Discounted Disneyland Tickets that are Actually Safe to Purchase

Updated February 12, 2017

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The expense of Disneyland is overwhelming in itself. Flights, how to get to your hotel from the airport, driving expenses, dressing your family, buying essentials for the park and more.

The horror!

I’m here to help.

Let’s take a look:

First, A Warning

There are many ticket sellers out there there promise great pricing, but can actually leave you with fraudulent tickets. I can’t think of a worse way to start your trip – or end it, really – depending on if you could even afford to replace those tickets.

Absolutely do not buy tickets off of Craiglist or similar sites that are not run by reputable, Disney-approved ticket sellers.


Who I Recommend

I’ve been working with Park Savers for over a year now and I highly recommend them. I reviewed many companies before choosing Park Savers and my decision was based on them selling tickets at the best price possible while providing excellent service. Just today, I was approached by another ticket seller and their tickets simply were not as cheap. (If you find someone selling for less, let me know. By providing this ticket option to you, I’m guaranteeing that I don’t know of anyone who sells for less.)

Always use Park Savers, at the link below, to buy your tickets in the safest, most affordable way:


How Park Savers Works

  • Park Savers tickets are open to guests world-wide.
  • They sell one-park-per-day tickets and park hoppers, too.
  • One day tickets must be bought through Disneyland.
  • Tickets should be purchase at their site online up to 3 days in advance of the date you are visiting the parks.
  • If you are arriving at the parks within the next 2-5 days, you can purchase tickets from Park Savers at a slightly higher rate. These tickets will be e-tickets and you can take them straight to the turn stiles when you enter the resort.
  • If you are arriving at the park within the next 48 hours, you will need to purchase tickets directly from the park.
  • If you are staying at a DLR Hotel, you may take your ticket confirmation to the front desk of the hotel to exchange it for your actual theme park tickets. Then, when you’re ready to go to the parks, simply take your tickets to the turn stile.
  • If you are staying off-site, you may take your confirmation to the ticket booths in the esplanade between the parks to exchange for actual theme park tickets that will grant you entry via the turn stiles. The ticket booths look like this:


  • The tickets you receive at the ticket booth will not ‘start your visit’ or count as entry into the parks until you officially go through the turn stiles the first day you visit the parks. So, if it works with the timing of your visit, exchanging your email confirmation for tickets the night before is ideal for saving time.
  • Ticket booths open 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to official park opening each day. They close 1 hour after official park closing.
  • The tickets you purchase are authentic Disneyland tickets. And just like purchasing through Disneyland, if you purchase a 3+ day ticket, you will receive entry into one Magic Morning.
  • If you are not able to purchase tickets 3 days in advance, you may purchase e-tickets if the site has them available, which will take you straight to the turn stiles, rather than to the ticket booths. These tickets are not as heavily discounted as those you purchase 3 days in advance, but they are still less expensive than those you buy from Disney. Find those on the same site as listed above.

Have any questions? Find me on Facebook and let me know or leave me a comment here.

Tickets I recommend (read why)
Enter code DLRPS at checkout to save an additional $2 on each ticket.


  1. Are there any discounts available that you’re aware of if we just want to go to just Disneyland for only one day? We will be going 3/10/17 while briefly traveling in CA this week. (I’ve learned so much from your site, btw! Thank you for writing it!)

  2. Do you know if you need to buy a ticket for a child that turns three during the trip (but was two when the trip started)?

  3. Just got my tickets using parksavers. One child, one adult, 4 day single park ticket with the DLR code…$20 cheaper than Disney’s site! Thanks for the code!

  4. I just tried using the Park Savers promo code, which is suppose to be good thru today (12/31/16), but it says it’s already expired?? Any help?

    Thank You!!!

  5. Is there a benefit to buying your ticket a month in advance or should I wait till it gets closer?
    Can DL stop selling tickets because they’re at max capacity and does this usually happen if we’re going at the end of January (not a busy time)?

    • They won’t stop selling prior to a capacity day. And those are rare. It won’t happen at the end of January. The advantage to buying now is that you’re locking in these rates and using the additional discount. It won’t be good after 12.31.2016.

  6. Hello Casey,

    We are going to be there a few days after Halloween for two days. Haven’t decided what two days. Halloween this year is on a Monday. We were thinking either to go Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. Do you know out of those options what would be the best two days according to being less busy…. Also, we want to catch both parks so I was thinking of getting a hopper pass. Im new to all this so not sure how the hopper pass works…. can you explain. We have a 5 year old. so we thought 1 day at Disneyland side and then 1/2 day on the California side. This way we could go back to the Disney side if needed. thanks can you help me out:)

    • Hi, Desiree. The days after Halloween are less busy than the actual holiday. Wednesday and Thursday would be best. Park hoppers are a great option to be able to go between parks and having a half day at DCA is perfect. You’re all set!

