Could you pls help me

  39. Thanks for such an informational page regarding the photo pass and the different options. We are planning on visiting next week. We arrive monday and doing character meal on wednesday. I know up in your post it mentions that we if we want to purchase the Disney PhotoPass Collection, we need to purchase before visit if doing any character meals.

    We weren’t planning on purchasing the Disney PhotoPass Collection until tuesday when we meet up with our military friends so we can get the discount, but if we don’t purchase it on monday (the 1st day we are there), would we not get pictures from the monday and only on tuesday? Sorry, can you please confirm? I think we should be okay with the character meal as we are doing that on our last day.


    • You should be totally fine adding the cards you collect on our own and up until your friend arrives to buy the package with the discount. Just hold onto all of those cards and and then attach them to the purchase once it’s made. You’re good!

  40. I’m sorry if this question has been asked a million times. We will be in Disneyland for 3 days and doing two character meals (Ariel Grotto and Surf’s Up.) I’ve read multiple places that the photos at these meals are extra and not included in the Photopass package but based on your website, this is not true. Can you clarify? I don’t need prints, I just want the digital copies. Are they trying to just sell the prints to families who don’t have the photopass? Which package should I buy?

  41. I have two week long trips planned to Disneyland this year (one next week and one over Halloween). I was going to buy a 5 day pass…use the magic morning the first day and upgrade to deluxe pass. I will also be paying for parking and 2 photopass week long passes.
    I’m I reading this correctly that the Signature pass includes all the benefits of the photo pass plus (except the printed character meal pictures). If this is the case, I think it would be best for me to just get the signature pass. Thanks for your input.

  42. Hi Casey-
    I am going with mine & my brother’s family to Disneyland and am wondering if we just needed to get 1 Photo+, or if we each need to have our own? Will the photographers take whatever pics we want, even just some of our own family or kids alone? If we did get one Photo+ package, would that mean that only one of us has access to all the photos and the downloading of them?

  43. Hi Jackie,

    I’m not sure if you’ll know the answer to this, but here goes. I’m in what I assume is a relatively unique position. I pre-purchased the PhotoPass+ package, back when one of the last links were available, back on 11/30/15. I made the purchase with a summer of 2016 trip to DLR that we eventually had to reschedule.

    Now we’re headed to DLR in June of 2017. From what I’ve been able to gather, Disney will still honor the package I have. I’m just curious if you have any idea how that package compares to the current offerings. I’m assuming I’d have to go to the Photo Shop in the parks to activate and set things up at this point as well, so I may have to wait until then to find out, but I thought I’d try here.


    • Jeff! You have the coveted original package? That’s amazing. Well done.

      I know Disney will honor it. But, I’m wondering which package it will be honored with. I’ll do my best to find out in the parks tomorrow and will comment here again if I’m able to find any info. If you don’t hear back or want to know sooner, call PhotoPass directly at 407-560-4300.

      My guess is that you will get the $119 Collection since it includes a disc with your images since the one you purchased long ago had one, too. I’ll see what I can find out.

    • Jeff, you will be given the same package as what you purchased in 2015. The cast member I spoke to said that other cast members are trained to help guests with old purchases like yours, but some may not understand.

      Keep asking until you get what is promised to you in that purchase. You should receive prints from every character meal. And you will have your cd of images mailed to you like in the original set up. Ask for a lead at any location that doesn’t know how to help. They should be very accommodating.

  44. These new photo passes are so confusing! Seems like a bit of a rip off now that the photopass+ doesn’t include a disc of our photos either.

    We are headed there in March this year and only want the photopass+ for one day. We are Canadian and won’t have a phone plan, so using the mobile app as the pass doesn’t work for us. If we get a card and capture images on the one day, Can I purchase a one day photopass+ after arriving home (3 days after the photos will have been taken)? And then proceed to edit photos and order a disc with all our pictures?

    Or is it better to purchase the 1 day photopass+ when we get to the park on the day we want pictures and then do all the editing/ordering when we get home? OR if I buy it in the park, do I have to buy the pictures before we leave the park that day?

    Ugh, the old photopass+ system was so much easier to figure out…

  45. Is it true that if you only buy the photos at the character dining (not a package just the printed photos in the sleeve) and keep the receipt, when you go to the photo store they will let you upgrade to a package minus the cost of the photos from the character meal? Do the Collection Disc images of the park change every year or are they the same?
    P.S. the link under Where Can I Edit My Photos? I Want To Add Stickers and Boarders is no longer working.
    =] Thanks for your hard work. This is the one and only site I need to go to for my Disney vacation needs!!

  46. Hello,

    We are planning a trip in April, and booked through Costco, which includes the $99 collection. We were planning a character breakfast (Surf’s up with Mickey and friends) the morning we leave to go back home. It sounds like we need to activate before we leave the park to get the digital downloads of all photo’s taken and CD of the professional Disneyland prints. Will we still be able to use the voucher for the character prints the next morning? Or would it be better to do the character breakfast during our 3 days in the parks?


    • Hey, Britney. I just got a new update on this, including the $99 Collection. When you purchase the package (or turn in your Costco confirmation for the package), you will receive everything you need, including the cd and voucher. You can use the voucher the next morning after your visit, because you can now activate the purchase from home. It will load all images 45 days prior from when you activate. And this can be done at home online. I’ll have this post updated asap with that info. Wanted you to know now in case your visit is approaching.

  47. Whew, thanks for the rundown!! I find it very complicated, but I think I understand, but just want to make sure.

    We have a trip coming up soon with 4 days in the parks over a week plus the Surf’s Up Breakfast.

    In order to take advantage, we should do the following:
    1.We should buy the PhotoPass collection when we arrive at the park (anytime before our character meal).
    2. We should scan the code on our phone every time we have pictures taken and can look at said pictures, but they will be watermarked.
    3. Give our voucher at the character breakfast to receive our prints.
    4. When we leave the park after our final day, activate the code we get when we buy the package and access our unwatermarked photos (to download, share, print, etc).

    Now, I have a question. If we activate the PhotoPass collection before our last day at the park, will all of our pictures still show up for download/sharing/etc or is it only pictures from the 45 days before the activation date? My folks would love to see pictures of us while we’re on our trip, but I guess we can just share our own…

      • Thanks so much for your reply. This all seems uneccesarily complicated! I want them to make it easy for me to spend my money 🙂

        If we decide we don’t want the print from the character breakfast, we can purchase the $78 PhotoPass+ One Week at the park, right? I think that if we do that, we then add the code to the app. Does that then automatically activate the PhotoPass? And does it expire 45 days from the first day of the trip regardless of when you buy the PhotoPass+ One Week?

  48. Hi Casey- its me, Megan again! So I read through this whole post and I went ahead and purchased the week photopass+ for our three day visit that starts this Tuesday. I purchased the pass online through my disney account and then logged into the mobile app to check it out. I already have a qr code and no “activation” button. Does this mean my week has started?
    No big deal because we will be there during the next 7 days but our character breakfast at Plaza Inn is our first stop and I’m just nervous I did something wrong.

    • Hi, Megan. Happy to help you! This is a new addition. Thanks for telling me. I’ll look into it further the next time I’m in the parks.

      Hoping they’ll start setting things up just like this so that guests know their purchase was made. What you have is ideal. The activation button should appear after you scan your first photo to that QR code, preventing you from starting early. So, you haven’t started yet.

      Thanks, again, for letting me know!

  49. If I pre-purchase the one week option and activate it on my phone in the park, do I still have the option to login to my photopass account and add additional photopass cards collected throughout the day? Or once activated on my phone do I always have to use that to connect photos to my account? Thanks!

  50. Do I have this right?
    If I’m doing the military $49 package … I buy it at the start, but don’t activate it. Then I make sure to have all the codes entered into the app before my last park day is done. Activate on the way out in a photo shop. And then I have a character dining voucher, so I could use that on my final day before I fly home, which is after I’m done in the parks and it has been activated?

  51. Hi there! Quick question….
    Heading to Disney using the 4 day military passes. Is the $99 photo pass the one we can get for $49? And if we are heading to a character dinner before we hit Disneyland, can we purchase it at goofy’ s kitchen to receive our military discount and photo voucher for our prints?

  52. Thank you for such an informative post! One thing I haven’t been able to find in my research – how much does an individual photo download cost if you don’t have PhotoPass?

  53. Dear Casey,

    We bought a Costco package that includes the PhotoPass+ Collection. I received a voucher that states that I need to activate it at the parks. Do I need to activate it right when we get there for it to work? Should I activate it on our way out of the parks on our last day (we’ll be there three days). We leave tomorrow & just want to do the right thing. Or, do I just get a card from the first Disney PhotoPass+ photographer we see, get our pictures taken, then give that card to every other photographer, and activate when we leave? Sorry to be so confused. -Aliciaf

      • Hi, Casey. We just got the same package. The Costco website says this –
        Disney PhotoPass Collection valued at up to $99 (one per package, includes a product code for Digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos in your account at time of redemption, a voucher for a Dining Print Package, and the Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc featuring more than 350 high-resolution professional photos from around Disneyland® Resort.)
        Hope that helps!

  54. Hi Again! ?

    I’m curious if what I’ve recently been told is true about downloading photos. I was told to wait until the trip is over to download, because once I do, there won’t be any more photos added. That sounds strange. So according to that, I won’t be able to download photos each night at our hotel-just view them? As weird as it sounds to me, I want to make sure that I don’t accidentally screw us up after 1 day into our week long photo pass lol

    • For the Collections, you will need to “activate” the account on your way out of the park because with those packages, you will receive all images 45 days prior to the activation time. You can still use the app during your visit to see each photo, but there will be a water mark on the image until the activation is completed. I know it’s confusing. Hoping Disney rearranges some of this soon.

  55. Hi!

    My brother’s family, his in-laws, and I are going to Disneyland at the end of April. I’m doing a lot of research, since we haven’t been there in 10 years. I am loving your blog for all the information!

    Question time:

    I would like to purchase a Photopass and am leaning towards the Collection option. We are going to be there for 3 days and plan on one character dining meal with my niece & nephew (8 & 5). Would this be the best option for us?

  56. Sorry just to clarify…..we will be at the parks for 4 days and NOT doing any character dining. So purchasing the one week photo pass+ is good? I’ll still be able to download and print pictures when we come home? Thanks again for all your wonderful information

  57. Hi!! So happy to have come across your blog. We are doing DLR first day and CA second day but having character meals for lunch on both days. Do you suggest just getting the one week photopass? I wanted to have a print out of both character meals though. Thank you in advance!!

