Buena Vista Street for the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

Updated November 25, 2020

For the first time in forever, we are able to walk down Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure, as it’s currently serving as an extension of Downtown Disney.

Here’s the scoop from Disney.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Basic Info

Buena Vista Street opened as an extension of Downtown Disney on November 19, 2020.

Because our parks are still closed, this gives guests an opportunity to experience some park ambiance until they’re open again.

Shop, dine, and wander this historically-themed part of Disney California Adventure during 2020.

A few important details:

  • Buena Vista Street (and Downtown Disney) is open from 9am – 9pm.
  • Reservations are not required to enter Buena Vista street.
  • If you wish to dine at Carthay Circle, a reservation is highly recommended. Find those here.
  • There is no limit on how long you may stay in this area of the resort.
  • There is no cost to enter. Yay!
  • A virtual queue will be put into use for this new option as needed to keep guests out of line and safely distanced.
  • Parking is only available in the Simba Lot and costs $10. Annual Pass parking privileges are not accepted at this time. Every car pays $10 to park for a short amount of time or all day.

When To Arrive

On opening day, November 19, 2020, I arrived at 7:25am for a 10:00am opening.

We were allowed to start walking through security around 9:30am. Then, we waited in a line to enter Buena Vista Street for about 30 minutes.

Now, remember that this was opening day. These days usually include about 40% bloggers and we ALL ARRIVE EARLY.

I will be paying attention to how the times trend over the next several weeks and will update this post with info as needed.

If you are visiting soon, I would plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early if you are parking on site in the Simba Lot.

What to Do First

  • Shop at Trolley Treats, as that line will fill, quickly.
  • After shopping at Trolley Treats and the neighboring stores, relax a bit. Everything else is easier to do. Wander and enjoy!

Important Links for your Visit

I’ve shared a lot of important information in this post about Buena Vista Street, but there’s more to know before you arrive.

I encourage you to review the following posts prior to visiting:

For info on Downtown Disney during Covid, including parking, visit this post.

For an ideal plan for a holiday visit to the Disneyland Resort in 2020, click on this link.

For a peek at holiday merchandise this season, go here.


The following shops are open:

  • Elias & Co. – shop for apparel for the whole family
  • Los Feliz Five & Dime – find lots of gifts and souvenirs here
  • Julius Katz & Sons – browse for more gifts, photo frames, and keepsakes
  • Kingswell Camera Shop – look for souvenirs and seasonal items
  • Trolley Treats – indulge in sugary favorites like candy, fudge, cookies, candy apples, etc


The following dining options are open:

  • Fidler Fifer & Practical Cafe – grab a Starbucks coffee or snack
  • Smokerjumpers Grill – enjoy a burger and other classics
  • Award Hot Dogs – grab a hot dog and yummy fries
  • Carthay Circle Lounge – sit back and relax at the most upscale option in the park


Here are several photos from opening day.

Let’s walk in together, down Buena Vista Street and then left on Hollywood Blvd.

Next, walk with me into Grizzly Peak:

And now, let’s head toward Cars Land.

There are food kiosks open throughout every area.

Grab some of your park favorites while you’re here!

Hand washing stations can be found throughout.

There are plenty of photo ops, too.

Hi, Avengers Campus!

Can’t wait to see you one day.

Carthay Circle is now taking reservations.

Go here to make yours.

The menu is available via QR code just outside the restaurant.

Hold your phone’s camera over the code and the menu will pop up.

Seating for Carthay Circle includes:

Buena Vista Street will have lines on each sidewalk filled with guests wanting to shop.

For Trolley Treats, I waited only about 10 minutes to get in.

As I mentioned in my post on Christmas merchandise for 2020, be sure to look for promotions while you shop.

For example, this is currently offered at Trolley Treats:

After you leave the Trolley Treats portion of this side of Buena Vista Street, you may continue on through the stores and then exit at Kingswell Camera Shop.

Note: Once you leave Trolley Treats, you may not return to it. So, buy all you want while you can! If you forgot something, you’ll have to exit and stand in line again.

The other side of Buena Vista Street is set up in a similar fashion, but you will enter through Los Feliz Five & Dime and then exit at Elias & Co.

There are tables set up throughout for guests to stop and enjoy food or drinks.

And, since there is currently no indoor dining, all seating is set up outdoors.

Disney is doing a great job being creative with space.

Here’s what Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe (the DCA Starbucks) looks like right now:

Ready to go?

Me neither.

But, we exit here:


  • If you have a reservation for Carthay Circle and need to leave the park, show a cast member your phone noting your return time at the line to enter the park. He or she will work you in. No need to stand in line again.
  • There is no limit for how long you may stay inside.
  • As needed, this post will be updated so you have the most current information available.
  • Have a question? Leave me a comment. Happy to help you!
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  1. Just went today! It was amazing!! No line to get in at about 10:30, just walked right in. Line varied for Trolley Treats took us about 5-10 minutes. Line for Los Feliz was more consistent but only about 15-20 minute wait and very open/few people once inside. Are at Cathay Circle too, great Disney Day!!