  7. Thank you for the DLRPS code! I’ve purchased the 5 day hopper tix via your link, so can’t wait!
    Your site is amazing and my family and I will be studying all the articles over the coming weeks before our adventure to DLR.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Hello! We were given 4 day tickets for Disneyland at a school raffle. I know I can apply them/their value towards a 3 day park hopper pass if I go to the ticket booths. However, we want to stay at a Disney Hotel to get all the days early admission. Is it possible to buy tickets via the hotel at check-in and use the day tix we already have towards the hopper pass?

    • You should be able to upgrade to a 4 day hopper pass, but I’m not sure about trading in a 4 day for a 3. I’ll ask at my next visit and post on what I learn.

  9. What are your thoughts on
    We were told to get our tickets from them and Im kinda worried. We have never bought tickets thru a company other then Disney or at our hotel.
    I will save parksaver for our future ticket purchase. I trust and believe you would NEVER lead anyone wrong.
    Thank you for all you do!!!
    Much love and respect

    • Mouse Savers is a reputable site, so I assume their tickets are just fine. But I haven’t found tickets for less money than what Park Savers sells. I’ve been approached by several other ticket sellers and have turned them all down because no one can beat Park Savers. (Be careful of credit card fees and/or processing fees if a ticket looks lower in price than what you find at my link.)

      These tickets are safe to buy. I wouldn’t risk the business I have built for a misleading sale. 🙂 But I completely understand your concerns. You can check the comments for info from previous purchasers.

      • We will absolutely be buying our tickets thru park saver next year(bought this years already) we were charged a fee thru the other.
        I have family who needs to get their tickets so I sent them this awesome info. Thank you so much.
        P.s we will be there Dec 4-10 would LOVE to see you if times permit.

  10. I’m thinking of getting annual passes. If I buy park hopper passes from Park Saver, can I convert that on the same day I go to Disneyland to AP’s and save money? Would they deduct from cost I paid for tickets or original price they sell for. Incidentally, we’re also going to be staying at Paradise Pier. Trying to get biggest bang for our vouch with 4 kids. Thanks for your help.

    • When you buy from Park Savers, you’re buying actual Disneyland tickets. And you may convert those tickets to APs just like you can tickets you buy from Disney directly. Once you hand over your purchase confirmation, you are holding authentic Disneyland tickets like anyone else who bought full price.

      They won’t know the savings you had with buying through Park Savers, so you’ll essentially be buying an AP for less than what most people will. Smart move!

  11. Hi Casey, I just purchased tickets for August through Park Savers and it says on my confirmation email that I can take my eticket (printed or smartphone) directly to the turnstiles and that I don’t need to stop at the box office. Is this true?

  12. Hi Casey,

    Planning a trip in Sept. (16th&17th), i have be considering getting my tickets thru Park Savers, but am wondering if it will be worth the savings to have to wait in line each morning to get park tickets? I only have the two days and want to maximize my morning hours as much as i can. Other than that, I will most likely be going solo those two days and was wondering if you have any tips or recommendations for doing DLR by yourself? Finally, do you have any idea if the Fall/Halloween decorations will be up by then? Thanks!

  13. Hi Casey,

    So is it cheapest/best to wait and purchase our tickets three days prior to our trip? Or earlier? For some reason the article is reading to me that I should wait until three days before, no?

    • It’s cheapest to order at least 3 days out. Ordering now is the best way – you don’t have to wait until 3 days prior. It’s simply 3 or more days prior. If you want until 2 days prior, you will pay a bit more.

  14. Hi hi Casey! I’m trying to convince a friend from LA (I’m from Texas) that it is safe to use Park Savers to purchase our tickets. How do I go about proving that we won’t get ripped off or that these vouchers will work (June 2016). Since there are a lot of horror stories about people getting ripped off and since we want to buy 2 Day park hoppers and we’re college students, dropping that amount of money tends to be scary. Like is there anyway I can show that they are disney safe – other than reviews? thank you!

    • Hi, Elena. Totally valid concern and you’re smart for inquiring. I would look at the comments on this post for confirmation and find comfort in that. You can also search on Facebook for my past posts that include a link to the discounted tickets and then how many readers have used this resource. I have purchased from them, too. They’re safe. But I understand the concern! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. What is this exchanging tickets people are talking about? we are planning a trip beginning of july.. and I have no idea where to start or anything.. I need help ;O

  16. Hi Casey!
    We are planning our trip with family this fall and have found your site to be an excellent resource!
    A few questions. Do you get the magic morning pass with the 3 day one park each day pass? (Not park hopper). Do you find the park hopper worth having if you are travelling with younger kids. 6 being the youngest


    • Hoppers are nice to have for sure. And you only get the magic morning with the 3+ day park hopper. Has to be a hopper. Can I say hopper more? Let me know if I can help with anything else!

      • I don’t think that is correct. You get Magic Morning with any 3+ Day pass hopper or not according to the Disneyland site. I also got a magic morning on a 4 day one park pass last year.