  58. Hi Casey,

    Is there a package which you can still get all of your images from your trip on a CD like before? I really liked having the CD of our pictures as well as the digital option.

      • Oh no really! Is there a way to get the images on a CD anyway? I’m going with my family from 5/3 to 5/6 2017. We are going for at least 3 days for sure. Would the $99 collection be worth it? We are only doing one character breakfast.

      • So what is the Disc in the $99 package if it’s not a cd of all your photos(that you can print off if you need more?) that more of slideshow and you can’t print photos off?

        I’m more the kind of person to get my photos printed at the park then looking online last time I got them to put autographs on a few and got the cd but that was in the 2014 going later this year for a week not sure what to do.

        • The disc that comes with the package is as follows:

          “Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc, featuring more than 350 high-resolution professional photos from around Disneyland Resort.”

          The photos are for you to use for personal use only. You may print them as you wish. But, they are not your images. They’re professional photos of the parks.

  59. Appreciate your explanation but am still a little confused.
    With the one week option you don’t get the actual printouts at character meals? We have two character meals scheduled. Would it be better if I purchase the collection option? We are staying for 4 days.

  60. Wow Disney land is expensive for photopass. We just returned in December from WDW. We got the memory maker for $149, went up to $169 at new year. I was hoping DL included it with season pass, but alas only the more expensive ones not the California passes. That gives you unlimited photos for 30 days. Also the photo studio at bippity boppity bo is photo pass. My daughter did not do the salon yet went in there 3 times in the magic kingdom. Once in her Cinderella dress, once in her Elsa dress, and once in normal clothes. She also went in the studio at Disney springs, here they took 62 pictures. They also had a 3D screen which was very neat and included. No prints, they are all downloads. However you can add stickers, borders, ect. You get all sorts of magic. They are easy enough to print so no big deal.

  61. When I went to look at buying the photo pass + one week online it only listed credit cards as an option for paying for it. Do you know if I purchased it in the park if I can use Disney giftcards? My grandmother gave my family them for xmas with the instructions to pay for the photopass and the character meal. I will say I’m kicking myself for not getting the photopass purchased before it went up $9 in price.

  62. I’m SO glad to see they have this all up and running for our next trip. We went last January when they were switching the systems over and I paid SO much for photos and only got a few. $78 seems like a super awesome deal for the whole week. I’ll be buying it for sure!

  63. Thank you for a wonderful explanation of the photopass system. We are doing a trip with our young kids and extended family in February, and it will be our first since my husband and I were children. We are there for 5 days and doing the bibbity bobbity boutique and a character dining, so it seems to make the most sense to go for the $99 Collection. This can only be purchased when we get there? I didn’t realize there was no wifi, so I don’t want to use my phone for the codes. I think that’s fine, because then extended family etc can all add to my account. The Splash Mountain photo will be a big hit I’m sure. For the ride photos do we get a card after the ride? Also, do the bibbity boppity makeover photos come with the photopass collection package? And where is the photopass sales centre located?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi, Jess.

      The $99 collection has to be purchased on-site and it’s the best value if you’re going to do a character meal. You may purchase the Collection at either of the photo shops or at a character meal.

      The ride photos don’t have a card. You will enter the code that you find on your image at the end of the attraction. In the section “Details and Strategy Points”, I explain more about how to do this with tips on making it easy.

      The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does not include PhotoPass photographers. At the end of your makeover, you can choose to have photos taken in the back of the boutique for an additional $35. If you purchase those, you will receive prints and the code to retrieve those images. Lots more on the BBB here:



  64. Thank you so much! I’ve been following your site and planning our first trip to Disneyland here in two weeks! We plan on being at the park for 5 days and have two character meals (Ariel’s Grotto and Goofy’s Kitchen). Which pass do you believe is best for us to purchase if we want to have it all?

    Thanks so much!

  65. Thank you so much for updating this. It is a major change from our last visit, and I was pretty confused when I went to the website to pre-order the Photopass + cd package like before, and it wasn’t there.
    Just to make sure I understand correctly, Everything is online and I no longer need to go to the photo shop to activate or combine cards? And I still get all my pictures and the license to have them printed at Costco, but I download them instead of receiving a cd in the mail?
    Thank you again for your help, and for writing about Photopass + in the first place! I would never have known about it otherwise, and it was the best souvenir I could have gotten on our last trip. That’s why I’m anxious to buy it again.

    • You got it! The One Day and One Week options can be bought outside of the park. The Collections have to be purchased on site. Each option is a little different. At the bottom of each section, I cover details on when/where to purchase. It’s just as good as last time……but with more options…….so a bit more confusing.

    • Thanks for asking, Mandy…I was wondering the same thing. Last year when we went I had to order at least two weeks (I think) before our trip so they could send something in the mail and then we got the necklace with the card attached on the first day. The photographers just scanned the little card each time. I guess we will get a card from the first photographer, but seems to look different.

  66. We are visiting the park tomorrow and hope to take some photo pas photos. We will be purchasing a signature plus annual pass in early January. Could we load the photo pass from tomorrow’s visit on our annual pass photo pass as long as it is within 45 days?

  67. We have used to PhotoPass in the past and was required to purchase any of the photos we wanted. I want to clarify that with the PhotoPass+ packages all the photos are downloadable and don’t require another purchase to print them, correct? Thanks for all your info! We have been to DLR a few times and I have still learned a lot from your site.

  68. Hi

    My family and extended family will be going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. Because of our schedules we will be overlapping our trips. Some family will be there 12/06 – 12/10 and others are from 12/10 – 12/12. Can we still do the photo pass+ for the week for the two different groups and just combine all the cards at the end? Also there will be two separate character meals one at Goofy’s Kitchen and one at the Plaza Inn. Are both of these digital photos included in the photo pass+ one week?


  69. Casey,
    we are coming from Australia and will be having a meal at Gooys Kitchen upon arrival. The next day will be our first in the park and we are going to be buying the photo pass collection. We will be having a character breakfast at plaza inn during our 10 day visit. How long does the collection pass last in the parks is it 7 days or do we have it for the 10 days, also do we get phots from both meals or just the one in the park.

    love following you, Regards,

    Carlene G Gough
    Melbourne Australia.

    • Hi there. Your best option is to buy the $99 Collection. It lasts 45 days. The week option is only 7. But the $99 Collection upon arriving to Goofy’s Kitchen. You will receive a voucher for the prints from that meal. You can buy prints at Minnie’s if you wish, but you’ll only get one voucher with the collection. All images – from both meals – will be included in your Collection.

    • Hi, Carlene.

      You will want to buy the $99 Collection that is listed in this post. It will give you all of your images from the trip plus the print voucher for your character meal. You can purchase it from Goofy’s Kitchen upon arriving. They will give you the voucher for the prints when you purchase. If you want the prints from Minnie’s, you can buy for an additional $33 at the character meal. The $99 Collection lasts up to 45 days, so your entire trip will be covered. Let me know what other questions you have!

  70. Hi thanks for the great advice! Questions. if we buy the one week photo pass+, should we still bring our cameras for the Ariel’s princess lunch? Do they take lots of photopass photos at the lunch or just one photo as you enter? Thanks!

  71. Hi there! I’m hoping to buy the week long pass plus the disk since I want a hard copy of all my prints. Everything in reading says purchase it the first day in the park, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to do that since we have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie before the park actually opens. What do you recommend in my case? And for sure do you get the hard copies of the prints at the Disney dining with the disk option??

    • You do get the hard copies (prints) with the Collections ($99 or $119). That’s for one character meal only. You may purchase this at the character meal…..so no stress about doing so before. They’ll provide you with the voucher for the prints when you check in and purchase the Collection. Just arrive 20 minutes prior and let them know you need to purchase the Collection so you can get in a bit early.

  72. Hey! I wasn’t able to load all the ride pics onto my photopass card and this was my last day at the park. I know what days I went on certain rides and most (if not all) of the codes. Is there an way to see and purchase them online?

    • Hey there. Call the Photopass people to see if they can locate the images. If you are still in the park now, go to one of the photo shops and see if they can help you locate. Good luck!

  73. Question. We are going to both parks (Disneyland & California) on a Tues/wed/thu/fri/sat. I want to get digital copies of all our photos throughout the week there. Do I need to purchase the one week ($69) AND the collection ($99) packages?

    And do I purchase the collection ($99) package on Tuesday at the start of our trip or on Saturday before we leave when we have all the photos in our account? I couldn’t figure out if the collection would let me have digital copies of images for just one day or for the entire trip.

    I think I’m overtired and overthinking it all because I’m still confused on exactly what I get and for how long. Thanks so much. I love this site!!

    • Hi, Jessica. You just need to purchase the $99 collection. You can only do so in the parks or at a character meal and you should do so at the beginning of your visit if you plan to do a character meal. You will receive photos for all your days in the park with the $99 Collection. Hope that helps!

  74. Question: I got the one week. Now that I’m home and have all my Picts linked is there a way to download them all at once. Or do I need to do one at a time?

  75. Something that worked great for us. I took a screen shot of my QR Code on the app. Sent the screen shot pict to everyone in my group. Then we all put it as our lock screen. Each time we met a photopass photographer all we did was show the lock
    Screen, get it scanned and it linked everyone’s Picts together. And best part it didn’t take time looking for the pict or useing up the battery. Just wanted to share.

  76. Ok so I’ve read this section about 18 times lol. I just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly. We are going to be in the parks for 8 days. We are doing 2 character meals. Hoping to get some photos with characters and at attractions etc. I’m thinking my best bet is buying the $99 collection in the park. If I’m correct I can buy this my first day and just show my receipt at the character meals for the photo code and then add into my photopass account all my ride photos and photo pass card numbers. Then once my trip is complete I would redeem the code for my collection thus obtaining all my photos from rides, characters, meals and other spots for the whole 8 days??? Basically wanting to make sure I get the ride photos the meal photos plus anything else like a character or castle photo as well…. thanks in advance!

