Disney Parks During Quarantine for Covid-19

Updated June 5, 2020

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now within the Disney Parks community. 

This post will keep you updated on everything you need to know for both Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I’ll also share information on Disney Cruises, Universal Orlando, Universal Hollywood and more as it becomes available.

This post will be updated every single day until the parks reopen and then will continue on to highlight my initial visits to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World so that you can see exactly what the parks look like now.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for even quicker updates, as I post on both platforms throughout the day. Unlike most bloggers who have a presence on several social media platforms, I limit mine to only Facebook and Instagram, which allows me to deliver detailed news to you quickly.

Latest Updates

For the status of Disney Parks and other destinations as mentioned above, visit this link:

Disney Parks Reopening Information

I wholeheartedly trust Get Away Today to have up to date details that will help you navigate this uncertain time. Because they’re an Authorized Disney Travel Partner, they have resources that I do not. Check out that link, above.

Here’s some scoop from 5.19.2020 regarding how Disney Springs will begin reopening on 5.30.2020.

Who to Book Your Next Trip With (and what discounts are currently available!)

As noted above, I fully trust Get Away Today as a travel partner. They were the first agency Disneyland ever partnered with over 30 years ago! They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will benefit you greatly while planning your trip.

I book all of my travel with them for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, which includes countless trips to our park in Anaheim as well as 4 trips a year to WDW in Orlando. You’ll receive fantastic service and the best discounts available for both Disney hotels and off-site, too. They offer greatly discounted theme park tickets, too.

Visit this post for more details about Get Away Today as well as a link to reserve your trip or call them toll free at 855.GET.AWAY to get started. Thousands of Disneyland Daily readers have booked trips with them since I partnered with them three years ago. 

Their layaway plans for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World allow you to put a small amount of money down as your deposit and then make payments on your terms up until 7 days prior to travel for Disneyland and 30 days prior to travel for Walt Disney World.

Can’t recommend them enough!

Stuff To Do While Waiting for the Parks to Reopen

I’m doing my best to keep kids busy here while we wait for “normal” life to resume.

This includes creating crafts and treats with my 12 year old daughter, Lainey. I aim to keep all of our projects super simple so that you don’t have to supervise too much.

Take a look at the following projects we have completed:

Check back with this section often, as I’ll be adding to it each week.

If you’re looking for a bigger project, I highly recommend investing a bit of money into an outdoor movie theater. I explain how to create yours in this post.

Where to Find More Information and Stuff to Do

I’ve created two Instagram Story Highlights to keep you in tune with what Disney is currently sharing (it’s a lot!), as well as news and templates for Instagram Stories.

Find those here:

Absolutely follow the official Disney Parks Blog on Facebook and/or Instagram for the latest information available. I encourage you to only trust updates provided directly from Disney during this complicated time. Many bloggers are sharing rumors, opinions and predictions on when the parks will open and how they’ll run, but nothing is true until Disney says it’s true. 

I only share Disney-issued information, so you can trust what I post. If my social media platforms aren’t a fit for you, definitely find a blogger who does the same. There’s a lot of room for confusion and panic right now within the Disney niche. For your own sanity and well being, go directly to the source for what you need to know.


  • Disney recently shared a post by Dr. Pamela Hymel, Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer, detailing reopening plans and considerations. Find that here.
  • Many people have asked me if I’ll be visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World soon after they reopen. My answer? Absolutely. I trust Disney to reopen with a solid plan in place to keep guests safe. If I have any doubts at all regarding what they propose, I won’t go. I have a husband and three children at home to consider as well as everyone else I come in contact with after my visit. I’m confident, however, that Disney will handle everything with the usual precision and details we have come to expect from them.

Questions? Please leave me a comment! If I don’t have the information you’re looking for, I’ll do everything I can to find it for you.

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  1. Hi Casey,
    I’m sure this has been asked and answered 100x but is there any advantage of renewing an AP before it expires? There isn’t a discount for renewing, right?

    • Hey, Darlene.

      There isn’t a current discount.

      The only thing that comes to mind is if your AP isn’t available anymore, you’ll lose the chance to continue on with it if you don’t renew.

      For example, there was a SoCal Pass that was removed from the line up, but current AP holders could continue to renew and renew. Once you choose not to, it’s no longer an option.

      Does that make sense?

  2. Casey,

    Thank you for keeping us all updated. We booked with Getaway Today and they have been fantastic to work with, rebooked our June trip with no hassle. To keep our spirits up we have been reading your Holiday updates since we rebooked for Thanksgiving week since my son is out of school. Looking forward to all the Holiday Happenings!

  3. Do you think it is possible that if/when disney reopens and they are only able to allow a % in at a time that they will only guarantee entrance into the park to resort guests?