        But, we did use your site for a lot of great info

  17. Hi Casey! Your site has been so helpful for planning our first ever Disney vacation! I am planning on getting 4day park hoppers through park savers. I see that it comes with 1 Magic Morning. Is that even if you are not staying at one of the Disneyland hotels? Are you able to use the Magic Morning any day you like or are there restrictions? Thank you so much!! Kristin

  18. Our first day is going to be a half day. We arrive at the airport at 9:10 a.m. We will go to the parks as soon as we can, but obviously it will be at least midday. I’m wanting to get an idea how long we may have to wait in line to get our tickets.

    • Hi, Heather!

      It varies, depending on what time of year you’re visiting. Mid-day lines are better than morning because many people are in the park by mid-day. So, I would estimate 20 minutes. Take this time to put sunscreen on, have kids go the bathroom, etc, etc. Enjoy your visit!

  19. Hi Casey!

    I stumbled upon your site while looking into stroller renting for Disneyland, and you have a lot of great info! I do have a question about getting tickets through Park savers… I guess my cynical mind is just wondering why everyone wouldn’t get these cheaper/discounted tickets?? Why would anyone pay the full price directly to Disney if they can get the same thing for less $$? I’m sorry I hope I’m not coming across badly, it just sounds too good to be true! Haha

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Great question. Some people don’t know about this option. (I didn’t until I started this site.) Some don’t trust a 3rd party, which is a fair concern, as there are some shady sellers out there.

      I always tell people that your peace of mind is worth more than the savings. If you just don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t do it.

      This site is safe, however, and you can come to me if you have any issues at all. I’ve never had anyone do that, but I would certainly help you out if the need arose.

      I have bought tickets from them and hundreds of readers have, too. I’ve been working with Park Savers for a while now. They’re good people.

      • Thanks so much for your response Casey! It gives me peace of mind to hear it’s a valid concern! Lol!

        Just a question on the exchanging of tickets, and I apologize if you covered this! We are going 6/2-6/5/16 (at the parks on the 3rd and 4th), so plenty of time to plan! We are planning on getting to DLR super early on 6/3 and going right away once the park opens to register our kiddos for the Jedi Training (your Star Wars Season post has proved invaluable!! I’ve been trying to plan starting with all the Tomorrowland stuff as you suggested, as my 4yo and 7yo are total Star Wars groupies!!) Since we are staying at the hotel (not onsite, but close by) the night before, is it necessary to make a trip to exchange the tickets the night before? Or can we do it in the morning? And if so, how late are the ticket booths open at night, and how early in the morning do they open? Just trying to figure out my best options!!

        Thank you so much!!

        • Hi Casey!

          I just wanted to see if you had an answer about the ticket booth times, and the best way to exchange for tickets?

          Thanks again!!

          • I’m so sorry! I posted the info on Facebook. Ticket booths open 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to park opening and stay open one hour past close. I recommend going the night before if your schedule allows. Did you have any other questions? Happy to help!

          • No problem! Thanks for your quick reply, I must’ve missed it on fb 🙂 I did have one other question…if we come the night before (my plan for sure!), can my husband get me close to the ticket booths so I can jump out and get in line? I won’t have to pay parking just to do the tickets, will I?


  20. I just love your website. Thank you for all the information. I am going to be purchasing my tickets through your link. We plan our first day at Disneyland to be May 2nd. Should I put my date as May 1st so I can exchange them the night before? Or does it not matter? We want to exchange them the night before, rather than the morning of. Thanks so much!

  21. Hi Casey! Does Disneyland still sell late day tickets? A friend was telling us about them but I’m not sure how to purchase them or if they sell them anymore.

    Thanks for the help!

  22. Would you recommend a SoCal pass if we also plan on doing Legoland and San Diego? How do fast passes work with this?

    • FASTPASSES are not affiliated with Legoland or San Diego. The SoCal pass is a great value if you plan on visiting several of the locations offered on its list. Many people really enjoy it, too.

      • Do we have to get park tickets printed at the park then? Do you put your socal pass into the fast pass machine to get your fast passes? I guess the question is how do the SoCal passes work once at the park?

        • The SoCal pass is completely separate from your Disneyland tickets. You will take the confirmation email after purchasing your Disneyland tickets to the ticket booth to exchange for Disneyland tickets. Then, those will grant you entry to the park.

    • It depends on when you go. Visit the night before if you can and if not, arrive at least an hour prior to opening (which I recommend even with tickets) to make sure you get them in time.

  23. I’m not visiting the parks until mid May, but I wanted to buy my tickets as soon as possible. Is there a reason they have to be purchased 3 days in advance? Could I purchase them now for my visit in May? Thank you!

  24. I was looking to purchase some character meal tickets through get away today. I like to have as many things paid for as possible before I actually arrive. Is this something you recommend?

    • Check the prices. I recently helped another reader and they were actually higher with the Get Away Today group vouchers compared to purchasing through Disney. If they are lower, go for it. But, be sure you’re saving money.