    • Hi there. Upon purchasing the Collection in the park, you will be given a paper voucher to redeem at your character meal for the actual print outs of the photo. If you want print outs from the second meal, you can pay for them at the meal. The images from rides, all around the park, etc…..will be added to your account. This purchase will cover all 8 days. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! If I dont need print outs from the character meal can I get the code to enter if I just show my receipt from purchasing the $99 collection? I don’t know if I will have an email confirmation because I’m buying it in the park…

  77. Sorry if this is a repeat comment, but here’s what we experienced re: photo pass at offsite character breakfasts: Went to Goofy’s Kitchen this weekend. Was already 2 days in to using a 1-week pass. To get the digital photos linked to our photo pass account we had to show them the actual email confirmation of our 1-week photo pass purchase. My advice: Make sure you have a printed copy of the original email or are able to bring it up on your phone.

  78. If my family has a character breakfast before the park “officially” opens and I want to purchase one of the packages not available online ($119 one) will the photoshop be accessible and open so I can purchase it before the character breakfast? Also can you use a Disney gift card to pay for the photo pass in person? I noticed online you have to purchase with a visa. Thank you!

    • I have a similar question! We arrive in the afternoon and are doing Goofy’s dinner at one of the hotels but will not actually go going into the parks until the next day. I want to get the $99 package, but I want to be sure pictures from that first night are included. We have another character meal (Ariel) on the last day that I want to actually use the photo package for, if that helps??

      • They will sell you the $99 package at Goofy’s Kitchen, so you will be able to start everything there. You can use the photo print voucher at Goofy’s or at Ariel’s for print outs. All images will be included in your package – no problem.

        • Yay! I was just wondering the same question too. We are doing Goofys before going into parks and then might end the trip with Stitch. We’ve gotten a Goofy package before but not Surf’s Up so I’d prefer to use the coupon for that but still want my image from Goofy!
          Thanks for all your help Casey!

  79. We just returned back home from a great trip to Disney. We were unsure on which photo pass package so we were going to see how the trip went. Karma got the best of me in the hotel shuffle and all of our passes were left. Will Disney search for your images if you aren’t on site? I can narrow down the day/time within the hour.

  80. Hi, I am still very unsure on what to do. I leave for the US on October 5th, and have a DLR visit planned on October 12th (and staying for 5 days). Can I purchase the 69$ today already on the website? Do they send you something to your home address? Or I purchase it today, and don’t do anything with it untill October 12th, and then activate it on the website?

    • Hi, Nathalie.

      You may purchase it now or in the park. It makes no difference. Everything is handled via email, so nothing to wait for in the mail. It will only be activated when you enter the park or a Disney restaurant and attach a photo to your app or website, so you physically cannot activate it until you arrive.

      • Thank you! I like to be prepared, hehe, so wanted to get it all sorted before actually leaving for the US. So will just order it already from the website, so everything is taken care of before I leave/ visit the parks 🙂

  81. I understand that you cannot add borders any longer but can you still edit your photos online, like zoom in and crop etc? I liked being able to take a pic and zoom in and crop out some of the surroundings or to get a nice close up of our family.

  82. I love your site sooo much! Thank You!
    Do you know this one; if I were to scan the photopass card they give me at the beginning of the day into my app right then, could I still use that card the rest of the day and have it keep adding the photos? Therefor if it gets lost or since I don’t want to drain my battery. Or am I supposed to wait until we leave he park at night and back at the hotel before scanning the cards?

  83. Just a quick question: When using the Photkpass+ for the week option, how long after the trip so I have the option to buy the pictures? When I link the photos do i get to see them right away and then purchase them when I get home? We are going to DLR on Oct 18th through the 23rd but wont be home til the 26th. Can I still buy the photopass + option then?

  84. Hi Casey, amazing site! I will be going in November, running in the runDisney race, dining at the Minnie in the Park character dining, etc. Based on all that I’m reading, I’m best off getting the $99 collection that I cannot purchase/activate until arrival. Sound right?

  85. Casey, it is important to note that if you purchase the Disney Photopass Collection is not exactly a step above the Disney Photopass + One Week. I went into Main Street Photo Supply and purchased the Photopass Collection, having had done all 4 character dinings and they told me that I would not be able to receive the digital prints for the hotel character dinings with the Collection…so they had to refund me and I had to purchase the Photopass + One Week. I spent about 2 hours in there, it was very frustrating and I don’t know why they do that. I wanted to have all my dining photos and the disc…but apparently you cannot have both!

  86. Thank you for this information! Very helpful. I do have a few more questions. We bought a 3 day pass to Disneyland and are planning to go 2 days in October with our 1-year-old and then 1 day in November without the baby. What package would you recommend?

    Also, just to clarify, when I buy the photo pass I am able to download ALL the pictures from the park and print them myself?

  87. I’m so confused! So I don’t buy anything until I get to Disneyland? Do I have to buy pictures in addition to buying the photo pass? I’m going to go for 2 days, so should I just buy the week long one because it’s cheaper than buying 2 days? Can I just collect the cards and do everything when I get home or do I need to do something every day with my cell phone? I don’t want to use an app for my phone because I’m worried about draining my battery. Sorry for all the questions! I just want to make sure that I understand everything becfore I go. Thank you.

    • You won’t have to use the app and you don’t have to buy it until after your trip if you wish. The week long is best for anything above one day. Collect the cards and enter them when you are finished with your trip. Printed pictures are an additional cost. With the week long package, you can print all that you want once you’re home.

  88. Me and My entire Ohana which is a total of 20 people are going to Disneyland in a month. My parents wanted to purchase the PhotoPass+ One Week and just screenshot the code and send it to everyone so we can have all of our photos on one account and have them printed out and placed in an album for everyone. I wanted tot know if i will need to purchase the PhotoPass+ One Week plus the Disney PhotoPass Collection if i wanted all of my photos combined and physical prints of the photos?

    • You don’t need both options – only the Photo Pass Collection. That will include all of your images. Rather than screen shotting the code, I would have everyone use a PhotoPass card and then enter the cards each evening into your account. With a screen shot, the code might not be scannable…….so the card is an easier way to go.

  89. Casey, thank you so much for this post! Two cast members didn’t know the details for the $99 collection. I finally got a third one who confirmed the info you gave, so I purchased the package, used the dining voucher at Ariel’s Grotto the next day, and redeemed the code when we returned home yesterday (after two calls to get missing photos added to my account) so I could download all of our trip pics. Thank you for always keeping us well informed!

  90. Forgive me if this was ask already! I didn’t see it 🙂 I am for sure doing the week photopass. We have my family of four but also my sister in law and her family of 6. Can we all be on one week long pass? Or is it best to have each family get their own??

    • You may all share the same PhotoPass. There is no limit to the amount of cards you can scan into one purchase. Just be careful with collecting the cards so that you don’t lose any images.

  91. i have a question about linking your photopass to your race bib. I saw that you can link up to 5 bibs per photopass, but is that per day or total? for example i have 3 people in my group, and running on 3 different days – so 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday – can i link all those bibs? it is still just 3 people in our group.

    • Hi, Heather. I haven’t seen a clear answer on this. Since this is new, the PhotoPass cast members are still learning, too. I would call the PhotoPass number in this post to confirm before your race.

  92. This has all been GREAT info… but i haven’t seen this scenario yet.

    We are going to the parks starting on a Monday, but we decided to go to our character dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen on Sunday evening before we start going to the parks, after we check into the hotel. We want to buy the Photopass Collection or the Collection +Disk so we can get the printed character dining photo package. How do we do this?

    And to be clear, if we get the week long photopass ($69) and the Collection +Disk ($119) the total will be $188 plus tax?

    • You may purchase the $99 collection at Goofy’s Kitchen to start your package. You’ll be given the meal print voucher there. Then, you can upgrade it in the park to the $119 if you’re interested. That has to be done at the photo shops. No need to get the week long photopass and the collection, however. Your images are included in the collection.

  93. Hello! First and foremost, thank you for all this info. The website to purchase doesn’t give very much information. I am still however a little confused and have a few questions I hope you can clarify for me. I went back in 2014 and got the photopass+ and loved it. My next visit is December 2016 and I want to make sure I understand everything prior to going.
    1. My previous experience let me edit all the photos they took online and change boarders and such on the individual pictures. Is this not an option anymore?
    2. If I preorder, do they send physical cards to me or is it just a code?
    3. If I add the photo pass code to the Disneyland app, does it activate immediately, or does it start from when I first arrive and they snap the first picture?
    4. I’m going on a Monday, Tuesday, and then the following Monday. I’m assuming it would be best to purchase the week pass and then an additional one day pass. Are these 2 different passes able to combine on to one account? How would I put both pass codes onto my Disneyland app?…or do I have to wait till one is used up then put the next one on?

    I apologize for my lack of understanding. I’m an “over-planner” (as you can tell by my asking several months prior to our trip). I just want to make sure I’m not confused once I’m on my trip.

    Thank you for your time, help, and expertise!


    • Hi, Jayme.

      Glad I could help! Here are your answers:

      1. The current options do not allow editing or borders. 🙁
      2. You may purchase a package from your mobile device, but you won’t receive anything in the mail. You will activate your account in the park once you’re there to use it. That will get you started. The PhotoPass+ photographers will hand you a card at each photo op. I recommend keeping the same card (or a small amount) to cut down on the risk of losing images (by losing cards).
      3. The package will not activate until you actually push the “activate” button.
      4. It would be more cost effective and less trouble for you to purchase the $99 or $119 collection. Those allow up to 45 days of images.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for the fast response. Those answers helped immensely. I do have one more question. Where do you get the $99 and/or $119 collection? I don’t see that option in the app or online.

        • You have to be in the parks to purchase the $99 and the $119 collections. I note where you can buy each within this post.

          For the $99 collection:

          This product can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, any dining location with PhotoPass Photographers and all attraction locations with on-ride PhotoPass photo capture.

          And, the $119 collection:

          This product can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center.

          PhotoPass Sales Centers include Main Street Photo Supply at Disneyland and Kingswell Camera Shop at DCA.

  94. Hi Casey,
    We are coming end of September for 4 days and also doing Minnie’s breakfast so were thinking of the week plan. We are not needing printed photos at Minnie’s breakfast but to get the download number for this breakfast I need to pre-purchase the week plan is that right?
    Is there anyway of adding a DVD at all without having to buy the collection packages?
    Thanks so much!

    • You should not have to pre-purchase, as the character meal images should be available to you with the week plan, which can be bought before, during or after your trip. If you’re not interested in printed photos, go with the week plan. No option to add the DVD without going up in packages. 🙁

  95. Casey,

    I did the old photopass when I was in DL December of 2015 and we loved it. What exactly is the difference between the old photopass and the photopass plus for the one week package besides the lack of character dining photos and the CD? I just have to have the code on my phone and they don’t give you the plastic card anymore?

    • Hi, Jessica. You can still use the plastic cards. You don’t have to use your phone and I recommend not if you’re worried about your battery. You can collect all of the images on the card and then scan the card to your account on the website or phone. The biggest differences include as you mentioned, plus this package is only for 7 days, where as the previous was up to 2 weeks. You also had to pre-purchase the old one. This one, you don’t have to.

  96. It seems like an amazing deal! Especially if you get the photo each time you ride one of the included attractions. Those alone cost, what?, at least $10 each? And to get all the photos with characters around the park, as well as shots around the park AND magic shots? All for 70 bucks?! Seems too good to be true! I know the photographers will take pics with your camera but Id rather not have to worry about it and just let them do their thing, probably with better quality, too. Haha!

  97. Thanks for all your insight! We will be at DL for 4 days at the end of August. To clarify, if I purchase the Photopass+ one week option, I will be able to view and download all of the photos taken by a DL photographer and the photos taken at the attractions, correct? In the past, I’ve purchased a CD at the end of our trip and the individual attraction photos separately. This seems like a much better deal! If I am understanding this new system correctly, can I pre-purchase the Photopass+ one week option or should I purchase it on the first day of our visit?

    Thanks again!

    • You can purchase now or when you arrive. All attraction images are included! Just be sure to grab those codes when you see your pics to enter into your app or site later on. No CDs for the week package now. But such a great deal!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! As long as I’m able to download all of the pictures, I’m happy. Much easier than waiting in the long lines at the park to purchase the CD.

  98. We are just leaving Disneyland after a fun week. Just FYI, we had bought the one week online before arriving. Once here we decided we wanted to try and upgrade to the $99 collection, we asked at both photo shops in the park and two attractions, no one was able to do it. Also, we did the Minnie breakfast at the Plaza and Ariel’s grotto princess lunch and neither would give us the photopass code without buying the print package. We didn’t love the Plaza once so we just said ok, but I ended up buying a print package I didn’t really need at Ariel’s just for the download code, paid more total than I would have for the $99 package and sadly still don’t have the professional photo collection. It seems there is still a lot of mis-information and confusion about the new products right now!

    • Thank for the info. I’m learning each location is still learning the new products. I would call the phone number in this post and let them know your experience. You deserve more than you received. 🙁

    • I had a similar experience this morning at Paradise Pier – the person selling the printed photos told me she could only give me the Photopass code if I purchased the prints. When I said, I thought it was included with Photopass+, she said that was true, but she would only give me the code if I had already purchased (which I hadn’t because I was waiting to make sure the runDisney photos had uploaded first). She then told me once I had purchased, I could go to one of the shops in the park to get the code. I explained that since yesterday was our last day in the parks, that wasn’t really an option either. Later she came back with a card with the Photopass customer service number and said if I called after I purchased the package and told them the date and time we dined at Paradise Pier, I could get the code that way. All of this seemed really unduly complicated, especially since, as I understand it, being able to link the code would not give me access to the photos unless I’d purchased Photopass+ anyway. (Finally, a member of my party ended up buying the printed photos.)

  99. Sorry, what did I miss? I’m trying to buy the 1 week pass on my app and it is only showing the 1 day pass. Can I pre-purchase the one week pass?

  100. Thanks for all this information on PhotoPass. I am a WDW regular and just returned from a 5 day Disneyland trip, all of your advice was wonderful. We did purchase the $69 one week PhotoPass on the first day of our trip and prior to our meal at Plaza Inn (they just handed me the photopass code when they went around selling the photos after I told them I prepurchased the photopass). That turned out to be one of our best pictures of the week. My 5 year old also looks disgruntled for photos (even if she had been having the time of her life 3 minutes prior!). Oh well, they took a few pics of just me and my husband which are also nice to have! I found there were not quite as many PhotoPass peeps at DL as at WDW. We never saw any down in front of the Mickey’s Fun Wheel at DCA in the morning which was surprising since it’s so iconic to the park. They were more apt to volunteer to take pictures with your phone since you are already handing it to them though.

  101. The attraction “videos” may be similar to what PhotoPass videos do at WDW. They use their professional stock footage of the attraction and they include a short clip or two of you riding on the attraction.

    I would assume that if this is the case an attraction video from Radiator Springs Racers would show some footage of the track, some of the characters, and then a clip of the guests racing along.

  102. Hi, thank you so much for your amazing site!

    Your advice was invaluable for my family’s DL vacation last year, and I’m in the midst of planning this year’s vacation (yay! :)). The best purchase I made by far was the old PhotoPass + package, and then I purchased several items using those pictures, including the photo album, mugs, ornaments, and even a magnet.

    I’m quite excited they are offering a multi-day PhotoPass again, but I’m really upset they no longer offer the photo albums (and magnets, cards, ornaments, mugs, etc.). Our photo album from last year is my favorite souvenir from our 2015 vacation.

    Have you heard anything about DL PhotoPass offering the PhotoPass merchandise again, especially the photo album?

    I was also hoping for some clarification on the new PhotoPass plan. It looks like we can buy a DVD of the entire week of pictures once the week is over, but the only way to get printed pictures of the character breakfast from our last day as part of the package (no park, just Goofy’s kitchen) is if I purchase the DVD option before I leave the park on the last day, which means the Goofy’s kitchen pictures won’t be on the DVD (though I should be able to download them). Do I understand that correctly?

    Thanks again,

    • Sorry- one more bit of clarification needed – I know I need to pre-purchase the PhotoPass+ to get the character pics, but if I also want to get the DVD I have to wait until the end of the week to buy it. Are the options mutually exclusive? Or can I buy the PhotoPass+ at the beginning of the week, ensuring I get all of the character meal and ride pics throughout the week, and then upgrade to the DVD package at the end of my last day? If we can upgrade to the DVD package later, I think that will give me the entire week of pics on a DVD plus a voucher so I can get printed pics of the Goofy’s Kitchen breakfast on our last day, when we won’t be going to the parks. Also, since we’d have the digital option with the PhotoPass+ one week option, I should have access to the Goofy’s Kitchen pictures for download even though they won’t be on the DVD. Whew! 🙂 Thanks!

      • You may buy the PhotoPass Collections at the beginning of the week (to get the dining event photo voucher), but you should not redeem your code until the very end of your trip so that you receive every photo from your visit. Once you redeem that code, you have ended the package’s life. Only the $99 and $119 collections include the dining event photo voucher, so you will want one of those purchased prior to your character meal. Since your meal is AFTER you leave the park, you should have that voucher to use at Goofy’s the next day. I’m checking on how to attach the images from Goofy’s to the gallery and DVD and will update this post once I know. Sorry for the delay!

    • Hi, Teresa.

      Thanks for your patience. I just rewrote this post, so take a look again for lots more info. Regarding your questions, I have not heard of any merchandise coming back. You can, of course, use the images to create your fun pieces on Shutterfly.com or the like. But, Disney doesn’t offer it currently. I’m checking on the Goofy’s Kitchen question – it’s on my list – during my next park visit, which will be this weekend. I couldn’t get a clear answer this week, so I’m going to keep trying. Check back in this post for info on that or feel free to email me at Casey@DLRPrepSchool.com for an answer.

      • Thank you so much, Casey! I really appreciate your help!!

        It’s still a little confusing to me because of the terminology they’re using. It says that the DVD will include all pictures in the PhotoPass account at the time of “purchase,” which implies you only get the pictures present at the time you actually pay for the $119 package (rather than at the time the code is redeemed). However, your post leads me to believe the DVD will include all pics in the PhotoPass account at the time of activation (redemption) of the product code (which gives much more flexibility). Would you please find out which is correct? I’m hoping it’s the activation that triggers the DVD picture cutoff point, as that solves the dilemma of getting those last pictures on the DVD. I could just buy the $119 package on day one, hold onto the character meal pictures voucher until needed, and wait to activate the DVD and picture downloads until I return home.

        I also want to make sure I have the timing down for activation. Since we only get 7 days of pictures, do I use the first picture from day 1 to “activate” the product from that point forward, or do I click on the last picture from day 7 to “activate” the prior 7 days? And is it different timing for activation if you’re just getting the $69 one week of downloads option vs. getting the $99 week of downloads+meal pics or $119 week of downloads+meal pics+DVD?

        One final question (for now, lol!) is whether there is a separate activation code for the week of photo downloads and for the DVD, or if you only get one code that activates both products.

        Thanks again!! 🙂

  103. Hi Casey! Would we be able to pre purchase photopass+ one week and not use our phone to scan the code? Do they hand out photopass+ card when we pre purchase it?

  104. Hello! Love your site! I read through the thread and wanted to confirm details please. We’ll be at DLR for 2 days. First day we have an early character breakfast a Plaza Inn. To include the dining photo into my photopass+ one day, I simply need to purchase early that same morning before our ADR? Thanks again for your patience & Disney magic! °?°?

    • Hi, Melinda.

      Yes, you will need to have the One Day option purchased before your character meal. They won’t attach the image from the character meal if the option is not purchased already. So get that done before arriving.


      • Thanks for confirming details, Casey! I was happy to see they announced photopass+ one week, this morning! Just what I wanted to hear!!

  105. I read in one of the comments that you can add more than one day to your Photo Pass One Day option but when I go to Disneyland.com/photopass, I can’t find the option. Any idea where and how I might be able to find it?

  106. Casey- did I read somewhere why it was a good idea to prepay for the Photo Pass before having breakfast at the Plaza Inn? After reading, I did purchase the pass in advance and now I can’t remember why! Help! Haha 🙂

  107. So confused. Last time we went in 2013 we pre paid for pp+ and he all our pics for three days and gifts kitchen for me price. What I’m understanding is I can just go to the park get a pp card from our first pic and use the same card for our dining pics and when we get back home we can pay the $39 for each day. We are a group of 9 of 3 families. Can we combine all our day pics in one package for each day? That we we can split the cost and pay like $13 each family per day? And are all the pictures we take at goofys kitchen included? Last time we took about 12 since we are a large group and took pictures each family and all together and they were all included.

    • You may combine and add more than one card for your Photo Pass One day option. There is only one photo taken at Goofy’s Kitchen (as you walk in) or any other character meal, but that image will be added to your PhotoPass+ One Day. If you have multiple families at the meal and you all take photos, you can include each photo on the One Day. Note: You have to have the One Day package paid in full before you go to the character meal, however. This is the only time you have to have it prepaid.

      • When we went last time yes there was one picture at the begining but with many poses and combinations. For example we had one with our daughter one with just us two and one with just her as well as one with my sibiling an dmore combos. Will they be inlcuded or just one pose per family? What happens if i dont buy ahead of time? and if i do buy ahead and only use for GK can i still add the other cards later for that day?

        • Any photos that the PhotoPass+ photographers take will be included. All of those poses and combinations will be. (Just wanted to clarify that they don’t take photos inside the restaurant while you interact with characters.) If you don’t buy ahead of time, they won’t attach those images to your account. You could go back and add them after you purchase, but that’s a hassle. You can absolutely add the other cards and images that day. I recommend scheduling character meals on park days for this reason. Take advantage and use the PhotoPass+ One Day purchase as often as you can.

          • Thank you!!! Yes I’m aware that they only take pictures at the entrance. Our reservation is at night on a park day so I will buy one for that day for sure. Also do I have to be using the app or will they give me a card I don’t want to use up my battery.

  108. Hi,
    I have just come across your website (and only just started reading – so much to cover! So apologies if I am asking a question that has already been asked)
    The PhotoPass+ One Day looks great but is that $39 per day?
    Our family of 5 will be enjoying Disneyland for 10 days. Will this be $390 for access to photos at the park?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated

    • If you purchased every day, yes, that would be the price. However, I provide some recommendations on how to make this option work for any budget, including a long trip with your desire to capture as much as you can within your days. Check out my suggestions and please let me know if I can direct your further. Happy to help in any way I can!

  109. With the new photopass system, is it possible to just collect all the photo passes you get over a 3 day period and then add them to one account at the end… or is the system smart enough to split them into three separate days still so you have to pay for each day separately?

  110. Hi Casey – I love your website and tips! This is only my 2nd visit to DLR, and it seems so different from WDW that I really appreciate all of your insights. My question is: do many people take advantage of your suggestion to find certain cast members such as the photographer Eric you recommend and really have him work tirelessly for their perfect shot? If a photographer (or other park cast member) goes well beyond the call of fabulous magical day service is it acceptable or even appropriate to tip the person?

  111. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in your new system. I just returned from a 4 day trip with my family. It’s not often that we are all in a photo together, so I treasure these photos. I was planning on purchasing all the photos on a CD like in the past. Now, I realize that I’d have to pay $39.00 per day to get all of my photos. That becomes extremely pricey!

  112. Hi there Casey!
    I have a trip planned for November for three days and was thinking about buying ahead of time the photo pass+ maybe one a month that way it’s not like I’m spending $120 at once. Is that possible? Or is this something I would have to buy the specific day or after my visit?

    • Did you get and answer for this Camille? I am wondering the same thing. I know I would love to get ALL the picts but also know coming up with multiple days worth of $$ upon returning home from taking 6 kids and all the expense incurred at the time will be hard. If I could budget and pay a little at a time ahead it might make it for feasible. Boy do I miss the photopass plus pre-pay from before…

      • You, unfortunately, cannot pay or make payments ahead of time. However, you have 45 days after each day’s visit to purchase those images. And in this post I give tips on how to not have to pay for each day. Concentrate some of your days on photos and then on others, relax and take less photos. That way, you don’t have to pay for every day you visit.

  113. Hi Casey! What are the “magic shots” you reference? And if you do prepurchase it for the day is it best just to do it that morning? Thanks!

    • Magic shots are when the photographer directs you to pose with Tinker Bell, but she’s not actually there. The photo shop will super impose her in at a later time and before you receive your images. It’s best to pre-purchase the morning of.

  114. Question. I am thinking about getting one signature annual pass and one deluxe annual pass between my husband and I. So if say I had the signature and thus free photopass and he had the deluxe and got a photopass card. Is there anyway to add his photopass card to my account and get those pictures included as well?

      • One more question how does it work at the character meals with the annual pass for photos? I noticed that you recommend purchasing the one day pass first but with an annual pass you wouldn’t need to do that…

  115. I was quite disappointed to learn the changes to the photo pass at Disneyland this year. My wife and I had been purchasing our photos via the CD on our last day in the park, then once at home, we’d review them and add a border before purchasing one or two 8 x 10″ photos to hang on the wall. We’d been doing this for the last 15 or so years, but this last visit I was advised of the change, but was never told I wouldn’t be able to add borders at home. Now I’m not able to add to our Disney wall our last trip (at least not one with the borders we want). I will not be participating in the photo pass at DL any longer, we’ll just use our own camera and then use snapfish our another vender for our photos…disappointing.

    • Anthony, I recommend letting Disney know about your disappointment. That’s the best way to get things to change….by providing feedback. I include the phone number in this post if you’re interested. Also, I have heard talk of them re-installing the border option. I’ll update this post if that happens.

  116. So did they get rid of the multi-day Photopasses? 3 years ago that is what I got, and just in December that is what I got in Disney World. I can’t find anything anywhere about anything other than the 1 day.

  117. Hello Casey,

    Thank you so much for posting this article, it is so much more informative than any other site, especially the Disneyland website as they provide little information at all about the newer PhotoPass+ One Day System.

    We plan on using your tips for our 6 day trip and plan to focus on getting as many pictures as possible for 3-4 of those days. What I’m wondering about is that after our trip and after we’ve uploaded all the cards, are we still able to purchase a CD to keep whichever days we want for good &/or is there a download option? If so, how much does that cost on top of the $39? And do we have to purchase a separate CD for each day we choose? Or do we only have the option to purchase individual prints once we return home?

    Sorry for all the questions! Thank you so much for all you do!

    • Hi, Shay. No more CDs offered at all. Each one day pass that you buy offers the complete download option. No additional cost. Let me know what other questions you have! Happy to help.

  118. great website and awesome writing. I love that you pin point every single detail.

    unfortunately i still want reassurance so thats why im posting.

    im going to be at disneyland this friday for 1 day and 1 day only. so this photopass deal looks like i should take advantage of it. i am going with 4 adults. 2 couples. so if we each get a photopasss, and we go out taking as MANYYYYYY photos as we want that day, also we plan to do a character dining say goofy’s kitchen. i know right when you walk in they take that photo of you and that can be linked to the photo pass or you buy the physical print right there.

    but anyways each one of us with a card can just go crazy taking photos with the photographers, then at the end of the day, fire up the disneyland app, link all 4 cards, then pay the $39 and allllllll those photos will be available for download in full high resolution with no watermarks or limitations?

    if so, thank you!

    • You can link up all the cards to one purchased package. In order to get the character image from your meal, you have to pre-purchase the package. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

  119. Hi,
    I’m planning on doing the Pixie Dust Challenge in May. (I know, I’m a little crazy…)but I know that runDisney is using photo pass to take the pictures this time around. So I’m planning on buying Photo Pass+, but my questions are…should I do it the night before so it’s active that day or doesn’t it matter? And I have a Premium Annual Pass…do I have Photo Pass+ already connected to my account or is that only for the new passes that came out in January? Thanks!!!

  120. So does this mean that there is no more multiday option for photopass? Because this seems like a horrible value when in Oct. I got 8 days of photos for $69.

    • The package you got in October was a fantastic deal! It was bound to change. 🙁 This is the only option, but hopefully this post can help you make use of it. Try to focus certain days on photography and have more relaxed days, too. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  121. Thanks for this great post. I’m still not understanding if I have 2 cards between my husband and I, I know we can combine them. I understand having a master card that we have the attractions on that we have added by a CM after the ride. But if I don’t buy until I get home how do I get the character meal pictures put on it? Thanks so much

  122. Thank you for your great website and helpful tips! I wanted to share a tip from a PhotoPass photographer – save the QR code screen and make it the lock screen on your phone to save time and battery life! Much faster than loading the app 🙂

  123. Love your blog! We are planning on doing the Photopass on our visit next Saturday and were wondering – do you have/know of a list of all the attractions which take an on-ride photo? Since we wanted to use the day to take as many photos as possible, we weren’t planning on riding many rides – but the rides that do take photos we don’t want to miss out on. We’ve tried to look that information up on the Disney Parks sites but no luck. Thank you!

    • The best option is to decide after your trip which days are worth purchasing. There is no longer a multi-day pass. Wish there still was! Hoping Disney will go back to this after they see how much of a need there is for it. Try to grab important shots on maybe 3 days of your trip (castle, Mickey, etc) if you want to cut down on costs. Only purchase those days.

  124. The last time we went to Disneyland was Feb of 2014 and we are planning a trip for Dec of 2016. We really felt that the PhotoPass was one of our best and most worthwhile purchases for our trip. So what I am gathering from this post is that it now costs $39 a day (we are doing 5 days in the park) which will cost us $195 vs what I remember us paying under the old system which was I think $69 or $79 for our whole trip (we did 4 days last time). That is a HUGE price difference and kind of a bummer. Also, we no longer have access to the borders online. Do they charge you to print the photos with borders at the park? One of our favorite things was that we could go through all the pictures at home and add different borders to the same picture and then we just printed them out at Costco and it was super easy. Is there anything about the system that is better than the old one other than the ability to look through them on your phone?

    P.S. You started your site just before we went and I was using a bunch of different sites to gather info. Now that I am back planning for our trip again I think your site is the best on the web. Very informative, up to date, personable and easy to use.

    • Thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately, this is the new PhotoPass+ system. Or the current one. I’m hoping they will adjust it as they hear feedback from guests. They do charge for the printed photos that include borders at the photo shops. I recommend looking at your photos each evening in your hotel to ensure you got every shot you wanted and then at the end of your trip, decide which days you want to purchase. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks. It sounds like the best option then is to take the free card they give you and make a decision at the end of the day. Can we use the same free card for our whole 5 day trip and then decide at the end? We are potentially going with grandparents on both sides so we may be able to split the cost which will help.

  125. Hi, I had some questions regarding the Photo-pass for $39.00. Being that is it a new program that you are offering, I am trying to understand if you can purchase the Magic Bands and link them to the Photo-pass cards that you are given in the park. My understanding is that it is not necessary to pre-purchase the Photo-Pass as you are given these “free” cards that can be used during your time in park and then you link them to your account afterwards? You can choose which day to “buy” or choose multiple days for the price of $39.00 per day, correct? Can you link them to more than one account? I will not be attending myself but my kids will be with their Dad, I wanted to iron out some of these things prior to them leaving. If you could provide the best options – I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    • You got it almost all correct. But we do not have magic bands. And you may link more than one card per one day purchase. And you may purchase before or after your stay. Enjoy!

  126. First off, a big thank you, Casey! We made our first trip to DLR in February (we’re long-time WDW fans) and all your advice helped things run very smoothly.

    Just to clarify, if you have the Disneyland app, you can use the Photopass Code feature even if you haven’t bought the one day Photopass+. We successfully used it both before and after purchasing the one day product. Also, the photos loaded to our account super fast (usually half an hour or less), much faster than our last experience with Memory Maker at WDW.

  127. Hi Casey
    If you are planning a 2 day trip (one park each day), do you have to get the Photopass+ for each day or is there an option for multiple days?

  128. Hi! I was wondering, when you purchase photopass+ for $39, do you have access to and can get ALL of the photos taken on the day you choose? Or can you only keep a select number of them and have to purchase any extra ones? Or say if they take 50 pictures for you, do you get to keep and use all 50 photos for the flat rate of $39?
    Thank you so much! Your site was very helpful:)

  129. Hello! Do you know if there is a multi day option? We are going to be there in a couple of weeks and have a 3 day hopper. Thank you!

  130. Hi! Quick question for you! On February 3rd, I attended Ariel’s Grotto character princess lunch. I was offered the printed photo package at my table, and decided to decline it as the guy told me that I could go to the King’s well camera shop right after the meal and give them the time and place of my event and they would add the photos for me. They did this, & I got my character pictures from art after lunch. Just wanted to let you know!

  131. I’m really hoping by the time we go on our trip in May that things get worked out, With my daughter’s conditions, we don’t know when we will ever make it back so we were looking forward to this being just like our other times. It was so convenient for us to purchase ahead of time, have it ready and know all the pics for our trip will be on the account without multiple trips to the photo store, and do borders and order prints when we got home. With the only way to add borders being in the stores now, that rules that out as she cannot stay in one place for more than a few minutes. And then not having the character meal pic on there…we loved the ones taken on our last trip.

  132. Hi Casey, super helpful information, but since disneyland has changed to the photo pass one day and you recommend just checking the pictures one you return home to see which days are worth purchasing, how does it work if you have a large group and may have multiple cards per day? Would you have to pay $39 per card per day or do you know if there is a way to combine multiple cards per day to get the entire day for $39?

    • Hi, Kim! You should be able to attach several cards to one account, even after you visit the parks and return home. That is my understanding at this point, but we are still learning about the system since it’s so new. I’d check when you visit just in case.

  133. We got stuck between the two systems, came home after our trip with a Disneyland PhotoPass+ CD voucher, but could no longer claim the online CD as the website had completely changed for new products. Got this advice from a cast member via email…

    “When you paid for your PhotoPass +, you should have received a DVD Case.
    Inside the PhotoPass + DVD case, there is a promotion code. Enter this
    number on the “Link Photos” page and the watermarks will be removed from
    your photographs and they will all be available for download. Please do
    not use any spaces or dashes when entering the promotion code. “

  134. Hi Casey!

    Thanks for the update! Quick question… You said “For ride (attraction) photos, use your phone or mobile device to take a screen shot of that unique code that appears when you see your photo on the screen right after riding. You’ll later need to enter that code into the system to retrieve your photo.”

    What is “the system” exactly? Do you input now on your phone or go to the check out and have the cast member scan/enter it into your account?


  135. Hi Casey!

    We are going to DL at the end of June for a total of five days. Prior to the new system, I had planned on pre purchasing the photo pass+ for $69. Now I see it’s $39 per day and no character meal add ons.

    I read your suggestions and plan on implementing them by checking photos each night, and purchasing that night if i like what i see, so I ensure I have enough funds for them.

    I’m seeing somewhere something about a CD? Is this still an option and if so, how much and what does it include? Thanks!

  136. Hi Casey – thanks for the info. Do you purchase the new photopass + in advance? I can’t see anywhere on the Disney app or website to be able to purchase the $39 day option. Perhaps I have to wait until we link some photos in the park to the app?

  137. We are in a similar boat as Tammyjk above- we will be going the 1st week of March- only in parks for 3 days with our dining the 1st morning. I’m curious about your response to her question, but also wondering if it’s worth it to purchase 3- one day passes (only option that we can do ahead of time right?) or what my other options are? I mostly want digital photos that I can download onto my EHD- don’t necessarily care about a cd. Thoughts? Thanks for your research & help!

  138. Hi Casey, thanks for the info. Our family finished a trip on Jan 2nd. We had the photopass+ pre purchased back in 2015 but had absolutely no idea changes were coming. Even last weekend we were making edits to our photos online with no problem. We’re getting close to our time limit and tonight we found out the new system wiped everything out! Luckily we kept our photopass cards and re-entered it on the new system and it found us, but now it seems we won’t be able to download any of them without paying for them all! We’re trying to get through to someone but it’s been VERY difficult…Do you know if that CD purchase while in the park is only during the transition or will be a permanent option moving forward? In other words it seems more cost effective to buy the CD in the park if we’re there for a multi-day trip vs paying to download each day’s photos. Or am I missing something?

    • Hi, Denny. None of this should even be an issue, as everything you purchased on the PhotoPass+ system purchased before should be honored for this trip. I would call the direct number listed in this post to discuss.

  139. I’m reading PhotoPass+ isn’t available and there’s some switcheroo going on. We have TWO character meals booked for 1/25 – one in the morning our first day in the park and the second at our hotel that evening. I have a toddler so the photos are a huge deal to me. Are we out of luck? 🙁

    • This post shows everything I know to date. For character meals, I recommend using your phone to capture images and then buying their printed photos when the PhotoPass photographers take your pic. Otherwise, you’ll pay a lot unless you are staying for several days and plan to buy the CD available for purchase for $69.

      • Thank you. And if I can somehow change my reservations until a later day, I could get the pro character dining pictures on the $39 pass? I searched around for an embarrassing amount of time last night and your site is by far the most informative! Thanks for sharing!

  140. Hi,
    Going to DL in March for spring break. Will be there for a week (Sunday-Saturday). I’m curious how to handle Photopass for more than a one-day trip and not have it cost an arm and a leg (maybe just an arm?) We are doing some character meals over the coarse of the stay and would love to add the photos to the Photopass cards. First character meal will be the day we arrive and we will NOT be going into the parks that day. I would love to know how this will work if we want the photos added. Our last character meal is the morning we are leaving…and we are not going into the parks that day either. Will we be able to add these to our photopass cards? I would love to know the approximate cost for our multi-day trip. Can’t wait for your update and hope to get some answers to my questions after the roll out on the 26th. Thanks for your help!

  141. Hi,
    All your info is wonderful, but I still have a couple of questions. I will be going to DL Feb 16-18. (WDW veteran, third visit to DL) We do not have annual passes
    From what I understand, I have to obtain a photopass card in the park-from any photographer or at the photo shop?
    I can then take my pictures and add ride photos. Then I have to upload them all at the park-no option to upload them later at home? If uploaded at the park, if border options are available, I need to do them then and there-or in the comfort of my home if I can upload from there?

    Thanks for your help!!

  142. I believe the date at the top of this post should say Updated January 2016. Because these changes are happening right now, it is important to know we are getting the most current information. Great site, thank you for the help!

  143. Hello,

    Super bummed to hear about photopass + being phased out… So with the new photopass cd, do you know if that’s just for one day? Or can I do it for our whole trip… We usually go for like 5 days.

    Thank You in advance.

  144. Hi! We will be leaving for our trip a week from today and prepurchased the PhotoPass Plus. Do you know if, with the changes, we will still be able to activate our Pass at a resort character meal (we dine the night we fly in before going to the parks the next day), if we will still get the photo packages with our character meals, and if we also have to have our pictures ordered before we leave the park or if we still have the 30 days with the ability to edit and add graphics before ordering our cd? Thanks for any help/direction! It makes me nervous being a park of this “transition time” and I don’t want to drop the ball!

    • Hi, Ashley. I’m trying to find out answers, but in having a hard time. From what I understand, everything you paid for and agreed to at the time of purchase should still stand. My only reservation with that would be the activation at your character meal. I’m wondering if they still have the capabilities during this transition time. I have been told they do. Would you mind updating us after you find out? Enjoy your trip!

    • You can no longer buy it. It’s in transition to a new system. I’ll be updating information on this site asap with what the interim option is. ASAP. I’ve already posted about it on Facebook from a recent visit if you have time to scroll through there.

  145. I noticed that now the PhotoPass+ is not available to preorder before vacations. On our last trip we just got the PhotoPass from a photographer, but because we have a character breakfast scheduled and I am going to be there for the Star Wars Half Marathon, I am definitely interested in the PhotoPass+! So my question is, do you know if they are not offering this option any longer? Or if now we can only get it in person at the photo shop on Main Street? Thanks!!

  146. We are headed to Disneyland January 12-15 and just found out the discount is no longer offered for $69.95! My son is 7 so he won’t go on the scary rides and we plan to do one character meal. Is it still cost effective to purchase the PhotoPass+ at the regular rate if aren’t doing all of the photo rides and lots of character meals? Hopefully the discount comes back quickly! Like by December 29th!

  147. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU for this recommendation! It was so much fun to just go “Take my picture” and have the photographers shoot a bunch of great shots. Even though it was just my husband and I it was great to not have to fumble with our phones to give the photographers and just let them capture us being us. Also at night, they’re the only one’s with flash good enough to get a great picture. The magic shots are adorable and I’m having tons of fun adding borders and things to the pictures to make them extra special. Plus I can add in the few photos we did take to add borders to and combine include them on the cd. This truly did add some extra magic to our trip.

  148. Thank you so much for this post. It really does clear up so many questions. I pre-ordered my photopass+ and have my voucher ready for our trip as we head down to Disneyland on Friday. I know it has been mentioned that you can combine the regular photopasses onto the photopass+ so that our large group doesn’t all have to be together. What I wanted to double check on is if you have to combine it in park, or if you can do it online afterword? I am just not sure we are all going to leave the park at the same time on our last day and wanted to check on this. Thanks.

  149. Hello! I see a PhotoPass price of $59.95 listed on your site above. When I look on the PhotoPass site, it says $69.95. Is there a discount code you use? Or has the price just increased?

  150. Just ordered ours for our December trip! Thank you sooooo much! We will be sharing it with my sister’s family, and we are so excited to be able to get some good pictures of all of us together and not have to worry so much about whipping out the camera every time we have a photo opp. We had no idea that we could even do this, let alone save so much by purchasing in advance. Thanks again, and hopefully we’ll bump into you while we’re there!

  151. Great article on photo pass at Disneyland and DCA. I used this service this past weekend and came away with over 350 photos. Great value for the price and highly recommended.

    I also ran into Eric and he was awesome and took us all around the castle to get great shots and magic shots. At first I thought is was overkill but the picture came out awesome. He is definitely one of the best out there, among a few others we ran into.

  152. Hello. I preorder my photopass+ today which is 16 days prior to our vacation. I booked a character meal and my question is, are we be able to get more than one picture printed out? I know they around $30 so will they take a family pic and maybe individuals of the kids?


    • You’ll actually get 4 qty 4″x6″s in two styles and one 6″x8″. They’re typically posed photos at the beginning of your meal, outside just before you enter the restaurant.

      Hope that helps!

  153. Hi Casey!

    I use your site so much when planning our trip for DCA, and this post got me thinking. Does it give you the digital version of the ride picture or do you actually get a hard copy of the picture? Thanks so much for the help!

  154. Hi Casey,
    Just wanted to clarify cuz I’m still a bit confused!! We have Character Dining for all 5 mornings of our stay, decided to splurge since it will be awhile before we return and its a “smaller” group of 14 this time. If we get the Photo Pass+, we can get printed pictures from ALL the Character Dining? Is there a limit to how many printed picture packages we can get or how many pictures can be taken around the parks?! Thank you for all your information, it has made planning Soo much easier!!

    • You only get one packet per PhotoPass+ card, so with each dining experience, you’ll get one folder with photos, but the images will be on your card to reprint at home once you arrive back. It’s such an amazing value, especially with all the character meals you’re doing. You’re way ahead just by taking the printed photos, as most people only do one or two dining experiences. Well done!

  155. Hi we are going to Disneyland for the first time in Sept 2016 and I want to purchase the photopass plus…if I buy it now it will it expire before our trip?

  156. Can you clarify for me that I can activate our pass the night before we plan to be in DL at a character meal without actually having a reservation?IE: Goofy’s Kitchen, or do we have to wait until we get into the parks to activate it? I thought I read that in your post recently but wanted to clarify. Would love to save time waiting in the lines at the park if we could activate the night before. Thanks!

    • Yes, you may. I just posted on my Facebook page that this is allowed – with or without a reservation. You can buy or activate at the restaurants outside the park prior to entering. Love that!

  157. Thanks so much for all your information! We will be going to Disneyland in December and the girls are having a princess lunch at Ariel’s Grotto. During this time, the boys will be off on their own. I don’t want to miss out on the ride photos, nor do I want to miss out on the Character Dining photos. If there is only one master photo pass, is there a way to include it all? Will we be able to add the ride photos later if we have the ride attendant add the photos to a regular photo pass card? Thanks so much 🙂 ~2 months and counting!~

    • Hi, Katie.

      Yes, you can go back any time of the day to grab a ride photo if the master pass is anywhere else. Have the rider take a photo with his or her camera to note the sequence number so that it will be easy to look up once you’re able to go back. You do need to go back the same day, however. They cannot add the photo to a regular card without payment, so don’t go that route.

  158. Hi,
    Leaving in 4 weeks, so want to get the all organised.
    I have read so much, and really liking the Photo Pass +.
    Can someone please clarify for me that once i pay the $69.95, that will cover everything….the photographer, plus all the photos, ride and dinners?
    Or do i pay the $69.95 and then still have to pay more for the CD options?
    I have clicked on to order the Photo Pass +, but it takes me to the photo products page, and does not show Photo Pass + anywhere.
    Please help

    • Hi, Mary.

      The total cost includes everything – the ride photos, photographers throughout the park and 4 out of the 5 character meals – all but Chip n Dale’s Breakfast at the Storyteller’s Cafe. The other 4 meals will provide you with printed out photos from your meal.

      The package comes with a CD in the mail after you order it. You can use it to download your images to or you can download them directly to your computer. Or, you can request Disneyland send you a CD with your images on it.

      I checked the link within this post and it’s working currently. Click on “order now” at the bottom.


      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  159. I love using Photopass Plus!!! As of today, I am 13 days out from leaving for my trip, but won’t be in the park until the second day since it takes a day to get there. My question is: if I order it right now, do you think it will get here before the Monday I leave (Oct19th)? I am taking my friend who has never been to DL, and I want it to be extra special for her!

  160. Hi Casey! Thank yo so much for all the wonderful tips. I just want to confirm with you about photopass+.

    I won’t be holding the “master” card. After I ride certain attractions, I have to write down the # to be added to the “master” later. Do I have to do that every night before the park close or can I do all that after we come back home from the trip? The reason is, our group may not even be in the same park (also small children leave earlier than the rest, etc.) so it will be difficult to do that every night.

    Also, you mentioned the magic shots. Do I need the “master” card for that or a regular photopass card works too?

    Lastly, do I need the “master” for Halloween party?

    Thank you (9 days to go!)!

    • Hi, Diana.

      Ride photos should be loaded the day of, if possible. I’ve never heard of them being added the next day.

      Magic shots will be added after you combine all of the cards – the master with the others – so no worries on when this will occur. It all takes place after the cards are combined.

      The PhotoPass+ card should work the same for the Halloween party, as it does for all other days at the park. So, use the master and others and then combine at the end of your visit. Enjoy!

  161. Just wondering if you’ve ever heard of anyone pre ordering the pass and not receiving their package in time before they left. Maybe because they didn’t quite do the right math and there’s only 13 business days before they leave….and they live in Canada.

    I think I might know someone that did this… can I, I mean they, pick up what they need at the park? Or did that deal just turn out to cost twice as much?

    Thank You!

      • I’m in a similar situation. The pass is going to be delivered a day after we get to the Park. I was going to have a friend open it and and send me a text picture of the pass and code. Mike or Casey, can you tell me if Disney was able to work with you?

  162. Hi Casey, thank you so much for all your awesome information! I’m going to buy the photopass+ for my upcoming trip at end of Oct, our first time to DL. Do I get printed photos at one character meal or more? We’ll be going to Ariel’s Grotto, if I get the printed photos from Ariel’s Grotto, will I still get printed photos if I go to Goovy’s Kitchen later?

  163. We weren’t able to pre-order our PhotoPass+ and have a character breakfast the day before we plan to enter the parks for the first time (so no PhotoPass+ at the breakfast). Are we able to purchase a PhotoPass+ at the breakfast or anywhere outside of the parks? Do we have any options for taking advantage of the PhotoPass+ benefit at the breakfast? TIA! BTW – I love your FB and website, its been soooo helpful!

  164. THANK YOU!! We are planning a Christmas trip to Disneyland and I hadn’t heard about this until I read your information on it…this is an awesome deal! Time to go pre-order it…definitely doing at least one character meal, maybe more, so it’ll be well worth it.

  165. Hello,

    Thanks for all of the info – it’s such a great help.
    Do I have to turn the photopass+ card back in before we leave the parks on our last day? I ask b/c we have a character dinner scheduled at Goofy’s Kitchen the morning we are set to leave, but I’d like to be able to get the photo from that included w/ all the other pics from our stay. But I won’t be able to go back into the park that morning after breakfast. Is there a way to make this work?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Ian.

      You should be just fine leaving without entering the park. Don’t forget to present your PhotoPass+ card to load your photos, plus don’t leave without your printed ones, too, that come with this breakfast. Once you get home, read the instructions again about editing and downloading your photos so that you can save and print as you wish. The disc that comes with the package you received is for you to download onto, but if you prefer Disney to do so for you, once you make your edits, you can request such from your PhotoPass+ log in. Hope this helps!

  166. Do we need to order 14 “business days” before we leave for our trip? Or just 14 days in general (including Dat & Sun)?? … Fingers crossed!

  167. Hi Casey, thanks for this informative post. I would like to ask an question. I am going to DLR and DCA for 4 consecutive days. Hence, do I pay once $99.95 for 1 photopass+ or each day I need to purchase a new photopass+? Thanks!

    • Hi, Geryln!

      The one payment will cover up to 2 weeks of your visit, so you only pay once. If you aren’t close to your trip dates, buy it asap and spend only $69.95 instead of $99.95. You have to be two weeks out from your visit, however. International visitors must have three weeks out.

  168. Hi Casey,
    Quick question. I go to Disneyland a few times a year and just found out about PhotoPass+, what a great option to have! I’m going to order it for our December trip and was wondering if there is such a thing as ordering too early? For example, if I order it in September would my voucher expire before I go on Dec. 6? I like to plan ahead and buy the little things ahead of time.

    Thank you in advance!


  169. Hi Casey!

    Loving all of the information on the Pass.

    As I’m from England, I was wondering what Disneyland are like with posting the pack and CD abroad and if we need to order any earlier?

    • Hi, Stephanie!

      When you receive your initial package, you’ll receive the CD to load your images onto once you’re finished with your trip and with all the editing you want to do with them. I recommend Canada guests order 3 weeks early, so I’d suggest you do so earlier than that.

  170. I just received our PhotoPass Plus….it came with a CD taped to the voucher….what is the CD? I know our Disneyland pictures will be downloaded and a CD sent to us after our trip, but I am not sure what this CD is that came with the voucher.

      • Casey,
        How do I do that? I don’t see that option (but I could just not be looking in the right place!). I’d like to have them send me the CD. Thanks!

  171. Hi Casey!

    We are gonna be in disneyland on the 23rd of august, so i was wondering if its okay to order my photopass+ now? or is it too late? We live across the border (canada). what do u think? we exactly have 14 days before we leave.

    Thanks!! I love your tips, its helping me so much!

    • Hi, Iqra.

      You could call the number to confirm, but I believe Canadians need 3 weeks for processing. You can still buy it on site and it’s still worth every penny. Don’t hesitate!

  172. Hello,

    Can someone tell me if with the photo pass plus, you still get ride attraction photos and character dining printed photos when leaving? I read somewhere that you now have to separately but the dining photos and then they will add to your photo pass account.

    When I went to DL in October 2013, I bought the pass plus prior and was able to add all my photo attractions and also got printed photo packages from PCH grill and Goofys kitchen as I ate, free of charge.

    Thank you

    • Hi, George.

      Yes, all of those things should be available and are detailed in this post. All character meals print out photos for you except for Storyteller’s. I also list the attractions that include the photos. Hope that helps!

  173. Hi Casey,

    My family and I are planning a very special trip in a few weeks to the DLR. We will be celebrating my eight year old niece’s 5th Life Day, which is her 5 year remission mark from cancer. On August 20th she will finally be cancer free. We are trying to make this a very special trip for Riley so I decided to book a character breakfast for my entire family, 9 of us, at the Plaza Inn.

    I read through everything on your page but I’m still a little confused about some of the info you provided:

    Is the photo CD included with the cost of the photo pass or do we have to pay extra for it? I would hate to order this and this wasn’t an option.

    Are we able to take that CD to a store to have the photos printed out? If so, how big are the photos? Or are they only for posting on Social Media sites?

    While at the character breakfast will they know to give us the printed photos because we will have shown the the PhotoPass+ card? Are these the photos that they take of the group prior to seating?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Valerie,

      First, YAY for Riley!!!!!!!! Love to hear a story like this.

      Your PhotoPass+ will include the CD at the end of your trip (after you make your final edits). No additional costs. The photos are big enough for printing at least to an 8×10, as they’re high res…..not just for sharing on social media.

      At your character breakfast (and you chose my favorite), you’ll have a family photo taken upon entry and then will receive all the photos printed out as part of your PhotoPass+ package. They will come in a lovely folder and you will not have to pay for them.

      Another PhotoPass+ tip: Find Eric in Fantasyland near the Caroussel Saturday-Wednesday mornings and let him know your special circumstances and he will do amazing things for photos for you. He does so for everyone – but I know he’ll love to hear your story.

      Hope this helps!


  174. I think that ALL your editing has to be done before you order the CD with all your images. So be sure to add borders and edit all you want, and save it, then order the CD. Once you finish, you can’t go back and edit or download again.

  175. This may be a silly question but I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer for myself yet (or maybe I’m not looking in the right place).

    I preordered PP+ for a trip July 4-6. Can I download my pictures from the site, then go back and edit some and then download again? Or is it a one-time-only deal?

  176. Hello! Your site was recommended to me on a facebook group. I LOVE it!!! This photo pass+ sounds fascinating! I am so excited that it works for both parks up to 14 days! I do anticipate splitting up at times, so that is wonderful that the photo pass cards can be combined. Two clarifying questions: Can the regular photo pass cards be used in both parks as well? And do we have to get one every day, or will the regular photo pass cards work up to 14 days too? Thanks!

  177. I just ordered our photo pass+ thanks to your recommendation. My question, any reason to take a good camera with us to the park too? We will have cell phones with us as well.

  178. Thanks for all this great information, I have 2 questions.
    1. Can we share/send pics to other people once we have our cd with the all the pics? Or are they locked to just that one cd?
    2. Will the pass work for 2days in both parks?

  179. Thanks so very much for the clarification of the DLR Photopass. It is very different from WDW and I want to make sure I understand how to get all my photos and not be disappointed. You are a treasure!

  180. Hello, this might be a stupid question but I’ll ask anyway…. do you have to scan the photopass card at every ride? How does it know who you are to add your pictures to your card? When it comes to the photographers in the park do they also have to scan your card? Thanks for your help

    • Hi, Claudia.

      You’ll need the card at the attractions that provide photos with them (listed in this post). When you get off the ride, you will go to a cast member set up near the attraction, let him or her know which photo you are in and then the image will be added to your card.

      When a photographer in the park takes your photo, he or she will scan the card, too.

  181. Help! I have purchased the photo pass plus but I have just read that the pass is only valid for 14 days. We have booked Goofy’s Kitchen for Saturday 27 June and Minnie’s breakfast on Sunday 12 July. We were going to start our Disney hopper tickets on Monday 29 through to Sunday 12 (14 days). Is our best option to activate our photo pass plus when we dine with Goofy and then just miss out on Minnie’s breakfast photos and our last day in the park?

    • Hi, Nicola!

      I hate for you to have to miss out on that last day of photos. I’d call the PhotoPass+ line at 407-560-4300 and let me them know your dilemma. See if they can make an exception.

      Thanks! Casey

  182. Hi Casey!!!!
    Excellent information. Can’t stop reading.
    We aré 6 adults and 4 children travelling last week of july.
    We can buy one photopass+ for our whole party and then add the simple cards at the end at no additional cost? Is that right?
    We are doing the minnie breakfast and Ariel lunch. they take pictures in both?
    Last question. Which rides have pictures?
    Thank You so much.
    Ale (from argentina)

    • Hi, Ale!

      You’ve got it all correct. Grab the normal photo pass cards throughout your trip and then they will merge them together at the end of it. Only exception: the master photo pass+ card must be present to get ride photos. Those rides include: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, California Screamin’, Radiator Springs Racers and Tower of Terror.

      Minnie and Ariel meals both include printed photos, so be sure to share your photo pass+ there.

      Please let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!

  183. When you order the photopass+ are you able to ask for multiple master cards for your group? Or is it only one per order?

    • Hi, Sarah.

      There is only one “master” card per order, but you can merge other PhotoPass cards with it when your trip ends. The master card must be present for attraction photos, however.

      • I read somewhere that you can take a picture of the master card with your phone, and then have others in your group show the picture of the master card for the attractions to scan. Any idea of this is true?
        We are also going in a few months with a large group, and would like the ride pictures, but not have to all be together at the same time…

        • I wouldn’t count on it. The cast members aren’t trained to scan your phone or manually enter your photopass+ number at the attractions. Mostly they said it couldn’t be done or their manager said no. Your best bet is to keep track of your ride number and have the person with the master go get it later.
          That did work for us every time. Within 24 hours (probably 48; but safer with 24) just go to the ride photo pickup, give them the number, and add to the Photopass+ master card. They do that cheerfully and correctly every time.

  184. Do you know if there is usually a photopass photographer at Snow White’s wishing well? If not, is there a way to request a special photo there? We are visiting this Sunday and I’m hoping that I can make a special announcement there (but I won’t know for sure until Friday.) I would really love it captured on film and don’t know of many other ways to make that happen on such short notice. Also, we just left WDW last week and purchased photopass+/memory maker there. Do you know if it will work at DLR as well?

    • Hi, Jennifer.

      The pass from WDW should not work at DLR. I would go by the Main Street Photo Supply on your way in to purchase PhotoPass+ and request a photographer. I know a few in that area that are good and will leave their post to come do a special photo op. The shop should be able to direct you to someone. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  185. Hi! I was wondering if you could give me some additional information about adding multiple cards to a PhotoPass+ account? We have people in our group that may go their own ways throughout the day so we want to make sure we can get their pictures on there as well. From what I understand its good for the photographers around the park, but we should share the PP+ number so they can get the ride photos entered in because the regular cards won’t do that? Thank you for your help!

    • So, the way I understand it is this: One person who holds the “master card” that was given at the time of activation must be present for photos from the attractions. However, other people can collect regular Photo Pass cards from around the parks and keep them until the end of your trip. Then, when you’re finished, take all of the cards – with the master – to the Photo Shop on Main Street so they can merge everything together into one account. But, the master card has to be there for the rides. Does that make sense?

  186. Hi there!! Do you know if we don’t have a photopass+ before our trip (forgot to preorder 🙁 ) and we go on a photo ride before we get one, can we still add the ride photo with knowing the number? For example, we to to CA and ride Racers and ten we go get a photopass+, can we add the Racers photo still?

    • You may be able to if you can go back to the ride and identify it. I know they do this for guests who pre-order. Not sure why they wouldn’t for those who don’t.

      Good luck!

  187. My family and I are going to Disneyland in July and I’m planning on pre-ordering PhotoPass+ since we are doing character dining, ride photos, etc. However, I know some of my sisters and their husbands may split off to do their own thing for awhile. If they picked up a regular PhotoPass card in the park and we later added that card number to mydisneyphotopass.com under the account I set up, can we get photos from either card on the CD I can order with my PhotoPass+? Also, do you know how many photos we are able to have on the CD? We have a big family so there could be multiple shots from each ride we may want on the CD.

    I don’t know if you would know the answers to any of those questions but I figured I would ask! Thank you! 🙂

    • You can merge cards at the end of your trip. Just use the regular photo pass cards for others and then add them to your photo pass+ card before leaving the park. No limit on images that I know of, so use it all you want!

      • I just took a group of 56 ( 44 students and 12 teachers) I bought us a Photopass+ for the group. I asked if there was a limit and prior to going was told there was no limit. Before leaving the park I added all photo pass card the kids had collected. The cast member at the photo shop said the highest number on photo he had seen on a card was over 900! Talk about an amazing deal! (We only had 311)

  188. Hi Casey, I love your site, I have one comment/tip about the photo pass!

    We purchased one for our trip in Febuary. But our first day there, on Saturday monring, we had early entry to DL and the photo place to activate it was not yet open. We rode Space Mountain first thing and were unable to save our photo, as our pass was not activated yet. So, if this happens to someone, just not the number on the photo on the screen (I just took a pic of it with my phone) and then go back to the worker later at the ride and they will add it to your pass. The lady told me they usually store the photos 24 hours, sometimes longer, but I wouldn’t wait too long.

  189. Hi. Are there any places outside the parks, besides character meals, to exchange my photopass plus voucher for the card? Maybe someplace in Downtown Disney?
    It would be nice to have the card activated and ready to go the night before our first morning in the parks.

    • No, Micah, not that I know of besides the character meals. At Disneyland, go down to Main Street Photo Supply to active your card and at California Adventure go to Kingswell Camera Shop. Both should be fairly quickly processes.

    • Hi. We have 3days park hopper tickets (Costco package) from 8/15 to 8/19, so I am wondering if I can use them on the 4th day morning before we heading to South. Can I? Another question re Photopass+, I only need it for 3 days in the park. Can I still buy it now? Thanks you.

      • Hi, Jackie.

        You can still buy the PhotoPass+, but you won’t get the discount because you’re not 2 weeks out from your start date (even though you’re only going for a few days). However, you can still buy it in the park and I still believe it’s a great option.

        I’m not sure about the Costco package. I would call Disneyland directly because that’s something that is specific to Costco.


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